COVID Data Manipulation is in no way Unique to the Nashville Mayor

Trust me, this has happened all over the country. – Emails made public yesterday reveal that Democrat Nashville Mayor John Cooper and his staff intentionally withheld information related to the number of bar-related China Virus infections in his city because the numbers were too low.

From a story at the New York Post:

The mayor of Nashville and his health department have been accused of withholding data about the low number of COVID-19 cases linked to bars and restaurants in the city — all while placing strict restrictions on the venues.

Internal emails published by FOX-affiliate WZTV purportedly show top officials in the Tennessee city discussing the low figure and whether certain data should be made public.

In a June 29 email correspondence, Benjamin Eagles, the senior advisor to Nashville Mayor John Cooper asks Metro Nashville Health Department epidemiologist Leslie Waller for countywide contact tracing data over the last 14 days.

“Looking to see what sort of activity has been most related to new cases,” Eagles wrote, according to the email.

Waller, in response, asked for time to pull the data together before writing, “This isn’t going to be publicly released, right? Just info for Mayor’s Office?”

“Correct, not for public consumption,” Eagles replied, according to the report.

A month later, a local reporter asked the health department about a claim that there are only 80 coronavirus cases traced to bars and restaurants.

“The figure you gave of ‘more than 80’ does lead to a natural question: If there have been over 20,000 positive cases of COVID-19 in Davidson and only 80 or so are traced to restaurants and bars, doesn’t that mean restaurants and bars aren’t a very big problem?” Tennessee Lookout reporter Nate Rau asked, according to WZTV.

Health department official Brian Todd then asked five health department officials, “Please advise how you recommend I respond,” according to the news outlet.

One of the officials whose name was cut off replied, “My two cents. We have certainly refused to give counts per bar because those numbers are low per site,” the report said.


So, why would these Democrats do this? Isn’t the answer obvious? Of course it is.

Naturally, the Mayor’s office responded by hilariously saying that the emails are “taken out of context.” No curious journalist could summon the personal integrity to ask exactly in what possible “context” these emails could be placed that would make their content and obvious intent look any less evil?

Here’s the most repugnant thing about this episode: Nashville and its despicable Democrat Mayor are in no way unique. In the months to come we are going to gradually discover that this same kind of data manipulation designed to keep businesses closed and keep people frightened, cowering in their homes was engaged in by Democrat Mayors, County judges and other public officials all over the country.

What our nation has suffered through for the last six months has been a highly-organized, intentional effort by the Democrat Party to use the China Virus as a tool to destroy the U.S. economy for pure political advantage. If you think the Democrat mayor of Nashville is the only Democrat mayor or county judge of governor who intentionally withheld and manipulated data related to the viral gift from China, you are living in an alternative universe.

And all of this, every bit of it, was willingly facilitated by our utterly incurious, utterly corrupt news media, which refuses to make any effort to hold Democrat officials accountable unless – as happened in Nashville – the information is spoon-fed to them.

An honest, properly functioning media establishment would now be assigning multiple reporters in every major city to demand the release of all COVID-related communications from mayoral offices in light of this Nashville scandal, but that won’t happen. Because our media, like the Democrat Party, is a raging dumpster fire fueled by dishonesty and anti-Americanism.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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[…] of crap that makes people believe (realize?) that gov’t is often dishonest, exploitive, and downright nasty. It makes you realize that maybe YOU can’t depend on people to always tell the […]

Rick O'Shay

But of course we already knew this.


