Discussion Post – 9.11.2020

It’s another beautiful day in America. Donald Trump is still our President. The Kansas City Chiefs couldn’t sell 17,000 tickets to their home game last night. That’s the world champion Kansas City Chiefs, folks.

Isn’t that glorious?

Talk away. It’s a great day to be alive.

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Kelley Anne deserves better than this


He looks like he’s one step from stroking out. Bet there ain’t a pie in the house.

Rick O'Shay

She needs to dump this loser and her nutso daughter and start over.

phineas gage

That is otherwise known as obstruction of justice, with which Weismann routinely torments his victims, but don’t expect that to be applied to him.


I must, unfortunately, concur with you. Outside shot that we might pleasantly surprised, but the swamp is still deep. If we don’t get to see him get his just desserts in this lifetime, there will be one judgement he will never escape.

phineas gage

And remember how quickly it can all be lost if Biden should win.


A 502 error that just came up… Some of the info on it.

“Error details:
Error Code: HTTP 502
Error Code: Backend or gateway read timeout.
Server ID: 11012
What is going on:
Origin server might be down
GoDaddy network blocked by origin firewall

I’m sure you have this info but in case not thar she be…


Yeah, been getting all kinds o error messages from time to time today as well. Go Daddy is either under attack and not saying anything or they have serious server issues.

O/t but here’s my favorite go to when I need some seriously tested and trusted apps or utiltys.


Their site has saved my butt more than once.


I can’t forget 9/11. It’a my wedding day. 1999. I was watching FNC, the first tower was on fire, I watched in a state of disbelief as the second plane struck the second tower. I can still see in my mind to this day. Taken a long time to observe our anniversary as something more than the day a group of terrorists brought their war to our homeland.

And half the country is still not listening to the war crys from Iran and understanding what it means


More good news… Gold up by $4, silver by a whopp’n $.09… Flatlining and has been for some time now. What would be better would be a steady sinking in metals. Would mean monies moving out of safe havens and back into the economy, steam rolling the demoncraps into obscurity. A good thing.

phineas gage

Neal Smatresk is a great research biologist–I’ve read many of his papers–but he is a terrible college president:


Rick O'Shay

When you said terrible did you mean to say typical?

phineas gage

With Trump, peace is breaking out all over. Troops being brought home from neo-con quagmire hellholes, and now this:


But yet according to the smartest people in the world, who failed at all of these things for years, Trump is a buffoon and a warmonger.

Just keep singing that song–you might even get a pony.


Good for Bahrain.

I was stationed in Bahrain during the opening stages of OIF in 2003 and I found it to be one of the saner places over in the Middle East. I would like to visit it again when things really settle down over there. The UAE has seen the light and wants to develop a real tourism trade and they have built man made resort islands etc. They know they will not flourish without real peace. I look for Qatar and the other small seven relatively enlightened countries in the Persian Gulf area to soon follow.

This is a real good indication that President Trump will be reelected. No world leader would make a deal with Trump if he was seen as being on his way out of office in four months.

There may not be enough Peace Prizes available for the president.

phineas gage

When you also add in Serbia-Kosovo, it’s hard to deny it to him now, but rest assured the Left will find a way.

Good point about this being a metric in the confidence about Trump’s reelection. If Bahrain was unsure, and thought it possible that Iran could re-emerge preeminent in the Middle East under Biden’s watch, they would wait.

Smart people, or at least those who cannot afford to be wrong, are the ones to watch. That would include the Vegas sharps and world leaders.


Geee… I wonder who’d be going around taking photos and canvasing neighbourhoods on where local LEO’s live?!?!? and for what purpose…

To those LEO’s that are doing their jobs because they care… stay safe, only the criminals hate you and they amount to very little. Most love and appreciate you.

Still wondering where Barr is… The recent announcement on Operation Legend was great and all but its something that should be happening as a natural result of law enforcement. Where are the criminal indictments for the coup cabal… I think the Legend Operation is a smoke screen folks.. Not minimizing it at all, in fact it should be amped up tenfold. October surprise… no reasonable prosecutor would try the cabal cases… surprise…

Jimmy MacAfee

I’m done speculating about Barr, particularly since some of the potential prosecutions could be held in military courts, but mostly because so much of this is so widespread – the filth and corruption – that you’d need 10x the DOJ resources to prosecute them all. And that is what they’re counting on.

