Are Barr and Durham About to Finally Drop a Hammer?

Next Monday is the last day of summer, Mr. Barr. – I note that this morning because back in August, Attorney General William Barr famously stated that John Durham’s investigation would bear some fruit before summer was over. Barr repeated that prediction in more than one interview, in fact.

Well, we’re pushing it right up to the deadline, and Durham has produced diddly squat, to use a common flyover country colloquialism. No indictments, no arrests, no midnight raids of elderly people’s homes of the sort made popular when Robert Mueller and his gang of thugs effectively ran the DOJ from May 2017 through March 2019. Not even a “Durham Report” which at this point would have value only in the sense that it would serve to inform the curious among us, which of course would exclude the entire national news media establishment.

Barr made a somewhat whiny speech at an event sponsored by Hillsdale College on Wednesday. In that speech he complained about career DOJ line prosecutors – the lowest level of prosecutor at DOJ – of often being out of control “headhunters” who go after individuals for mainly political reasons. You don’t say, Mr. AG? What tipped you off on that one?

Mr. Barr did not, however, go onto explain why, in his 20 months as AG, he has done nothing to resolve that problem. You know, like maybe fire some of those problem employees. Most likely, the answer is that he has not done that because doing it would be politically difficult. The entire corrupt media establishment would go after him with its collective hair on fire, just as these Democrat toadies will go after him and Durham should Durham ever actually do something real. Like, you know, prosecute the treasonous traitors who spent three solid years trying to execute a coup d’etat on U.S. soil.

The Democrat/Media Axis of Propaganda already has its narrative in place: Any move by Barr/Durham at this point to actually attempt to exact a little real justice will be portrayed as “election interference” by the same media establishment that studiously ignored the Obama Administration’s spying on the Trump campaign and attempts to fix the election for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Those efforts went right up to Election Day that year, and once the election had come and gone, were immediately turned into an outright coup attempt.

That’s all clear on the public record now, and millions of Americans are fully aware of it. As is pretty much always the case in America today, the truth is exactly the opposite of what our Nazi-style media says: By doing nothing, Barr and Durham are in fact influencing the election in favor of the Democrats who are guilty, including Quid Pro Joe Biden himself.

Even with all of his do-nothingness thus far on Obamagate and Spygate, Barr does continue to show flashes of wanting to do the right thing. In that same speech, for example, Barr referred to the China Virus lockdowns and mask order as being “the greatest intrusion on civil liberties in American history” outside of slavery. Truer words were never spoken. But again, what is DOJ doing to push back on the despot governors, mayors and county judges invoking those patently unconstitutional order?

During an interview with Martha MacAllum on Fox News this week, Barr confirmed what I and others have been writing about for years now, that George Soros is subverting the American justice system by funding corrupt district attorneys who simply refuse to enforce the law. Interestingly, when Newt Gingrich made the same exact point on Fox’s “Outnumbered” show yesterday, he was silenced by the CNN-ish host and other panelists:

The New York Times has a breathless piece this morning bashing Barr for advising prosecutors to consider pursuing sedition charges against rioters and those who organized the riots during a meeting last week. In the same meeting, the Times alleges that Barr also “asked prosecutors in the Justice Department’s civil rights division to explore whether they could bring criminal charges against Mayor Jenny Durkan of Seattle for allowing some residents to establish a police-free protest zone near the city’s downtown for weeks this summer…”.

Good for him, if true. Of course, the Times story is based purely on anonymous “sources” who may or may not exist, so there is no way to know whether the news-faking paper of record just made the whole thing up.

But if it is true, it shows that Barr retains the right instincts, though he still has a problem taking action on them.

Interestingly, pretty much every other major media outlet has its own Barr-bashing report out this morning. A Google search reveals pieces including original reporting from CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal, all going after the Attorney General for some instance or another of straying from the Democrat/Media preferred narrative. These are not just pieces echoing the New York Times – they all include their own themes and perceived Barr missteps.

What this looks like is a classic effort by the Nazi-style propaganda outlets to set a narrative in advance. That indicates to me that all of these corrupt media outlets believe that Barr and Durham are indeed about to drop a hammer or two soon. Maybe even on or before Barr’s self-imposed deadline of next Monday.

