What is Going on With Creepy Uncle Joe, and Other Campaign-related Questions

Compton 'ambush' leaves 2 LA County sheriff's deputies 'fighting for their lives' | Fox News


Some items of general interest related to the campaign:

Today, 51 days before Election Day, Joe Biden has zero campaign events scheduled. This is his third consecutive day with no campaign events on the calendar. Can’t help wondering if this frail, elderly, declining man has had some sort of health event.

For those who follow polls, Fox News has issued its latest fake poll for all of its hosts to exhaustively parrot for the next five days, this one showing Biden leading nationally by just a 51-46 margin. For comparison, the final Fox poll prior to Trump’s victory in 2016 showed the Pantsuit Princess with a lead of 4%.

Some other items of interest within that Fox poll:

– Voters believe Trump will win by a margin of 51% to 43%

– The President’s job approval is at a 5-month high of 48%

– His approval on the economy is 53%

– This is the first Fox poll that has taken the time to focus its sample on the more-relevant ‘likely voters’

– The percentage of respondents who view the economy as being “strong” as opposed to “fair/poor” is now 38%, up from just 20% in April.

All in all, uniformly good news for President Trump, if you believe in polls.

You have to go to a UK news outlet to learn about it, but two police officers were shot by a Biden supporting domestic terrorist in Los Angeles last night.

In years past, such a malicious act of attempted murder would have resulted in a vigil outside the hospital, as concerned citizens gathered to support the policemen and their families.

Instead, this incident resulted in Black Lives Matter domestic terrorists showing up to block entry into the emergency room and chant “I hope they die!”:

That is how depraved the Democrat Party and its base of support has now become.

Speaking of Democrat depravity, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the rash of wildfires in western states – which depraved Democrat politicians like to blame on “climate change” – are actually the work of an organized by the Antifa/BLM domestic terror complex:

FBI officials in California, Oregon and Washington are denying this, but we all know that Christopher Wray’s FBI, like the news media, is just a raging dumpster fire of anti-American dishonesty. The truth is becoming increasingly obvious with every passing day.

Finally, speaking about Biden voters, Kurt Schlichter posed this very accurate question on Twitter last night:

In light of the almost-uniform and vicious defense by Democrat and media figures of Netflix and its distribution of the rank child pornography film “Cuties,” it’s a really good question, isn’t it?

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Shiny Happy People

Gropey Joe will be the placeholder for the Bitter Bindi to complete the Fundamental Transformation into Zimbabwe.
The Kamal will be the third term of Hussein Hopenchange and the final destruction of the republic.
Plan accordingly.

phineas gage

And on the day after two officers are (possibly) assassinated in broad daylight, virtually all the NFL players kneel to protest the police.

Great timing, asshats.. Just brilliant.

Jimmy MacAfee

The shooter in the video looks about 5’3″ (they’re shorter than the roof of the car,) obese, (runs like John Belushi) probably 16-18, and someone with the mental age of a 3 year old. From the awkward running style, he likely has “peasant feet” (square feet like the Flintstones) and some hip issues (limited mobility, poor flexibility and grandiose expectations,

He (or she) is someone who was radicalized by others, told what to do by others, armed by others, and will be properly disposed of by others – who don’t want to leave a trail back to them.

The ANTIFA nasties screaming at the dying police officers at the hospital should be held for answers and assessment and a really thorough examination. Mental health assessment, criminal history, and tech links via their phones and computers.

The resolution to this event needs to be done coldly, precisely and without remorse, using anti-terror legislation and orders from the President – pertaining to terrorists. Held without bond, without contact with the outside world, and confined in a secure and isolated location. What they have done is not a game; this is not a joke, nor is this is not Constitutionally protected.

If necessary, make them disappear.


Looks to me that it could possibly be an overweight woman….and by the looks of most antifa and blm women quite a possibility.


Good assessment and excellent solution. Well played, sir.

Jimmy MacAfee

Bernie’s criticism of GropingJoe shows two things: he either sees that the Dims are intentionally losing (not out of the question) in order to rid the party of the AOC/Sanders branch, or he is looking for more moohlah (not out of the question, either.)

Gregg’s allusion (and others over time) of HandsyJoe to Bernie of Weekend at Bernie’s is funny, because in this reality, there are two almost-dead Bernies, one named Bernie and the other named QuidProGropeyJoe. Two Bernies for one! Both almost dead!

They’re a great metaphor for the Demoncrap Party, aren’t they?


Who ever took the video of the shooting knew it was going to happen. They just happened to be taking video of a sheriff deputy vehicle when it happened?

phineas gage

Or that…..

Talk about missing the obvious. I’m here all week, folks.


The camera moves.it’s not a security cam. And as I said, it is just too damn coincidental that the camera is focused on the car.

phineas gage

Right–that person needs to be identified as well, and charged as accessory.


The police are going to have to deploy as a military squad would do in Falluja, or else abandon the ‘trouble spots’ in their respective jurisdictions. Let the mayors bring in the social workers…


As another example of how the Democratic coalition is destined to fall apart:

The Antifa/BLM arsonists are going to really piss off the tree-hugging environmentalist wackos if they keep this up out west. Just like all the other conflicting groups within the Democratic Umbrella of angry misanthropes, losers and SJWs.

Rick O'Shay

If you haven’t already seen it.

Riding The Dragon.


Rick O'Shay

“You want the real threat to American law and order? It’s found in these and other Trump enablers, lackeys, and bottom-dwellers.”



Salon and Robby Reischit who would have thunk it? Like their counterparts on cable and broadcast, they’re just talking to themselves and their fanatical base.


The Dems are in a real pickle.

They want dearly to Schiff-can Biden, they want a do-over, as it is becoming apparent he cannot even continue to function as a “Weekend at Bernie’s” figurehead candidate. It is also becoming apparent that Karma Roundheels is even worse as the face of the campaign. Unlike Sara Palin, who, in my opinion, bolstered the McLame campaign with youth, charisma and appeal, I would not have voted in 2008 if McLame got the VP he wanted: Retired Dem senator and Algore retread Joe Lieberman.

The problem is Bernie is waiting in the wings and they don’t dare replace btfsplk with Sanders as that would defeat the whole purpose of rigging the primaries for lunch bucket Joe in the first place. While Bernie himself won’t be a problem since he was already bought off, his wacko base will be.

If it is not Biden, anyone other than Sanders, will create massive (oh call it a mostly peaceful protest) unrest at the DNC headquarters in DC. They will have to beg Trump to restore order in that federally controlled city.

This conundrum couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch.

PS: Who is healthier at this time, joe btfsplk, RBG, Ace McLame?


I’m on the edge of my chair waiting to hear why the Biden camp is going to cancel the debate. It will be blamed on Trump in someway for sure. Sine Qua Non.


The excuse will be CV-19, and it will of course be Trump’s fault because his poor leadership didn’t defeat the virus in two weeks.

phineas gage

I think the Biden campaign and DNC powers have realized that Biden’s cognitive deterioration is so extensive, and occurring so rapidly, that he is not able to even read off a teleprompter to read answers to a willingly gullible press. He must be removed from view completely now.

Look for a non-dementia medical reason to be invented and disseminated to the media for regurgitation, along with periodic videos of good old Joe at home on the mend.

That’s how it will play out until election day.

All the Dem focus is on election theft now anyways, so a new media onslaught of covid panic porn will begin.

phineas gage

Because whatever Trump is against or for, they must have the opposite position.

It is the sine qua non of TDS.


I like that, sine qua non, and I also agree.

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