The overreaction and the wilful intent to use measures that physically and mentally harm people in general constitutes “crimes against humaity” leave aside the fact that, because of 40 amplifications, rather than a more usual 24, in polymerase chain reaction tests, 90% of PCR tests give false positive infection readings AND that only 6% of reported Covid deaths are solely from Covid (the rest have an average of 2.6 co-morbidities) check out the malignant, cruel and criminal actions of the UK and Australian government responses.
For context,
the UK has tested the equivalent of 30.2% of its population. Australia has tested the equivalent of 28%
0.6% of the population of the UK is assumed to have the virus after this testing – 0.1% of the population of Australia has tested positive for the virus
(note that some of those tested have been tested multiple times, so 28% to 30% of the population has not been tested, maybe it’s only 2/3 of that test number in people terms).
After 8 months since the first case, the UK records show that 0.06% died with the virus present (614 deaths per million).
After 8 months since the first case, the Australians have recorded 0.0033% (zero point zero zero three three per cent – 33 deaths per million.
If the same 6% of “Covid only” “cause of death” is extrapolated across the UK, there have been around 2,500 deaths = 0.004% of the UK population. For Australia this would be 6% of 837 or around 50 deaths.
(- not so fun fact – In Scotland, the average age of those said to have have died with Covid present is 81/82 years of age. The average age of death in Scotland from all causes is 80/81. In Scotland if you catch Covid you live an extra year).
A blood plasma study of 100,000 UK residents by the Imperial College (yes, the quack college that capitalizes black but not white race definition = “Black” and “white” and who employs Ferguson who predicted half a million UK deaths and 2 million US deaths) found a 6% infection rate (6,000 infections out of 100,000 tests) and that smokers have a 40% less chance of contracting the virus compared to non-smokers.
It has been proven that cloth face masks cannot prevent smoke inhalation. Smoke particles are multiple sizes larger than the virus (7.5 microns for smoke v 1.0 micron for the virus). Cloth masks DO NOT PREVENT infections being spread by the wearer or a wearer becoming infected. Sweden has shown that it makes no difference whether there is social distancing or no social distancing. In fact, London transport only imposed compulsory face masks on its crowded services three months AFTER the peak of infections.
In short this novel virus is a new flu, that is all. It is as much a pandemic as any flu season is a pandemic. The impact of the virus peaked in April 2020. It is disappearing fast. In flu vaccine history, no vaccines have worked and are a further EXPERIMENT with no proof of efficacy (flu vaccines only work 50% of the time – a coin toss, and certainly do NOT work on the obese). So vaccines and masks don’t work and Sweden has proven that social distancing is akin to the virtual signalling of jazz hands at a football match (in the old days – pre-covid).

The imposition of these restrictive malignant anti-social conditions IS AN EXPERIMENT that has FAILED to show positive outcomes via cause and effect and therefore represents CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY as defined by the United Nations here.

Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court

Article 7
Crimes Against Humanity

For the purpose of this Statute, ‘crime against humanity’ means any of the following acts when committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population, with knowledge of the attack:
Deportation or forcible transfer of population;
Imprisonment or other severe deprivation of physical liberty in violation of fundamental rules of international law;
Rape, sexual slavery, enforced prostitution, forced pregnancy, enforced sterilization, or any other form of sexual violence of comparable gravity;
Persecution against any identifiable group or collectivity on political, racial, national, ethnic, cultural, religious, gender as defined in paragraph 3, or other grounds that are universally recognized as impermissible under international law, in connection with any act referred to in this paragraph or any crime within the jurisdiction of the Court;
Enforced disappearance of persons;
The crime of apartheid;
Other inhumane acts of a similar character intentionally causing great suffering, or serious injury to body or to mental or physical health.
For the purpose of paragraph 1:
‘Attack directed against any civilian population’ means a course of conduct involving the multiple commission of acts referred to in paragraph 1 against any civilian population, pursuant to or in furtherance of a State or organizational policy to commit such attack;

Any government official or its enforcement agencies, anywhere in the world that imposes lockdown, mask wearing, compulsory vaccinations, social distancing, treatment camps is A CRIMINAL.

take them to court.


Great Comment; welcome aboard


What he said!

Ole Sparky is all charged up!


Another (Democrat) Mayor convinced that his/her lofty title also increased cranial capacity.

Hey Mayor Doofus – my wife and me used to meet friends In Nashville – staying in hotels and/or local B&B’s. We’d support local restaurants, retailers and watering holes about 2x/yr for the last several years. Guess where we WONT be going as long as you preside over Mayberry?



Nashville is just the most recent Covid scam to be uncovered, of many uncovered Covid scams. Sadly, uncovering the scam does nothing at all to mitigate the damage. The lockdown and mask mandates will continue unabated.


Sorry but If your moniker means Defiant, it seems you may have picked the wrong one. The more the lies are exposed, the more people come around. Truth is contagious. The lock-downs and mandates will continue unabated until WE abate them. Just giving up and throwing in the towel accomplishes nothing.

Jimmy MacAfee

Well, don’t get in the way of Eeyore if Eeyore wants to spread doom and gloom! Some people get off on that sort of thing. Chicken Little, too.

I tend to see problems as potential solutions, while some people see a problem and the invisible sky begins to fall upon them. That’s a mindset of late teens, generally: every problem is insurmountable, every anthill requires Tummo in order to climb it. (reference to The Iceman, and a breathing technique he promoted that can help people climb mountains without acclimation.)

You have to want solutions to find them.

