Saturday News Roundup: The Portland Riots are Back in the Wake of Ginsburg’s Death

Riot City, USA revs up again. – The Portland riots, which magically disappeared last Saturday after the Democrats read their latest awful polling numbers, magically revved back up again Friday night, following the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

If you don’t think the two events are related, you live in a dream world.

Here are some of the highlights from real journalist Andy Ngo:

This is as predictable as the sun rising in the East. You should expect new Democrat-sponsored riots to start popping up all over the country in the coming days, using President Trump’s coming decision to nominate a replacement for Ginsburg as the rationale. As we witnessed all summer long, the riots will all be staged in Democrat-run cities and Democrat mayors will prevent local law enforcement from doing its job.

The Democrats, through their domestic terrorist support groups BLM and Antifa, have been trying for 3 months to provoke President Trump into invoking the Insurrection Act so that they can use the spectacle of National Guard units coming into their cities to quell the rioting to portray the President as an aspiring dictator. Make no mistake about it: The Democrat Party today views violent, deadly rioting as just another political tool in its toolkit, and will use it liberally throughout the country between now and November 3. Portland is just a convenient place to start it all back up again.

Here is how utterly unhinged rank and file Democrats have become in this country (warning: lots of profanity in these clips).

This woman is an associate professor at Marshall University, telling her students that she honestly hopes all Trump supporters will die of COVID-19:

This Democrat has apparently forgotten Allstate’s promise that “safe drivers save 40%”:

If you can read lips just a little bit, you didn’t need the sound turned on to interpret that one.

Here’s what some of the blue-check leftwing journalists are advocating – burn congress down!:


You just could never make these people up if they didn’t already exist.

As I wrote elsewhere this morning, President Trump will almost certainly nominate a woman to replace Ginsburg, but in case he decides to nominate a man, you can count on this coming soon:


You know it’s true.

For his own part, President Trump’s immediate, unprepared reaction to Ginsburg’s death was pitch perfect:

Anybody think Creepy Uncle McWifeMolester could have come up with an extemporaneous answer like that on the spur of the moment? Please.

Speaking of Quid Pro China Joe….

45 days until the election, and the Unfrozen Caveman Nominee is once again tucked safely away in his basement, most likely with an IV pumping anti-dementia meds into his left hand:

The IV mark has been present for weeks now, and not a single journalist has had the personal integrity to ask a question about it. Because our national legacy news media is a raging dumpster fire of bias and dishonesty.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Maybe they’re back because the smoke from the forest fires (they’ve been setting) has cleared for now. Saturday’s air in Portland was actaully fresh!


Oh oh. George Soros has deep pockets and we will have more rioting and subversion then all this summer as he doles it out to make sure we do.


Trump could really twist the tales of all these twatter revolutonaries by tweeting back that their threats of sedition, insurrection and arson have been duly noted and to expect a call from the US Marshalls should there be any of the above.

Funny how threats of violence by these jackasses never get their twatter accounts locked or censored.

Ben Colder

Trump will not back down on the new nominee who ever it will be.The dem/communists will have babies over this one you can bet but they don’t have the votes to stop it if the republicans all stick together,but there is Mitt the shit he will vote with the communists you can bet on that and the old hag from Alaska never can bet on her or the RINO Susan Collins so these three you can’t count on.At The Turtle will have a vote who knows how it will turn out .We can always count on President Trump its the three RINOs that have me worried.


Of the three, Mittens is probalby the most likely to put a turd in the punch bowl. The other two will vote for the nominee. They want Trump to help get them re-elected and know what side the bread is buttered on.

If the citizens of Utah were smart, they’d recall his ass.


Well, i got that one wrong. 😛 They both gave Trump the finger today.




With the fall rains starting up here in Oregon (thank you Lord, we need it badly) it will be interesting to see just how many of the stormtroopers will be dedicated enough to peacefully protest in said rain. I can remember wearing rain gear and having to work in it and you get sweaty fast. Just plain miserable imho. The other thing that happens is that your resistance to catching a cold goes down. And since they are all close together, we can count on a super spreader effect. Mavbe a few cases of pneumonia thrown in for good effect as well. Could happen to a nicer bunch of folks.

Ben Dover

Yep, been wondering how the kiddies will fare in the rain and cold.


I nominate for moniker of the month, lmao

Has anyone heard from Phineas??


I nominate for moniker of the month, lmao

Has anyone heard from Phineas?


Dave, I’ve never heard of these “blue check journalists”. Could you explain who they are and what MSM (D) organ they work for?

That wacko woman becoming unhinged is really something, but how was the video made? Car stopped with the phone attached to the outside rearview mirror or by someone holding it outside? Regardless, why would anyone sane (which clearly, she is not) even want to make or post such a video?

Internet censorship of the right may not be as impactful as we may fear. Big tech apparently allows any lefty lunatic to post anything they want with no filter of any kind, so let these ‘professors’, athletes, actors, and pols keep posting their vitriol and the message will be just as meaningful.


The blue check is the way twitter lends credibility to weasel left wing communists. Kinda like the mark of the beast.


Thanks, I don’t do twitter

Did you get my btsplk code word for Biden?


I did, Lil Abner, yes thank you. I do no twitter either, just picked up on the blue check thing when no conservatives seem to get one, and are banned bogusly as well.

Jimmy MacAfee

Rioters hired by the Demonsparty are the equivalent of paid mourners. One is grateful that they don’t practice cannibalism – (unless Weiner’s laptop proves otherwise.)

The paid-mourner equivalents have been trotted out for years; it is now part of their party fabric. They are psychologically unequipped for reality, and eschew civilized behavior. It is an evil harbinger, a fall from civilization. We prayed for the safety of President Obama for this reason, because harm to him would have resulted in catastrophe and immediate civil war.

They are now bringing in mercs to do the dirty work, since home-grown ANTIFAYs are all pussies. Trained in Syria. If they try to bring these agents to bear, (and they are) there are millions of former military types, hunters and well-conditioned gym rats who will remove them, should the government fail to do so.

If they should somehow harm the President or his family, we will likely adopt similar behaviors, but behaviors that are dark echoes of a dark past. That is something we should never allow – so we should pray daily for the safety and security of the President and the First Family.

There is a core of stability in our people – mostly Conservatives, but a few Liberals – that makes us different from most nations, and there is a core of independence and self-motivation and self-reliance that also separates us from most other nations. We aren’t submissive like most Australians and Canadians, and we patiently wait for judges to overthrow petty tyrants’ petty machinations, as in PA. The core, however, is also highly motivated, energetic and well-armed. In other words, don’t screw with us.

Our patience isn’t permanent. Don’t screw with us.


You go girl!
Our patience isn’t permanent, our patriotism is, …bitch.

Jimmy MacAfee

You calling me a bitch? WTF?


Dude, that was directed at the same audience you were addressing. Don’t screw with us. I was seconding everything you were laying out so eloquently. Although it needed no second.


My bad. Know that when I say “You go girl” it’s a term of endearment.

Jimmy MacAfee

Great! Thank you for the support of the idea – I hoped that was it, but sometimes my words are unclear, and I would hate to be thought of as a stupid Lefty Satanic doochebag.


I’m such a dork. At first I thought the IV was roman numeral four, some medical ID for needle marks. Duh, IV=eye veee.

When are some of these seditious bastards going to trial/jail?

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