Friday News Roundup: Biden Pulls a John Kerry and the BLMFL Opens its Season to Boos

Never Forget. – Today is the 19th anniversary of 9/11, and New York City Democrats have banned events to memorialize that awful day in their city this year.

Let’s all of us do the right thing and take a moment to remember.

Homepage | National September 11 Memorial & Museum

CORONAPANIC UPDATE – More than 20,000 college students returning to campus this fall have now tested “positive” for the China Virus.

The number of college students who have been hospitalized for the China Virus? 0. That is a big, fat ZERO.

Open the schools, you cowardly, rancid governors.

This concludes your CORONAPANIC UPDATE for today.

According to CBS News, it was the fans who were “controversial.” – The BLMFL opened its season last night, with the Kansas City Chiefs playing the Houston Texans. BLM messaging decorated both endzones and the player uniforms. The entire Texans team refused to come out of their locker room for the playing of the National Anthem, and several Chiefs players knelt in protest of the American flag.

The 17,000 or so socially-distanced fans in the stands roundly booed all of this nonsense through their useless masks, and also booed both teams as they came out to midfield for the opening coin toss.

So, what part of all of this was “controversial” in the eyes of the news-fakers at CBS News?

Here’s their headline:

Kansas City Chiefs fans’ booing at NFL opener proves controversial

The fans were “controversial.” Not the kneeling, not the staying in the lockerroom. Not the messaging celebrating an admittedly-Marxist domestic terrorist organization.

The fans.

That’s all you need to know about the raging, anti-American dumpster fire that is the U.S. news media.

Is the corrupt news media directly colluding with the Biden/Harris campaign? – Well, of course it is. All you need to know, you can see in this 44 second clip from the Fox Report last night:

That’s the aptly-named T.J. Ducklo, ducking low and refusing to answer as Bret Baier repeatedly poses the salient question: Does Joe Biden use a TelePrompter to answer questions during his campaign events? Ducklo can’t answer because the answer is manifestly obvious: Yes. Yes, he does.

If you have watched any of Biden’s recent “press conferences” lately, you can plainly see that the questioners have been chosen carefully in advance, and that Creepy Uncle McWifeMolester knows the questions that are coming. You can often plainly see him, reading the scripted answer from the TelePrompter before him.

So, yes, the media is colluding directly with the Biden/Harris campaign. It’s obvious, and that’s why T.J. Ducklo had to duck low and refuse to answer Baier’s question. If the answer was “no,” there’d have been no problem at all.

Biden was against NAFTA before he was for it. – Quid Pro China Joe pulled a John Kerry during a carefully staged interview with Fake Jake Tapper on CNN yesterday. Biden, who is on record as having voted for NAFTA when it was put into place in 1994, just bald-faced lied to a willing and incurious Tapper, saying that he was “against NAFTA” during an answer:

In what would be breaking news if we had anything resembling an honest, functional news media, Biden also told Tapper at one point that President Trump’s re-negotiation of NAFTA, the USMCA, is better for American workers than NAFTA was. Now, of course, it’s an open question whether Uncle EmptyCranium even knows the difference between NAFTA and USMCA, but he did say it, and real journalists would report it, if we had any.

In the same fake interview, China Joe also told Tapper that he still supports bringing the evil, Nazi-like ChiCom government into the World Trade Organization, and still supports granting the despicably dishonest, aggressively thieving ChiComs Most Favored Nation status, which would grant them tariff advantages in trade with the United States.

In other words, if you elect Joe Biden this November, America will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the ChiCom government. We will be done as a free nation.

The order has apparently gone out. – The riots in Portland and other Democrat-controlled cities across the country have suddenly calmed down the past two nights. Obviously, the polls have gotten so bad that the DNC and Biden/Harris campaign have sent the order out for a pause in the mayhem.

Nevertheless, the great, real journalist Andy Ngo still has some news to report out of Riot City USA, formerly known as Portland:

Yes, this person claims to be a “woman”, and the perpetual outrage crowd demands that you all pretend along with hxr:

Perhaps more absurdly, this … thing… claims to be human:

Seems legit, right?

The question asked below is also quite legit, but Bill de Blasio and Lori Lightfoot are raising their hands to argue the point:

I’ve consistently warned that these people would not stop until they were stopped. Well, the Democrat Party and their funders in the Soros front groups have obviously told them to stop. For now.

But they’ll be back. Don’t kid yourselves otherwise.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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At least tennis hasn’t fallen victim to the blm bs…yet. But with Queen Serena it probably isn’t far off. I will stick with and continue to enjoy high school sports until they go down that black hole. When that happens I’ll just pitch washers.

