Discussion Post – 9.18.2020

It’s National Cheeseburger Day and I’m headed to Whataburger for lunch.

It’s also Friday. Life is good.

Discuss away.

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After thinking about the reports of btfsplk’s brilliant CNN Town Hall performance, there should be no problems with three real in person debates with President Trump.


Do it the same way, in person 10′ apart and the ‘impartial moderators” can even give him the questions in advance, but make it clear that that is the new ‘format’.

So what is it? No debates because of CV-19 fear?

Mail-in voting necessary because of CV-19, but btfsplk makes a big deal of voting in person?

No debates because Trump’s behavior doesn’t merit btfsplk lowering himself to Trump’s level.

Hey yin-yang! You want the freaking job so bad – debate the actual president, not a bunch of hand picked lackey “undecided” voters.

Rick O'Shay

mmmmmm, Whataburger, sounds like a plan!

In other news, sorry to keep posting this stuff but I’m absolutely awed that anyone with more than 2 functioning brain cells could muster the depravity or total lack of self respect to identify themselves as the author. Remarkable.

“While Biden offered coherence and demonstrated a facility of detail at the event, ….”



Thanks for sharing Stephen Collinson’s CNN article Rick,

I only read a little over half of it – I couldn’t take any more. The CIA should use this stuff. Who needs waterboarding when you have this?

What can be said? He is just one of btfsplk’s “Dog Faced Pony Soldiers” (DFPS)

That is my new reference for any media hack that writes a brown-nosing article on the Karma Roundheels/joe btfsplk ticket.


Conservative Ben Shapiro is apparently moving his operation to Nashville; he may want to rethink that.

Jimmy MacAfee

Unless he has a plan to subvert the city. You know, like red-pilling?

It might just work.


Apologize for being Nashville centric, but it is a microcosm of virtually blue American Cities with a population over 100,000.

Joe Biden and his staff may be one of the saner Democrats. Sounds like a stretch? Maybe not, just consider the following:

Fredo Cuomo, the governor of NY just did his best to rip Trump recently. According to Fredo, the CV-19 that devastated his state and da Bozo’s NYC didn’t actually come from China, but Europe. Naturally it is Trump’s fault that he didn’t institute a “travel ban” on European travel earlier, you know, at the same time Trump was roundly criticized for being xenophobic. What was Trump supposed to do, be clairvoyant? As soon as it became clear that Europe was also a vector, he acted decisively.

So the Tweedle-dee and Tweedledum tandem of NY and NYC created a crisis and now are projecting the blame of everything on the president. Same goes for the mayor/governor tandems in CA, OR, WA, IL, WI, MN, and the governors by themselves in NJ, PA, MI, NM, and NV and other states and cities.

If not for the Republican governor of TN, Nashville under Mayor John Cooper’s (D) leadership would be Portland, OR. When the riots started he allowed a similar opening round of carnage and blocked the police from doing their job. Thankfully it was halted early on. Honestly, I don’t remember what actually stopped it, but Gov. Lee was instrumental in stopping the “mostly peacefully protests”.

Cooper is in hot water today and many are calling for a DOJ investigation, and a citizen led referendum to defeat the 34-37% property tax increase for the following reasons:

1. He is alleged to have misspent federal CV-19 aid; Gov. Lee has blocked additional state CV-19 Aid. So far only 6 of 93 million dollars went to help Nashville small businesses.

2. He has kept much of Nashville shut down when the “science” and data didn’t support it. It was discovered yesterday via leaked emails that he and his office deliberately suppressed data that showed the main vectors of CV-19 were from nursing homes and construction activity, and NOT bars and restaurants which he has very nearly bankrupted by keeping them closed or severely restricted just like his apparent mentors, Bill da Bozo and Ted Wheeler. This is a real bombshell and is going to result in a massive class action lawsuit.

3. He has kept schools closed for the most part and not laid off any municipal employees – police and fire personnel are under maned by over a hundred.

4. He is doing his best to block a December referendum that would block the obscene 34-37% property tax increase (while looking to raise city spending by about 5%) by holding a SECRET meeting to block the referendum from happening. The city charter specifically allows for such referendums. There were about eleven thousand signatures required to force a December referendum; twenty thousand were submitted and certified, but he is desperately trying to block it and deny peaceful citizens form redress of grievances – calling the anti-tax effort a “poison pill”. He knows the referendum is likely to succeed because a couple of years ago Nashvillians overwhelmingly defeated a light-rail transportation boondoggle by about a two-one margin despite traffic being horrible in and around metro Nashville-Davidson County.

5. Prior to becoming mayor he was a real estate developer – is he looking to buy up bankrupted businesses that his polices are causing for pennies on the dollar?

The bottom line: I do not see one sane or honest Democrat anywhere on any level. All these corrupt Napoleonic Dictators need to be defeated this year and in years to come. None are worthy to be in elected or appointed office. There are no “good” Democrats; if there were, they would have become Republicans long ago.

Again, Biden may well be the best Democrat in the country – not a very high bar.


Steve Glover, the only decent conservative council member in Nashville – he is an ‘at large’ council member was on Tucker Carlson’s show last night.


Mayor John Cooper’s brother is congressman Jim Cooper who also represents the Nashville-Davidson Country area and is equally corrupt. Seven of nine TN congressional districts are GOP. The other Dem district is held by Steve Cohen of Memphis; he is the hack who ate chicken in the house ripping AG Barr last year for not testifying at his committee.

Jimmy MacAfee

Enjoy, Dave! Though looking at Slurpy Joe sucking fingers could diminish the appetite, no?

Jimmy MacAfee

Imagine if those were YOUR fingers!


For a cheeseburger today, I will gladly pay you on Tuesday!
Partial to Popeye, being a sailor.

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