Discussion Post – 9.10.2020

Well, as you will read elsewhere in my other posts this morning, the Democrat/Media propaganda complex rolled out not one, but two new hoaxes on Wednesday while I was at the emergency room.


Discuss away.

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Reading the Gallup poll Phineas linked, I noticed they are changing up how the NFL ratings are analyzed so as to muck up the results from last year to this year so they can better hide comparisons from 2019 to this year. ESPN, NBC, CBS and FOX might be able to fool the fans and the clueless/feckless/toadying sports analysts, experts and writers, but they won’t be able to fool the advertisers for very long, Bit TV broadcasts will go by the way of the dinosaurs.

The SB champs are playing at home tonight; I won’t tune in – got to catch up on “Hogan’s Heroes reruns.

The Chiefs are selling about 16,000 (out of a 76 K seat capacity at Airhead Stadium) because the GOP Governor of Missouri allows for civilization to resume, and reportedly they can’t even sell that many. This is the first game of the season (don’t know or care who they are playing), the only game being aired in primetime, and the first home game of the Defending Super Bowl Champions, not the NY Jets at the Detroit Lions

The NFL had better order a million cardboard cutout “fans” to fill the empty seats like what MLB is doing. CV-19 has shutdown MLB fan attendance, and the ersatz fans are for fun – that won’t be the reality for the NFL.

Years ago, the joke for poorly attended games was look at all those fans disguised as empty seats. This year MLB has disguised empty seats as fans. I look for that trend to continue in the months and years to come.

Look for the cameras to take only lo-level field shots – which will only further display the BLM SJW message worn by the college graduate, but incredibly ignorant athletes – and no blimps taking overhead shots showing the empty bowls.

Another funny line regarding the kneelers: Before they kneeled, no one knew who Monika Lewinsky or Colon Kaepernick was.

Jimmy MacAfee

NFL is the acronym for Not For Long.

phineas gage

If anyone happens to be a fan of the Frank Herbert Dune series, check out the trailer for the upcoming film. It looks like Hollywood may have actually succeeded with a film.


I read Dune the summer of 1973. My copy in paperback that had the cover torn off so it couldn’t be sold as new. I wish still had it.

Many had issues with the first movie version, but I fond it fairly close to the book. I am intrigued and am almost tempted to see in theater. Almost.

Jimmy MacAfee

That would be a relief: a good representation of Frank Herbert’s work!

Ever read “The White Plague?” I did, years ago. Plandemics are no surprise after reading this book, even if it (the plague) is started by one individual.

phineas gage

Yes,that is a great book–far, far better than the more recent Dan Brown book ‘Inferno’ which has a somewhat similar theme.

But then Herbert was a great author, and Dan Brown is…..not.

phineas gage

Humpty Dumpty has had a great fall:


They won’t be able to put him back together again.

Jimmy MacAfee

Notice that the pharmaceuticals and big government rate even lower than pro sports!

That’s no surprise: the reason Pig Pharma moved to China is that they can experiment on Muslims with Chinese consent in ways that are illegal in the states and in most civilized nations. Even African nations, some of the poorest, are sick of being used as lab rats. But the Chinese don’t mind sharing their people with Pig Pharma executives.

phineas gage

You can be sure they are disposable Uighurs, who are already being used for organ harvesting.

Jimmy MacAfee

You named ’em!

Pig Pharma could move operations to a dozen other countries – including Vietnam – and expect the same quality (or better.) The only answer is human experimentation, only available in Nazi China. (Wonder who their Dr. Mengele is?)

This will soon be an issue discussed openly among analysts, hidden by intelligence and denied by Demonrats.

phineas gage

Gee, i wonder why?


Someone send Mr. Hammond a clue.


China… bringing out the really terrifying tech to freak India into walking away from their border dispute.


Actually China does this everywhere, nibbling away at borders. Some call it slicing the salami, little by little they keep moving the borders and claiming the territory as ancient Chinese territories.

They so want to be seen as the nonprovocateurs and that other countries are just picking on them like bullies. So they put their soldiers out front with sticks and have a few behind them fire rounds into the air. Its to draw fire from Indian troops, then claim India over reacted. Its a typical propaganda attempt by China.

China wants a war but don’t want to be seen as the instigator.

Jimmy MacAfee

Funny how those who eschew borders love China, the worst border-violator on the entire planet.

One day, Tibet will be free; Mongolia will be independent and China will be honorable again, and will be prosperous.

phineas gage

I hope that is true. I have predicted repeatedly throughout my adult life that Cuba right off the shore of the U.S. would throw off the shackles of oppression, and there the island prison still remains after all these decades.

Liberty is a brief flickering light in the darkness of human history.

Jimmy MacAfee

China has always had the potential for honor, but thieves steal it away. Same as Cuba, Venezuela, Persia, Turkey.

So many times, success is within grasp, and evil supplants it. We’ve seen that repeated many times in South America. (Bolivia has some really fine, decent people, always attacked and undermined by Communist thieves.)

phineas gage
phineas gage

Desperation ain’t just a fictional mining town in Nevada….:


Jimmy MacAfee

Remember that B.J. Clinton “loathed the military,” Obeelzebub revealed his true feelings about the Corps when he pronounced their name “the corpse,” and also fired a huge number of soldiers who had served honorably. He also spent nearly all of our armamentarium, including small arms ammo and cruise missiles, allowed our drones to be captured by the Insanians, established insane Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan and elsewhere that resulted in numerous casualties and the deaths of many in the helo incident involving SEAL Team 6 – and basically was widely hated in all the services – If there was a danger of overthrow by the military, that was the time.