TexanForever Thompson

I and most others watched pro-ballgames to get AWAY from the endless political “statements.” … We’re sick of politics. If the pro ball leagues insist on making political statements, then SCREW-em, … and their sponsors, too !!

No more pro sports for me. I’m outta here.

phineas gage

What a thoroughly hideous woman:

If Mother Earth is saying anything up among the empyreal seraphim, it is likely ‘who is that crazy old bat?’ and ‘they had better run her and those insane Democrats out of office if there is going to be anything left of me’

phineas gage

Who would have thought this would happen in Biden’s home state?

I actually think it was because they targeted a young kid. The Dems knew those were bad optics.

phineas gage

LOL, Reaboi:

I would estimate the Venezuelan vote will go just a shade toward Trump, something like 99% to 1%.


More like 99.999999999.

phineas gage

I know that you know this, but others (similar to myself) might be surprised to learn these facts about ground zero of BLM:


Not one our states better moments in history. Portland has been trying to self flagellate itself ever since the 60’s, Named a major arterial road MLK Jr boulevard to show it’s woke bonafides in the 70’s, Haven;t done much since.


One of the lie’n lefts’ brilliant moves was to equate ardent conservatives with Neo Nazi’s. They always accuse us of exactly what they are doing.

phineas gage

Many cities did that. Even my small city here in Georgia.

It’s sort of common knowledge that you don’t want to be on MLK Jr. Boulevard after dark.


Wow, very informative. So until recently Portland was like Western Alabama. Demoncrap KKK hot spot to boot.


Neo Nazi’s as well. Portland and Hayden Lake ID were ground zero for those freaks back in the 80’s. Bastards murdered a black guy. They got caught and put in jail, but it took a long time before the city was able to put that in the past.

Jimmy MacAfee

I wonder what the ratings were for the game on tv? Bet a lot of people switched off as soon as they saw the pathetic posturing.

One hope: that the Not For Long continues to double down on stupid. I deeply enjoy the pictures of empty stadiums and relish the boos and jeers. Maybe this is sin to say this, but they are beyond evil.

Jimmy MacAfee

In addition to doing fun, worthwhile things, many former fans may decide that picking lint out of their navel is a more valuable expenditure of time than watching professional sports on television. Picking ticks off my dogs would be more fun.

phineas gage

Seriously, for heavy-duty former NFL fans that is up to 15 hours of the weekend that can now be used productively rather than making a slow couch mold.

Once people get used to that, they aren’t coming back.

Some have used rock music as an analogy. They stopped making rock music around 2000. Everyone assumed it would return. It never did, People moved on and forgot.

As a ’70’s-’80’s kid, I would never have dreamed that the rock band would cease to exist. I am sure the NFL execs are just as sure about their game.

Jimmy MacAfee

Perfect analogy! Part of the problem is the music technology – (which is amazing) – but the lyrics, melody, creativity in general…totally lacking.

All of the crap today is in 4 chords. Just 4. Same 4. Songwriters are paid by the song, not the percentage. Nothing in it for them to write inspired music. That’s what music execs did to the crap today – made it worse than insipid, turned it whiny, skinny-jeans bullshit sung by boys with lower testosterone than a soybean, fake music that would drive me off an elevator.

Eff the NFL and pro sports. And the music industry. Even “contemporary Christian music” is an affront to G0D (think He likes false praise by lying lips?)


“rather than making a slow couch mold”

Wordsmithing Wizardry!


I enjoy rearranging my sock drawer and my Precious Moments figurine display!

phineas gage

Down over 16%. That’s prime time with the Super Bowl champs.

I expect weekend ratings to plunge well over 20%.

phineas gage

If the professional sports leagues were run by intelligent people, what they should have done is just shut down entirely for this season. Yes, there are television contracts, but the pandemic could have been used to invoke an ‘extraordinary circumstances’ clause or somesuch.

All the moronic players would have protested on their own time, little noticed by fans. They also would have gotten a taste of no income and no popularity.

Coming back next year, starting with baseball spring training, for a fresh start, the leagues could have navigated this very well.

But the geniuses, particularly in the NBA and NFL, figured it would be a winning play to capitulate to leftist politics and their (mostly) black players. They chose poorly.

Jimmy MacAfee

Women’s soccer is also Leftist. Not race-based. Women’s soccer is due for a shock anyway, when the first males try to pretend to be females and bully their way into the league. Other sports as well. Volleyball, tennis.

Remember “Renee” Richards, DDS? The tennis player? Who it is said wrote a book: “How to Play Tennis Without Balls?”

We’re gonna have some really shitty Olympics teams in the future, and if they put out the same crap as pro-sports, well – let’s dump them, too. More time for personal training, less time for professional posturing.

