Monday News Roundup: Biden’s Fracking Lie, Mini-Mike’s Money and Kaepernick Exposes the NFL

When the virtue signaling isn’t virtuous enough. – Opening week NFL games were chock-full of kneeling players and virtue signaling designed to appease activist players and the openly-Marxist Black Lives Matter domestic terror group. But the head activist player – who hasn’t actually played in four years – was not mollified by it all. Not mollified at all.

Colin Kaepernick, still angry that no NFL team wanted his poisonous presence in their locker room after he started the trend of kneeling during the national anthem at the suggestion of his Marxist girlfriend, lashed out at the league on Sunday, calling all of the virtue signaling what it really is: Propaganda.

From a story at Fox News:

Kaepernick appeared to be angered by the NFL pushing its social justice initiatives while his former teammate Eric Reid remained a free agent to start the season.

“While the NFL runs propaganda about how they care about Black Life, they are still actively blackballing Eric Reid (@E_Reid35) for fighting for the Black community. Eric set 2 franchise records last year, and is one of the best defensive players in the league,” Kaepernick wrote.

Reid is one of the best free agents available. He played and started all 16 games for the Carolina Panthers last season. He recorded 130 tackles and four sacks. He joined the Panthers a few weeks into the 2018 season. He recorded 71 tackles and an interception in that season.

Reid and Kaepernick were teammates with the San Francisco 49ers. When Kaepernick started his protest against police brutality and racism, Reid was the first player to kneel with him.

Upon Kaepernick’s departure and elongated free agency, he and Reid filed a grievance against the NFL alleging that owners were conspiring to keep them out of the league because of their protests. The lawsuit was eventually settled and Reid would later sign with the Panthers.


Note the sentence that says, “Reid is one of the best free agents available.” It’s something no one could honestly say about Kaepernick himself, who, after one really stellar season, was a career mediocrity. The lack of interest by any team in signing him after the 49ers released him was not only due to his locker room poison, but due to the fact that his addition to the roster would not improve any of the league’s 32 teams.

The situation with Reid, though, is entirely different. Reid is indeed an outstanding, Pro Bowl-quality talent. Thus, the refusal by a single team to try to sign him out of free agency becomes highly suspicious and reeks of anti-trust behavior by NFL teams.

For once, Colin Kaepernick has a valid point.

What has been the single most useless political asset in this entire election cycle? – If your answer to that question was “What is Mike Bloomberg’s money?” you win today’s edition of Election Jeopardy.

Mini-Mike Bloomberg announced over the weekend that he plans to spend up to $100 million of is own personal fortune on anti-Trump ads in Florida in an effort to try to get the foundering Biden/Harris campaign over the top in the Sunshine State.

From a story at Politico:

Billionaire Mike Bloomberg announced Sunday he would spend as much as $100 million in Florida to defeat President Donald Trump in his must-win state.

The infusion of cash comes as polls indicate a tightening of the race between Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden, who are deadlocked in a recent Marist Poll, and as Floridians start voting by mail at the end of the month.

Biden’s support among Hispanic voters is in double digits yet remains relatively low for a Democrat who wants to carry the state according to surveys of Latinos in Florida and Miami.

To that end, “communicating with Hispanic voters will be a key part” of Bloomberg’s effort, which will primarily focus on digital and TV ads, according to a press release issued on behalf of his Independence USA political committee.


Before any of you goes into a panic over this infusion of cash, let’s all remember that Mini-Mike reportedly wasted $800 million of his own personal fortune on his own run for the Democrat nomination, principally because he believed that none of the other candidates, including Biden, were capable of beating President Trump.

That investment of Mini-Mike cash resulted in ZERO primary victories and the accumulation of a total of 59 delegates to the party’s fake convention. The value of Mini-Mike cash has proven to be nothing to fear.

Well, this doesn’t fit Joe Biden’s fracking narrative at all. Not at all. – During an interview with CNN’s Fake Jake Tapper on Sunday, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti revealed the lie in Joe Biden’s denials about wanting to ban hydraulic fracturing:

Well, yeah, that really is clear to pretty much everyone other than lying, dissembling fake journalists like Tapper.