Troubling is that all of this is like kitty litter: the more you scratch, the more the stuff stinks. An old phrase, but so accurate.

So much evidence – a mountain – growing about the nexus between Globalists and China and the intentional destruction of the United States of America. It’s hard to even count the traitors – and on so many fronts. It was/is a fire sale, with the “elites” selling us out to the PLA/CCP, and now the same selling us out to BLM/ANTIFA. And higher ed. And sports. And entertainment. And mega-conglomerates.

But now it’s even time to look at chicken poop. (Yes. Chicken poop.) It kills instead of fertilizes, because glyphosate is in the feed, and it remains in the poo. Then it’s spread on plants, causing them to decrease production. Monsanto/Bayer should be shaking in their boots now, but like most elites, won’t see any consequences. This, at least, is not one of China’s sins.

We could one day face famine at the hands of Monsanto and others.

Too many villains. Barr is the least of my worries.

phineas gage

Me too, but this could actually be good news:


If Barr is lighting a fire under Durham’s ass to get it done before the election, then something good may yet happen.


Gee, another foot dragging swamp creature quits because the boss wants them to do their damn job.

Poor baby!


Its all designed to distract… Like phineas keeps stating the focus should be the election, especially taking back control, massively, both House and Senate.

Just pointing out Barr is a no show… again. LEO’s need to not only protect themselves, now they have to worry that criminals are actively looking for their homes. Their neighbours need to come to bat for the LEO’s and protect the families of the officers living next to them.

Jimmy MacAfee

China has repeatedly threatened to cut our antibiotic supply. This is a threat of war, but there are ways of defeating the PLA (which is the power actually ruling China these days, since many in the CCP are under arrest for corruption.)

One is the use of silver concomitant with antibiotics, used in conjunction or combination; lots of evidence for this with old and new research.

The other is copper:

This is 9/11. We are still at war.


The rumors that have been circulating about internal wranglings happening in China are coming to the forfront. PoohPing has been under attack within the CCP for many months now with top officials in the CCP publicly making contradictory statements to poohping.


Who cares about China… China can well be the spark in the wood shed for a global conflagration.

Jimmy MacAfee

The PLA is really running things in China, and She (that is how I will spell Pooh-bear’s name) is complicit. They have insane generals, eager for war and eager to unleash a new pandemic; they think they have found our soft spot.

Next pandemic, no matter how bad, we cannot and will not submit to authorities’ power grabbing treachery. They are and have been complicit, along with the WHO and Fauci, with the PLA’s Plandemic.

I’ve written about human experimentation in China for pharmaceutical research. Well, why not? They use living human beings for organ donations (until the living human beings run out of organs, and then die.)

My guess is that the reason why China won’t open up about the origin of the current Plandemic is that one of their test subjects – not a bat, nor a worker – escaped the concentration camp and infected many people. This was Patient Zero. This was not planned – too early.

As far as plausibility of this scenario: high probability.


“I’ve written about human experimentation in China for pharmaceutical research. ”

Its not just in human experimentation that the Chinese scum are willing to desecrate the dignity of people in but even far greater than anything normal people could imagine. We’ve all seen it and most never really questioned it… Even today its still largely under the radar… Talking about the “Body World” exhibits.

Where do most of these bodies come from!?!? no surprise there but its CHINA… The body must be ‘fresh’, under two days, in order to be ‘plasticized’. Why are the vast majority of bodies asian?? Its not just an ‘exhibit’ but its an industry run by the CCP.


China is leaps and bounds more evil that Germany was any day. ALL that really stands in China’s way is the US of A… People really need to wake up to whats happening around them… look at all the signs around… start looking up.

Jimmy MacAfee

The press in the 1930s was actually just as evil as today; it covered up or pretended ignorance of what was going on under the Nazis, and only began to expose the Holocaust later in the war and after. Hollyweird likewise was a big supporter of Germany and didn’t want to lose business – and therefore is said to have fired Jewish composers and writers in order to appease the Nazi government.

