Discussion Post – 9.15.2020

Another day, another Biden associate has his home raided for suspicion of being a pedophile:

I know: Shocking, right?

Discuss away.

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Rick O'Shay

Sounds like good information to have if one is creating fake ballots.

“The App Analyst found that they could trick the app into collecting anyone’s information by creating a contact on his phone with the voter’s name. The analyst told TechCrunch that the app also pulls in a lot more data than it displays. By intercepting the data that is sent between the device and the app’s servers, the analyst saw more detailed and private information of voters including their home address, date of birth, gender, ethnicity, and political party affiliation.”

phineas gage



This was after a long two-day weekend confined in the basement.

In a very short time, they’re going to have to remove him entirely from public view.

Rick O'Shay

Apparently the eyesight is failing too.


phineas gage

Why does this always happen miraculously in Democrat districts, but never anywhere else?


The question is rhetorical.

phineas gage

Potentially big break-through on covid therapeutic:


Only in animals right now, but the FDA will expedite testing.

I won’t both with immunology details, but the approach is really ingenious and perhaps revolutionary.


The demoncrats removed God from their party platform in 2012, They have become more satanic every day since then. Hence my renaming them demoncrats. They deserve no less.

phineas gage

The main reason I can’t stand libertarians–beyond the pompous and entirely unwarranted intellectual arrogance–is that they refuse to acknowledge that there are morally abhorrent behaviors that should never be tolerated:


They keep trying to find excuses, keep defining deviancy down. In the end they are right there with the Leftists.

Jimmy MacAfee

I don’t mind Conservatives with Libertarian leanings, but the hardcore Libertarians are…Satanic.

That’s what Satanist say: they claim they’re merely extreme Libertarians, who believe “thine own will be done,” (so says the Satanic bible, apparently.) Jesus said, four times:

“Thy will be done,” referring to G0D’s will.
The Libertarian-looneys (extremists) want nothing to do with G0D’s will; as they say themselves, they want their own will, and no other.

They are just Anarchists in pigs clothing, and Anarchists are pigs in their own skin – so it’s really hard to tell the difference. In other words, they’re role-playing..


Yep Phineas, I have had several conversations with libertarians and their main point seems to be there should be few or minimal laws. Even to include no residential speed limits etc.

What they fail to realize is a society without laws is, or will become, a lawless society. Same with a society without an effective police force, and noncorrupt federal law enforcement agencies.

phineas gage

I think there is merit to this view:


One could argue that a failing China already initiated this by releasing the virus upon the world.


“The question is, will a China whose rise is similarly stalling throw a comparably desperate strategic pass the early in the 21st century?”

Count on it…

Jimmy MacAfee

Yes, there is merit: the Japanese hoped for a quick war, and so did Germany. China hoped that the virus would lead to a quick collapse and social disorder, but we Americans are smarter and more resilient than they think. China’s generals are clinically insane, mentally shallow and having no honor whatsoever.

China’s debt trap in Africa and elsewhere will end up closing on them, with no repayment and the countries refusing to allow China to snatch their raw materials (can anyone say: Colonialist China?)

China is now linking arms with Iran, vis a vis spy technology. Not a good sign, and not a good look, and one more reason for President Trump to shut down our relationship with Chairman She the Pooh Bear.


Just a thought and would like to hear the opinions of others.

China is in dire straits financially which is why they need to become the world’s reserve currency supplanting the US Dollar. That way they can manipulate the world’s currency to their benefit. This is why ‘the One’ got elected to “fundamentally change”
and bankrupt America. It is also why he chose his corrupt China lackey ‘wingman’ to do the deals with China, with a side-stop to Ukraine, behind the scenes and keep BHO’s hands clean as the transaction of the ‘managed decline’ of American takes place.

I have been trying to figure out for years why BHO chose a nothing back-bencher nobody like Biden in 2008 and why the DNC chose this guy NOW to be their figurehead. Now I think I know.

Perhaps that is the real reason why China Joe btfsplk was chosen by the DNC instead of the unelectable radical communist “outsider” Sanders?

Before his rapid decline Biden had the following going for him:

Seen by many as moderate – therefore electable
Already had firmly established ties with China
Well known and therefore well connected in DC
Generally well liked, at least superficially which is the DEM manta
Had a real (D) after his name
Corrupt to the core and therefore easily blackmailed to do the bidding of anyone (Soros) in the swamp club
Easily mailable since he never had an original though in his entire 47 year DC career.

The powers-that-be at the DNC just didn’t count on btfsplk’s brain turning into GO-JO quite this soon. Damn their bad luck. Walking Eagle must be pissed, or waiting in the wings – she crawling out of the whine cellar and running still wouldn’t surprise me.

Jimmy MacAfee

You have many good points, especially China being overextended. Vulnerability to blackmail is a chief characteristic of DS nominees – and the ones holding the blackmail material are all over the map. Literally.

