Thursday News Roundup: Mattis’s Coup Plot, Fauci to the Rescue and Portland Supports Rioters

It’s just another hoax, folks. – As you marvel at the media hysteria taking place around Bob Woodward’s new book and its allegation that President Trump “downplayed” the China virus threat, remember that each and every one of these same media outlets did exactly the same thing:



The Little Menace to the rescue??? – Guess who’s defending President Trump against the media’s latest hoax: Dr. Anthony Fauci. No, really, he really is.

Woodward – who has a long, sordid and even admitted history of just making stuff up to make his tedious books more readable, at one point claims that Fauci “at one point tells others that the president ‘is on a separate channel’ and unfocused in meetings, with ‘rudderless’ leadership, according to Woodward. ‘His attention span is like a minus number. His sole purpose is to get reelected.'”

Fauci, in an interview with John Roberts of Fox News yesterday, said that “You know, if you notice, it was others have said that. So, you know, you should ask others. I don’t recall that at all. I didn’t read the book but according to what I saw in the newspapers it says, and others have said that,” Fauci remarked.

Fauci also told Roberts that he did not remember the President downplaying the situation, as Woodward alleges. “I didn’t get any sense that he was distorting anything,” Fauci said. “I mean in my discussions with him, they were always straightforward about the concerns that we had. We related that to him. And when he would go out, I’d hear him discussing the same sort of things. He would often say, ‘We just got through with a briefing with the group from the task force,’ and would talk about it.”

Fauci went on to support President Trump’s own contention that he used soothing language in order to avoid a national panic, saying that  “often he would want to make sure that the country doesn’t get down and out about things. But I don’t recall anything that was any gross distortion in things that I spoke to him about.”

As I wrote elsewhere today, Woodward’s book and the Democrat/media orchestrated furor over it, is just another hoax, and it will fail just as The Atlantic hoax failed.

This sure sounds like the plotting of a coup d’etat to me. – Another tidbit from Woodward’s book raises the spectre of General James Mattis, then the Secretary of Defense, and Dan Coats, then the Director of National Intelligence, actively contemplating the military overthrow of the federal government. Not kidding.

That sure sounds like a Coup plot to me – how does it sound to you?

Here’s the excerpt from the book:

The book documents private grumblings, periods of exasperation and wrestling about whether to quit among the so-called adults of the Trump orbit: Mattis, Coats and then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Mattis quietly went to Washington National Cathedral to pray about his concern for the nation’s fate under Trump’s command and, according to Woodward, told Coats, “There may come a time when we have to take collective action” since Trump is “dangerous. He’s unfit.”


This passage ties neatly in with reports during 2017 that members of Trump’s original cabinet were plotting the removal of the President via the 25th amendment, at one point even trying to get sleazy Rod Rosenstein to wear a wire so he could secretly record his conversations with the President in an effort to entrap him into some pretense to allege obstruction of justice.

It was a coup, folks. President Trump has dealt with a slow-rolling, never-ending coup d’etat attempt by the Deep State since the day he took office. Yet still, he endures.

Can any of you interpret the meaning of this particular Biden word salad?

Here’s an exact transcript – see if you can ferret out the meaning:

Biden – “And what makes his wild claims and hopes…he now hopes we don’t notice what he said…or won’t remember…and when he does follow through…or doesn’t do…when follow through…the exact opposite.”

When you read that, remember this: Biden was reading from a script on a TelePrompter there.

Holy crap.

Meanwhile, in Portland, Oregon… – The City Council in Riot City, USA has now implemented a ban on law eforcement’s use of facial recognition technology as a means of identifying, arresting and prosecuting the violent rioters that have plagued their city for more than 100 days.

From a story at OregonLive:

The Portland City Council unanimously approved bans on city and private use of facial recognition technology Wednesday — the strictest such restriction in the country.

The private ban, which includes by businesses in the city, would go into effect Jan. 1. The ban on use by city departments goes into effect immediately. The state of Oregon already bans police from using body cameras with facial recognition technology.

Portland officials point to concerns over residents’ civil rights and privacy as reasons for the bans. They also cite studies that show the technology is marred by racial and gender bias.

San FranciscoOakland and Berkeley are among those that have banned use of facial recognition by police departments and other local government agencies.

The Portland ordinances were introduced by Mayor Ted Wheeler and Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty, who has said the issue comes down to racial justice and the community’s right to privacy.


So, just one more effort to tie the hands of law enforcement and support the riots the Democrat Party is sponsoring. No real surprise at all.

