Situation Desperate: Democrats/Media Roll out Two New Hoaxes in One Day

But you just let him out of the damn basement, people! – Rumors are flying that concerned Democrat honchos and funders have been reaching out to the Biden elder-abusing campaign staff, urging them to cut back on their Unfrozen Caveman candidate’s schedule less than two weeks after they started letting him emerge from the basement where they’d kept him holed up for more than six months, as they attempted to execute Operation Hidin’ Biden.

A piece at The Hill posted Wednesday claims the honchos are worried about all of Biden’s “verbal gaffes,” but let’s face it, if they didn’t assume this 77 year-old gaffe machine would be making all kinds of gaffes they wouldn’t have fixed the nomination for him in the first place. But the naturally anonymous sources for the story said they didn’t know if Biden’s handlers would take their advice.

Here’s an excerpt from the report at The Hill:

The allies, growing increasingly nervous about Biden’s verbal flubs, have said it’s an approach that’s been suggested to campaign officials on the heels of the former vice president’s stumbles.

Biden has a tendency to make the blunders late in the day, his allies say, particularly after a long swing on the road, like he had last week in Iowa. They say something needs to be done to give the candidate more down time as the campaign intensifies in the fall.

“He needs to be a strong force on the campaign trail, but he also has to pace himself,” said one ally who has talked to members of the campaign team and others in the broader Biden World about how to move forward.

The ally said it was unclear whether the campaign would make any changes to Biden’s schedule, particularly because Biden was criticized recently for not doing as many events as his Democratic rivals.


Former Obama advisor and current paid CNN hack David Axelrod said the honchos – who probably include his former boss, by the way – were giving Biden bad advice in  Twitter posting:

“This is bad advice. You can’t cloister the candidate and win. He either can cut it or he can’t, and the only way he can prove he can is to be an active and vigorous candidate. He’s running for president of the United States, for God’s sake!”

Of course, everyone, including Axelrod, knows Biden can’t cut it. That’s been blatantly obvious since mid-year 2019. And what the honchos are worried about is not the gaffes they knew would come, but the horrific visuals Biden’s pathetic staff are creating around their elderly, fading candidate. Check out these images from Biden’s trip to Michigan on Wednesday.

Here’s a shot from from an event he did in Warren, Michigan:

Scott Adams said this one was indistinguishable from a dog-training class, and he was right.

Here’s a shot from a later Biden event held in some guy’s backyard in Ecorse, Michigan:

Just a handful of bored people looking bored, a stark contrast to the exciting, boisterous Trump events held in North Carolina and Florida the day before.

Then this image of Gropey McNastyFinger trying to put his mask on before entering the back yard:

The Biden Campaign has become an unending procession of horrible images that immediately go viral throughout social media. Those images are not controllable by the Democrats’ toadies in the corrupt news media.

Thus, the honchos and funders are in a mass panic at this point, and so are their media toadies. Thus it was that the Democrat/media Axis of Propaganda rolled out not one, but two new hoaxes for the masses to consume on Wednesday.

The first came from reliable old Watergate reporter Bob Woodward. Woodward is promoting a new book in which he quotes President Trump admitting that he downplayed the magnitude of the COVID-19 issue back in February, and he has a recording of the President to prove it. The corrupt toadies in the media, as well as the Biden campaign and its Democrat Party echo chamber, have gone berserk with this hoax, claiming it somehow proves that the President is a “mass murderer” in Biden’s scripted words.

The thing is, Obama and Biden also downplayed the magnitude of the H1N1 outbreak in 2009/10, for the simple reason – as President Trump explained to the media jackals at the White House yesterday – that is important to promote calm and avoid panic in such a situation. The other problem for Woodward is that the President has already admitted the exact same thing publicly many times, including at least twice during White House Task Force press briefings.

This is a nothing-burger story that will pass just as The Atlantic hoax has already passed into the dredge of fake Democrat/media hoax history.

The second came from another reliable skunk: Adam “Pencil Neck” Schiff, who issued this tweet early in the afternoon:

Oh, he’s got himself another fake whistleblower, and he’s gonna hold hearings just in time to try to impact the November elections. This is so transparently a hoax that I predicted back in February that the exact scenario would take place right about this time.