If you live in any oil and gas producing state in America, a vote for Biden/Harris is a vote for economic suicide. That’s clear as well.

Thanks for clearing that up, Mayor.

Meanwhile, in Portland, Oregon… – The 100+ days of rioting in Riot City USA have been called off by the Democrat Party sponsors due to bad polling. But this video clip from Sunday’s riot in Lancaster, PA captured by real journalist Andy Ngo just made my day:

That’s just glorious.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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phineas gage

The Dems have got those steadily depressin’, lowdown mindmessin’, losing the 9th Circuit blues:

phineas gage

Well, now Rachel Levine has more time to tend to her five o’clock shadow:

It is all going to go very badly for these blue state shutdown governors. They went all in for a handful of magic beans from Joe Biden. They should have kept the cow.


Great ruling!

I’m so glad it only took 4 months and one week to get the right decision. But it will be appealed and no doubt blocked for months more – just look at the Flynn case.

Something has to be done to force quicker resolutions to these cases decided solely by judges. Every other element of society has speeded up, why can’t judges and their decisions? Especially since they are almost always appealed. In this case, people’s livelihoods are at stake and can’t be put on hold forever by dictatorial governors and mayors. I do notice how quickly stays on Trump’s EOs are granted with virtually no time taken for deliberation; why can’t the same apply here?

My father, who was a cop, always said judges have weeks and months to research and render a decision often with a staff to assist in a comfortable chamber, whereas a cop has to make life and death decisions in a split second – often in adverse circumstances like darkness and bad weather.

Many now want to hammer the police (and the military in combat) for any decision they make in the heat of battle where the stakes are often life and death, but when was the last time a judge was hammered and forced to be on administrative leave or actually fired or charged for a ‘mistake’?

Some may say I’m comparing apples to oranges here, but I really don’t think so. And I would also argue the same for prosecutors.

Where and what standards do they get held to?


I don’t understand why anybody who loves our country would watch football and the NBA. Many pay big money to get insulted. Don’t they understand that these ignorant savages are saying and doing things that literally put their families, and them, in danger- and even mortal danger? The sports addiction is strong, strong to make people do things against their own self-interest.


I think that a lot of folks are getting fed up with the overpaid children who call themselves pros.
Quit MLB long ago, then the NFL decided to go woke and never really cared for the NBA. Noosecar went out the window with Bubba. So just multiply me by thousands and multiply them by thousands and wave bye bye to the TV ratings and their advertising bucks.

phineas gage

Right now they don’t care because right now they are primarily supported by the woke corporations, which buy the luxury boxes and primo ticket packages.

We’ll see how long that lasts.

phineas gage

Those sample numbers are revealing–just pretend that nearly a quarter of the electorate registered as independents don’t exist:

Presto–Biden up big.

Fox News is a disgrace. Once again, if you are watching the token conservative evening line-up, you are contributing to this


I try not to watch any of Fox any more. Occasionally Tucker when I am off work (I do the swing shift thing) but other than that meh! Sad that they slid off to the left, but that’s what happens when you have liberal son take over Dad’s business and he hires rino squishes like Ryan and liberal commie hacks like Brazeille.

Jimmy MacAfee

Ryan and Brazlle should form their own party, the Loser Party.

HRC hates her (which is her only credit) and every real Republican hates him.


Jimmy MacAfee



I really get annoyed watching some of the antifa videos, where these turds take a bean bag or some rubber bullets and start yelling “medic!!!”. I’m sure that sh!t hurts, but you aren’t *really* hurt. You haven’t yet got to the point where you’re actually going to need a medic…..yet.


What’s even more pathetic is when they start getting their butts kicked and they start screaming for the police. The hypocrisy and irony eludes them.

phineas gage

So when will Non Compos Joe and Kamala be meeting with the families of the critically-wounded LA deputies? After commiserating with the anti-Semitic father of noted sexual assaulter Jacob Blake, and taking the weekend off, will they just be too busy?


This needs to be done in every blue state and city.

phineas gage

Wow, this is AP:

They are well and truly panicked.