Jimmy MacAfee

This may be apocryphal, maybe not; I am unaware of the source, but it was supposedly local:

Two people were in a line for testing; they waited a long time (1-2 hours.) They were on a list, but decided not to take the test because of the long wait. So they were not tested. Later, they got a bill for a POSITVE COVID-19 test, even though they never took the test.

I have no way of verifying the story, but Fla. had lists of 100% positive, which they ultimately corrected. There were many many false positives in many many areas.

When a friend tested positive recently, they asked the doctor if it could be a false positive – and the doctor did not like being questioned. It was a perfectly reasonable question, given the fakery that is apparently going around.

Post-election, there needs to be prosecution of all these frauds – not the latter example, but the first one I described. The Chinese tests, by the way, showed a lot of false positives and false negatives, apparently designed to obfuscate any realistic information that a test should discern. They wanted confusion, and others want ill-gotten gains.

Threats of prosecution would quickly put an end to these abuses, just as Attorney General Barr’s opinion that some of the rioters could be prosecuted for sedition. Guess what? No more riots. And the “siege” of Whitehouse has likewise been cancelled.

I’m in favor of those entities faking results of COVID tests being charged with similar crimes, not just economic – because they’re undermining the safety and security of the United States of America.

Let it all begin.


Apocryphal, would that be like a loose cannon?? Ha!

I have heard many reports as you describe, I was going to call them anecdotal, but now despise the term. Considering the Times recent report on 90% false positive, all the more verifies the planDEMic farce. I have been screaming all along that this sham should have been dead and buried long ago, along with the media liars perpetuating it.

I graduated with an engineering degree from a respected college, and get so tired of being put down for not respecting the science, when most of these nitwits haven’t a clue.


And yes Jimmy, there should be indictments for misleading the public absolutely. I think that is what the “we build the wall” guys are charged with, except the virus over-response has been a brazzillion times worse to the economy and our freedoms. People should go to jail, in my non-condescending humble opinion.

Jimmy MacAfee

I hate the term anecdotal, too – because something that is repeated thousands of times is experienced fact. Explanations for what is experienced can be faked, like climate change: we always have climate change, but carbon dioxide rarely has any effect on temperature. Particulate matter, on the other hand, can drop the world average temperatures significantly (several volcanoes in the 19th century are a good example.)

In science, sometimes what is observed is fact, but the theoretical model is wrong – such as lactic acid in athletes causing muscular fatigue (lactic acid is a fuel, along with phosphagen.) But everybody still calls things like delayed onset soreness “lactic acid” pain, and only because one scientist who did frog experiments over a hundred years ago came to the wrong conclusion, based upon good observation. Now everybody including doctors, pts, chiros and trainers call a lot of things “lactic acid pain.”

Mostly, all-out effort fails when lactic acid runs out, meaning the fuel for sprinting is gone and other energy sources have to be utilized for ATP..


I only came to hate the term anecdotal when Fauci claimed that all of the hundreds of positive experiences (real evidence) that Dr.s and people had with HCQ were not valid because it was only anecdotal evidence. There was no double blind study to validate efficacy. It was actually always real and verifiable evidence nonetheless and that’s what gripes my butt. Him calling the personal evidence anecdotal somehow eliminated its validity. My skin crawls every time I see his face. I wish the Soros meteor would intersect with his GPS coordinates as well.

One additional item, the whole contact tracing issue always bugged me. Now with the 90% false positive revelation, it really hurts my head. So much of our personal “houses, papers and effects” being recorded and stolen without consent. As well as them setting up these internment camps for possible positive cases that cant stay at home?


As an addition to the Nashville story, please see my essay in today’s open forum segment.

Gypo O'Leary

You guys have completely missed the big story….

Liberals have been touting this study as

“the scientific research is unequivocal: Mask-wearing reduces person-to-person transmission and helps bring down community infection rates. In a study of mandatory mask policies in 15 states and Washington, D.C”

…but what they are obscuring is the study itself….

“Mandating face mask use in public is associated with a decline in the daily COVID-19 growth rate by….2.0 percentage points in … 21 or more days”

That’s it. After 3 weeks of forced mask wearing, instead of having 100 cases you have 98. That is the science. period.


Great comment, 2% drop in daily case rate over 3 weeks is so insignificant. And it was barely 2% if you put a ruler on the graph.


This was out yesterday, opines that the CCP “whistle blower” doctor may be pushing Chinese fear narrative to perpetuate benefit to China. Insightful IMO, that she does not seem to be fearful of her security or to that of her family in China.


Open America now, or loose her forever.
Maybe Nashville will help open some eyes and quell some of the fear porn. Quasi-Encouraging video below.

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