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Rick O'Shay

The pic in this report reminds me of one of Dave’s emojis, only much uglier and scarier. One of those assembly line demon-monsters. When it comes to freaks, there are many more applicants than available positions.



There is one thing I like about this politician, this thing whatever you want to call it.

It is at least honest. Reading the article, she ran UNOPPOSED, and then ripped the voters for being too ignorant and lazy to research and find out who in the they voted for. This is how we get RINOs and the Dems get radicals like AOC and her squad. No on researched Hussein Hope&Change, and no one researches people like McLame, Grahamesty, or the Muttster.

Worse yet, No one in that NH county GOP ran a real candidate to challenge it. This is where the GOP really fails America. I was going to write a standalone, and still might, article about how piss-poor the RNC is at the grass-root’s level. No wonder Sorass can pack the country with leftist DAs, prosecutors, judges in some states, and mayors.

Look who is running against Wheeler in Portland, OR for example.

Trump’s force of personality, strait shooting platform and hard work won the presidency almost singlehandedly. Many now think the GOP is now Trump’s Republican Party. Not yet! There are still far too many RINOs, professional losers, and anti-American Never-Trumper types infesting it. Perhaps with four more years as president Trump can work a miracle and fundamentally change the GOP and make it work for the real Americans who have supported it since Reagan, but have been just as consistently betrayed by it since at least “New World Order” Bush Sr.

BTW, regarding unopposed candidates – beyond the fact that there should never be unopposed congressional races in the primaries. There are quite a few races here in TN on the local level that I have no interest in or don’t know anything about the unopposed candidate. If that is the case, I simply don’t cast a vote in that race. But I can see how an unopposed dingbat can win a race like it did in NH anywhere with a hundred instead of four thousand votes. This primary was for the fifteenth school board member of a two hundred student school system; IT WAS FOR COUNTY SHERIFF!

Again, Shame On The Local GOP for not recruiting anyone decent to ensure a radical anti-cop wacko doesn’t win an important race by default. As bad as the Dem incumbent apparently is, it would be a tragedy if it were to win by default if a massive Trump and anti-Dem landslide happens. Doesn’t anyone in the local GOP strategize?

Guess not. Welcome to America politics in 2020.

phineas gage

As a Granite State native, I bow my head in shame.


The headline is all you need to answer that.


Thanks, to all who have written such warm and kind messages.

I’m not abandoning GOD, or going to join the other (“destroyer’s”) side. But I’m beyond frustrated with most of the human side of things and life, and am just saying I am not going to keep beating my head against the wall hoping for faux leaders like Barr who is real close to provably becoming just another swamp-rat (8 days until Sept 22 – autumn Billy B), or for the stupid people who keep voting (D) to change. I’m just tired of all this earthly Bullschiff.

Like with my gov job, when things get to the point where no matter what I do or say nothing ever changes anything, I tend to punt. I know to some that may be seen as a character flaw, but I am looking for peace and serenity and not spending the rest of my life pissing into the wind with the wind blowing in my face to no good purpose.

And I want to make it very clear, as Nixon would say, I am in no way saying/writing this about anyone who posts here. I consider all of you guys and gals my new friends.

I have written and donated to the President and to the GOP candidate for MD-7 (it felt good to give and to write to her), Kimberly Klacik, but if the election goes sideways, I will, at least temporarily, be disengaging from this political intensity.


A little time off is a good thing. I need to get back to fishing myself. Even when I get skunked, it’s a good day. Be well my friend.


Have friends in Terrace, BC, avid fishermen(s). Couldn’t understand why I wasn’t working harder to catch me some salmon. I told them I was fishing in the middle of the Selkirk mountains, mountain river, loaded with salmon and a few grizzlies out fish’n too. Love fish’n but don’t eat’m. Just like build’n my cigar box gits… I love building them but don’t play… Its how you play the game that counts and if you win a few times great… if not… it don’t matter none either. Being away from the noise of this world is the best time to hear Gods voice… and its all awesome. So if you ever want to come do some nonfish’n fish’n… I’m ur guy…. 🙂

Jimmy MacAfee

What an amazing thread! Thanks, guys, for all your posts and links! May G0D Bless you all!


The Bible tells us that there are two absolutes:

1. Without the shedding of blood there is no remission for sin.
   Eph 1:7 In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace

2. Without faith it is impossible to please God. 
  Eph 2:8,9 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: not of works, lest any man should boast.

