Discussion Post – 9.12.2020

It’s another beautiful day to be alive in America, where the Department of Justice has two more big tasks to carry out:

  • Investigate the Mueller investigation, from which we now know that Andrew Weissman and his Nazi henchmen “accidentally” wiped at least 27 cell phones that contained their communications related to the investigation; and
  • Investigate Nextflix for its entry into the child pornography trade.

Talk away.

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phineas gage

I have no idea how much validity this has, if any, but if it has legs things could get interesting:


She better get out of Hong Kong and to the States quickly.

Jimmy MacAfee

My earlier hunch is that a prisoner or concentration camp escapee – who was being exposed to the virus – escaped and the virus spread rapidly. I believe her testimony will corroborate this analysis, which I would give a high probability rating. He might have – probably did have – help in escaping from other prisoners, perhaps sympathetic guards, and most likely sympathetic citizens.
The only way to expose this new holocaust is for the virus to call so much attention to China’s regime, it cannot be ignored.

This would explain why the CCP/PLA didn’t want the US or anyone else to visit and investigate, because it would lead to detention facilities and the horrors that are within. The subject of the article said that non-scientists would understand where it came from when the facts were revealed, and this indicates something in the area of human rights (violations) and not scientific jargon and explanations.

If the Chinese were exposed in the manner of the Nazis, conducting horrible experiments on human beings, and the same experiments let the virus out into the world, China would be finished. And that is still within the realm of possibility.

phineas gage

I think someone should do a deep dive into Andy Larsen’s Twitter feed and other social media, as well as other aspects of his private life:


Seems only fair and proper. They want to set these rules for others, they get to live with the same rules.

Sports journalists are, uniformly, among the very, very worst of a bad bunch.


Like any other overused cliché calling someone/everyone a racist has become worn out. Hence the new terms: white supremist or white privilege has become the left’s new buzzwords meant to suppress (censor) any sort of criticism or logical discussion.

There is no getting along with or negotiating with these hardened Marxists. Sooner or later they and their leaders (educators) and funders are going to have to be eliminated.

phineas gage

Now Morocco:


Damn that Trump! Peace is breaking out all over.

When history happens, it happens fast.


Yesterday, I went to a free 9-11 town square festival in the small town (40,000) of Columbia, TN in Maury country organized by the mayor, Andy Ogles. Andy is one of the few politicians who have been outspoken about masks and the virus. He, like Gov Noem of South Dakota, has said no to any local mask or social distancing mandates. During a brief speech he told the Governor and the other ‘health’ officials that he will stand in front of the court house and be the first person in line to be arrested for opposing any sort to vaccine mandate in order to defend the rights of his citizens of Maury County, TN.

Darryl Worley kicked off the four hour event with his hit song “Have You Forgotten?”. Many other local acts followed. There was an award ceremony praising the police and first responders. It was attended by about a thousand people and was so much fun. No social distancing, and very few (voluntary) masks.

It was Americana at its finest (I thought I was in Mayberry circa 1960) and the best 9-11 I’ve had in twenty years. Peacefully patriotic Americans enjoying a late summer event with no violence, no cursing, just pride in our country.

When President Trump decides to come to TN for a rally he should come to a place like Columbia rather than deep blue lost-cause Nashville.

phineas gage

I certainly get what you’re saying, but it probably should be pointed out that a town like the fictional Mayberry ca. 1960 was not the best place or time for minorities.

My Dad grew up in an Ohio town in the ’40’s and ’50’s where, if a black person came into town, they were promptly escorted to the town limits the next day.


Sorry folks, nothing happened with Clinton’s 30,000 missing email, hammered computers, and phone and nothing is going to happen to Weissmann or anyone else on the Mueller team. Just like we have seen the one and only indictment for the Durham investigation. The Deep State runs deep and at this point I think even if Trump gets a second term it would only be a 50/50 chance he could root it out. I know is it pessimistic but it’s just how I read the tea leaves.

By Monday the Netflex story will be over since our country has lost it’s moral compass (47 sexes and all). Many of our conservative and religious leaders failed to stand up to the woke crowd and we the people failed to support the ones that did.


Sadly I fear you are right on all counts.

Warren Matha

But David: Will they carry out those important tasks? As each day passes, I fear we live in a country “of no consequences” for those with the “correct” connections.

Stuartswede submareener

We made it thru another 9/11 without a terrorist attack. Oh yeh, our President is Donald Trump. Praise God.

Jimmy MacAfee

As Tom Fitton said: if the FBI went into a major corporation and demanded all records, including phones and laptops, and all the phones were wiped, there’d be conspiracy charges out the wazoo. And rightfully so. Paraphrasing Tom.

If Weissmann has kids that attend a school in person, his teachers should be asking if he has dogs before the semester begins, in order to prepare for the inevitable “dog-ate-my-homework” excuses; if they’re in a virtual school, teachers should expect the kids to claim that “a virus ate my homework.” I can’t imagine someone like that actually having children, though. It boggles the mind.

Jimmy MacAfee

Andrew Weissmann needs to be perp-walked at 5 am in front of news cameras. Oh, right: the fake news would proclaim him to be the Messiah, waiting in the Garden of Gethsemane for the Roman authorities. Never mind.

As for Netfux: let’s have the Obimbo’s daughters twerk on Netfux like the 11 year olds. Outrageous, Bathhouse Barry? Why aren’t you coming out against this perv-porn? Does it excite you as much as it might excite Bill Clinton?

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