There appears to be a madness-pheromone.

phineas gage

Post-Cold War the Olympics have really declined, and that has been hastened with the leftist propaganda that is now shoveled incessantly. I used to enjoy watching them, particularly the Winter Games, but I haven’t bothered in some time.

Now with this, the Olympics will be to quote the Munchkin coroner:

As Coroner I must aver,
I thoroughly examined her.
And she’s not only merely dead,
she’s really most sincerely dead.

Hard to believe or remember what an earthshaking event it was when the U.S. Hockey team beat the Soviets in 1980. Very different times.


The Portland folks are only taking a R&R break to prepare for November.


This is priceless… Somebody deserves an award on this…


The Pen (and the video) is mightier than the sword!

Jimmy MacAfee

Dang right!

James Brown

Have they actually stopped rioting, or are all the rioters enroute to DC for the occupy the White House riot coming up next week?

Jimmy MacAfee

The latter. Must be detained, warehouses sequestered.

DHS, better be doing some overtime. This is one time we really need you!

Slats Grobnik

A tiny violin plays Misty for the poor downtrodden millionaire entertainer athletes as they are forced to play sportsball with armed guards on the sidelines just like the cult classic the Longest Yard from the 1970s.
What an evil racist hellhole to pay people millions of dollars just to play a children’s game.
The CPUSA be all smart and stuff with the burn it all down plan thinking that everyone hates America as much as they do.
They will tone it down because they don’t want to be seen in a bad light during 9/11 memorials.
Burn it all down by any means necessary is still the goal of the CPUSA and their enemedia comrades.
Forward! Yes we can…CCCP Redux.


Maybe the festival goers have temporarily toned down their “mostly peaceful protests”…; wonder why all these fires are happening all of a sudden. New target acquisition perhaps?

We FS and/or a whole lot of rope.

Jimmy MacAfee

See my post: target DC.

They have promised to protest in DC, remember. Stormfront – er – stormclouds gathering. No difference, though. Stormfront, BLM, ANTIFA: all anti-Semites.

Jimmy MacAfee

Gropey-Perv-Joe would like photo-ops with “Cuties” actresses? Invite them to the Whitehouse for a circle-twerk?

Jimmy MacAfee

China needs to be stripped of the “developing nation” status, unless by “developing” they mean developing nuclear weapons, increasing border disputes with all their neighbors, persecution and murder of religious minorities and interfering in US elections.

And that’s not all they’re “developing.”

Jimmy MacAfee

Like their threat to develop more lethal viruses – and yes, they have made that threat, and to inflict the viruses upon the world.

Germany, 1933 – China, 2020.

Even Neville Chamberlain is rolling over in his grave, wondering how we could be so stupid to fall for it a second time.


I was a thousand miles away from home on 9/11/2001. Performing turbine blade damper effectiveness testing at a Pratt & Whitney facility in East Hartford CT, it was a clear 50 degree, not a cloud in the sky perfect day. Until passenger jets started crashing into sky-scrapers. Fearing for the safety on my wife and young children, I jumped in my rental car and was going to drive home that day. A few hours later I got a page from my boss, (no cell phones then), he convinced me that he would look out for my family as needed if I would return and finish the testing. What an awful day for several thousand people and their families. And they will not let people go to a microphone, one at a time, to honor those we lost? Despicable! America must never forget. We need to come together as a country like never before. Remember 9/11! And remember who was responsible.

Today I also honor the son of a good friend of mine whose name was Aaron, a true sheepdog,


Mr. Swede, may your good friends son rest in peace. Fair winds and following seas brother.

phineas gage

That graphic is a little out of date. The NFL has already struck the iceberg, but is not yet aware that it is sunk.


They may well have struck the berg but they’re full speed ahead now to drive that ship straight over that pesky piece of ice. HAAAH.. they scoff, we’ll teach that ice a lesson.

Jimmy MacAfee

The 17 K spectators in the stadium are the survivors in the lifeboats. Doubtful they’ll make the same mistake again –


Don’t forget that since it was unsinkable the ship failed to carry enough life boats for everyone.

Jimmy MacAfee

About an hour before the end of the game: “Tickets anyone? For sale: Titanic Voyage II! Cheap, while you can get ’em!”

Jimmy MacAfee

Dave, they’re heading to DC. That’s the cause for the pause.

They must be intercepted, their warehouses raided, their armamentarium sequestered. This is a critical issue.

phineas gage

And follow the money trail–I hope the DOJ has a dedicated team working to roll that up.

BTW, I’ve just got to say–that is a woman? On what planet? Whichever one it is, I hope I never go there.

phineas gage

Yes–plus a band of antifa radicals set most of the fires:

phineas gage
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