 The fact that people die en masse or are oppressed by tyrants is not evidence of the lack of a caring creator, but is actually evidence of the curse of sin resulting from Adams disobedience.  God told them that sin would bring death.  Satan was the one who lied and said “thou shalt not surely die”.

The good news or Paul’s gospel, however, is that the price for every mans sin was paid for already by Christs shed blood on the cross and his resurrection demonstrates his victory and power over death.  The only thing you must do for remission of sin is to trust in his completed work by faith.  Thats it!  All sin, past, present and future were forgiven already, simply trust in his finished work.

1 Cor 15:1-4  Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; by which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; and that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures.

Eph 1:12-14 That we should be to the praise of his glory, who first trusted in Christ. In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise, which is the earnest of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession, unto the praise of his glory.
Col 2:13  And you, being dead in your sins and the uncircumcision of your flesh, hath he quickened (made alive) together with him, having forgiven you all trespasses.

Finally, when you realize that the creator of the universe loved you and died for you, you want to love him back.  You realize that this world only a temporary home, but we have a permanent abode with him.  You can trust his promises. I would be nuts by now were it not for the peace of God spoken of below.

Philippians 4:6,7  Be careful (worry) for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.  And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

If God told and revealed everything we wouldn’t need faith.

Heb 11:1  Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

When you have an hour watch the birds eye view of the Bible at this link. The Bible now makes perfect sense to me.



Boom… well stated… Thank you


Interesting, note his wardrobe – all black


phineas gage

The Second Amendment is a beautiful thing. Really the Crown Jewel of the Bill of Rights.


That lady knew just what she was doing. Didn’t brandish it, yet made sure he understood her intent if he got snotty.

phineas gage

Kept a safe distance as well.


The only thing better would have been if he pissed himself. He was probably close to it.


You know, we all might just have to accept the possibility that things won’t be made right here in this country, or on this earth in our lifetime.

GOD may just let everything descend into the abyss of the dark ages or choose to have a meteor come and take out all of humanity in one fell swoop. He may see the vast majority of 8 billion humans as too far gone and decide to only save the souls to whom he deems salvageable.

My hope for GOD’s decision/judgement has always been that he would be surgical in who he judges and punishes. That is why I have always had problems when natural disasters take out so many innocents seemingly randomly and yet so many heathens seem to live on forever just to torment decent people and countries.

I know and have been told GOD has a “plan”. Well I’m sorry, I just don’t see it… If that offends some people here, I’m sorry about that too.

Years ago I saw a great bumper sticker: “America Bless GOD” which I saw as much more appropriate that the standard “GOD Bless America”. Maybe GOD has had enough with America’s collective abandonment of GOD and his principles and is just letting it go to hell as part of his plan to really root out the true believers who will believe in him through thick and thin. I just can’t blindly be a Job. My mortal mind has always functioned on a carrot and stick approach. I’m patient, but I do need to see positive results.

I have accepted the fact that I am not the best person I could be, but I don’t believe I, or other basically good people, deserve or should have to be forced to deal with all the crap and evil of humanity for centuries on end to no resolution if there is (and I want to truly believe there is) a real and caring all knowing and omnipotent supreme being.

It is just real hard for a lot of us to have or keep the faith when so much evil and stupidity not only survives, but thrives.

Depending on the how events transpire from now until Jan 20, 2021, they will determine where I go in determining how I live my life regarding how involved I am in trying to influence people. I can live out my remaining ten, twenty, thirty years in peace and relative serenity and seek happiness in modest creature comforts, enjoying nature around me and find my own inner peace.

I want to be clear, I am not looking at or believing Trump to be GOD or GOD like, but I want to believe imperfect mortals like him could be the vehicles he uses to save and/or guide his creation. If he allows Trump and fighters like him to fail and allows evil to prevail, then, to me, it is obvious that GOD wants the humanity part of his creation to end.


My friend. Readers Digest version. If you look at the evidences you will quickly see the insanely complex and well designed universe from macro to the micro and everything in between. Scripture states we are without excuse on the day we stand before God as the heavens declare His glory.

Adam was given the Earth to manage and full responsibility, essentially legal right, with only one condition. One tree was prohibited… ONE tree. Adam rebelled against God and relinquished his ‘ownership’ to satan the devil, also known as the Destroyer. This rebellion, sin, brought death and destruction into the world by one man. Would you have done differently?!? You have, even to this day, a choice to either follow God or not. If you choose to be a ‘Christian’ then you align with God and will reap the rewards He has stated awaits. If you rebel and align with the Destroyer then you will reap what awaits him. Eternity is a long time, choose wisely.