That would be nice.

That is all.

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[…] Barr has said a few times, Durham would yield fruit before the end of summer, and Monday is the last… Could be, or that could have been a feint. Either way, something is coming. […]


If you think anything is going to happen to one single deep stater, you are in denial. By the time you wake up, they will be rolling into your driveway.


Clinesmith was a single deep stater, obviously adolescent but deep stater nonetheless. And I don’t think he was married, making him single.


Please no more articles about Barr and Durham. I can’t take it.

If Barr can’t stand the fire, he shouldn’t have taken the job. Oh right, he took it to protect the Swamp. (Just my opinion, of course.)


“Are Barr and Durham About to Finally Drop a Hammer?” LOL! Here we go again. Barr is protecting these insurrectionists, not prosecuting them.


Its a difficult job, you just have to be patient… /s

Ben Colder

I hope its hammer time I really do.But I have grave doubts that that will ever happen as it seems Barr is the cover up king for the swamp so far any way .I hope I am completely off my rocker on that but time will tell .If Barr does drop the hammer you will hear the fake news screams all the way to China no doubt .They will call Barr every name in the book plus fifty and the loon dem/communists will have babies.


Responding to Stephen A, Fry and others.

If Trump loses, THERE will be NO indictments! Period.

And if there were, where would they go? A Roundheels/btfsplk administration would appoint a Holder type AG and all charges would be dropped by February. And we sure as hell wouldn’t see any Judge Emmitt Sullivans types looking to prosecute ANY of the defendants on the merits of the case sans a prosecutor, Would We?

If Barr is the real deal, Why does he go on TV and say so much nothing that can only PO the Trump base that only wants justice? I just don’t get the benefit of his appearances? I mean he is supposed to be this smart guy right?

AG Barr, quit being a camera Hogg like senators Grahamesty and Schmuckie and reps like Schiff-bird and Swallow, and DO YOUR DAMN JOB!

And why are you so concerned about appearing political? SO WHAT??? Why do you care about the media backlash (News flash, unless you indict and convict Trump and his whole family you will be hated forever as a Trump lackey.)?

Do your damn job, fire the turds in YOUR department, and quit whining about them! Prosecute real crimes in a timely manner or quit and go to Alabama and navel gaze with your failed predecessor.

jack johnson

Please stop with the metaphors…..if I hear “bombshell”…”shoe to drop”….”drop the hammer” one more time I`m going to gouge my eyes out. Barr is a DC swamper, he is never going to indict the anyone that could possible tarnish the DC institutions like the CIA, FBI or the DOJ.


New game:

Shoe wraps Bombshell
Bombshell blows Hammer
Hammer crushes Shoe

Give us Comrades something to do in the internment camps for unruly conservatives.


I know I’m going to take flak for this but there is nothing yet that Barr has said or done that has changed my mind. Like Jonsey stated, I too am prepared to be thoroughly underwhelmed.

I understand that its a tough field to play on but its not like Barr or Durham haven’t been on this field before, they are both career creatures in government. Obeezelbub came in and every conservative was summarily fired and those that managed to not get fired went catatonic. Barr can’t or won’t fire even low level drones because it’ll look political?!?!? Which is of course an opinion but likely a good assessment of the field.

Its a no brainer that anything Barr accomplished would be gone after like vultures on a carcass. If Barr is intimidated by such as this then he should never have taken the job. I get too Jimmy’s descriptor of needing eyes in every direction but seriously, when on a very hostile field the sensible thing to do is draw resources from outside the surrounding arena. Pull in trusted help to keep eyes on the blind sides, flush the enemy insiders with impunity. Move indictments outside of the swamp.

As the top law enforcement officer in the land its his JOB, to oversee the thousands of lawyers and agents to get the job of justice done. The biggest thing Barr has accomplished so far is to demoralize the conservative team. When you play sports. you as the coach do and say what will energize your team to win. You as the coach are responsible for not steering your team with winning strategies and rally talk. You fire and hire those that will be of like mind and be gaming for the trophy.

