The Campaign: Trump Celebrates Middle East Peace as Biden Gaffes His Way Through Florida

That face you make when you realize you are not in your basement and have no idea where in the hell you actually are:

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That was the look Creepy Uncle McWifeMolester got at one point during a talk he gave to veterans on his Tuesday trip to Florida. It’s a look he gets a lot these days, the look of an exhausted and consistently confused man who rarely fully knows where he is and what he is doing.

As is his habit, Quid Pro China Joe committed a series of gaffes during the trip, because of course he did. Here are the most notable among them:

– While getting off his fossil-fuel burning private jet, the Unfrozen Caveman Candidate took a moment to wave to an empty field of the imaginary supporters who follow him around in his mind:

– Shortly after hopping off of that fossil fuel-burning private jet, and after being transported to a facility in a gas-guzzling SUV, Biden informed his audience that “we don’t need fossil fuels” and promised yet again to ban them;

– At one point during a brief speech, he referred to his ticket as the “Harris/Biden administration” just a day after Kamala Harris made a similar reference;

– During that same speech, he made it obvious that he does not know the difference between Iran and Iraq, claiming that over 6,000 Americans have died in Iran. He made that statement apparently blissfully unaware that a large number of those Americans died on his own watch, far more than have died under President Trump’s watch;

– Biden then topped off his day with this bit of word salad:

Biden’s Big Adventure also included a “Latino Outreach Rally” at which he spoke for 18 whole minutes to a crowd of roughly a dozen Florida Latino supporters. He opened his talk with this bit of pandering:

And that, friends and family, was Joe Biden’s day.

While Gropey Joe McNastyFinger was down in Florida wondering who was hiding his tapioca pudding, President Donald J. Trump Was hosting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Bahrain Foreign Minister Abdullatif bin Rashid al-Zayani, and United Arab Emirates Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed al Nahyan in a White House signing ceremony for an historic Middle East Peace agreement.

White House largely disregards coronavirus precautions during Abraham Accords signing - CNNPolitics

The President told reporters that he expects other Arab states will also sign similar deals with Israel soon:

“I think Israel isn’t isolated anymore,” President Trump said in the Oval Office before the signing alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He said “at least five or six countries will be “coming along very quickly.”

He also said he expects Saudi Arabia will be reaching a deal in the near future:

A larger achievement for Israel—a deal with Saudi Arabia—remains out of reach despite years of secret coordination on security issues and commercial dealings that have broken down barriers of mistrust.

The Saudi kingdom appears to have been on board with Tuesday’s diplomatic breakthroughs, and U.S. officials say Saudi Arabia consented to Bahrain’s deal with Israel.

“I spoke with the King of Saudi Arabia and we had a great conversation and I think positive things will happen there too,” Mr. Trump said.


While leftist commentators and Democrat politicians were pooh-pooing these prospects, such statements from the President have a long and consistent history of coming to fruition.

Naturally, the Nazi-style propagandists at CNN did not allow a single word of mention of the deal on their air during the day, only referring to it as a “large White House gathering” and whining about the lack of face masks and social distancing. MSNBC did the same thing.

San Fran Nan called the historic effort to bring actual peace to the war-torn region “a distraction from the coronavirus,” while Chuck Schumer, who is himself a dual citizen of the U.S. and Israel, did not bother to even mention it during a press conference until one semi-curious fake reporter asked him about it.

CNN and Nancy Pelosi make shameful comments on President Trump's historic achievement of Middle East peace agreements | The BL

Utterly repugnant and desperate people. A pox on all their houses, I say.

For those who buy the Democrat narrative that it’s all fake, this incredible moment happened in Dubai:

And this was the scene in Jerusalem:

Blessed are the peacemakers. Thank you, President Trump.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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phineas gage

And Russia as well.

Funny that, when Trump is just a Russian pawn…..

Rick O'Shay

Sadly, the “Facebook news” mushrooms will never hear of it.

Bishop Of Battle

Still the sound of crickets from the CCP allied enemedia CPUSA complex.
You can bet that they would be in starry eyed ballwasher 24-7 spiking the ball mode if their messiah, the immaculate Hussein Hopenchange had brokered a deal.
Gropey Joe is being abused by his CPUSA handlers and family by this point. Time for some apple sauce and orange juice at Shady Pines assisted living.

phineas gage

Hey, they’re just like all those people Joe sees in the 7-11, or making up his bed, or on the train, or somewhere……

phineas gage

Joe Biden is approaching the point where he will literally have to be led by the hand by his campaign surrogates or his cold-blooded reptilian wife. In other words, untenable.


I love that word “untenable”. Conveys finality and decisiveness. Its meaning is perfectly clear. Demoncraps should have recognized months ago that this word was apropos. I guess they think that there are several levels of untenableness!

phineas gage

There’s at least ten of them.

Jimmy MacAfee

With apologies to reptiles, of course! I’d compare her to an eel, (but with apologies also to eels.)

She’s actually despicable in a way elder-abusers in nursing homes are despicable. Maybe she’s paying Gropey Joe back for all the humiliation she’s had to endure? He’s always been a bully, and has never been a nice person nor a good person. A bully. But she’s an elder-abuser, which is worse.

Jimmy MacAfee

The fake “Palestinians” who steal money destined for actual Palestinians will be outed and removed, especially as they’re cut off from Iran and Turkey and Syria and Lebanon.

All the money designated for the people has been spent on arms – missiles to go into Israel. We saw the destruction of the arms depot in Lebanon, and the people of Lebanon are ready for some answers from their own government: why are these arms being stored here to kill innocent Lebanese civilians when they detonate?

I expect at least one more depot to have a similar outcome, and the Lebanese government had better give them up, or have similar results. Just my opinion, from Better Sources.

phineas gage

Not likely the reviled Kushner will receive any credit either, from left or from right:

Yet he has been the driving force behind this transformative moment.

phineas gage

The medial blackout of the peace accords, while expected, was appalling.

This agreement, and those to follow, is truly monumental–and of course it succeeds where decades of Democrat presidents (and feckless GOPe presidents) failed.

phineas gage

Babylon Bee predicted CNN, but it really isn’t that hard:

They long since crossed the line into parody.


No MaligNancy Klink, YOUR ilk is using the CHINA virus as a distraction from YOUR Party’s support of the riots; YOUR Party’s support of YOUR Governor’s and Mayor’s keeping the blue states and cities closed trying to hurt the president and our economy; AND YOUR Party trying to foist a totally fraudulent presidential ticket upon America to force us all into third word servitude.

Biden, “made it obvious that he does not know the difference between Iran and Iraq…”

Biden and Barak probably think Iraq is the past tense of Iran.


MaligNancy, Love it, and the rest of your post. Spot on.

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