Schiff will no doubt attempt to escalate this matter in to a second full-blown impeachment hoax as Election Day approaches. As he does so, we will of course gradually find out that this “whistleblower” is, like Eric Ciaramella and Alexander Vindman before him, another Obama holdover embed in the Intelligence Community, and that he coordinated his “complaint” with Schiff and his staff in violation of the law.

Yes, this is all utterly depraved. Yes, it is despicable. Yes, it is demented. Yes, it is dishonest, disgraceful and disgusting.

But hey, these are Democrats we’re talking about here. What did you expect?

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Should we start calling those circles on the ground “Biden Bubbles”?

It’s pretty clear that Joe’s extended warranty has expired. Even the Curtained Curmudgeon did better getting around in 2016. The only reason they’re likely keeping him around is because it would cost to much (in political capital) to buy a new model. Better to limp past November with this one, then junk him for the Kamala that they’ve inherited from Auntie Pelosi.

Besides, haven’t some of their mega-doners already given massive amounts that can’t be legally rolled over to a different candidate? Not that legality is a problem for Dems.



Love your car model analogies like the Kamala, from auntie Nancy. Is it ok if I use them?


Feel free 🙂

Jay Whitcraft

IMHO, Adam Schiff can’t get the hearings really going good enough to make a difference at this point in the election cycle. What little he does accomplish will backfire in his face. The big mistake that the Dems made here (fortunately for us), is that they have “cried wolf” so many times that any October Surprise won’t work. Look how fast the Atlantic story died. Jay


So very true… If you have policy or solutions, that any reasonable person might consider, for consideration then its also reasonable to expect people to listen. But when you have less than nothing, its also reasonable to assume people will not only will quit listening but they’ll see it for what it really is… acts of desperation.

I so hope they keep it up and even amp it up more… At this point it wouldn’t surprise me if an ‘investigation’ into Trumps removing of pillow and mattress labels isn’t started, as some others have suggested. Maybe an ‘anonymous’ source who’s friends sister’s best friend told someone else they witnessed Trump tearing labels off in one of his hotels. Full investigation says Shiff4brains

Jimmy MacAfee

In the lawsuit against President Trump by a deranged accuser, the DOJ is defending the President. Not in word; in actual practice. This is entirely lawful, because her attack is on a sitting President, during the course of his lawful duties.

And she’s nuttier than a squirrel caught in a commode.


Is this the homely dingbat that accused Trump of raping her in a high end store’s dressing room 25 years ago? I forget her name – can’t keep up with all these bought off tramps and bimbos seeking their fifteen minutes of infamy. I thought she was laughed off the MSM (D) clown stage like the second Avenatti prompted Kavanaugh silo cup accuser who was even less creditable than Blasely-Ford. She reeks of the same mantra of those several paid off (by the 25 or so reporters the WAPO sent down to Alabama) accusers who (I think they got their mortgages paid off) came out of the trailer parks to trash Roy Moore.

Jimmy MacAfee


Jimmy MacAfee

The best way to pay A. Dam Shitt back for all this fraud is for his party to lose their majority, and for declassification of stuff HE’S STILL HIDING to be published and disseminated.

As to his mental state: I suspect he’s fighting so hard in order to keep his closet door from spilling all the bones out for all to see. Rumors are everywhere – but decriminalization of certain crimes in California is part of his party’s agenda, and for good reason: they’re terrified.

Attempting to stay on the offensive when out of actual ammunition rarely works, and while it worked in Gettysburg at Little Round Top, they held the high ground. The Left has no high ground, only a mentality that indicates a massive collection of people with the so-called “Dark Triad.”

phineas gage

‘ while it worked in Gettysburg at Little Round Top, they held the high ground’

Well done.


Oh good! Another con job by Adumb Schitt…

Francisco Machado

Some behavior is best understood by going back to the primary school years before social inhibitions gain ascendancy. The complaints of the kid who used to blame everyone else, make false accusations and whine about things a lot got ignored – then other kids started to avoid him, even make jokes about him. Like Adam Schiff.

