Discussion Post – 9.17.2020

Bill Barr made a stern speech yesterday in which he accused some DOJ career prosecutors of being out of control. Wonder what tipped him off?

Barr did not say why he has done nothing to solve that problem during his 20 months of service as the U.S. Attorney General. Go figure.

Discuss away.








That is all.

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53 thoughts on “Discussion Post – 9.17.2020

  1. Gregg - September 17, 2020

    I see on the links on the upper left side of these articles that Grahamesty is going to have Comey testify before his BS committee.


    We heard the dirty fibi corrupticrat “testify” before the regress three years ago, lie, get fired, and become rich peddling his tell-all book with no penalty – so far.

    Hey wimpsey, your chance to actually DO SOMETHING expired over a year ago you creep!

    You won your SC primary, after you finally got off your DS ass and convened another show hearing a year late when it could have mattered. You must have gotten some troubling polling data in your reelect bid so now you’re going to bring the face of Obamagate out of the woodwork. Thanks, but no thanks.

    Don’t worry, Trump will carry your sorry RINO blank over the finish line in November. And if there is going to be justice for Comey et al, AG Barr and Durham will make it happen – Not you and not your feckless RINO committee!

    I’m not even going to open the linked FOX story with your face on it – please just go away and be a do-nothing back bencher in the senate. Your Ace brown-nosing do nothing senate career will continue for another six years. So rest easy and just concentrate on not getting caught doing your part in keeping your Deep State graft gravy-train going.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - September 17, 2020

      I agree: BFD. They already have Brennan and others in a perjury trap – he and Clapper the Snapper have lied, but rules only apply to lesser men, mere mortals. The gods of prevarication honor themselves and each other, and telling lies is not something they find shameful or even remotely embarrassing.

      Remember the Book of Revelation: hell is made for “all liars,” meaning unrepentant liars such as these.

      More hearings? That’s an exercise in self-pleasuring the Senate indulges in with some frequency, and when there is offspring, they are always bastards.

    2. Stuartswede - September 17, 2020

      I recently read that the reason that Graham may not have called some of these weasels to testify is what is called compelled testimony. It places limits on said statements as far as evidentiary use at criminal trial. If that is true, I say wait until they are compelled to answer questions on the stand.

  2. Jimmy MacAfee - September 17, 2020

    Not defending Barr, but in a southern swamp, there’s more than cottonmouths and gators – you have leeches, parasites, bacteria, viruses, cypress mud, quicksand – and now imported anacondas and pythons, and eventually exotic vipers (not yet, but eventually) and eventually piranha. Then there are other invasive species that outnumber and out-compete local organisms, as local organisms become indolent and their reproductive systems become lethargic due to toxins and hormone disruptors. Maybe I missed a thing or two here, but that’s the present and future.

    And that about covers Washington DC.

  3. Stuartswede - September 17, 2020

    Oh yeh!, they stole my flash mob idea for masks! This is great! No Mas(k) And in Broward (Blue) county no less.


    1. Gregg - September 17, 2020

      SS, I lost my long reply; here is the short version:

      Appeared to be a “mostly peaceful protest”. Good for them! Hope this starts a trend, at least people should talk to the store managers and express their anger. Maybe enough complaints will get to corporate… Walmart HD and Lowes too.

      Anyone have any info on how the “woke” Goodyear is doing?

      Is that Broward County hack Sheriff Israel still in office?

      Why didn’t former Gov Scott remove him? I understand FL law gives him that authority.

      Also, Why didn’t he or DeSantis clean up the “big three” (Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade) counties of election fraud?

      Is Snipes still the election commissioner? Or did they replace her with some other corrupticrat who always finds additional ballots days after the election and is always late with the results when they need more votes to flip the state?

      C’mon FL, this election crap has been going on since at least the 2000 Bush v Gore debacle. And Bush III didn’t fix it then.

      1. Stuartswede - September 17, 2020

        Greg, see my responses to your questions below. Last the link is interesting. Rosenstien is such a despicable weasel.

        Anyone have any info on how the “woke” Goodyear is doing?
        Dropped from 16 to under 10 dollars a share and still below 10.

        Is that Broward County hack Sheriff Israel still in office?
        Israel was booted out by Ron DeSantis in Jan ’19, caught wuflu last July, and could not primary the DeSantis appointee last month.  Good riddance.