The current press is likewise ignoring the genocide in China, and in Tibet, and Hollyweird and NBA are collaborating with these nouveau-Nazis. One day, they may say:

“We were on the right side against genocide all along!”

Except this time, we will have their words and actions available at the touch of a screen or keyboard. Genocidal sympathizers in sports, entertainment and press won’t be allowed back into the good graces of the public.

Paul Krugman, beware. You Edomite.

Rick O'Shay

Every once in a while I read one of these. A walk through bizarro world.



Yeah, well wow, It seems the LA Times Editorial Board has been smoking too much of that legal weed in CA.

Bizarro world, indeed Rick. Biden a seasoned centrist moderate? Really? More like “A dog faced pony soldier”. Whatever decency or humility he may have once had has been gone ever since the Clarence Thomas character assassination thirty years ago. He has been a worthless plagiarizing womanizing/childrenizing Washington drone ever since.

Who in their right mind can write such turd polishing tripe? But I hope they and the NYT et al continue to do so.

I would be worried if these papers actually began to endorse President Trump.

Peter H Ferris

This is the best news I have heard all day: “The Kansas City Chiefs couldn’t sell 17,000 tickets to their home game last night. That’s the world champion Kansas City Chiefs, folks.”

Jimmy MacAfee

I saw NYCFD folks in my office in weeks after the disaster of the Twin Towers; they were biking down the east coast. Heroes, honorable…I wonder if any of them haven’t died of mesothelioma? Asbestos, you know. Big issue in those buildings. And someone said, prior to Building 7 coming down (from trash can fires, it is claimed) “We had to pull it.” 2 billion dollars later…

The men said it was controlled demolition.

The girders were shipped off ASAP to..wait for it…China. Evidence destroyed, like the phones of Mueller’s henchmen. Except for the thermate residue found in the dust of the concrete – (yeah, must be naturally occurring, like glyphosate in chicken manure!)

phineas gage

When a Democrat accidently speaks the truth:



No doubt, her possible school reopen date is based solely on “science” and not “politics”.

Another distinctly unappealing leftist “leader”…

phineas gage

And the creepy thing is that they all look the same. It’s like they are created on some godforsaken assembly line.


They went to the same assembly line to find DHS employees as well. Most of the airport screeners exhibit that same level of cringeworthyness. They definitely did not let a good crisis to to waste in expanding the already bloated federal bureaucracy.

Jimmy MacAfee

Remember Men In Black? The part where Agent K interviews the pug – while the thing in the concession stand that Agent J thinks is the one to be interviewed?

That’s it. Spittin’ image.

Looks like a cross between hepatitis carrier and anorexic.


Nineteen years ago 9-11 happened when “Some People Did Somethings”. In some ways it seems like it happened yesterday, and in other ways, it seems a lifetime ago.

As I was watching the carnage and the reporting, I saw a second Pearl Harbor of even greater magnitude. Out of the destruction and death, I had hoped for a new national unity, a lasting unity, that would propel our nation, and, in fact the world, into a singleness of purpose that would finally recognize who are the true “Evil Doers”. I had hoped for a solid lasting coalition that would effectively deal with this ongoing and building threat…

Sadly that unity didn’t happen. Bush Jr. addressed the nation and got rousing applause for a great, but ultimately empty, speech. The unity was a mirage and literally within weeks, our politics were more divided than ever. Our fifth column media was soon writing articles like “Why do they hate us?” and a movement to include minorities in the commemorative stamps of the 9-11 firefighters and first responders was attempted.

Eventually Bush cobbled together enough international, national, and political support to go first to Afghanistan and then Iraq. Generally we succeeded in bombing Afghanistan up to the stone age, but failed in the main objective to get Bin Laden until a decade later.

I still believe the reason and motives for going into Iraq and getting Hussain were valid, because he was flagrantly violating various UN resolutions. Resolutions are worthless if they have no teeth and are not enforced. As in Vietnam, our military won wherever it went, but Bush allowed most Democratic and several Republican politicians and our fifth column media to defeat what we gained by expending blood and treasure. Bush refused to push back against the left and doomed America to fighting two unwinnable quagmires which delighted the communists who run our media of disinformation and the military industrial complex. They were aided and abetted by faux “war heroes” like McLame. These two undeclared wars cost and continue to cost us dearly to no positive purpose, and paved the way for ‘the One’ and his empty “Hope & Change” rhetoric to “fundamentally change America”.