Innocents dying is always a question asked. You hoped God would be surgical and basically be nice if only evil was judged. But the question remains at what point should God intervene?? The overt evil is obvious and few would disagree. But what about down to the thinking level, as God knows even your thoughts. At some point your ‘rights’ would be breached and God has chosen to not interfere with your ‘right’ to decide whom you will serve. Remember this is a Readers Digest version and cannot answer all the questions. So yes innocents will die, but death is only a doorway to your real life.

I’ve read the ending and scripture states its gonna get a LOT worse. There will be great turmoil, wars and rumors of wars. There will be a one world government, there will arise one who will bring about a ‘peace’ for a short time. After a short period this false leader will declare that Christians and Jews are the global problem and will sanction the killing of any that have God central to their lives. A false ‘church’ leader will bring peace to ‘religion’, perhaps the current Pope. Who btw, is considered the “Black Pope” or the last pope, and will unify the worlds ‘religions’. Its why you see this very Pope kissing the feet of the top Imam of the muslims.

Tons more but not the place or time to answer these questions. Feel free to email me if you like.


This is very encouraging news, the suite must go forward. Jon is sometimes a little out there, however, he has nailed this plandemic and the PCR test for months. It is way past time to dispense with socialist distancing and the mask hysteria!!!


phineas gage

I kind of liked the first rendition.


Suit not suite, pfft. Case


So a few muslims are shot in Christchurch and the media airs sympathy and the ‘persecuted’ muslim mantra for weeks. ANY time muslims get shot by a white guy it BIG news, 24/7 for weeks. But when muslims of a different flavour kills other muslims it never gets any airtime. So ANY violence against muslim attackers is immediately Islamophobic that the media amps to 20. But nary a peep when muslims kill, enmass, Christians.


Not an isolated instance either but an ongoing persecution of Christians by muslims world over. But like the festivalers in Portland they are mostly peaceful.

Jimmy MacAfee

Always be prepared to change your mind with new information.

So it is something I should have known (mea culpa)

Barr wants Assange prosecuted, when he appears not to want to prosecute Deep State enemies, like the list of criminals in the FBI, NSA, CIA and DOJ. Hmmm.

Pence wants Assange prosecuted.

Q anon wants Snowden prosecuted.

I don’t want either Assange nor Snowden prosecuted, and for Manning to be pardoned. NO AMERICANS WERE INJURED OR KILLED BY THE RELEASE OF EMBARRASING INFORMATION that all three of them exposed. This is a lie put out by the Deep State.

Mr. President, you are surrounded by the Deep State. Better keep looking over your shoulder because they’ll turn on you in a heartbeat.

phineas gage

By that same caveat, I reckon there is a tremendous amount of information about the Assange case that we don’t know.

In addition, the information that is put out is done so with a specific purpose to influence opinion one way or the other.

The only thing to do is to reelect Trump and see how it plays out.

I see no evidence that Barr is taking mail-in voting lightly, nor that he is assisting in that effort. And if he was, why would Trump stay silent?

It doesn’t add up, which means there are many pieces missing.

phineas gage

Please note–‘strong evidence of intent’.

That is the tricky part, because if that is not nailed down airtight these snakes all skate.


“You need strong evidence of intent, it seems to me, before you can charge that kind of crime so developing that evidence is a time consuming process. Most of the people who are mouthing off about ‘well why aren’t these people already indicted,’ they don’t understand the criminal justice process. People get lawyers, sometimes they won’t talk to you. Even if they talk to you they’ll say they’ll take the fifth and you have to get documents and frequently fight over documents and fight over things in court so the investigation is a cumbersome process. It’s not something that can be done quickly,” he continued.

T’s and I’s folks T’s and I’s. The shenanigans and obfuscation of a defense attorney knows no bounds. It’s what they get paid for.

phineas gage

Haha, great metaphor, snakes on skates….

Well, you know what i mean.


Sigh!!! I’ve maintained all along that Barr is not conservatives friend, he’s a smarter swamp chameleon but a swamp chameleon rat none the less. Like you say Jimmy he wants to prosecute Assange for treason, and Assange is not a US citizen so how does that work anyway. BECAUSE, like you say these people seriously embarrassed the swamp by releasing information that the swamp was engaged in… Illegally, they will be persecuted.

