Joe Biden Couldn’t Care Less About the Military and NetFlix is Promoting Pedophilia

Lyin’ Joe Biden strikes again. – The corrupt news media is of course ignoring it, but Creepy Uncle McWifeMolester earlier this week claimed that thousands of U.S. military members have died from the China Virus. The real number is considerably lower than that. As in, the real number is actually a single digit.

From a report at the Washington Examiner:

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden claimed the military has suffered thousands of deaths due to the coronavirus, but government data shows only seven service members have died.

“Military COVID infected: 118,984,” Biden said during an event in Warren, Michigan, this week. “Military COVID deaths: 6,114.”

Department of Defense data shows there have been just 40,026 cases of the coronavirus within the military and seven deaths.

Biden’s campaign quickly addressed the numbers, saying the former vice president mixed up Michigan coronavirus statistics with the military.


Biden’s corrupt, elder-abusing handlers quickly responded by claiming that their Unfrozen Caveman candidate had messed up by confusing the numbers for Michigan with those of the military he claims to love and respect. But does that explanation really help to clean anything up?

It seems to me that that explanation actually tells us several things about Biden, none of which say anything good about him:

  • It tells us that Gropey Joe McNastyFinger actually cares so little about the military that he can’t be bothered to keep up with the reality of how this pandemic is impacting their personnel;
  • It tells us that Biden, who loves to go around slamming Trump for not caring about the pandemic cares so little about it himself that he hasn’t any clue what the real numbers look like; and
  • It tells us that all this national poster child for creeping dementia does nothing at his events but read script from his handy TelePrompter, and he doesn’t even do that particularly well.

This man is a national disgrace and a menace to our nation’s survival as a free republic. He must be defeated in November.

Speaking of creepy politicians… – Carly Fiornia, the mousiest woman in politics, appeared on Fox Business’s “Mornings with Maria” this morning. Fiorina told host Maria Bartiromo that she’s voting for Joe Biden this year because she doesn’t like President Trump’s “style.”

In her very next breath, Fiorina also said that “I disagree with Joe Biden on everything.”

This is the insanity of #NeverTrump fake conservatives.

The Democrat/media Axis of Propaganda already has its next anti-Trump hoax in the queue. – This one will be coming from Obama loyalist and former National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, who did everything he could to undermine President Trump and implant dozens of Deep State embeds into the NSA staff during his months in that job:

Set for a September 22 release, it will come along about the time the Bob Woodward hoax has fully run its course. If this surprises you, you have not been paying attention.

The perverts who run NetFlix are attempting to normalize pedophilia. – Just in time to try to get Bill Clinton off the Jeffrey Epstein hook, the corrupt news/entertainment media are trying to convince you that opposition to adult sex with children is somehow a bad thing.

The latest shoe to drop in this effort is the new film from the evil slime at NetFlix titled “Cuties.” Their fellow evil slime at the UK Telegraph today are lecturing this film’s critics as being “terrified of child sexuality”:

To any normal American with functioning synapses, being against sexualizing our children is a good thing. But make no mistake about it: The people who populate our news media and entertainment industry today are anything but normal Americans. Their own community is filled with aggressive pedophiles in high places of authority and they are doing everything they can to brainwash you into thinking you are somehow abnormal for being repulsed by them.

You are not abnormal. You should be repulsed by the things these monsters do to children.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Dugan Heimerschmitt

Pedos and NAMBLA will be at 1600 Pennsylvania if the Kamal and gropey Joe get across the finish line by any means necessary.
Just read an article at the aggregator about the Netflix pedoporn and it was defended by the true believer comrades at the NY Slimes and Rolling Stoned as progressive.
Maybe Rolling Stoned can put it on the cover with the Boston bombers.
Forward! Yes can…abominations of desolation.

Jimmy MacAfee

GREAT satire! I remember MAD magazine lampooning NAMBLA way back in the 70s – it’s hard to believe that people want to normalize the abnormal. They should all be shipped to China for human experimentation, and leave the normies alone.

Jimmy MacAfee

Fiorina the Foulest once claimed that the Ottoman Empire was a wonderful thing, a thing to be desired (snorts of derision heard from actual Arab countries in the background.) That’s when I realized that she is abjectly stupid and historically incompetent.

The whole Balkans thing was set up by the Ottomans. And YipYip Errordog remains a threat to freedom and safe passage vis a vis the Bosphorus, and may find one day that his hold over Russia (and others) is a noose for his own neck when the strait is impeded by some reckless asshat. Like Errordog.

You don’t piss in your own oatmeal. And Fiorina has just peed in hers.

phineas gage

To quote Seinfeld, ‘a whole empire based on furniture’?


With Fiorina’s (a classic Christine Todd-Whitman type) recent and other comments, I’m beginning to agree with you that the 19th Amendment was a big mistake, at least for the vast majority of women I have personally known and an even greater majority of female (?) public and elected officials.

I can count on the fingers of one hand the current good and sensible women politicians. With the exception of Margaret Thatcher, I can’t think of any other former woman politician who contributed anything to real progress.

And lest anyone here thinks I’m a total chauvinist, I’m not too crazy about 90% of the male politicos either. But today’s prominent women – wow! It would be hard to find a group of rulers that are worse than these Democratic and some RINO women.

Jimmy MacAfee


I dated a LOT of women – as you say you did: most were broken by abusive fathers, cruel and uncaring fathers, drunken fathers, violent fathers. These women all became liberals. Daddy issues.