Meanwhile, the rioters are now resorting to a new tactic to garner public sympathy- faking epileptic seizures when they are arrested:

These people are animals, and they are the very personification of evil in our time. And the Democrat-dominated city government of Portland is doing everything it can to support them.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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And people don’t see anything wrong with technology, like facial recognition. or social tracking because its for the ‘collectives’ safety or apps like flashlights that want access to your contacts, photos, phone and calendars on your cell phones.

Of course its for your safety… If you haven’t done anything wrong then what do you have to fear!?!? These tech companies are very secure and besides may data is lost in a sea of data. Excuses I hear often from guberment and people who are ignorant.

Its far worse than this…

phineas gage

Great moments in higher education, brought to you by the modern Left:

phineas gage

From sundance:

‘Bob Woodward points to Vice President Mike Pence as the whisperer who made sure President Trump blindly nominated officials who could facilitate his removal’

“…Woodward describes Coats’s experience as especially tortured. Coats, a former senator from Indiana, was recruited into the administration by Vice President Pence, and his wife is quoted as recalling a dinner at the White House when she interacted with Pence.

“I just looked at him, like, how are you stomaching this?” Marsha Coats said, according to Woodward. “I just looked at him like, this is horrible. I mean, we made eye contact. I think he understood. And he just whispered in my ear, ‘Stay the course.’ ”

Pence is not to be trusted.


Things that make you say Hmmmmm. Interesting, I would hope the President is as savvy as us in judging human character.

Speaking of things that make you say Hmmmmm, I was wondering why the call them apart-ments, when they’re all stuck together? Sorry, just read about housing for the homeless in LA that are ultimately costing a quarter of a million for each dwelling due to mismanagement and corruption.


Same as why does one park on a driveway and drive on a parkway? Just some of life’s imponderables – like why do otherwise smart people so often vote for Democrat A$$holes?

phineas gage

Ha, that’s very good, you could do some good stand-up.

I would guess it is because they are all ‘a part’ of the same building, but who knows?


If you trust Woodward’s account, I don’t. Not saying this isn’t true, but Woodward has an axe to grind and isn’t above shading things to suit his narrative. It’s what he does.

On the other hand, Pence may well be a deep state plant. I just don’t trust any so called journalist now and never will. Citizen journalists like Andy Ngo are the ones we will have to support going forward. The old school “journalists” must be shunned and ignored. They cried wolf once too many times ad infinitum. The current talking heads posing as journalists should be denied attention as well. They are propagandists and nothing more.


I’m pretty much of the same mindset as the others have stated here. Pence is a nice guy but… He’s a career political too… And, from his leadership on the covid is seriously lacking, imo. As for bad advice and rotton political picks… I think its Kushner mainly with Pence closely behind or confirming the advice.

I know the political system isn’t supposed to be a ‘dynasty’ thang but I’ve been beak’n all along that Jr would be an excellent followup BECAUSE hes not a political and hes just as fearless punching back as pappy is. Plus, it would have the demoncraps going off the charts insane to have eight more years of Trump. They’d all have cardiacs and die, no way they could keep the level of insanity at max volume.

But… its early yet. Year six for Trump will see which contender will take the field after Trump. IMO, choose a Cruz type, a political, and it all starts back to mediocrity. Choose a nonpolitical, a mat fighter, brawler, and the demoncraps will be decimated for decades.

One positive this Trump Presidency has done… is clearly display the sheep from the goats. In the Church and in politics. You’d have to be willfully blind to not see this.

Its a war… choose wisely

phineas gage

Yes, you are correct and duly noted. I posted that and then immediately considered that I had earlier described Woodward as a fabulist and a fabricator, which he is.

Nevertheless, I think the Deep State had someone on the inside–deep inside the cabinet– the Trump administration to advise him into terrible staffing decisions.

If Pence is running for the nomination in 2024, I will not be supporting him.


I too am not enamored with Pence. I think that we need a Noem or Grenell to carry the conservative flag going forward. Pence has done a good job as a vice president, but as a president…

I don’t think the Trumps intend on a dynasty type Presidency as some other families have. But then again, you never know. Junior is as scrappy as his father and just as sharp. Time will tell.

For now, we must concentrate on the current situation and as soon as we get that job done, start planning for the next one.


Yeah, I don’t trust Woodwork about anything. To me Pence is iffy. He was placed in charge of the CV-19 panel/task force and let the little menace run roughshod over common sense, and destroy our economy with no pushback. From what I can see Trump was forced to manage those meetings and press conferences.

