William Barr has two More Major Investigations to Conduct: Netflix and the Mueller Criminal Conspiracy

Barr has miles to go before he sleeps. – As if William Barr didn’t have enough on his plate, the past week saw the rise of two new major areas of investigation his department needs to conduct.

The release by Netflix of what can only be described as the streaming service’s entry into the child pornography market – a shoddy piece of trash called “Cuties” – clearly mandates that AG Barr sic his the FBI’s child porn and trafficking unit on Barack and Michelle Obama’s employer. Oh, and did you remember that Susan Rice sits on the board of directors of this company? Quite the coincidences there, huh?

Possibly the lone remaining semi-honest Democrat public figure, Tulsi Gabbard, is so disgusted by the movie that she decided to take on the leftist Perpetual Outrage Mob (which is not at all enraged about Neflix distributing child porn) by tweeting this yesterday:

The FBI arrests hundreds of oily-haired, slushie-sipping perverts every year for having images like that one on their hard drives. But let the Democrat Party-endorsed Netflix put out a film that graphically portrays 11 year-old girls being abused by adults, and, well, it’s all ok. Because, see, the Democrat Party and it corrupt toadies in the news media and entertainment industry have been trying to brainwash you into normalizing pedophilia in your society for several years now. This film is just the next step in that effort.

“Cuties,” by the way, won an award for directing last year at the Sundance Film Festival. Barr’s investigation should also be extended to the participants in that effort to distribute child porn as well.

As if that weren’t enough to put on DOJ’s plate, the revelation this week that utterly corrupt U.S. Attorney Andrew Weissman and his gang of American Gestapo thugs “accidentally” wiped at least 27 cell phones that contained their communications related to the investigation is about as blatant an instance of abuse of power and obstruction of justice as our nation has ever seen. Weissman and his charges claimed they “accidentally” wiped their phones by entering “incorrect passcodes,” a claim so lame that even the mentally declining Robert Mueller himself would be able to see through it.

To understand how literally unbelievable this excuse happens to be, check out this finding by an enterprising Twitter user who tried to replicate Weissman’s claim with his own IPhone:

Yes, friends, Weissman is claiming that he “accidentally” wiped his phone via a process that involves nine steps and takes over an hour and a half to accomplish. That’s quite the “accident” right there.

This is public fraud on a grand scale. It is as corrupt as corruption in government gets, which is no surprise given that Weissman was involved. The simple fact of the matter is that the Mueller Investigation, like operations Spygate and Obamagate before it, was an outright criminal enterprise. Every day that passes without a single indictment of any of the wrongdoers of any of those involved in those criminal enterprises only serves to destroy the public’s faith in the American system of justice.

Where are you, John Durham? What in the world are you actually doing?

That is all.

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Rick O'Shay

Whats the statute of limitation on treason?

Trump and the DOJ should be devoting 100% of their resources on making sure the Dems don’t steal the election, cause if they do it’s all over.

So after Trump is safely sworn in for a second term, then unleash the hounds.

With 4 more years to clear out the deep staters and never trumpers maybe things will start happening.

If not we need to elect another Trump in 2024 and continue the work.

And then again in 2028.

As long as we keep electing “Trumps”, at least theres a chance.

Thats really all we can do.


And that is the difference between presidents of the first 80 years of our nation and the years after them. They were mostly land and business owners. They got elected by the same kinds of people. They understood what it was to be responsible for what you owned.

That transferred to the responsibility of being the President for the nation. It wasn’t about them enriching themselves and their political party. The corruption started along about the time of the civil war and has been with us ever since.

Citizen politicians like citizen soldiers understand their responsibilities and obligations to our nation. We take the Oath seriously. The rest of the scum are just mouthing the words. All of them.
They are committing a high crime by falsely swearing. Each and everyone of them should be charged and tried as such.


Oh good…well with Barr on the case we can expect results in 10 or 15 years…

phineas gage

Stunning insight. I am in awe of you.