        Why didn’t former Gov Scott remove him? I understand FL law gives him that authority.  See above.

        Also, Why didn’t he or DeSantis clean up the “big three” (Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade) counties of election fraud?

        Recent lawsuit turned up nothing.  Yeh, not good.

        Is Snipes still the election commissioner? Or did they replace her with some other corrupticrat who always finds additional ballots days after the election and is always late with the results when they need more votes to flip the state?
        Rick Scott appointed Peter Antonacci in 2018, and in the recent primary Broward elected a new guy, but Snipes is history.  I dug up something I didn’t know tho, Debby Wasserman-Shulz’s  brother conspired with none other than Rod Rosenstien to brush Snipe’s felonies under the rug. See link


        1. Stuartswede - September 17, 2020

          Gregg, sorry I keep forgetting the third G in your handle.

          1. Stuartswede - September 17, 2020

            And could you define btfsplk, I keep trying unsuccessfully to crack the code.

  4. Gregg - September 17, 2020

    Further looking at the side links,

    So there is a big movement to recall CA Gov Newsom. Again, as with the Grahamesty Comey hearings, BFD!

    Just who are they going to replace him with? Another supposed conservative actor from Austria who was married into the Kennedy clan and was as phony as his medically built muscles?

    Even if they were able to get a Ronald Reagan clone, it wouldn’t change much. The recall effort has to recall well over half of the legislature along with the governor and the lieutenant governor in order to have any real impact.

    California has been going into the crapper for at least the past thirty years; replacing one governor (like what they succeeded in doing with Greyout Davis) ain’t going to cut it.

    I’ll believe CA is salvageable if they flip at least ten Dem House Seats, schiffcan Schiff and Swallow, dump a lot of down ballot Dems, defeat their wacko referendums AND make the Trump/btfsplk election close, or upset btfsplk outright. Then, and only then, will CA and the rest of the left coast and the other cobalt blue states be salvageable.


    Dr. Steve Turley gave some real positive, and probably legitimate, polling data showing positive Trump news. His cited modeler’s prediction (been correct 25 of 27 times since 1912) gives Trump a 91% chance of winning in November. The same model gave Trump an 87% chance of beating Walking Eagle in 2016.

    This can only happen if we all vote in person. No excuses no to this time around.

    1. brian - September 17, 2020

      Maybe they could convince aawwwnold to run again… Isn’t he a ‘republican’ and has all the answers too… /s

      1. Gregg - September 17, 2020

        Yeah, that will fix everything in CA.

        1. Stuartswede - September 17, 2020

          Saw yesterday that Ben Shapiro is moving his operation, and I think it was 75 employees out of Commiforia to Tennessee. If all good conservatives would do that, we could just cut the chord and watch them gradually float into deep space never to be seen or heard from again, except maybe with the Hubble.

  5. Gregg - September 17, 2020

    One other thought on Grahamesty time wasting committee (political show) hearings, and this goes for Mitch also. Are we going to get a legitimate federal budget this time? That particular deadline is Sept 30 in case you have forgotten. It has been over ten years since we have has a legitimate budget. That is another tradition brought about but ‘the One’s’ legacy.

    Developing a real budget EVERY YEAR is also a constitutional requirement of congress.


    It is high time we stop living off CRs and partial and temporary Omnibus spending bills. This must be a priority for President Trump in his second term. Actually balancing it would also be nice.

    If the president has to shut down the government for a year, so be it. He broke the mold where we can actually survive a shutdown (hellfire and damnation did not befall America) for a couple of months, so it can be done again. This time, however, all “nonessential” government employee’s pay must be forfeited. NO UNSCHEDULED PAID VACATIONS. Let the bureaucrats file for unemployment like the rest of the peons have to. And maybe if the bureaucrats actually felt the pain of a lost job, they might change their voting habits when it finally dawns on them that the Dens are the source of their pain. Voting habits will not change if there are no consequences for supporting corruption and stupidity.

    Trump would be immune form any voter backlash from that group; how much more can he lose with that group when he lost 96-4 to Walking Eagle in that demographic?

