Get Woke, Go Broke: BLMFL Ratings Continue Sprint to Rock Bottom

Monday Night Football’s opening weekend double-header continued the BLMFL’s “get woke, go broke” sprint for the bottom in the television ratings. After the Sunday Night Football marquis matchup between the LA Rams and the TV magnet Dallas Cowboys tanked 16.1% below the ratings for the 2019 SNF opener, the MNF double headers performed even worse.

After collapsing by about 18% during the 2016/2017 seasons following the advent of Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem kneeling antics, the league had regained about half of that loss over the past two seasons. The dismal performance of this weekend’s opening games shows that all of the genuflecting the league is doing towards the openly-Marxist terrorist group BLM has put it back on its downward track.

From a story at

According to ShowBuzz Daily, the doubleader on Monday night represented a major downtick in viewership from the same time slots a season ago.

  • Steelers at Giants: This game drew 10.8 million viewers on ESPN, down 21% from the early-game opener during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL season
  • Titans at Broncos: Drew 7.7 million viewers, down a whopping 38% from the late game last year.

These are just some startling numbers right here. They are also a continuation of a trend around the NFL world thus far on the young season.

This comes after the “Sunday Night Football” matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and Rams in Los Angeles saw a drop of 16.1% from last season’s opener. America’s Team being unable to draw 15 million viewers during a global pandemic in which people are at home more often than in the past can’t be seen as great news for the NFL.

The “Monday Night Football” doubleheader is also interesting in that it included one of the two teams in the nation’s largest media market (New York Giants) opening things up against another big media market team in that of the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of people.

That is all.

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17 thoughts on “Get Woke, Go Broke: BLMFL Ratings Continue Sprint to Rock Bottom

  1. Harley - September 16, 2020

    You run an article about declining NFL viewership and then run two ads for NFL merchandise?

    1. Gregg - September 16, 2020

      I don’t think Dave controls most of the ads on his blog. It is just a cycle of what advertisers pay for. Case in point: Haven’t you noticed the numerous “Thank Obama for getting involved in defeating Trump and the GOP (Defeat McConnell etc.)”? It is also countered with pro Trump advertisements.

      While I wish there wouldn’t be so many ads, they do keep Dave’s articles free and thus gives him , and us and our ideas much more circulation. That is a very good thing.

      Think about it this way, if the NFL is peeing away its ad buys on sites like this it shows their (and the Dems) desperation.

      So far the Dems and their Roundheels/btfsplk campaign hasn’t sent me any direct mailers. Wouldn’t surprise me if they did.

    2. David Blackmon - September 16, 2020

      I do not control ad content.

  2. phineas gage - September 16, 2020

    The thinking of NFL execs is that they’ll just ride it out this season, and then get it all back next season.

    They’re in for a big surprise.

    1. Silas - September 16, 2020

      You won’t see it in the press, but they were getting nervous last year when their ratings started dropping over the kneeling. Right now they are praying to their demon gods that this is just an anamoly and as you said, everything will be better next year.

      As more and more people realise they have better things to do on the week ends and discover old passions, it will only spiral further out of their control.

      And don’t count on even the Big 10 games not being politicized. It will happen. Just not as flambouantly, but it’s going to happen.

  3. phineas gage - September 16, 2020


    Many more Rust Belt voters for Trump.

    Biggest loser Whitmer. That’s gotta hurt.

  4. Jimmy MacAfee - September 16, 2020

    An increasing number of small colleges and universities are dumping their athletic programs – track and field, swimming, tennis etc.

    In a way, Title IX did this to these idiots – because they applied the law as a Leftwing instrumentation that extended far beyond sports. For example, sexual harassment issues, sexual violence claims – and they use this law to run roughshod over Constitutional rights of the accused.

    The death spiral in “higher” education is about to begin. That will be the ultimate in “get woke-go-eff yourself.”

    1. Silas - September 16, 2020

      The alumni dollars will dry up when their beloved sports teams start disappearing and the corporate sponsors will leave when the televised games disappear. It will be an epic blow to them all.

  5. carlosdangler - September 16, 2020

    BLMFL! Hilarious!
    I made a conscious decision not to watch when I heard there was going to be a “black national anthem”. What the hell is that? That’s RACIST, is what that is!
    Where are the Anglo, Polynesian, Hispanic, and Oriental national anthems? Who has time to sit through a dozen national anthems?
    It’s called the “National Anthem” for a reason. The BLMFL is just stoopid! Good riddance.

  6. M Allen - September 16, 2020

    I was surprised how easy the transition to no pro sports was. Not missing it all and some long stalled projects are moving forward again. Black national anthem is as racist as the congressional black caucus. Get woke, who?

  7. Stephen - September 16, 2020

    I knew professional leagues were toast in this country when a bunch of Canadian white guys, trying to suck up to black street punks, decided to start spouting off about racism in the US.

    Who? The NHL of course. Canadian golden boys with a few mixed in from Russia and Scandinavia for good measure taking a knee against racism in the US when their entire league has maybe one or two black dudes.


  8. Tony Lama - September 16, 2020

    BLM= Burn Loot Murder

    Kneel on the turf if you must
    Watch your future just go bust

    Years of play and work all gone
    But you still wont see where you went wrong

  9. Nomo NFL - September 16, 2020

    The sad part is that there are still 7-10M Americans who still watch the NFL.

    1. Silas - September 16, 2020

      They’re not enough to sustain the market. And more will drift away each day as they get tired of being preached to. The die hard rabid fans will be last to to sit and watch, until the owners pull the plug. A pox upon a the owners and the players.

  10. Silas - September 16, 2020

    The battlefront for the minds of the next generations: Universities and colleges.

    These folks lay it all out

    Staggering amounts of info not being covered by the secm naturally. Unless it fits their narrative.

  11. Clint Eastwood - September 17, 2020

    NFL = National Felon League

  12. king guthorm - September 17, 2020

    Agreed, karen kaperdinks knee was the shot heard around the world and in middle class living rooms like mine where we often prayed to the Sunday and Monday gods. The mind numbing 4 to 1 ratio of ads vs actual play time had already started taking their toll on this insignificant working class tax paying citizen.

    Sports can be a healthy activity in life when applied properly, however playing shuffleboard on the Titanic always has the same outcome. We “walked away” from it all and are all the better for it.

    Thank You D.B. I appreciate your work.

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