Here’s a question–would you like a series of quick indictments that are quickly thrown out of court on appeal, although they make you feel good? Or, would you like a thorough investigation that leaves no loopholes for the targets to slither through so they actually do prison time?

Pick one.


Guess I’ve been put in my place. Not going to try and convince anybody to change their mind/opinion of things as they are set upon them and my words mean nothing but blather.

You can’t get what always get what you want. Pound the table top and rage at the machine. Let your frustration and anger lead you.

It produces nothing but a possible catharsis.

I am done.

Jimmy MacAfee

Silas, I’m with you. I’m sick of Lopez coming here and saying the same damn thing over and over, and now dumping on our faith. He has nothing new to say, nothing to add, and so I’m with you and Gregg and Phineas: unless new information comes out, there’s no need to fight over Barr and Durham.

But the lawyer who quit gave the DOJ and Durham the finger, and did so because she said Durham was pushing too fast, too hard – (not failing to do anything as Mr. Broken Record Lopez always says.) What her hissy fit suggests (and his) is that something IS happening, and quicker than she (and he) wants. This is NEW information, with a new relevance, and particularly relevant to the pace and potential of the prosecutions.

Trolls try to agitate, to divide, to cause dissension. On these threads, we should not feed the trolls who sow discord, especially since we have so much we agree upon. Surely, we all become impatient at times but we all bring different things to the table, sometimes out of our own experiences, sometimes from our training, and sometimes even out of our own pain. We are winning, as Dave would (and does) remind us. Don’t fall for psy-ops. Good leaders don’t.

You and Brian and Gregg and others and I can disagree on a lot of things – mostly the pace of the investigation – but the finer point of all of this is that the Deep State is in a panic and is desperate to slow Durham down and to discredit him – and to take away hope from the rest of us.

Gregg, Silas, Brian, others: get some rest, be at peace, good night and don’t let the trolls bite!


Appreciate the sentiment Jimmy. We don’t have to agree on everything but we are on the same team. The world would be a rather dull place if we all agreed, just be a lot of head nodding and affirmations passing around.

Dealing with wifes parents estate right now. Both are 98 this year, pappy a veteran and mind numbing what they have squirreled away in every nook and cranny. Every bit of scrap and junk either is treasure or a ‘you never know when I might need that’. I have an F350 with an eight foot box, I have filled it to near overflow, twice, and hauled to the dump. That is only the garage and I might be half done sorting the junk from the second hand, good will store stuff.

Anyrate, if I get a little terse my apologies.

Good news tho here in canukistan. Our ‘health’ official is setting the stage for further and tighter lock downs as the ‘second wave’ is showing signs of returning. Its not of course, but zombies can’t be reasoned with they just obey without question.

Masks are being imposed more by businesses and guberment mandates are coming. This is in spite of the governments OWN data showing ZERO hospitalizations for the entire central Okanagan region. Who knows, might end up in prison for not wearing a mask.

Cheers all…


Silas, I hope you are only referring to, like me, being done with writing about Barr and Obamagate.

I welcome and look forward to your insight and commentary.


Alright… both of you… to your rooms… 🙂


What did I do Brian?

phineas gage

Newsom signed the bill:


He is now directly complicit in sexual crimes against children.

Trump needs to make this a major campaign issue.


Reviewing the recent comments here, two thoughts:

The only reason we are all getting wrapped around the axle about Barr and the Investigation(s) is because another hack finally got shown the door.

As I have repeatedly written, we have to accept that Trump is apparently satisfied with Barr et al, and for all of us to vent our spleen over the same schiff is not really helpful. Because

We can’t vote Barr/Durham out of office
We will not be on the grand jury that is indicting the known and unknown swampers
We will not be on the jury hearing the cases
We will not be the judge(s) hearing (or trying) the cases.

And most important: we really don’t know where it is going, or any of the details about what is actually happening. All I know is, we here all want justice to be served equally against all criminals (hopefully in our lifetime and before climate change kills us all) and we are all deathly, and justifiably, fearful that this, the largest crime ever perpetuated against our republic, will just go away and all the players involved will go unpunished.