The election surprise may be that the realignment occurs not so much with blacks as with Hispanic voters. Of course, both would be even better.

phineas gage

And the Jewish vote may swing as well:

phineas gage

Some are claiming the LA cop shooter is a, to use the politically correct term, ‘litte-person’:

Not sure if this has mainstream cred yet, but the figure on the video does have an odd shape and gait for a child or juvenile.

Bronko Kilroy

Joe Montana called…he’ll pay Colon to clean his four super bowl rings.
I’ll watch No Fans Left again if they put mines under the field.
So boring and watered down with too many teams and inactivity due to commercial breaks for teevee.
The I dare you to play defense refs involved in every play is boring as well.
It quit being about sport a long time ago and now those vintage players such as Bradshaw, Staubach, Montana, Riggins, Marino, Tarkenton, Csonka, Unitas, Griese, Len Dawson, they are even more legendary.


Yes Phineas, tragic, a real shame.

The real shame is it is not down 50%, but it is a good start.

phineas gage

Player skill levels are higher now (or you may argue PED technology is higher now), both in the NFL and NBA, but I would peg the peak of team competition in both leagues to the mid-late ’80’s. Before rule changes and diluting expansions had taken their toll and, in the case of the NBA, before the three-point shot ruined the game.

Everyone is biased, of course, but that is my opinion.

phineas gage

The incoherent Left: ‘Trump’s an incompetent buffoon! No, he’s an evil genius!, No, wait….’

The answer for the incoherent Left:.

phineas gage

I’m not sure that Eric Reid being unemployed is evidence of an organized conspiracy. The NFL owners don’t want controversy, they want to make money. They have caved in on all of this social justice BS in the mistaken belief that it will buy peace with their largely African-American rosters. It’s going to backfire on them, but that’s why they did it.

Reid, despite his football skills, is a vocal firebrand with this stuff. He’s just as poisonous as Kaepernick, if not more since he’s actually talented. I don’t think it is surprising that no team wants to bring that in, given the circumstances. It is a simple cost-benefit ratio–does the benefit of his football talent exceed the costs of his presence? So far the teams have all said ‘no’.


Bingo, you are correct. Take football out of it for a few minutes. In a 9-5 type job, if someone comes to work, does their job and makes a decent attempt to be a likeable employee they will keep that job. If someone wants to argue every day and create office turmol they are usually out the door even if they are the smartest person in the room.


LOL… I actually wrote three responses to this. First replying that if you poison your work environment that eliminates you from being the smartest person in the room.

But then it occurred to me, what if you are an employee working at Fakebook for eg… Any conservative working there is by definition the smartest person in the room. Demoncraps hate logic, reasoning and facts… Which most conservatives embrace.

So are they smarter staying quiet and slowly poisoning themselves?? Or speaking up and take what may come???


Lets see… Who exactly is this colon K guy and the NFL is all about what???

Mini-Mike… bwahahahaha…. Go miniMike, why only a 100 million, better go all in and spend another 800 million, please. Read somewhere that a fool and his money are soon parted… He’s done it once he’ll do it again.

And… the best for last, Thx Mr Blackmon… I loved the comment someone made… ‘he was hit by a baton round, we need a medic’ Luckily some purple green haired him/her/they/them ‘what the smeg is that skank’ was nearby to offer some assistance. Epic….

Sgt Williiams

If Biden wins, China wins.


When Trump wins reelection, the first thing I would do is make LA Mayor Garcetti hand shovel the sand out of that park he had his public works department of his broke city fill in to prevent taxpayers from enjoying the park THEY paid for all in the name of stopping the spread of CV-19


Thankyou McLame, Feingold, Bush Jr. and the SC for giving us campaign finance reform and getting corrupting money out of US politics. Great job all you “bipartisan” Republicans.

Seriously we need to get rid of all these soft money pacts, all these money laundering front groups/NGOs and all these union and Democratic money bundlers, but most importantly, we need a competent and informed electorate.

Trump has done his best at trying to inform anyone who wants to hear and be informed. It is up to us to make it happen.

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