China has a lot of assets. Wonder what they have on Little Bloomberg, Tiny Rubio and Dubya Bush? We know Bloomberg has his assets there – (he should move there, right?)

Biden has more blackmail material on his demented ass than nearly anyone. Wait until his mind goes to the point where he starts blurting out things that are part of that material! Then a McLame-cocktail will be arranged, likely.

phineas gage

Pedophiles are a natural constituency of the modern Democrat party. I would wager a not-insignificant proportion of their campaign money comes from that source.

Meanwhile, there was this:


At this point, Joe is hanging on by the cobwebs of his mind.

Jimmy MacAfee

Why do you think Dickblowsio is releasing so many “nonviolent” perps?

Jimmy MacAfee

Now you know why there’ll be no debates.

Camel-nose won’t debate, because of the transition – she’ll insist upon debating President Trump because Joe can no longer drink from a sippy cup.


Jimmy MacAfee

Better prepare for Demented Joe to step aside before the election – or have an “accident.” Coming from her own camel-like lips, it’ll be a “Harris administration with Joe Biden.”

If he’s alive and even capable enough to drink from a straw.
(hey, works for Ruthie Ginsberg, right?)

Jimmy MacAfee

Despite the Fake Checkers refusal to look into Kamala Harris claims that she would shut down pedo abuse of children, but her later failure to prosecute Catholic priests (accused of child molestation,) evidence tells another story:

“During Harris’s tenure as San Francisco’s chief prosecutor, however, she showed no signs of fighting for “the little guy” when she failed to prosecute any of the sexual abuse claims brought against Catholic priests in the city, despite outcries from victim groups.”


Gaslighting us again, Fake Checkers?
The Harris administration will make it open-season on children in America (all of the Americas.)

Wonder why they’re so hot and heavy for open borders, with “coyotes” travelling with children not their own? Why people like AOC are so upset about “families being separated?” (No, dingbat, they’re not “families”)

Jimmy MacAfee

What you will see more of in a Harris administration:

“Peter Schweizer: Kamala Harris Refused to Prosecute Priests’ Sexual Abuse After Church’s Lawyers Funded Her Campaign”

“Schweizer stated, “The numbers are pretty stunning. From 2004 to 2011, Kamala Harris was the San Francisco [district attorney] responsible for all prosecutions and the prosecution team in the San Francisco area. Between 2004 and 2011, she did not prosecute a single case of priests’ sexual abuse–period.”

Schweizer continued, “To put that in the context of how stunning that is, if you look at the top 50 metropolitan areas in the United States at that time, all 50 prosecuted at least one case, the sole exception being Kamala Harris in San Francisco.”’


Hey, Camel-face: money talks and bullshit walks, right?

Jimmy MacAfee

As far as pedo-victims: ever see and hear some nasty old man catcall girls in their early teens? I’ve heard them. Very uncomfortable for the girls. Humiliating to have some old dude comment about their bodies. Where are the fathers? Where is the NFL and NBA, besides protecting the Chinese Communists?

No wonder Planned Parenthood locates in the inner city: African American girls are more likely to be violated (boys, too, a habit learned in prison.) 14 out of 1000, vs. 8.1 out of 1000 in the white community, vs. less than 2 out of 1000 in Asian-American communities. PP won’t ask the girls who come to their clinics the name of the rapists; they don’t want to know.

Now do you wonder why the Dems are releasing all their “non-violent” criminals and are refusing to prosecute certain crimes? Pedo-norming. And many of those arrested at riots have records indicating a criminal past involving child porn or assault.

Is the answer: kill them all? (the perps?) You judge.

One thing is for sure: Joe Biden will grant them all blanket amnesty. Birds of a feather.

Jimmy MacAfee

A good first start:

“Trump Admin Bans China Products From Forced Labor Region”


Does this mean we won’t be importing medicines which were developed using human guinea pigs in China? I mean, Pig Pharma used to use Africans, Pakistanis, Indians and Central Americans for their experiments – (and now they’re back to using Americans.) But for the really bad experiments, how about these Chinese? Follow the logic stream.

Pig Pharma does not want to relocate outside of China. In spite of their production being in the path of potential floods from the 3 Gorges dam. Hmmm. It can’t be all the fact that China produces most of the ingredients in medicines – that’s true, too.

Another question: if the CCP controls everything in China (and with Google-Alphabet’s help, they do) then how is it that fentanyl is so easily made and exported from there? Somebody knows. Chairman She? Another Opium War, in reverse?

Who makes this pharmaceutical grade fentanyl from China. Pig Pharma? Oops.

Who makes/manufactures adrenochrome? It’s a real thing. Guess Muslim children are easy pickings in the land of the CCP and PLA. Only a guess, but a good hunch. Who is the market? US and European “elite?”

Logical conclusion.

Jimmy MacAfee

From Citizen Free Press:


“A Harris administration together with Joe Biden…”

In her own words. As the cliche goeth: “thee cannot maketh this shyte up.”

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