Tuesday News Roundup: Pedophiles and Democrats, a Lull in Riots and Kamala Makes a Flub

Hey, no biggie. Every presidential candidate accidentally uses pedophiles in his campaign. – Oh, he’s a Netflix star, too? Man, what a  completely accidental, like, coincidence and stuff.


The Daily Wire is reporting that the FBI raided the home of a Biden campaign surrogate yesterday on suspicion of attempting to sexually abuse minors. Jerry Harris, who is not-at-all-surprisingly described as a “Star” on the kiddie porn streaming service Netflix, was accused by 14 year-old twin brothers who claim the actor – who also starred in a Biden/Harris campaign video – began attempting to have sex with them when they were 13 and the predator was 19:

Harris, a celebrity cheerleader who was recently featured in Netflix’s “Cheer” docuseries, appeared in a video with Biden earlier this summer.

In a piece titled “FBI Raids Home of Netflix Star and Biden Surrogate Over Underage Sex Allegation,” The Washington Free Beacon reported:

Just three months ago the Biden campaign used Harris, who has over a million followers on Instagram, as part of Biden’s push to sway young voters and “win back the internet,” Time magazine reported. The Instagram live video of Harris and Biden was viewed nearly 300,000 times and remains on social media.

It appears that following the publication of the Free Beacon’s report that the social media post was removed from Instagram.

“Nine law enforcement agents spent about three hours Monday afternoon in Harris’ home in Naperville, Illinois,” USA Today added. “The allegations against Harris have been reported to at least four other law enforcement agencies in Texas and Florida.”

The news comes after Netflix has faced backlash in recent days over a highly controversial film that has been widely accused of sexualizing young children. Both prominent Republicans and Democrats have spoken out against the film.


For the record, the only “prominent Democrat” who has spoken out against Netflix’s kiddie porn film is Tulsi Gabbard. Also not surprisingly, Gabbard has been shunned by the rest of her Democrat colleagues. It is a complete mystery how Gabbard, who seems like a normal person with both liberal views and an actual sense of morality, can rationalize keeping the “D” next to her name at this point.

Speaking of the Harris Campaign… – Oh, wait: It’s supposed to be the ‘Biden’/Harris campaign, right? Well, not if you ask Kamala Harris her own self:

“A Harris administration, together with Joe Biden…”

These Democrats keep saying the part they aren’t supposed to say.

It’s a real clown show at the House Intelligence Committee. – No, really, it’s a real, actual clown show:

If you’re forgetting for a moment who Ed Buck is, he’s the huge California Democrat donor who is also a serial murderer of gay prostitutes in his mansion.

And, as usual, Adam Schiff is lying and projecting. President Trump fired the last DNI for being a tool of the Deep State who was actively participating in a coup d’etat. President Trump has not ended the brieifings, his current DNI, a loyal American named John Ratcliffe, has simply changed the mode of communicating those briefings to Schiff’s committee, putting them in writing and thus denying Schiff an opportunity to lie about what the briefers said during hearings when he leaks classifed information to the New York Times and CNN.

And speaking of gay prostitutes… – We’re coming full circle now. Remember Andrew Gillum, the married guy with two kids who almost managed to get elected governor of Florida in 2018, with the help from our dumpster fire news media? The same married guy with two kids who got caught passed out on the floor with a gay prostitute and all manner of illegal narcotics when police raided a cheap hotel room? The same guy who initially denied knowing the gay prostitute was in fact a gay prostitute and claimed to know nothing about all the illegal drugs? Who claimed he just got drunk and missed all of the other fun?

Yeah, that guy. So, yesterday, the dumpster fire media campaign to rehabilitate him into a viable Democrat political candidate continued as he did a puffball interview with fake reporter Tamron Hall at CNN. During that interview, Gillum claimed to “identify as bisexual,” which of course makes him a “protected minority” in the eyes of Democrat voters, who will now forget all about the prostitute and the drugs and all the lying he did after his arrest and all the years of lying he did when he pretended to be a happily-married father of two children.

Because that’s what Democrats do.

Riots, riots, where are the riots? – Not in Portland anymore since the DNC memo about bad polling went out. Nor in Lancaster, where BLM/Antifa goons set off a riot Sunday to protest a completely justified police shooting of this guy:

BLM/Antifa goons funded by the Democrat Party did try to assault a police officer in Sacramento on Monday. One of them made a big mistake:

Meanwhile, as Andy Ngo points out here, even the news-fakers at the Washington Post are figuring out that – shock! – some of these Antifa/BLM people are spreading violent messages on social media.

