Discussion Post – 9.16.2020

So, yesterday we found out that even Joe Biden thinks it’s the Harris/Biden campaign, and that Biden doesn’t know the difference between Iran and Iraq. But hey, it’s really good day for Biden’s elder-abusing handlers when those are the worst gaffes he made.

Discuss away. And pray for the folks in Alabama, Mississippi, Florida and Georgia while you’re at it.

39 thoughts on “Discussion Post – 9.16.2020

  1. Jimmy MacAfee - September 16, 2020

    Biden’s underpants are on too tight, but still leak. Oooofff!

  2. Stuartswede - September 16, 2020

    Inspired by Greg and Phineas yesterday, I put together a little graphic that I think everyone will enjoy, or love to hate. I call them Power Karens because they rule or would like to rule over you and I. They are Karens after all as they are rude, condescending, loud mouthed, and repugnant. To say that Karens must be Caucasian is racist. Here is my Quick Reference Guide:


    1. Jimmy MacAfee - September 16, 2020

      Good Lord! Protect my eyes!

      If anyone wants to lose weight, look at the poster (assuming you don’t turn to stone) and you will have to have a severely calorie-reduced diet! Gut-grabber!

    2. Gregg - September 16, 2020

      SS, Thanks,

      A great start, but I didn’t see reps Pressley and Omar from the “squad”, nor some of the other bimbo “Karens”, from ‘the One’s’ Administration like Rice, Jarrett, btfsplk’s nominal wife, Jill, Madeline Halfbright, Christine Todd-Whitman, Big Mike, ‘the One’s homeland security chief, RBG, the two Obama SC bimbos, the govs of MI, OR, and NM, reps Shelia Jackson-Lee, the cowboy hat wearing hack from FL, the rep from Orlando, Donna Bazile, Huma Abedien, and the mayor of Seattle.

      A whole other poster could be of the Hollywood weirdos. And another one could be from the token RINO media types – print, internet, and cable.

      I know there are so many, and you probably didn’t want to make us all sick.

      1. Stuartswede - September 16, 2020

        Actually Omar is there, third row next to last.

    3. Stuartswede - September 16, 2020

      Yes, even though I call it a “Quick” reference guide, it actually took several hours to produce. I did actually have Sheila Jackson Lee on there and several others that you mention, but didn’t feel like doing another full page. Like I said concerning freaks, there are many more applicants than available positions. Glad you got a kick out of it.

  3. phineas gage - September 16, 2020
    1. Gregg - September 16, 2020

      Really, who would have thought?

      The left everywhere has so grossly overplayed their hand.

      They always take the ready, fire, aim approach.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - September 16, 2020

      Tapper is not the tip of the mountain top, but the wart on the most distal lumen in the digestive system.

  4. phineas gage - September 16, 2020

    There’s only one giant turkey in New York City, and everyone knows who it is:


    1. Jimmy MacAfee - September 16, 2020

      The only entertainment most New Yorkers want is to see Dickblowsio dressed as a Wabbit being chased by an armed Elmer Fudd down Park Avenue.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - September 16, 2020

      The press is now almost entirely a parody of itself; Rupar is beyond parody. Evil is not amusing.

      Wait until their CCP/PLA money runs out!
      “Mommy, can I come home to live in the basement?”

  5. Rick O'Shay - September 16, 2020

    It looks like Big 10 football is back. Although with all the “safety” rules I doubt it will be a smooth ride. Nonetheless, I will watch as long none of these happen.

    1. Organized on field protests.
    2. Social justice discussion by the broadcasters.
    3. Covid propaganda discussed by the broadcasters.
    4. Anything else that pi$$es me off.


    1. Stuartswede - September 16, 2020

      I would like to know when the PCR sensitivity will be adjusted to avoid the 90% false positive rates reported by the NY Times, and any and all masks are stored in the circular file.

      GO GATORS!!

    2. Gregg - September 16, 2020

      Then I guess you will be tuning out halfway through the first quarter, if not prior to kickoff.

      You may also want to avoid the pregame and postgame shows.

      1. Rick O'Shay - September 16, 2020

        I suspect you are right, but I promised the missus I’d give it the ol’ college try.

        1. phineas gage - September 16, 2020

          I didn’t see your post, so duplicated it on the thread above.

          I tend to think the Big 10 season may go much better than the NFL. And I think many college football fans will be grateful to Trump.. That is no small thing in the Rust Belt swing states.

          Whitmer is melting, melting…..oh, what a world

  6. Gregg - September 16, 2020

    Like my father and grandfather used to say: It just goes to show there are many more horses-asses than there are horses.

    Horses-asses just used to be idiots that were to be shunned and ignored, but now they are elevated to near sainthood. This must change.

    I have never understood the extreme reluctance of average people to FIRE schiffty politicians who lie, produce no good results, raise taxes and/or pass liberty killing (and a tax increase is always liberty killing because it always limits what people can do with their money) laws (2A) produce rotten schools, and other public services, and then often tell us we’re bad people when we criticize them or occasionally vote them out of office.

    No one would keep a doctor, a mechanic or a repairman with their record.

    This ignorance and attitude must change amongst the vast majority of people or we are doomed as a free republic.

    For example:

    What spell did McLame have on Arizonans? BJC or BHO have on America? Every rotten senator since 1972 have on New Jerseyans?