    1. brian - September 17, 2020

      Maggot infested apples from his own ‘orchard’. lol… Coddling moth is a big issue here in British Communista, canukistan as it is in Washington State, and this ‘governor doesn’t know this?!?!?

      So his orchard is infested, transported illegally apples that were infested and then claims ignorance and ‘sorrow ( for having been caught). This isn’t just dripping with… you know the thing… but its a gusher…

      1. Silas - September 17, 2020

        Proves he’s just as bad farming as he is at governing.

    2. Gregg - September 17, 2020

      Does anyone see the irony here? While he is at it, why doesn’t deliver coal to West Virginia, Oil to Louisiana and Texas, and Corn to Nebraska. But he should avoid sending contaminated corn.

    1. Stuartswede - September 17, 2020

      Rick O’Shay,
      Some may not realize that Foreign Affairs is the official mouthpiece of Satan himself and the one-world government. Of course they are recommending a more harsh shutdown to deal with an imaginary threat to the USA in order to inflict more damage to our economy and freedoms. This game is and should be considered over. I sent an email to the President yesterday asking him to go on the offensive, use the NY Times report on the hypersensitive PCR test showing 90% false positive rate, as well as the CDC report showing only 6% of deaths were from Wuflu. All associated with this scam is moot, and we need to declare this whole thing OVER and DONE WITH.

      1. Stuartswede - September 17, 2020

        Check out this site for hospitalizations from ‘confirmed’ Wuflu. If you select weekly instead of cumulative, it shows overall less than 10 hospitalizations per week per 100,000 people. My county has 150,000 and 4 hospitals. I’m sure they can handle 15 people per week among the 4 hospitals. Even if you select Commifornia, they too are less than 10 and NY looks to be around 3! We should be so done with this charade.


      2. brian - September 17, 2020

        Here in Canukistan our dear leader who publically stated his admiration for all things China is preparing to lock the country down again. Weekly messages about the ‘second wave’.

        Here in British Communista the ‘health minister’ is going on even more strongly about imposing heavier lock downs. They completely ignore their own numbers and even when they fudge the numbers, ig ICU admissions currently, they are omitting the fact that the ICU admissions are:

        1) ICU admissions there because of other reasons, car accidents, workplace accidents etc and they tested positive after admission. Not there because of covid.

        2.) Those that are there with covid are there because they are elderly and frail.

        Here in the Interior of British Communista the death toll has been stuck at two for months. And ICU admissions zero… Yet we are being told we are going to get locked down and grocery stores are now demanding customers wear masks. They are gearing up for a full lock down like Australia is doing where you will need a permit to leave your house. Your permit will not be issued unless you have good reason and declare the times and route taken in order to leave. FULL ON COMMUNIST RUSSIA.


        Facts be damned is the communist mantra… ready… aim….

        1. Stuartswede - September 17, 2020

          Daaaang, glad that could never happen here.

    2. Gregg - September 17, 2020

      There may not be enough copper and lead to solve these problems.

      Ever notice that the longer these articles are the more BS they are. Just a bunch of leftist academics and think-tankers trying to show off how smart and erudite they are. They aren’t trying to change any minds, just trying to impress their colleagues and plant the seed, a trial balloon to see how far they can go, how much of their nutty ideas will actually gain traction. BJ Clinton made Trial Balloons into an artform and was never shunned or embarrassed when he was taken down a peg when things blew up in his face; he just moved on to something else.

      It is a multi pronged attack that just keeps percolating. Just like the (first) coming Ice Age in the 70s, then global warming, then when that petered out it became “climate Change” so they could never be wrong about the WEATHER. These creep’s goal is to keep everyone on edge all the time. Ether that or dumb a majority of us down to where we don’t listen, tune out, and then the next thing you know we have today’s Democratic Party on the precipice of really “Fundamentally Changing America Forever”.

      Our job is to pick and choose our battles and fight back hard to support our president. We also need to be thankful that he is so fighting many battles on our behalf.

      KAG 2020 and beyond!!!


      I think the press and the MSM (D) reporters and the anchors and the DNC mouthpieces have another motive for getting Trump defeated: They are frustrated and exhausted spinning their wheels for the last four+ years and just want to take four years off. Spinning and covering a docile btfsplk presidency in harmony with them for four years would be a four year vacation just like in the “Good Old Days” under ‘the One’ – in every sense of the word.