That can only happen if joe btfsplk were to win. President Trump has come through in so many ways against daunting and ongoing odds, he deserves our faith in his judgement on this. I have full confidence that HE will ensure the evil doers will get punished because this is personal to him as he was, and is, their target. I know I expected Sessions to, all of a sudden, come out with a major bombshell to flush the swamp and that didn’t happen. But I do see a difference between him and Barr: Trump was highly critical of Sessions, almost from day one; Trump has done nothing but praise Barr. That is what I’m choosing to hang my hat (of hope) on.

In the interim, until indictments and/or guilty pleas of the big fish are announced, I will write no further on Barr and what is going on with the coup investigation/Obamagate. I just don’t have the energy to waste and don’t really give a Schiff as to who gets resigned or what low-level flunky takes a fall and gets his or her wrist slapped.


Regarding Newsom signing the pro-pedo law:

I see two possible scenarios in play. They either know or strongly believe the fix is in and Trump and us deplorables will be defeated once and for all in two months, so the sky is the limit.

Or, and I believe this to be the case:

They have totally lost it and cannot control themselves. TDS has got them so flummoxed they are just going all out to mobilize and pander to their lunatic followers. They need the max turnout from their base and joe btfsplk/Karma Roundheels is not cutting it, so they are doing their best to keep their ticket in the shadows knowing their base voters will default to anything (D). In other words, they are not trying to influence or convert any of the undecideds, they are trying to excite their wackos. These stories also serve to keep Trump’s successes minimized

Trump has been forcing the left to grossly overplay its hand for four years and this is just the continuation of that. He just keeps pushing them over the edge.

phineas gage

So Andrew Weissmann and company believe that Barr is an out-of-control renegade goon, and Marty and company have brought us the startling new revelation on their part that he is a useless sack of sh*t.



Perhaps the truth lies somewhere between those two extremes.

marty lopez

William Barr is where cover ups go to die. He needs to be dismissed immediately and all documents and federal records need to be open to 100% transparency. If we can’t not have lawful prosecussions, then at least let us have transparency. William Barr will allow neither. He is a whore for the Bush globalists. He is there to protect the establishments bureaucrats.

phineas gage

More on Tulsi:


The few sane Democrats must be at least considering leaving what their party has become. Someone is going to be the first to go.


Be sure to let us know if Barr and the Department of “Justice,” ever get around to prosecuting anyone that we’ve ever heard of.

Jimmy MacAfee

On an earlier thread, I suggested that Nora Dennehy was Sisyphus, but that was a curse that Sisyphus had to deal with. While he was punished for his deceitfulness – re-rolling the rock forever – and she appears to be similarly deceitful, one might actually feel sorry for him to some extent.

She may be more like a demented form of Penelope, who wove a funeral shroud for her (not) late departed husband, Odysseus. She promised her suitors that she would choose among them as soon as she finished, but she would undo her work at the end of the day every day for three years. Eventually she was discovered by a slave girl to be unravelling her own work.

I suspect that this is the case of Dennehy, though I can’t say for sure. If she is doing what Penelope did, unravelling her own work (and perhaps others’) this would show her to be an ignoble and insidious woman, worthy of the greatest contempt and opprobrium.

As a result of her defection/deflection, I trust Durham even more now, as she has identified him as someone who is actually doing what he’s paid to do, and has revealed herself to be a serpentine princess. Also makes me trust Barr more, as well.


I read the RS article on this Nora Dennehy being a “filter lawyer” to keep the investigation clean and away from improper evidence (self incrimination) gathering that was acquired via the various IG investigations. The Garrity v, New Jersey SC case further reinforced (and from what I see correctly as far as the case was described) the Miranda rights for defendants. OK, fine, the author’s theory as to Dennehy makes sense as far as it goes. But, and there is always a but. In fact, several buts

This just proves the IG, another bureaucratic institution, position is worthless in solving inappropriate actions of any magnitude within their purview because:

They have no subpoena power – cannot compel cooperation from former employees
They cannot convene grand juries – therefore cannot get indictments
They cannot file charges

And worst of all, according to the RS article, much of what IG did find cannot be used by Durham in this case because it would jeopardize the case(s) under the Garrity decision. But wait, it gets even worse, the prosecution cannot communicate with the “filter lawyer”, as to what is and what isn’t admissible. So if the “filter lawyer” wants to slow-walk it, they most certainly can given how voluminous Horowitz’ reports are. The article states she needed 12 months to get her full pension – wonder how long it took her to “filter” the evidence?