    Let’s look at the history of presidential and mid-term elections in my lifetime:

    Since 1960, there have been at least ten landslide wave (depending upon what criteria one uses) elections of varying importance:

    The landslides:

    1964 LBJ – IMO a JFK sympathy vote as Kennedy was well on his way to being Jimmy Peanut – a one-term president
    1972 Nixon
    1980 Reagan, with a flipping of the senate
    1984 Reagan
    1988 Bush Sr., with the promise of Reagan’s third term
    1994 Dems, under BJC’s & Walking Eagles’ radicalism lost BOTH houses of congress for the first time in over sixty years
    2010 Massive red wave in the house and big losses in the senate for the same reason as BJC and Walking Eagle
    2016 Trump’s miracle win. It counts because he and the GOP were supposed to be sent packing into oblivion
    2006 GOP loses both houses of congress because they tried to become Dem lite, and a full court press by the media
    2018 mixed congressional result due again to the full court press by the media and the Dems running “moderate” “centrist” appealing candidates in key races

    The close races:

    1960 Kennedy ‘won’ with much fraud
    1968 Nixon, only because Wallace took about 13% of the conservative vote; otherwise a Nixon landslide
    1976 Carter solely due to post Watergate backlash and Ford being, well Ford
    2000 Bush Jr. A very narrow Dem loss, but where were BJC’s coattails if he was so great and had a 65+% approval?
    2004 Bush Jr. won reelection narrowly because he was seen as a steady wartime president with competence and because Lurch was such a poor candidate
    2016 which was close, but again where were BHO’s coattails if he was so great?

    The comfortable wins:

    1992 and 1996 were because the conservative vote was split by 20 and 10% respectively by Perot, the GOP fielded two mediocre candidates, and BJC was possibly the best politician of the 20th century
    2008 and 2012, were Dem wins solely because this “systemically racist” country voted for a ‘historic’ black president and two very weak GOP candidates.

    What all this analysis shows is that this is basically a center-right country – even now – and the radical Dem Trump sucks platform, such as it is, is a loser, regardless of what the polls say and the media industrial complex and the establishment wants.

    I’m cautiously hopeful for the right outcome.

    1. Silas - September 16, 2020

      Ace McStain and the rest of the rinos have three things in common:

      1. They stand before their constituents at election time and lie, lie, lie. They tell them they will go to DC and represent them /make sure that the government does it job and takes care of the business of the people. Soon as they get there it’s a feast for them and crumbs for their constituents.

      2, The complicit press does their best to cover for them, unless they ar ein a race against democrat socialist, in which case the dirty work is focused like a laser beam on them.

      3. As long as they can go to DC and rake in the graft and insider money and not get caught they get to do item one every election cycle and pray step two stays in their favor.

      Before the internet this cycle was stable. Now folks that stil can reason are learing the hard truth.
      This next election may well be the death knell of that cycle, but it’s still dicey.

      1. Stuarswede - September 16, 2020

        Always wondered how congressmen and senators go in as normal folks, but leave as million and billionaires. The money laundering starts with a good foundation, one that you use to siphon off the cash. Clintons wrote the book on corruption. Biden and McConnell helped publish it. I smell a swamp and it stinks.

  7. Stuartswede - September 16, 2020

    Selwyn Duke always nails it. The problem with the Race training is that it hurts blacks in many more subtle ways than it does whites.


    1. Silas - September 16, 2020

      They stopped teaching history in the early 70’s. Not surprising in the least. The communists were already sowing the seeds of destruction. And the educational system was the first to be subverted.

      During my time as a game technician at a family fun center in the Medford, OR area I learned just how bad it was. We hired highscool and college age young people for the summer season.
      I was amazed at how ignorant they were of the Constitution. When I started talking to them about it and that it was their birth right, you could see the light come on and the desire to know more.

      Never tried to prosletise, just pointed out what they were missing and let nature take it’s course.

  8. phineas gage - September 16, 2020

    Right. On. Target.


    Excerpt: “All this to say that the Democratic Party is now the party of women and those who identify with the overly feminine sensibility.”

  9. phineas gage - September 16, 2020
  10. Stuartswede - September 16, 2020

    Such a waste. Another tragedy caused by a felon that should have been in jail. Not one single democrat should win in anything in November.

  11. Silas - September 16, 2020

    This little Seattle socialist sure knows how to work the system


    Pretty interesting expose on a money grubbing sociaist.

    1. phineas gage - September 16, 2020

      As Glen Reynolds says, ‘don’t get cocky’, but there are some encouraging data points out there.

      I pray that is the case, because if 2016 was the Flight 93 election, 2020 is the ultimate Doomsday election. It is a full-out grab for power by the Marxists. Defeat is not an option. There is no try.

    1. David Blackmon - September 16, 2020

      Yeah, text messages are like emails – you may think you have wiped them, but they never really are gone.

    2. David Blackmon - September 16, 2020

      Still, the crime is the act of attempting to wipe them by resetting the phones, not in whether or not the messages themselves were actually lost.

      1. Silas - September 16, 2020

        They conspired to do it and it’s not “accidental” by any stretch of imagination.

        Whether we get justice for this another question.

  12. Silas - September 16, 2020

    High Tech companies eating each other – yummy!


    Apple does have a point, but I’m enjoying the lawyers fees and media coverage.

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