Barr calls the Roger Stone prosecution a ‘righteous’ prosecution, left Gen Flynn spinning in the wind, allowed traitors who not only lied to Congress but openly ADMITTED to lying before Congress. Had multiple criminal referrals FROM Congress which Barr waved off, thinks Assange and Snowden are traitors and should be prosecuted. Hires a top notch RICO lawyer then states weeks later there are no rico investigations. And this is the short version.

But please… now lets just sit on our hands in the corner and be silent. Feel sorry for perhaps, that Barr has such a difficult job and the media doesn’t like him anymore. Maybe someone will rub his back a little while he sits for a camera and soft talks the tragedy befalling the US with the chaos that happening and those demoncrap governors restricting citizenry’s rights. Maybe if he has some time before the election he’ll take a closer look at that.

Chameleon Barr… changes color as needed…

Jimmy MacAfee

No flak from here! The Roger Stone arrest and persecution (never was a prosecution) is a good example of why Barr may be a mole. Stone was dirty but not criminal; JINO (Judge in Name Only) Berman-Jackass is criminal AND dirty. Her copy of the Constitution must be like the Jefferson Bible, where old Tom cut out the parts he didn’t like.

Liberty Writer

How did people like Comey and Brennon rise to the top of our government? Why are people in the Justice Department stonewalling Barr – and getting away with the stonewalling.
It has been a long process.
Look at the works of Diana West.
Here is one YouTube interview:

Stephen A Fry

It’s not like Barr and Durham will be out of a job on November 4th if Biden wins right? At this point they could wait and drop the hammer anytime before January and those cases would proceed through the courts. If indictments drop now or 2 months from now, I don’t think it really matters…maybe I am totally wrong on that….

Mike Ham

…and all of the conspirators get full pardons from Biden on January 20, 2021.
So what good is waiting?


The Biden DOJ would drop the cases as soon as he is inaugurated. If you want results, the entire investigation and court proceeding has to occur while the DOJ is in the hands of someone motivated to see it through. Otherwise, just like the Soro-funded liberal DA’s releasing criminal defendants all over the country right now, these swamp rats will walk free, with all charges dropped, and Flynn will be re-charged.

Jimmy MacAfee

Could be! I’m not opposed to the concept of hope. But we have to hope that Hidin’ Biden is nowhere near elected, and that President Trump wins by more than a landslide, if that is possible.


Agree that there will be a couple months to indict however, it would be nice for facts to emerge as to the absolute criminality of the Obamanation machinations over the past five years prior to the election, to assist with even more voter outrage and crossovers.

Jimmy MacAfee

Well, speaking of Hammers. I hope they might interview Bill Binney, but that might interfere with their narrative that we need to prosecute Julian Assange, who probably saved America by revealing Hillary Rotten’s emails. As far as I’m concerned, Assange is a hero, Rotten is a traitor (along with the rest of them) and Barr doesn’t have the guts to look into Hammer abuse.

Just like Q is a shill for the NSA’s illegal spying programs (but is against the CIA.) Want to get into a little internecine war? WWG1WGA! Trouble is, we need good intelligence from both services, but the qualifying word is “good.” With everything being hypercompartmentalized, they were even able to cover up, promulgate and help initiate 9/11, with the help of Islamist allies (not in that order.)

Binney is key, because Brennan and Clapper (and significantly more important) others made extensive use of it to hide their activities, and Wray and the FBI and DOJ have conspired to hide evidence against the Mueller team. As far as the NSA destroying evidence against the corrupt prosecutors: it’s permanent, and can’t be destroyed.

In this, I feel for Barr. And Durham. They have to have compound eyes to see the entire field of vision, and their vision has to be backward and forward, like trying to drive a vehicle forward by using the rear-view mirrors. With practice, it can be done on a road without traffic, but slowly and not on windy roads with hills. Try it sometime; I have. Not for long.


“…flashes of wanting to do the right thing….”

I’m thoroughly prepared to be underwhelmed.

It’s kind of like discussing with my daughter when Dances with Wolves in Space part 2 (Avatar) is supposed to come out. Been hearing about it for years. Her excitement continues to wane.


It’s Hammer time! U can’t touch this!

Planet Clownfish Brain

Half jewish Barr is not going to round up a bunch of wealthy jewish men who financed this color revolution.

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