However, If the evidence that was obtained by the IG is further obtained by Durham via other sources then it is admissible or useable, but how would she know what evidence Dunham’s teams independently acquired if SHE IS NOT ALLOWED TO COMMUNICATE WITH DUNHAM?.

This seems like a great opportunity for a government lawyer (filter or prosecutor) to muck up the case in front of a friendly judge.

So a logical person must ask: What the hell do we need a year long IG report for if much of it is unable to be used? What incentive does a department employee who is paid by the department he is investigating have for rooting misconduct and waste, fraud, and abuse? It is the same with congressional ethics committees investigating and judging their own members.

What should happen is what happens in routine police procedures. A cop responds to a crime scene, determines it is a crime (a felony) that requires detectives, cordons off the crime scene and calls in a detective.

Why couldn’t Horowitz, determine that a real and major prosecutable crime occurred that was beyond his “purview”, and call in proper law enforcement (I know, where would he go? the corrupt FBI?), but still, take down the pertinent info and move it up to the proper authorities. Take it directly to Sessions or Barr – they have phones in DC.

The same goes for the corrupt FISC judges who willingly allowed themselves to be “duped”. If Sullivan can prosecute Flynn sans case, then these ‘judges’ could certainly have sited Comey, Rosenstein et al with contempt and other crimes. Couldn’t they?

I remember hearing Walking Eagle didn’t even appoint a replacement IG for her state department for quite awhile (I guess even Washington, DC can eventually run out of bought off career corrupt sycophantical hacks) when the vacancy occurred. I’ll bet she didn’t.

So the IG watchdog is a deaf, dumb, blind, and neutered position designed to take forever to accomplish nothing meaningful and then his nothing-burger (findings) has to be further investigated in order to bring about a case where most if not all of whatever the IG has found hast to be reinvestigated and independently corroborated.

This is all Bull-Schiff. Sessions and Barr should have been all over this scandal sans any IG delay.

I didn’t see any year long IG investigative report on the Ukraine/Schiff “whistleblower”

Again nothing-burger ‘justice’ for Democrat Defendants – near lightening speed impeachment for a Republican President.

Is there no wonder why so many of us are so pissed off.


The logic is compelling and most likely spot on.

phineas gage

Personally I think Weissman is a fish that will be fried after the election, assuming Trump prevails.

There does need to be an investigation of the Special Counsel and how it ran roughshod over the DOJ, but it isn’t going to happen in the next six weeks.

Jimmy MacAfee

Spot on.

Jimmy MacAfee

No one wants to comment about Nora Dennehy? Just blame everything on Barr for his supposed inaction?

If you will bother to do some research, you will find that she’s claiming that Barr is politically pushing the investigation. This is a danger to him on many fronts – deadly. Durham and Barr have limitations on how fast they can proceed – and Dennehy is a glaring example of this. It appears she is a saboteur, and if that is the case, there are more where that came from.

I’m sorry, but it’s getting tiresome. Just give it a fuggin break.

phineas gage

And sundance offers a third interpretation–Dennehy didn’t want to shake the entrenched structure and disturb her lucrative income.

Jimmy MacAfee

There would be a penalty if she actually did her job and the Deep State suffered losses. Remember how a certain political candidate was frozen out of the debates because she outed Camel-nose Harris? Tulsi?