Someone (Kushner or Pence?) is giving the President some rotten advice on picks. I remember it was Pence who got General Flynn dumped like ten minutes into the administration when the phony accusations came to light.

IMO Pence served a similar purpose for candidate Trump that btfsplk did for ‘the One’: have an appearance of a calming stabilizing force to moderate the empty slate/suit of BHO and to balance Trump’s firebrand rhetoric… Neither btfsplk or Pence brought any electoral votes to the table as BHO was going to win Delaware (3 EC votes) and Pence the same with Indiana (11 EC votes).

Trump’s Pence appears to be Reagan’s GHW Bush.

Sloppy Stuartswede

I meant to reply to Phineas with the below comment.


All of these events are part of the bigger plan, one that our President openly opposes. Link to very good read.

Jimmy MacAfee

Great article!

As I’ve noted, the Chinese are border-hawks, at the very same time they send people through Mexico (and elsewhere) to bust our borders. And their Globalist buddies hate our borders, while China wants to steal all of its neighbors’ lands.

Envy is the sin of Satan himself; the Globalists and China communists are his emissaries.


So true, none of the other sins would manifest themselves without envy first taking root. It’s why God hates it the most. You first covet another mans’ wife or money or possessions before you steal, murder or commit adultery.

Fepperidge Parms

Remember when the CPUSA enemedia called Trump wayciss for the China travel bans while San Fran Nan was cavorting about San Francrisco telling everyone to go get some deep fried won tons? Good times.
If you assume that esteemed party member comrade kommissar Wheeler is out to destroy Portland by any means necessary then it all makes sense.
Probably out of a true believer distorted ideological lens.
Maybe comrade DeBlasio the liberation theology RAT is out to destroy NYC because of his FAIL laugh out loud polling worse than the Kamal preezy of the steezy campaign?

Jimmy MacAfee

DeBlowsio also wanted people to gather in the streets, to party, to congregate. Go figure!

Jimmy MacAfee

If a coup were in the process of being staged, but was interrupted, the crime still exists.

Bringing back Lindsey Graham’s good question to Kavanaugh about his knowledge of the difference between civilian law and military law. Graham may have dual loyalties, but this is a case where certain ex-Obama’s highly political military officials might wish for Durham to investigate them, instead of being subjected to military justice.

This would, potentially, include the former Commander in Chief. Don’t need Barr nor Durham for those issues. Whether or not this comes to pass is open to debate but it is possible. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, any of you lawyers with military law experience.


I’m not a military lawyer, but watched “JAG” a lot back in the day, and I think you are right. Did also stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. Military Law is based on the UCMJ or uniform code of military justice. The penalty for treason during wartime is death.


I’m not a lawyer, JAG or civilian, but I believe the way around the death penalty for wartime treason is that we are not in a “declared war”.

Other thoughts.

When BJ Clinton was in impeachment peril he “Wagged the Dog” in Sudan and the Balkans trying to set up the “soldier’s and sailor’s relief protection” clause because he was the commander in chief during a “war” and therefore was not prosecutable during wartime. Even Mo Dowd of the NYT ran a column highlighting that ploy as a bogus defense.

The S & S relief was/is basically to protect deployed military personnel from debt collectors and immediate prosecution for minor crimes and civil litigation until they return to the US, or are discharged.

Then, during the Clinton Administration, it was revealed that a high ranking general was in line for a big promotion which required congressional confirmation, he was separated and going through a divorce and had an affair while still married, which is in violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Not only was his promotion derailed; his career was ruined. FYI, it is seldom enforced as a standalone crime under the UCMJ.

But the point is Clinton, in classic Clintonian style, tried to have it both ways. Can’t prosecute (impeach) me because I’m in the military, but then with the Lewinsky blue dress revelations he committed adultery which had just schiff-canned the general. Even Mo Dowd couldn’t buy that Clinton-schiff. That ‘defense’ quietly went away.

And that is how the media mantra came to be that oral sex is not really “sex”, nor is it adultery. Walking Eagle, the most cheated upon – but smartest – woman in America, apparently bought that “argument” for the umpteenth time and concocted the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” against poor Billy theory.

The general who had is life ruined, was probably the victim of an vindictive wife who exposed the UCMJ violation. The only possible positive was she probably didn’t gain much since the general got busted and lost most of his military pay and benefits.

This also happened to a successful GOP governor from Illinois when his bimbo actress ex-wife got their (damaging) SEALED divorce record UNSEALED just in time to ensure his reelection defeat.