[How does one profess to love a country he wants to “Fundamentally Change?]

President Trump has been proven right on this.

On a personal level, I wound up gaining a career from 9-11. At the time I was an Intelligence Specialist in the Naval Reserve. Ultimately this position was parlayed into an administrative career in Washington, DC which lasted until April of 2007 when they quit issuing me boots high enough to wade through all the Bull Schiff that is that Den of Corruption.

Bush supposedly had all these wizards of smart to fight these “Global Wars on Terrorism” (GWOT) and deal with the nation’s foreign and domestic issues. Tragically, virtually ALL of his people proved incredibly deficient. And Obama’s people were much worse.

So what is the legacy of 9-11?

1) We immediately lost about 3,000 innocent people
2) We suffered a trillion dollar (at least) hit to the economy
3) We got the highly questionable PATRIOT Act
4) We got the FISA/FISC which was supposedly fought against but the Liberterian, Democratic, and other “civil rights” front groups, but now are being used to great effect against any conservative fighting the swamp complex
5) We got two new massively bloated cabinet level departments full of bureaucrats that were unnecessary and very expensive
6) We got the elevation of another minority group to a most favored status that is virtually immune to reasoned criticism – especially when ‘the One’ became president
7) Bush, and other feckless RINO’s bumbling of the wars and the economy ultimately got us our sixth worse president and the solidifying of a communist base of anti-American Swamp Creatures from the sixteen years of the corrupt Clinton and Obama Administrations

This is the sorry legacy of 9-11 which has hurt this country far more that the actual loss of 3,000 innocent people and a trillion dollar hit to the economy on that fateful day.


Thanks for your service Greg, both past and present.

Jimmy MacAfee

The “Patriot Act” merely codified what the NSA was already illegally doing to the American public, and we now see the end results of those programs: parallel platforms, which Obimbo et al have used against Americans. The “normal” gathering of information in these programs is gathered in a second format, without a record of their having been there. Ask Bill Binney.


Facial recognition software, electronic monitoring on everything you do, just like the ‘Patriot Act’, its all for your ssssafety.

Jimmy MacAfee

AKA “The Hammer.”

Jimmy MacAfee

The real legacy of 9/11 is that the official report proved to be the biggest lie and worst conspiracy theory ever promulgated, the worst scientific fraud (until statins and global warming) and the most lethal insider-based attack by faux-patriot ever on the shores of our hallowed nation.

May all the real patriots – including the direct victims of the attacks – who died as a result of this Globalist false flag event rest in peace,

And may all those connected with the attacks, including those in our own intel and law enforcement communities, fear for their eventual exposure and fear for their eternal souls!

phineas gage

Excerpt from an essay posted at Red State:

“One of my most salient memories of September 11, 2001, is how brilliantly blue the sky was. My attention was fixed on the sky for much of that day – even after the planes were all grounded, I kept looking up, warily searching the sky for signs of further attack; beseechingly searching it for answers. I’m not sure what you call that color – cerulean maybe? Whatever it is, it’s beautiful. And it haunts me. Its brightness contrasted so drastically with the darkness that clouded that day.”

Exactly how I felt.

phineas gage

Amen to that.

I’ll never forget 9-11. I was still in grad school at Maryland and my son had been born just a week prior. It was the most stunningly beautiful day, with an absolutely clear azure sky.

I remember thinking as I walked to school that morning that nothing could go wrong on a day such as this.

Jimmy MacAfee

Bush, Cheney et al owe 4 of the “hijackers” an apology, since they were seen alive in Saudi Arabia soon after. Who says resurrection is a myth?

UBL was an asset whose time ran out. A CIA asset. Much like BHO, who is still an asset (and an ass.)


I watched the Presidents rally last night. He was on point last night and it was fun to watch.

Jimmy MacAfee

Kansas City Chiefs? Never heard of them.

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