On a side note, Tulsi is coming out against the Perv Party in a very big way. This may be the real reason they stuffed her campaign. She’s coming out against the Dem’s Netflix perv-promo:

“@netflix child porn ‘Cuties’ will certainly whet the appetite of pedophiles & help fuel the child sex trafficking trade. 1 in 4 victims of trafficking are children. It happened to my friend’s 13 year old daughter. Netflix, you are now complicit. #CancelNetflix”


I would love to see her become an electable RINO (as that is the best we can hope for from Hawaii) to challenge Crazy Hirono or that other nutty senator: Brian Schatz, who is up in 2022.

The Democratic Party needs, but doesn’t want, people like her at this time so she should do what Rep Van Drew did in NJ – switch

#Walkaway Tulsi.

phineas gage

An alternative interpretation is that Dennehy did not resign out of frustration (although she is not a Trump supporter, no surprise given the circles she moves in), but rather that the Durham investigation was wrapping up. In other words, it might done at this point.

Jimmy MacAfee

She seems to be pissing on the floor on her way out the door, though.

I think she’s afraid of being exposed for having blockaded pertinent information and investigation. Don’t be surprised if she is outed at some point when it is convenient to expose her to scrutiny.

In other words, she’s trying to get the first shot in what may look like a duel. Like a certain Ukraine ambassawhore.


I agree with many here that Barr has a nearly insurmountable mountain to climb trying to unpeel the onion of all of the DC cesspool, BUT.

How come it is taking months and years to root out and force resignations of all these Deep-State embeds? I mean, c’mon Man, you give someone a deadline, or you want to see a progress report and if they don’t produce, they get removed from that task – either resigned, or kicked upstairs (to avoid lawsuits) to be superintendent of the executive washroom keys, or in charge of inventorying toilet paper. The only thing I find heartening about this Durham investigation is there have been no leaks, especially compared to the Mueller team’s leaks.

When I was in the navy, there were about 500,000 people in it and you would be amazed how many people knew each other and their reputations, especially among the higher enlisted E-7 through E-9 level and of course anyone above the O-4 (Lieutenant Commander) level. Many knew about an incoming CO or XO for example. I have to also believe the DOJ has a similar personal knowledge base. Durham has to know about who is a dependable straight shooter and who is a leftist embed. Maybe Barr gets a pass since he was out of government for so long, but Durham? IMO, there is no excuse for waiting so long to fire incompetent (at best) subordinates. He and Barr should have cleaned house (Wray) long ago. This reeks to high heaven.

I know one thing, ‘the One’s’ “wingman” Eric Holder, wouldn’t have pussyfooted around for so long if the situation were reversed. My other (and biggest) fear is that if any of the big fish ever get indicted and actually brought to trial, one or more, of the prosecutors will deliberately muck up something at the trial and a leftist Obama or Clinton, or even a Bush judge(s) will throw the case out.

There is no excuse to just now be purging these rotten apples from an investigatin of the most severe governmental abuse of power in the nation’s history.

As Dave would say, September 22 is only ten (10) days away.


Guess those of us who’d actually require some real justice, perhaps like indictments against persons that have admitted to lying in Congress, or to the IG etc etc, need to be reminded we know nothing and to sit quietly in the corner. Opposing views upset the homogeneity of political discourse. To your corner… 🙂

phineas gage

t’he homogeneity of political discourse.’

There is no such thing.

Your self-righteous outrage is duly noted.

phineas gage

A second reason this has been a glacial process is that well over 95% of the D.C. bureaucratic state is firmly aligned against Trump and opposed to the investigation, and is quietly subverting in any way possible.

A third reason is that 99.9% of the media is firmly aligned against Trump and opposed to the investigation, and is making that case on a daily basis in the public forum. And as much as we might wish it were not so, politics is as big a part of this as dry legal procedure.

phineas gage

One reason that Holder et.al. would not have ”pussyfooted around” is that they were criminals who were more than willing to break whatever laws and legal procedures that were necessary.

Nobody knows. Not me, you, or anyone on the outside.

There is a bit more than six weeks until the election. We ride it out.

Jimmy MacAfee

Now we look at statistics:

According to one 2018 report, by race:

American Indian or Alaskan Native 15.2
African-American 14
Multiple race 11
Pacific Islander 9.3
White 8.2
Hispanic 8.1
Asian 1.6

What are these statistics? Child abuse statistics by race/ethnicity of the victim.
The actual numbers of white children abused are far higher, but not by percentages.