And with our two-tiered ‘justice’ system, NDAs and sealed records (remember Bush Jr’s sealed 1980s DUI conviction got released on the weekend prior to the 2000 election) can only work against Republicans.


And as some have forgotten, we are still in a war state on three different fronts if my memorator is working correctly. And since it would involve high ranking officers wouldn’t it be high treason?

phineas gage

Haha, silly rabbit, laws are for plebes.

There are now, and have been for some time, two systems of justice in this country. One for elites and the other for all of the rest.


Looked up her picture, Kotex could be madcow’s sister. If I see very many more pics of these appearance challenged women (?) politicians I may forever become a volcel.

There isn’t enough booze in a bar “to make all these ‘girls’ look prettier at closing time” – with apologies to Mickey Gilley.

They make my first mistake look ravishing.


Raging socialist gun grabber. Tries to pass herself off as a moderate.

phineas gage

Silas, what can you tell us about Oregon House Speaker Tina Kotek (beyond the fact that she would be quite at home on a trip to the Isle of Lesbos…)?

Her top legislative assistant was just arrested for throwing firebombs at police.


I know, but one can dream.

Jay Whitcraft

Unfortunately for him, that idiot Wheelers ban on facial recognition, doesn’t apply to the feds or to the State Police who have been made deputized. I can’t wait until their “tent city” is raided in the middle of the day. Once a large percentage of the instigators are headed for a 10 year prison sentence, this will all calm down. Jay

Jimmy MacAfee

That puts an exclamation point on it! Excellent observation!


On the fence here in regards to the facial recognition software usage.

Personally I think its being introduced slowly enough to ‘normalize’ it into the US. With the help of Google and gates’s microcrap China has a ‘social credit’ system in place all built around facial recognition software. What better place and justification for introducing this system but here in the paces where riots are taking place. Its all about ‘security’, right??? Its always about your ‘security’.

In China, and soon in the US of A, the social credit system determines your abilities to travel, buy luxury items like groceries or even if you can have a pet. The AI can scan crowds to pick out dissenters, tracking them in the crowd, then directing police to their location for arrest. Yes, its already happened there.

So wheres the problem?? It can be and would be used against people like say…. conservatives.. or Christians, you know, the trouble makers. Aside from this there are the real security problems like information collected on you. EVERYTHING. Where you go, habits, spending trends and preferences, whom you associate with. its all collected. So would you want the government or some ‘private’ tech company like Alphabet or Microcrap to be in control of that information??

I think the demoncraps are inadvertently our friends here on facial recognition tech.


Great points Brian, many of which I hadn’t considered. But regardless of how it shakes out, and like everything else it must be equally applied on a national level, or it is worthless, much like the way our justice department picks and chooses which actual criminal (D) it wants to ignore/exhonorate and which accused criminal (R & I) it wants to persecute.


Mattis’ nickname among the military was “Mad-Dog Mattis”. He, Tillerson, and Coats, by plotting this coup, are the true Mad-Dogs and like any rabid mad-dog, they need to be put down permanently – for TREASON and crimes against the United States.

Dr. Frankl

And now the new way not to get arrested but go the the hospital is fake a seizure? The above video of a protestor who is not having a seizure

phineas gage

A mass outbreak of epilepsy–I wonder if these geniuses know it is not a communicable disease? Even with all the psychotropic drugs they are ingesting.

Although it is not medically recommended for actual tonic-clonic seizures, I expect the police will just put them in full restraints and toss their carcasses into the back of the police car.

Jimmy MacAfee

Most of the time, people who have just had a grand mal seizure are in a state of physical depression, and aren’t likely to fight back or become disruptive; most would prefer a dark, quiet place – it is humiliating for some. So if someone comes out of a fake seizure and starts fighting, 9 times out of 10 it was fake. There are seizures themselves which I’ve heard called “running seizures,” and it’s one of the only times when someone having a seizure may need to be restrained physically for their own safety. Running into a wall full-speed, or in to a lake or fire (as is described in the Bible) is a really bad thing.

On that note, widespread attempts by Pig Pharma to prevent people from using non-THC pot to help with intractable seizures was unconscionable, ugly and parasitic. The government’s paranoia over the use of cannabis products was similarly bizarre. Thank G0D the tide is turning! The DEA and FDA didn’t even want it studied, and suppressed legitimate medical investigation.

