Another Justified Police Shooting, Another Unjustified Riot

Another justified police shooting, another unjustified riot. – We’ll see how long it takes for the corrupt news media to turn this lunatic into another “model citizen who never hurt anybody.”

BLM terrorists fomented another Democrat-funded riot on Sunday night after a completely justified police shooting in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Body cam footage of the incident clearly shows a man rushing a police officer wielding a large knife with obvious intent to stab the officer. The officer protects himself exactly as he is trained to do: by putting the lunatic down.

Here’s the body cam footage:

Once again we see that the best way for anyone, regardless of their skin color, to avoid being shot by the police is to avoid attacking the police with a deadly weapon. This is really not complicated.

Once again, we find out that the “victim,” a guy named Ricardo Munoz, is a criminal with a history of violent crime, including crimes against children:

In the video, you can clearly see a Lancaster Police officer responding to a call from a residence. As he gets near the door, a man armed with a knife emerges from the front door.

That man, Ricardo Munoz, just had the cops called on him for an ongoing incident inside the residence where police responded. It’s the same Ricardo Munoz who stabbed 4 people in Lancaster, including 1 child, back in March 2019. He was sentenced to up to 6 years in prison but released before serving 1 year.

Spotting the knife held by the charging man, the police officer retreats. But the suspect in this incident continued to pursue the officer, holding the knife above his head. That’s when the officer turns around and fires his gun several times, dropping the suspect to the ground.


Immediately following the incident, BLM/Antifa terrorists started putting out messages on social media claiming Munoz is a “14 year-old boy with autism.” Naturally, a highly-organized riot, sponsored by Democrat Party support groups, ensued.

It is unclear whether Munoz actually suffers from autism or not, but it is crystal clear that he was in fact 28 years-old and was in fact wielding a knife at a police officer. While CNN and MSNBC paid liars will claim it was all a “peaceful protest,” real journalist Andy Ngo posted real video of the real riot:

Real journalist Ian Miles Cheong captured video of some of the organizing thugs spewing the false narrative:

Democrat politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris will no doubt also parrot the false narrative during appearances on CNN and MSNBC in order to fan the flames today. And another Democrat-run city will burn at the altar of another completely false idol.

It’s the same Democrat formula cooked up by Democrat-sponsored terrorists in another Democrat-run city. Because the exploitation of tragedies like this one is their favorite political tactic these days.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Sad to say but what the police need to start telling people is “sorry, we cannot help you”. Until the police can be reasonably sure they will be able to do their job and not get attacked they need to stop servicing these democRat resistance hell hole cities. Feel sorry for the innocent victims but if your community refuses to respect the police and law and order and supports rioting, looting and destruction of Blatent Lying Marrksist and fascist rascist antifa you will not get a police response when you call 911.

phineas gage

Kruiser speaks a truth that many avoid:

The community organizer thug started it, and he is still the source behind it.


The community agitator’s real legacy.


About these cretans grabbing for knives under their car seat, or running out of houses with knives over their heads to confront cops:

Wasn’t it ‘the One” who famously said “if they bring a knife, you bring a gun.”

This from mister Hope&change; from mister gun control; this from mister racial harmony. Yeah right!

Somethin big had better happen to some big people real soon.

What I am finding hard to understand is these kamikaze martyrs to be actually doing what effectively is suicide by cop. They are either really committed to the cause, or are really all strung out on drugs; I’m guessing the later, as in George Floyd.

phineas gage

They’re not that bright to begin with–hence they are violent criminals–and most of them are also abusing powerful psychotropic drugs.

They feel enabled and entitled by the Democrat propaganda that surrounds them. They are the living embodiment of the term ‘useful idiots’.


Zombies cannot reason. imo, these people think nothing serious will happen to them and they’ll be a hero going after the evil police. THIS is demoncrap, literally, influence and programming. The ones promoting this are equally revolting and evil to their very core as borne out every day in the words and deeds. Their thought are evil continuously… just as in the days of Noah. Judgment is coming.

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