Why does this matter?
Well, you see, the DNC/ANTIFA/BLM/PP are all for the dissolution of the family, abortion in inner cities (where a lot of the abuse/rape/molestation presumable occurs, and where PP covers up the crimes against their underage “clients.)

BLM is on the record as being against the nuclear family. How many young African American girls would be violated in a family with an adult female and an adult male – their parents – compared to a single family situation? it is not hard to imagine.

Why is the NFL and NBA hitching its wagon to sexual molesters? Hard to fathom, but they are. It’s understandable why PP protects rapists and child molesters, because their economic model is based upon taking advantage of underserved communities of color.

The DNC is the party of abortion, but also of incest, rape, molestation; when you vote for a Democrat for any office, you are voting for someone who either is directly involved in this evil, or who is complicit (such as Camel-ah Harris) in non-prosecution of these human scumbags. Every vote you cast for a Democrat is a vote for the disparate statistics above.

As far as perpetrators of this abuse, the story may be told differently, since we’re seeing a whole new generation of sexual predators and perps on sexual safari who visit other countries. This is also not exclusive to Democrats, as Republicans are also involved in large numbers. However, the Democratic Party is the only party which has released prisoners en mass in many localities such as NYC.

The arm-in-arm collegiality between Dems, elected Dem officials, BLM/ANTIFA terrorists and PP show a nexus of evil. It is unlikely that African-American children were subjected to nearly the same percentage of abuse when the family unit was solid, leading one to believe that BLM’s stated goals to dismember African-American (and other) families is an expression of their desire to perpetuate and increase violence against helpless children, and that PP wants an increase in the number of babies to butcher in order to make a profit (and to sell body parts of infants.)

There are other agendas at work I could discuss, but I don’t want to confuse this dialogue with even closely-related but peripheral issues, such as the effects of sexual abuse on the lives of children and likely outcomes.

While this was once not a particularly political issue, it has become one as only one party supports such practices and defends predators, and releases dangerous sexual predators from jail on flimsy or nonexistent rationale.

phineas gage

Consider what Andrew Weismann would have done if one of his prosecutorial targets had attempted to use such an excuse.

He know there is a two-tier system of justice and he intends to use it.

It will just be another Beltway cocktail party joke in a couple of months.

Jimmy MacAfee

I have nothing but contempt for Weissmann. Frankly, he had better never ever ever come near my house. Ever ever ever. Douchebag criminal crony.

But he’s apparently heading to hell anyway, so why should I get myself up in a dander over butt-lint like him? He’s an infected pilonidal cyst.


Sorry folks but Barr is just far to busy. I mean its a year and half and he’s only now smoked out ONE swamp scum from the ranks. Maybe a couple… He’s gonna need a vaca now… The end of summer ‘report’ is going to have to wait now until after his holiday…

phineas gage

I would imagine Barr has been focusing almost all of his time on identifying and prosecuting domestic terrorists throughout this summer. That would seem to be a rather high priority DOJ concern.

These two issues have just arisen. We’ll see what happens.

Durham may well have concluded his work. Between now and the election will tell the tale.

I know very little about how the process of federal investigation and prosecution works, particularly as regards the largest, most complex, and most serious assault ever on our constitutional republic. It always amazes me how people are able to casually project their assumptions.

I’ve waited this long. I’m willing to wait out the rest.

marty lopez

Oh really, I’ve been listening to you sprout your baloney, FAKE rationale’s and excuses for Barr’s cover up and inaction since Christ was a corporal. OK, 51 days left and counting down. Let’s see what he produces. How about the Barr’s DOJ civil rights division? What have they been doing? Do they even exist? Someone on the TV, or was it the internet where I read, the DOJ has 10,000 lawyers. Wow! That’s a schit load of gunfighters. And Barr’s been busy all summer with domestic terrorism,really?