Wonder what tipped them off?

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Thanks Silas,
Why not subpoena Bolton? Where else would the classified material have come from if not him? How about all the other books from leaking perps?


That’s why they want the emails.

phineas gage

Now whatever money Bolton made from his crappy book–which wasn’t much–will all be eaten up by litigation fees. He’ll end up regretting he ever agreed to this pitch from his publisher.


Yup. As I said Delicious ? ?

Kulak Acres Farms

Pedo is resume enhancement for CPUSA degenerates. Moral relativism means Weimar degeneracy which is a feature and not a bug.
Neutralizing the police is right out of the Marxist playbook so that the comrades can be the national police force.
That’s a nice town you have there deplorable kulak untermenschen now pay up or it will burn to the ground.
Forward! The Great Leap Forward.


Had Gillum been successful in cheating his way in as Florida governor, we would no doubt still be under lock-down like all the other poor bastards with demon governors. Same for Georgia and the Abrams tank. And as it turned out, Ga. and Fl. were the some of the first to open back up in May. Kemp was the man! Showed that opening up would not result in everyone dropping like flies.

I just shake my head and thank God every time I think about how close we came to tyranny in our states.

Pa. lock-downs ruled not constitutional yesterday, and Ohio case being filed too.

Way past time to end the socialist distancing and mask hysteria!! No Mas (k)!!

BTW, Rush had a great point about this idea that America is racist and all that. For us to elect a black president, twice, it took a majority of white folks to do it. The whole idea of systemic racism is absurd. But we all knew that already.

Big Lies Matter

phineas gage

Definitely dodged a bullet there. With Florida governorship, he would have been groomed as the next Obama.


So true, put that in your crack pipe and smoke it.


“…the FBI raided the home of a Biden campaign surrogate yesterday on suspicion of attempting to sexually abuse minors. Jerry Harris,…”

Any relation to Karma Roundheels?

Just wondering? Just sayin’


“A Harris Administration, together with Joe Biden”


The left has always telegraphed their intentions which were carefully messaged by the Hollywood Goebbels media types like Walter Klondyke and Dan Rathernot. Conservatives largely ignored this for decades – since at least the sixties.

The left now apparently feels confident that it has done enough dumbing down of the American electorate, and have their DNC Voter Fraud Division ramped up to overcome any Republican victories they want to target – look for the Grahamesty types to win to continue to misrepresent their constituents – on election day. That they brazenly state their agenda for all to see is proof of that.

For them, this IS the election to decide America’s fate; they simply cannot abide another four years of Trump. They are so right about. The good news is they don’t have polished pols like BJ Clinton or ‘the One’ carrying the ball to the goal. No, they have an old fossilized Forrest Gump type waterboy fumbling through the last quarter of the election cycle with Roundheels in line to take over as the backup quarterback.

btfsplk is not Bledsoe and Roundheels is not Brady; more like an aging stiff way beyond his prime who can’t read or understand the signals being replaced by a no talent rookie with a know-it-all attitude fresh out of high school.

We will see just how dumbed down and insane this country is on Nov. 3. Then, in the weeks that follow, we will see the percentage of fraud we have to overcome and then prosecute.

Jimmy MacAfee

Any connection to Wussie Smellit? Camelnose Harris?

Jimmy MacAfee
Jimmy MacAfee

From the link:

‘”I tried to respond with a video of evidence on how Biden interacts with women and little girls but Twitter flagged me for trying to post images of child molestation hahahahahahhaha. Guess twitter agrees with @jvgraz,” he tweeted.’

Jimmy MacAfee

ZTE is a Chinese wireless company; they allegedly were the carrier for Little St. James. What happened there at the island is well known to the CCP, and by extension, the CIA and FBI and DOJ. Birds of a feather conspire together….

Wonder why the Dims are so pro-China? (Besides their boys and girls having bulging savings accounts? Besides Mini Mike and others having most of their investment portfolios there.)

This has been known for some time. So when it came time for the FBI to raid Little St. James, much was already removed – days before the raid. I saw the pictures days before the raid, and there was a lot of activity. The FBI telegraphed their intent, and others acted with alacrity – (professional courtesy?)