I see people say if Assange or Snowden had gone the ‘whistle blower’ route than it would have been ok. pphhtt Right… The ONLY time it goes ‘right’ for a whistle blower is if that whistle blower happens to be a communist demoncrap. Then the demoncrap will bend over and pretzel themselves to protect their whistle blower.

Barr is not to be trusted period. My concern about Barr is what will he do to aid the demoncraps in the theft of the House and Senate at this election. Like many I too think the demoncraps are gaming to control the House and Senate, knowing they can’t beat Trump. So if they will attempt to steal the election by mail in vote and legal challenges. Barr says no to mail in ballots but how much of a fight will he mount?? Just feign enough for appearances or an all in dog fight?? imo, it’ll be a head fake.

I guess time will tell…

Jimmy MacAfee

For those people- such as yourself – who have said all along that Barr is a swamp rat, I apologize, but I also am frustrated that NO ONE was saying anything about his willingness to persecute Assange. My bad for not knowing, but your bad for not telling.

The other issue: our “hero” Rick Grenell was an intermediary to make sure the Ecuadorans washed their hands of Assange, betraying him to the US Deep Shit. Grenell is no longer on my plus-list, even though he did declass some important information.

Qanon is solidly against Snowden, which I was at one time too, but seeing how the NSA has screwed the pooch and done illegal things has made that entity a POS in my opinion. Can’t rectify the differences between Q and Bill Binney – there is a schism there, and I’ll take Binney’s side.



Apologies not needed.

Its impossible for any person to grind thru the overwhelming cesspool and be on top of everything going on. I value highly your opinions and others here too, far smarter than I am any day of the week. My bad for not saying anything… Not sure I have or haven’t, honestly. Gets lost in the fog often.

Personally I just go on the weight of evidences and history of a persons actions, politicals, when forming an opinion. Can a leopard change their spots??? Only thru Christ can that happen and its not them changing but God doing the changes.

I’m still hoping to be very wrong, but my guts says no.


Oh smeg… dumber than a bag of hammers….

less than greater than – then your text followed by less than greater than sign.



face palm…

The vast majority of tags must be opened () and closed () with the element information such as a title or text resting between the tags.

replace tag with the letter ‘b’ for bold, the letter ‘i’ for italic. ‘u’ for underline, etc


well that didn’t work… lol… I surrounded the examples in parenthesis which it should have ignored but didn’t.

So I’ll do it this way instead. Just remove all the periods following.

BOLD = Text to bold
Italic = text to italic

You can use any of the html coding within your message to underline, strike thru etc etc…

and you are right… I am sometimes smert… usually followed closely by an ass…


You can use html code in your message

BOLD is ( text ) Italic is italic or ( text

Used to write html, building web pages. many moons ago.


Brian, don’t sell yourself short, you are plenty smart and intelligent.

BTW, How did you bold the word highly? I have to resort to using CAPS. Would also like to italicize.


My thoughts, guided by experience, is if someone is not forcing a solution and getting real results in a timely fashion, they are part of the problem and not the solution.


I did not watch any NFL game yesterday. I did watch the ESPN Sunday MLB game and fell asleep with it on as I do to create white noise for tinnitus. I figured I catch the NFL scores on sports center as that is as far as I will go to keep up with Brady and a few others.

Woke up in the middle of the night and saw/heard ESPN Sports Center reviewing the games and LISTING who did and who didn’t take a knee. I immediately changed the channel.

ESPN and all its sub networks including ABC/Disney is done for me as I will not even watch MLB on it.

Hey asshats who run the Essentially Schiff Program Network: NO ONE gives a damn about about who does and who doesn’t take a knee! But, go ahead, keep pissing off every sports fan in the country.

I remember when Kaperdick first led the kneeling several years ago and ESPN was near orgasmic about running the story on their chyron over and over during a Sunday night MLB game. I should have Schiff canned ESPN right then and there.

Xfinity/Comcast cable is going away right after the election and I will go sans TV for awhile until I get ambitious enough to find an alternative. Comcast Internet will remain as it is good and I it is also my cell phone service, and one carrier is as (politically) bad as the other.

Keep cutting the cord.

When I do decide to go another route to resume watching the idiot box, I’ll ask advice from the smart folks here on which way to go.

phineas gage

I listened on the radio as I always do.

Was bored and turned it off at halftime.

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