Watch: Pelosi Breaks 100+Days of Silence About Riots

Man, the Democrat Party must be seeing some god-awful polling and focus group data showing building voter disgust over the summer of riots they sponsored. After more than 100 days of remaining studiously silent on the subject, during which she variously pretended that no riots were even happening and even denied that Antifa exists, San Fran Nan finally, at long last took to the floor of the House to slur her way through a half-hearted denunciation of all the street violence her party has caused:

Man, think of how horrific their polling information must be.


That is all.

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I’d bet she Happy Hour early, had several bourbon, multiple Scotch’s & beaucoup beers to finally let loose with her constipation of the mind & diarrhea of the mouth statement.


I couldn’t finish the video. I didn’t have a paper bag close at hand. Everything that comes out of her mouth is utter partisan garbage.

The only silver lining is that people like her are in the twilight years of life. The light will go out soon.


All we have to do is keep voting stupid and that could be AOC giving a similar speech in 15-20 years.

I’m not worried because we will all be dead either by Climate Change, CV-19, 20, 21, 22… or direct Chinese Military intervention. Que Sera Sera, as the song goes.

Jimmy MacAfee

I will pray for the day soon when she is in the minority party.


Ha ha ha! I thought the riots were a myth, Nancy! Democrats don’t even attempt to seem legitimate anymore. Every conversation sounds like O’Brien forcing Winston Smith to accept some new cognitive dissonance in Newspeak.

Trotsky's Icepick

This just in from San Fran Nan-Let them eat ice cream.
She was drying her hair and enjoying some fine gourmet Ben & Jerry’s Frankenfood flavor while filing her nails in a CCP logo mask.


The only flaw in your reply is that she wasn’t wearing mask. It’s in the video. lol but other than that spot on. 😀


I really wished that guy that dumped a log on her driveway could have laid a nice designer chocolate ice cream sandwich in MaligNancy’s $15,000.00 zero degree freezer.

So now she is fighting unfair China every day for thirty years? What were/are you fighting China with? A cooked Ramen Noodle?

I missed some of what she said (no loss) because she didn’t keep he mouth close to the mic. I guess those days are over…


In one of my many attempts to pay my bills I tended bar and was bouncer/doorman. The picture Dave used for this post has been seem many times. And they were all attached to a drunk.


seen *you know the rest* 😀

Richard Hertz

Can I say lying Whore? If not delete my comment. That woman and her cohorts, are horrible people, that just change any narrative on the fly. The people that follow her example and her minions have to be the stupidest damn people in this world! What the hell is wrong with these people?


hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah infinity!

San Fran Nan rides again! Now she and the demoncrats are for law and order.

The next Trump camapign ad should be a full minute of the burning and looting with a looped audio of that and her most peaceful protests statement alteranted. Then a graphic saying “Which one is the real Nancy Pelosi?”


Next Skelator will state demoncraps have been for law and order all along and that Trump’s base are really the ones burning, looting and destroying peoples lives. Its what communists do…


So the good witch Nancy is starting to see the light….what a joke! If sleepy Joe was really still leading in the polls the her silence would be deafening. PATHETIC!

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