So who has been charged, exactly how many and for what? Count them on your fingers. Where’s the RICO? How many undercover agents inside of Antifa, & BLM, Huh? It doesn’t seem to me as, if it should have been too phucking difficult getting agents in those organizations. Wanna bet he’s got scores inside of all the supposed, “White supremacist organizations?” Funny how that schit works, meaning ironic in some scornful, cycnical sense. Sorry Bub, the American people are all out of patience.

I’m tired of people like you and Barr pissing on my leg and telling me the warm feeling is affection. Trump needs to dismiss him yesterday. Just say he’s lost confidence in him and have both he and Durham escorted out of the building along with any of their minions to protect whatever information they had access to.

Then the President should announce a 100% transparency policy and have all the documents released immediately by executive order and anyone who doesn’t cooperate and immediately comply fired with extreme prejudice.

The President should also anounce his intention to have the entirety of the 17 intelligence agencies reorganized and reformed immediately after the election. In addition, he should announce his intention to reorganize and purge where necessary the FBI, DOJ and the FISA courts. The time has come to throw the fat into the fire.


Its a sentiment that is shared amongst the large block of conservatives that Marty is expressing here. Its not an unreasonable position when you consider, as Marty stated, that Barr isn’t getting his hands dirty. There are thousands of lawyers and agents at his fingertips that are doing the actual work. As the helmsman he is ULTIMATELY responsible for the departments running, good or bad. So where is the fruit of over a year and a half, thats the question.

The fear is that Barr, having deep swamp ties, isn’t going to really produce anything significant and outright liars and criminals are going to simply walk away. Whereas you and I would never see the light of day again if we’d done similar crimes.

I agree with Gregg that none of us will ever sit in a jury, never have audience with significant people or possible affect any outcomes. One thing is guaranteed, stay silent and nothing will happen. But if more and more people actually started speaking out loud you can bet the politicals staffers who do monitor sites will start taking that message back to their bosses.

I don’t have issue with Marty venting what probably millions of others are also saying and thinking. If people are done with Barr criticisms you are welcome to not respond, simple.



I admire and agree with much of your passion. I know a DOJ under Eric Holder would move heaven and earth to nail every Republican and conservative deep state holdover going all the way back to the Nixon Administration, if the outgoing president Bush Jr. pulled a quarter of the carp on the incoming Obama Administration that ‘the One’ pulled on the incoming Trump Administration.


“It always amazes me how people are able to casually project their assumptions.”

And you started out by saying “I would imagine ”

Remember the sentiments cut both ways. It amazes many on the other side that these issues which should be normal for a working law enforcement agency to undertake are being promoted as something special.

When the appearance of very little actual productivity is merely waved off and then stating a casual ‘willing to wait’ position taken. is equally amazing to those that would say “why are overt perps still walking free?”

We have no choice but to wait, in frustration, and hope there will be some justice. Are we to wait in silence, or be the squeaky wheel???


Being the squeaky wheel presumes we have the ear and attention of Barr and Durham. We don’t. The President does and had telegraphed it ain’t over yet. He said there’s more to come.

I, and I am pretty sure all who hang out here, want some serious justice for what was attempted.

That being said, it’s sucks having to wait while the wheels of justice grind at their ever slow pace.

I have to concur with Phineas that the investigation is done or nearly done,
Barr has said that politics will not play into their decisions regarding the prosecution. And as Phineas also rightly pointed out, the DOJ has a couple of other irons in the fire as well. Operation Legend for one. Then the investigation of antifa and blm.

Barr has said and done things that I am taking at face value for now. Anybody recall his recent stop where he got out of his safe vehicle and spent the time to show support to the police standing on the line?

As I have pointed out so many times, our society is so used to getting everything now. But this will be one of those times where we will just have to be patient. Yes, the election (and all the follies that will come with it) is nigh. Yes we could watch all this fade into obscurity if Biden wins. But as I have told my darling wife and sister in law: God has got this. Put your faith in Him. Give up your fears and despair to Him. Have faith and keep it.

It’s not easy, but when was anything worthwhile easy?

