Virginia Voters Stage Massive 1st Day Turnout – Trump Voters or Biden Voters?

The six-week early voting period that Virginia stupidly allows began today, and voters turned out en masse in an amazing display of ferver to get to the polling places. Take a look at this:

My God, it looks for all the world like a waiting line to get into a Trump Rally. Joe Biden, on the other hand, has literally never seen anything like it.

From a story at the New York Post:

Long lines packed with hundreds of voters were seen across Virginia Friday as in-person early voting kicked off there and in other states for the upcoming November general election.

Online videos showed masked and socially distanced Virginians lined up as far as the eye can see in the city of Fairfax to vote in the unprecedented presidential election amid the coronavirus pandemic.

A longtime poll worker in Fairfax told CNN that she had never seen turnout like Friday’s on the first day of early voting.

Arlington County’s elections office tweeted that 200 people cast ballots in the first hour of the polls being open.

Massive lines with enthusiastic voters were also reported in Alexandria and Virginia Beach.


All of which raises the obvious question: Are these anxious early-voting souls mostly Trump voters or are they mainly Biden/Harris Harris/Biden voters? Obviously, there is no real way to know, but we do have some clues to consider.

First, there is the fact that the article focuses on Arlington, Alexandria and Virginia Beach. Both Arlington and neighboring Alexandria are DC suburbs that became Democrat hotbeds during the Obama years and their massive expansion of the federal bureaucracies. In 2016, Hillary Clinton received more than 60% of the vote in those hardcore Democrat areas. Virginia Beach was more Trump-friendly in 2016, with Trump edging Clinton by about 5% of the vote there.

2016 Presidential General Election Maps – Ryne Rohla

On the other hand, a couple of other factors mitigate in favor of the idea that these early voters could be a little more Trumpy in nature. First, there is the utter lack of enthusiasm for Biden that has been evident in every poll that has asked the “voter enthusiasm” question. Democrats just are really not at all excited about their nominee this year.

Then there’s the fact that Democrats have conditioned their voter base to be all a-skeered to go out and vote in person this year. Despite the Post’s contention that the voters in-line were all wearing masks and practicing “social distancing,” the video clearly shows that to be a false contention. Most are indeed wearing masks, but the social distancing leaves much to be desired.

Bottom line, it’s impossible to know whether these long lines are more Trump-heavy or Biden-heavy, but we can assume we will see similar scenes from all over the country between now and Election Day.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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These must be Trump voters. Biden voters are harvesting mail-in ballots from their recliners.


Voting this early is a mistake. It gives the Democrats the information they need as per how many ballots they might need to manufacture to overcome a Republican win. Pennsylvania and Michigan have already stated they will allow ballots to be counted several days past the deadline. Pennsylvania will even accept ballots with no postmarks and will not bother to verify the signatures. What does that tell you?


They must be Trump voters, they’re not dead.

Matthew M

I’m going with a general rule of thumb this election, the more people we SEE going to vote at the polls, the better the odds for trump. I personally know of a LOT of people that are democrats voting for trump this year , on the riots alone….. quietly, I think bringing troops home and peace deals not previously thought possible, a successful economy prior to covid and all signs of a rapid rebound post shutdowns (throw in the possibility of a vaccine or 7 in months as compared to years) , and the absolute hate and terror from the leftists towards anyone not as left as them is a recipe for a Trump landslide win. Not to say we rest on our laurels or anything, but the left’s lack of tact and situational awareness is really shooting themselves in the foot, constantly.


Me, I would not wait for hours in line on the first day but would return later when it thinned out. I usually vote on the actual election day. But this year will probably early vote.

I have to believe these are 90+% Trump voters. The problem is, in Fairfax, Arlington (where I lived) and Alexandria is deep blue as Dave says, and there are probably just not enough GOP voters to match the Dem mob. But it is a great sight to see.

Personally I think 75% overall voter participation – instead of the 55% norm – would not be unreasonable this time around with Trump getting 80+ million votes because the conservatives finally have someone to vote FOR!

We will see the result of four years of Trump, America and white and conservative ‘woke’ minorities and thinking Americans being bashed. I’m beginning to think a landslide is very probable.

There is no way btfsplk’s voters will stand in line for hours to vote for him.


hehehe Silass. Sheesh


I’m going out on a limb here, but if the lack of Biden support (yard signs, “townhalls”, etc) is any indication, they are all Trump voters for the most part. The demoncrats pushing the vote by mail scam is all you need to understand why. It’s panic time in demoncrat toen and they ain’t got nothing else.

The “peaceful protests failed, the impeachment failed, russia failed, covid is failing. All their machinations in general are failing.

Be prepared if you live in a blue city. Keep your head on a swivel and pay attention to your surroundings. It’s gonna shitty in the cities.




Why would you wear a mask AND socially distance. It’s either or, not both. And it’s definitely better just to socially distance. Wearing a mask OUTSIDE is really idiotic.

Marilyn Crawford

We go to the store, and punch our info into the card reader. No one offers a wipe before doing so. It is nonsense to wear a mask while doing so. Then we go out to our car, grab the candy bar we just bough, and wallah, the germs have found their target.


The number of folks I see driving their cars with windows closed wearing masks and out in the sunshine wearing masks is staggering. The propagnada machine has been very successful.

Very sad.


This is very interesting. I am a Fairfax County resident. I was contemplating voting early. But, I would rather be at my church at 5:30 AM on Election Day rather than wait hours in line to vote–especially with my inability to stand for very long.

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