Oh, and by the way, Gyna Haspel was in London at the time 5 Eyes was doing the dirty on Trump’s reputation. Go figure.

phineas gage

A whole lot of the Democrat money is very sordid and very dirty. They don’t care. Many of them are participants in the same behaviors (see Epstein, Jeffrey).

The rest of it is huge dark money from the leftist ultra-rich.

They are so far beyond the party of the average American that is must be calculated in light years.

phineas gage

Gotta love that picture, by the way. It just screams ‘Democrat’.


How is it that none of these Democratic or leftist women are the least be barable? Geez!!! Yuck!!!


Had to look up Amy McGrath as I forgot who she is. She is running against the “Turtle” in KY.

Didn’t that “nasty woman”, and Madonna’s girlfriend/partner in crime, on the perpetual rag, Ashley Judd run against Mitch six years ago?

While I’ll agree that McConnell has the charisma of week-old tofu, I don’t see him in trouble. However, I really wish he and Grahamesty and others had been primaried. The first female combat aviator will crash and burn just like that perpetually menopausal Judd did in 2014.


That Amy Mcrath is one of them too, snake disguised as a fe-male. We should come up with special term for these miscreants, similar to the recent “Karen” moniker. How about “Scarens”



And don’t let the Feminazis fool anyone. Women are pigs too and rate men 1-10 just as much as men if not more so. That is a fact plain and simple. Maybe the judging criteria is different – the size of men’s wallets vs the size of the rack, but both sexes are equally superficially judgmental.


Greg, LOL,
Thanks for the barification.
Let me preface this comment with a quote from my wife:
“Men are Pigs”
Reminds me of a term used by my sexist coworkers, (not me of course) about a poor girl that worked with us. They called her “10-4” ten body, four face! Sorry Ladies but this despicable trash goes on.


No Stuartswede,

I meant barable meaning if I met one of these hags in a bar, there would not be enough booze in the joint to make them ‘doable’ or “all look prettier at closing time”.

I coined this phrase back when I was in the navy in Norfolk in the ’80s.


bearable 🙂


least bit barable

Jimmy MacAfee

No, it screams the need for sterilization – maybe the Eugenics proponents were right about some things.

phineas gage

Far be it from me to speak ill of the dead, but Ricardo Munoz is going to be a challenge for the media to portray as a good wholesome innocent victim.

He also appeared to bleach around his mouth and eyes. Is that a thing? Someone should ask Joe Biden.

Jimmy MacAfee

Looks like crack.

phineas gage

The standard play for any liberal Democrat in any kind of trouble is to play the victim card, then do the rounds of talk show appearances to fully invest in their new status.

It is, as you say, an invincible shield, as well as a get-out-of-sociocultural-free card.

Jessica Krug is another recent example.

Jimmy MacAfee

The woman in the video, after the dunce falls off the car. yells the same thing others who got what was coming to them when they attacked the police and others:

“Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!”

Stop saying that, woman! (Or women.)

Since they don’t know the real G0D, it is presumable that they are screaming this to their hoary god of the underworld, Barack Hussein Obeelzebub. (Don’t pretend, lady, that this fake god will do a thing to help you.)

Ricardo Muniz is now meeting his REAL Maker, and there will be no party in hell at Judgement Day. Sad – too bad he rejected G0D and was an acolyte of Beelzebub. Sad – but we won’t miss a serial stabber, will we? Still sad. He chose his own eternal destiny.

phineas gage

The problem the Dems have is that gay men are an extremely lucrative contributor to the party, and most (although not all) pedophiles are gay men.

When they curry favor with the one, they promote the other. And they won’t denounce the latter, because it impacts the money from the former.

Jimmy MacAfee

A lot of gay men are made that way by molestation, and most will admit privately to have been molested, and in the same breath deny that this has anything to do with their orientation. Fact. Milo is evidence.

So how do you make a Catholic Priest? When he’s a child.

phineas gage

Ed Buck is another related example of this–an actual serial killer that the Dems have to cover up, because he brings in big money.

Jimmy MacAfee

Interesting that Dave has named Buck as a buddy of A Dam Shitt. Whether he intended it or not, there’re some skeletons lurking in the closet that have been alluded to in recent past. And not just the skeletons in Buck’s house. ‘Nuff said.

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