Jimmy MacAfee

Marty, you are now into insulting our Faith,and there are many on these threads who have a strong belief in Yeshua/Jesus, and many of us have seen Him work in our lives and others.

If you want to micturate on our beliefs, then you will not engender a whit of respect from us – what little we may have had.

You are a Dem troll, it would appear. They’re thee godless party.

marty lopez

What the hell are you on about? Barr got out of his safe car? I don’t care, if he hides under his desk as long as he does his job, of which there is no evidence he has

God has this, really? If God had this, for those of us who still have the ability to reason God has left the building. If God were in charge, or if God were involved in human affairs none of this would have ever transpired.

I read my children fairy stories when I put them to bed, but I don’t actually expect, much less depend on frogs turning into princes once kissed.

There’s a difference between religion and spiritual beliefs and real power politics determing the future of the world.


Of course the media is right there on the case–check out ‘Poppy’ Harlow’s hard-hitting interview with Netflix CEO Reed Hastings. That’s some real fine journalisming.

If the pedophiles and its modern Left handmaidens are not stopped–now–you can expect the normalization of sex with children over the next two decades. And with it the final disintegration of the family unit, because what is the family unit all about if not protecting and raising children?

Jimmy MacAfee

Again, this is why BLM is in favor of disintegrating the family unit. They are working for their white masters. Odd, that. Slaves to rich white perverts.

Before the Great Society programs decimated the black family in America, I wonder how many African-American children were molested by others as they are now? I suspect it would be low. Really, really low. Strong fathers with strong family structure are lions, holding off the hyenas.

So I wonder why BLM wants that to get worse? To see more of this, not less? Is it because those who fund them are themselves disgusting perverts, straight from the pits of hell? They’re doing the bidding of their masters, most of whom are white. Suckers.


One of the tenets of communism is children belong to the State. And by extension the States ‘leaders’. Gropey joe and all the other pedophiles infesting political office are really looking forward to this.

So parents… want your children belonging to the State for the States whims?? Vote demoncrap if you are ok with that.


Just remember Brian “It Takes a Village (government)” to raise a child.

Who wrote (or at least had it ghost written) that book thirty-odd years a go?

Jimmy MacAfee

I can hear the Obimbos and others saying: “leave my kids out of it!”

Yeah, like the kids in Cuties don’t have parents, too.

And the kids who are kidnapped, raped, sold into sexual slavery in human trafficking aren’t real people – the latter just anonymous, nameless objects for the amusement of sick mfers. How about leaving those kids out of it, too?

Mothers, why would you ever consider voting for a Democrat? What would they do to YOUR son or daughter, if you let them?

Jimmy MacAfee

If I sound angry, it is because I am: I was placed in the “hands” of a physician (Dr. EJS) in my early teens, and I have a me-too story to tell – but no one wants to hear that – they just want to hear about Harvey Weinstein and his magically disappearing robe, and whine about people who were offended at the water cooler by someone telling awful jokes. They don’t give a shit about actual victims – like the kids in the perv-production.

Children are not your toys for you to debase and defile.

Jimmy MacAfee

Sorry about the barrage; Civil War era cannonade grapeshot essential to deal with massing and approaching enemies of humanity.

Jimmy MacAfee

By the way, we shouldn’t worry about wiped phones: the NSA has it all.

marty lopez

Good luck with the NSA. Trump needs to announce he has lost all faith in Barr and realease all Government documents and records under a 100% transparency policy along with the promise to do a total reorganization and purge of all intelligence agencies, the FBI and DOJ after his reelection.

Stuartswede evesdrop everything

That was my first thought, NSA has everything, just unmask.
Speaking of unmasking…

Jimmy MacAfee

All of these people have heard the Gospel; the Good News has not been hidden from them, and they have rejected it and ridiculed it – including Bill Clinton, who supposedly was almost a Biblical scholar in college until he met Evil Hillary. That’s from an inside source. There will literally be hell to pay. G0D is not mocked. (Can you feel the fire tickling your feet yet, Bill?)


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