On the other hand, there were attempts to use the vagus nerve (via a pacemaker-like vagus nerve stimulator) to interrupt or prevent seizures. I don’t know about the current state of the research on that, but vagus nerve stimulators have been used for depression as well. (Dr. Frankenstein, we have a patient for you to charge up; a thunderstorm is approaching.)

I do know that people used to be put into institutions for having Epilepsy – a life-sentence back then. We had a place (now called CVTC, Central Virginia Training Center) that used to be called “The Colony,” a partially self-supporting institution for the housing (and imprisonment) of people with what Hippocrates’ peers called “the sacred disease.” Hippocrates supposedly eschewed their claims of a cure by these imbecilic “healers,” suggesting that if they could cure it, they could cause it.

And this is where we have to come back to COVID-19: if they can cure it, they probably have caused it.

But the fact that the Left would use such a disorder to promote their own cause makes them lower than Toxoplasma Gondii shit (the crap from a bowel parasite.)

phineas gage

Vagal nerve stimulation is intriguing, but can be tricky because the vagus nerve contains not only the vast majority of parasympathetic efferent fibers innervating the visceral organs, it also contains a large number of visceral sensory fibers destined for brainstem nuclei integration and reflex centers.

Jimmy MacAfee

My favorite nerve in the entire human body!

I also like the Phrenic nerve, which can be wired to a pacemaker in the case of a neuromuscular disease process, thus allowing the diaphragm to work without the use of an iron lung.

Jimmy MacAfee

You hit the nail on the head: I’m full of Oobleck!


pH pft.


Ph was big in the submarine steam plant. I just use the definition of Ph when i want to sound smart. 🙂

phineas gage

pH and I never got along very well, particularly if you add in physics.


I’m glad we have all these medic types around for when the fight’n starts! But I think you guys are start’n to show off a little bit. Have you considered the effect of minus the log of the hydronium ion concentration on non Newtonian fluid behavior? Just kidd’n.

phineas gage

Yes, the primary stimulus to breath–as in all terrestrial vertebrates–is actually blood levels of CO2, not oxygen.

That information is relayed by fibers of the vagus and glossopharyngeal nerve.

It is not out of the realm of possibility that the phrenic nerve could be a displaced cranial nerve component (much as the accessory nerve is really part of the vagus), but I have never seen any evidence for it. Much reorganization happened as tetrapods transitioned to land–evidenced by the fact that frogs have ten pairs of cranial nerves, while we have twelve.

Jimmy MacAfee

As a swimmer, I did a series of experimentations vis a vis the phrenic nerve, using a pulse oximeter and doing 50 meter freestyle no-breather repeats on an interval of 1:30, with an easy pace of :40 seconds. No change in blood oxygen, even after 10 x.

I concluded that – in addition to calcium, carbon dioxide and other issues, that the phrenic nerve was the primary route of transmission of the sensation of needing to breathe.

I used short, shallow breaths in-between swims, and since hypersaturation of blood with oxygen has been debunked (at least as far as hyperventilation goes) I concluded that the phrenic nerve was a discreet form of cranial nerve. (Any kid who hyperventilates for fun and makes themselves dizzy knows the sensation.)

I have several ideas of how to use FMRI to test the hypothesis, but alas, no degree nor access to facilities. And I tend to be ignored – (no problem, it comes with the territory.) Pedigree and all that. I have at least 40 studies (perhaps 50) to inquire about, but it doesn’t matter: someone else will explore them eventually. (DARPA hasn’t called, and won’t.)

phineas gage

The phrenic nerve, although largely somatic motor to the diaphragm, also contains sensory nerve fibers. The nerve also arises from the cervical plexus.

This explains the interesting fact that the pain of cholecystitis if often referred to the tip of the right shoulder.

Jimmy MacAfee

Haven’t read the whole site, but here:


I would just cordon off the active epileptic ‘patients’ until their ‘seizures’ abate, pack them off to a hospital, have them checked out for epilepsy and if they test negative, further charge them.

Either that or just walk away and let them do their thing, since the DA will do that anyway. When they get up to re-riot, then bust them. Wash-Rinse-Repeat.

phineas gage

Some people are claiming that a military coup may occur in the immediate election aftermath, but I think, as your post indicates, that the greatest risk of this was early in Trump’s term.

He has weeded out enough of the inner-circle traitors now that it is quite unlikely.

phineas gage

Woodward and Fauci are both snakes. It wouldn’t surprise if Woodward just made it up, but it also wouldn’t surprise me if Fauci said it to ingratiate himself with his liberal friends, and is now lying.

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