If you want to find a Proverbs 31 woman, better be equally yoked – and that means repentance and finding out what it means to follow Christ. I have a strong vision that if you do, you will find a gem of a woman. They are out there, but if they’re wise, they won’t marry a man just on the hope he’ll get Saved.

I married later than most. It was a good thing I did, because I was finally mature enough – and Christ-centered enough – to have my prayers answered. I cannot overstate the need for a prayer partner in a marriage.


Jimmy is spot on my friend. There are plenty of great ladies out there. The key is that your relationship with God, Jesus Christ. is first and foremost and desiring a wife that also honors God and knows how to pray and actively reads scriptures. My heavenly Father provides that which makes us grow into His image, and a Godly wife is one of those things.

Relationship with God first, doesn’t mean religion.


Thanks for your kind words. The thing I have a hard time understanding is I don’t ever remember dating a “broken” woman that you speak of. Most of my experiences have been with middle and upper middle class women – in fact very much like the brainwashed festival goers we see today.

Another reason I left DC was because of the last woman I dated when I lived there. She worked for the Gov, earned over 110K, got at least child support for one kid from her ex, (her girl went to regular public school) and voted Democrat after knowing my views and arguments in 2006 when Senator Allen lost in Va.

I asked her why she votes Democrat and her response was because Democrats SEEM to CARE more for supporting THE children. All the other crap didn’t matter – just like with that idiot Fiorina not liking Trump’s “Style”.

Six months later I had bought a house in TN and was out of there.

You have given me hope for America that there are conservative women who you know are voting for the President. Hopefully enough of them vote for Trump and against Warner in your VA this year.

phineas gage

Some further evidence to support your interpretation:

Women just automatically fall for leftist cant, like a line from a smooth user.

They say they want good men. They lie. They want money.

They say they want freedom. They lie. They want security.

You can say it’s biologically wired, but that and a thousand dollars will buy you a loaf of bread in the grand new utopian socialist state.

phineas gage

‘Nuff said. I have nothing to add to that.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’ve seen more Conservative, strong women in the Christian community than ever; I’ve seen more Conservative, strong Christian women lead their worthless, self-centered husbands to Faith than ever, and sometimes the men eventually come out of adolescence to become actual men instead of men-children. If boys have good fathers, this step is usually unnecessary.

I know more women who are voting for Trump than men; I also know more men with histrionic personality (John Brennan, maybe?) disorder than women. The Bible has described these times, when men fail to be men and women fail to be women.

I am not a misogynist; I am a misanthrope; my racism is this: the whole human race is unalterably sick – (without Jesus) – and that includes all races, people groups, cultures, nations and sexes. There is only one reason to love human beings, and that is that we are all created in G0D’s image, and because of Jesus there is hope for redemption.

I don’t trust either sex, and I don’t believe there in any other than the two sexes. As for men: I’ve seen too many men in groups do horrible things, say terrible things and act in revolting ways, while women, alone and among themselves, say things that would make a sailor throw up. Sin.

I trust a repentant woman to vote the right way.

phineas gage

I don’t disagree with you, but the larger point was about political voting behavior among women.

Jimmy MacAfee

Adam was responsible for not correcting Eve: G0D NEVER said not to touch the fruit, only not to eat it. And Adam was the only one present – Eve was not yet made – and so should have stopped her from eating. IN other words, she embellished the story, and Adam failed to assert the truth.

It was his wimpiness that caused generations of misery. He failed in leadership – and at the very least, as a teacher.

My wife is very good at making decisions, but we make sure to hash it out between us to make sure we’re not making a mistake. Both of us are capable of making mistakes.

It’s been said that women want love and men want respect. I tend to agree with that. A disrespectful shrew is a curse, and a man not worthy of respect is worse.

Let there be peace.

Jimmy MacAfee

She’s far above the Texas Skateboarder With Flapping Arms, China Mike, Fingerlickin’Joe and even Corey Boogerman. But that’s like saying one pile of dogcrap smells better than another: can’t tell if it’s a product of a female dog or a male.

phineas gage

Pedophiles make up a significant and powerful component of the modern Democrat party.

A major goal of liberalism’s corrosive decades-long assault on traditional sociocultural values and mores has been to enable sexual access to children. They are frighteningly close to achieving this.

phineas gage

Somewhat related–scary story:

There’s no doubt the pedo targeted the girl because her father was blind. Her father was smart to hold on to her tightly.

Jimmy MacAfee

They’re the chief reason New Jerk City is releasing prisoners, not “COVID.” Bet they’re the biggest fans of DeBlowsio. There are some people who should be held in jail, period.

But that’s OK: if I were a family man and had my child molested by some repeat offender, I know where some deep water is – or hot furnaces. Nothing could stop it. Nothing.

phineas gage

I like how Instapundit calls Biden ‘Super-Gaff-o-matic ’76’

Jimmy MacAfee

If there is anything that will bring out the long guns, it’s if the state legalizes pedophilia.

People (read: perps) will be disappearing, one-by-one – and no one will give a shit. This IS a threat, for the future. There are some lines that you just don’t cross.

This is the main reason they hate President Trump, because so many of the “elite” have done whatever they want with the helpless and innocent.


We are indeed in the last days, calling good evil and evil good. Nothing is as despicable as pedophilia, and to suggest it is acceptable is devilish. They have no conscience or shame. No wonder the Obamanations fit right in at Netflix. Slime ridden communist scumbags. God has a special place in hell for these types.

It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones. Luke 17:2

Jimmy MacAfee

We can make that happen, can’t we?

Jimmy MacAfee

The millstone(s), I mean?


They are beyond monsters, they are demonic. All of them.

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