  6. Gregg - September 17, 2020

    Responding to Stuartswede, and others who don’t know my Joe Btfsplk/joe biden reference.

    “And could you define btfsplk, I keep trying unsuccessfully to crack the code.”

    Joe Btfsplk was a character in the satirical comic strip Li’l Abner by cartoonist Al Capp (1909–1979). He is well-meaning, but is the world’s worst jinx, bringing disastrous misfortune to everyone around him. A small, dark rain cloud perpetually hovers over his head to symbolize his bad luck.

    Thanks SS for all your answers on the Florida questions. Hopefully the new people are better.

    1. Silas - September 17, 2020

      I prefered Pogo. But Lil Abner was pretty good too. Snuffy rocked.

  7. Silas - September 17, 2020

    Here’s my “anonymous source” rumor for the day

    Limpsey Graham and Ace McStain were lovers.

    I don’t vette them folks, I just repeat ’em.

    1. Stuartswede - September 17, 2020

      You mean Lipsey Graham? EEEEYOOO, way TMI, Now I need a crowbar, shoehorn and bleachbit to eradicate, clean, and disinfect my minds eye.

    2. Gregg - September 17, 2020

      Well Rush and the brilliant parody artist Paul Shanklin had a take of Ace and Grahamesty out on the trail doing their version of Brokedick Fountain.

      “Please Linsday, rub some ointment on these saddle-sores one more time”

      1. Silas - September 17, 2020

        My rmuor is now confrimed. Paul Shaklin rocks.

        1. Silas - September 17, 2020


          1. Stuartswede - September 17, 2020
  8. Stuartswede - September 17, 2020

    Happy Constitution Day by the way, signed 9/17/1787. Now all we have to do is to keep supporting and defending her, against all enemies foreign and domestic. It is the domestic bastards that are most dangerous.

  9. Silas - September 17, 2020
  10. Silas - September 17, 2020
    1. brian - September 17, 2020

      And Barr will do……. well he’ll watch it carefully I suppose…

      No surprises there… demoncrap given the green light by a demoncrap court… Boxes already filled and waiting at the demoncrap satellite offices.

  11. Silas - September 17, 2020

    Spread this far and wide


    Proof possitive it’s all staged

  12. Silas - September 17, 2020
  13. Silas - September 17, 2020

    Stupid criminalof the day: Has a hand gun (gotta be for that), tires to pass a counterfeit Benjamin and uses said gun to try and get away with it. Poetic justice: He get’s shot with the gun
    he tried to use.


    No gun control laws kept this little piece of human excrement from getting a hand gun and then using it to commit a crime.

    1. Silas - September 17, 2020

      gotta be 21 for that. Sheesh! Self editor thingy ain’t working today. 😛

      1. brian - September 17, 2020

        You have a self editor??? Luckeee

        1. Silas - September 17, 2020

          heh heh! I also have a self censoring thingy, but it hasn’t worked in decades.

  14. Silas - September 17, 2020

    Let’s help Whatfinger kick Drudges butt. The vote is in and they now will count each back click as a new click like all the other aggregates. Fight fire with fire I say.

    Like I told my sister in law last night, for far too long the gop stance has been to take the high road and not get down in the gutter and fight. That has to end. President Trump has shown any who will pay attention that fighting back is a winning tactic, especially when it exposes the demoncrats for the frauds they are.

    No Mr, Nice Guy!

    1. David Blackmon - September 17, 2020

      Yes, please click on the Whatfinger links at the top left of the page as often as you see anything interesting to you there. The owners of that site are veterans who work their asses off. Great people.

      1. Stuartswede - September 17, 2020

        You can put us in, Coach!

    1. Stuartswede - September 17, 2020

      SOS? Sack of Schiff?

      1. Silas - September 17, 2020

        Nope. But you’re warm.

        1. Stuartswede - September 17, 2020

          So is the sack

          1. Silas - September 17, 2020

            eeeew! lol

  15. Silas - September 17, 2020

    The day after President Trump has take the oath for the second time,he needs to fire Wray and put Grenell in charge of the fbi. And let nature take it’s course. If we lose a few hundred compromised agents, so what? Then set new hiring standards and policy that prevent new seditous behaviour.

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