Obeelzebub elevated leftist, anti-Christian morons to the Pentagram (I’ve been told that this is an accurate description of a significant part of the cult within) and removed real leaders.

I doubt McMasters is about to turn on President Trump; his book was his opportunity, if he’d wanted to take it.

Jimmy MacAfee

I meant Mattis. McMasters new “book” is another story. Dang, gotta proofread!

I’ve always hated and disrespected McMasters. He’s a fool..

phineas gage

Higher education in action:


Even liberals like Turley cannot countenance this (unlike Loomis’ fellow travelers that comprise the URI faculty)

As if you couldn’t guess, Loomis is a Marxist historian.


Local TN talk radio reports that btfsplk recently said over six thousand military have died of CV-19.

The actual reported count: Seven (7).


Thanks Phineas, but I’m over 150 miles west of Knoxville in Middle Tennessee. People don’t realize how big TN is; it is over 500 miles E to W

phineas gage

I couldn’t remember your location, thought it might be Knoxville.

Well, the harassed tiger may hitchhike or hop a train

Jimmy MacAfee

I have a great idea, stolen from India:

Take all the detainees from BLM and ANTIFA, and send them out with sticks to be “beaters,” to drive the tiger out into the open.

Then watch the fun begin!

phineas gage

Even CNN was forced to correct Non Compos Mentis.


Living on the Atlantic coast of Florida, today is noteworthy for me. September 10th is the statistical peak of my hurricane season. Technically the season stretches from June 1 to November 30, however, the real season runs approximately three weeks either side of today. Fingers crossed for the next 3 weeks.

Oh and with all these new hoaxes, I keep thinking of the definition of insanity. It’s been over four years and they have not learned one single thing.

phineas gage

Same here in southeast coastal Georgia.

Paulette and Rene both doglegged to the north, and I hope the one just emerging of the west African coast will do the same. Halfway home.


The medical knowledge and discussions on the part of several contributors here is amazing. I would have much more confidence in the opinions and knowledge of people like Jimmy, Phineas, Silas, and Brian and others here, than ANY CDC hack pretending to be an “expert” when they are always wrong and have been for so long.

Dave often says the President, and by extension the country, needs new “experts”. I really hope President Trump has people monitoring this and other conservative sites.


I am honored that you singled me out. I have no medical background, but do read a lot and am always working on keeping on top of the subject at hand. Hell, I don’t even have a college degree.
I at one time aspired to be a scientist, then thought about going into law. My Dad was my inspiration. He was a smart man, did have some college, a Marine and a deep thinker.

He taught me to do my own thinking, never accept what was being said by the media (he called it the news back then) as gospel and keep my eyes, ears and mind open. We didn’t always see eye to eye on some things (Dad was a bit of a peacenik which I found ironic considering he had been in the Marines) but he was a good man. Not perfect, but good. He always kidded me about my strong sense of duty, but never once put me down for it. After all, he was my inspiration.

Again, this is why we have the problems we do today: a bevy of fatherless children and children whose fathers lack principles. And demonic politicians who use them for their own terrible purpose.


I did some college, but don’t have a degree either. I was a good student, but hated school and couldn’t see the benefit of spending thousands of dollars for something that was full of lib teachers and truly ignorant people pretending to be students who were more interested in partying; I wanted to make money and developed many blue collar skills.

My dad’s saying about the news was to “learn to read between the lines”. It took me awhile to understand what he meant. My mother immigrated from Ireland in 1957 on a nursing program (certified prior to arriving and was sponsored) and loathed JFK and LBJ and Cronkite – she saw him for the propagandist he was.

My father, on the other hand, loved JFK until the Bay of Pigs and never voted Democrat again. Everyone gives Kennedy credit for the saving the world from nuclear annihilation, but if he had not crapped out a year earlier, there would have been no CMC and Cuba would probably have bee free for the last 59 years.

Dad never had a college degree, but was very pissed that I never got one. His brother, on the other hand, has a masters and a Pilled Higher and Deeper Degree in teaching and scrimshaw (whale teeth carvings) and is the biggest waste of O2 anyone can imagine.


Yes the medical comments were remarkable. Shows what we knew all along, that the contributors to this site are among some of the best and brightest bulbs in the basket of deplorables.

Jimmy MacAfee

Thank you guys! Made my day!

phineas gage

That didn’t go well:


Reich is a millionaire many times over and charges exorbitant fees for his worthless speeches.

But given his physical characteristics, I guess he can still claim he speaks for the little guy.


I took a pause yesterday, but my thoughts and prayers are with you Dave.

I wish the best for all the ‘White-Hats” like you and Rush and others who are doing yeoman’s work keeping us informed and hopeful for the future,

Thanks for all you do Dave


I know what one hoax was, the Bob Woodward deal. All I heard about while the news was playing in the background. What was the other? Oh, and cool, I am the first poster 🙂


Now here I am talking to myself. I just read the bigger hoax thread so now I know what the other hoax was.

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