Jimmy MacAfee

Who has more Secret Service protectors than campaign rally attendees?

Bad Bart

The rig count ticked up for a change?
That’s some happy news.


Please Phineas, I hope and pray joe btfsplk survives and remains upright for another 54 days. He needs to be the face of the Dems. While I agree with Dave the debates probably won’t happen except under the most controlled conditions which Trump to which would never agree; either way, they will be a disaster for the left. If there are debates, Trump will light him up. If not, btfsplk will be seen as a chicken. If he can’t face Trump for a total of six hours with a favorable ‘format’ then how can he possibly deal with adversarial world leaders?

One thing I believe most thinking Americans, regardless of ideology want in a president is a vibrant and appealing figure. BS artists like Jimmy Peanut, BJ Clinton, and ‘the One’, fit that bill; Mundane, Dukakis, Algore, Lurch, Walking Eagle didn’t; nor does btfsplk.


“He needs to be a strong force on the campaign trail, but he also has to pace himself,” said one ally who has talked to members of the campaign team and others in the broader Biden World about how to move forward.”

Memo to “ally” and “others”. It is impossible for any candidate to pull off something that is diametrically opposed – especially THIS candidate!

btfsplk can’t be “a strong force” at the top of the building and be “pacing himself” in the bunker at the same time.

BTW, don’t any of these Democrats take care of their lawns? Are there not any homes belonging to millionaires like Matthew Broderick and Sara Jessica Parker available to host campaign events and/or fundraisers in these few states he is actually visiting?

And another thought: With so few people along with his ‘handlers’ and a sycophantical media actually attending btfsplk’s events who knows if he has actually gone anywhere? Wouldn’t it be just as easy to fly the family of the ‘police shooting victim’ to Wilmington, DE for an ‘interview’ than fly the empty head out to Wisconsin? Hollywood has a lot of unemployed (oh call them set designers) available to make scenes believable. Some people, to this day, still think the moon walks were staged; how hard would it be to stage these “rallies” that have a dozen or so people?

phineas gage

I think it is dawning on the DNC bosses that not only is Biden in a state of outright cognitive collapse, he may not even survive until election day if they don’t put him back in cold storage.

And the Obama camp is pretty clearly not in his corner. He hasn’t even lost yet and they are already p*ssing on his grave..

Jimmy MacAfee

Phineas, love your last line!


When a person, body, is no longer useful to the politburo then you dispatch it. Matters not how. Its communism, its how that works.


Hope you are doing better. I’m hearing rumors CNN is planning a townhall with Anderson Cooper interviewing Gary Cohn, Gen Jim Mattis, Gen John Kelly, and HR McMaster were they trash PDJT as unfit for office, in order to, hurt his support from the military and others. They have held back announcing it because the Atlantic article jumped the gun. Know anything about this?


The amount of influence these dirtballs have is minimal. From what I glean out of other sites about these ‘bombshells’ is after disgust and realization of the pathetic desperation, most then find it somewhat amusing. The wonderment that there is a complete void of public sentiment and, you’d have to have TDS level 20+ to think any of it will actually work in their favour.

But hey!!! demoncraps get a solid 10 for effort. They simply cannot be swayed from trying to reach the bottom of the well of stupid. Even after being told its bottomless, they hate being confused by facts.

phineas gage

What value would it have now, after the Atlantic article disaster?

No one cares about Woodward’s meaningless book outside the Beltway. This guy has made a fortune acting as a stenographer to disgruntled Washington figures and marketing to the same audience as if it means anything. It doesn’t.

Schiff, as I posted earlier, is clearly mentally ill—although many other top Democrats are as well.

How likely is it that Ciaramella and Vindman were also the anonymous sources for the Atlantic article?


That could be a possibility, but really the “sources” could be anyone. After Obama purged anyone who wasn’t in line with his agenda, all that’s left are potential sources against the POTUS.

CNN can have anyone on they want. At this point, are they going to sway anyone who doesn’t watch their network? All they are doing is reinforcing their own viewpoints with people who agree with them. A giant echo chamber.

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