I spent much of the day at the hospital today with a dehydration issue – collapsed in the street while I was taking my daily walk. I am told the site has been having more issues while I was gone. What a surprise.

GoDaddy is having big-time server issues right now, not just with this site, but with many other sites as well. I’ve been with GoDaddy since January 2017 and this is the first time they have not been able to resolve an issue immediately. Their customer service is truly excellent, so I am bearing with them. Having worked on half a dozen major IT conversion projects in my career, I know from experience how maddening these issues can be at times.

Please bear with me – I’m dealing with all of this as diligently as possible. I know the response time is ludicrously slow right now, but it will get better soon.


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Yes get well, take care of yourself David!


Get well soon, David!

Robosaurus Rex

Hope you have a quick recovery! Thanks for all you do. I know I complain sometimes here, but your blog is the only site I look forward to for updates. When you’re on vacation, it’s really tough, but you have to get away especially with all this craziness. You always have a good perspective when you come back though. You’ve made a lot of sense out of this madness. All the best!


Hey David,
Take care of yourself. Thanks for always going beyond the call of duty to keep us informed, whether you are in the hospital, on vacation, even sick.
We are blessed for your wise insight into our crazy and often-times misleading political landscape!
You’re a necessary and important voice informing many of us.
I see you as a critical scout surveying the oftl-hostile landscape. Your insights help me prepare for the coming battles.


I generally run a 15 miler every morning before coffee then cover myself in bacon grease to wrestle the local grizzlies here in canukistan. Once I sew my limbs back on I often swim the length of the lake here, a mere 3 – 4 miles, all before breakfast.

Actually living in our only desert its hot here too and so hydration is important. Personally I just drink the standard hydration recipe, table spoon of sugar and a pinch of salt to a quart of water. Hasn’t helped my piano playing but it does keep me hydrated.

I’d be interested to see if the other sites are random or conservative leaning. I suppose you might get an idea within their forums whether its conservative sites experiencing slow response times. Not that GoDaddy would admit to a bias throttle. I would say if they can’t work it out within a reasonable time then its time to migrate. Curious if you are using cloud base or server base for page delivery. Imo, knowing both google and microcrap have worked/ing closely with China on cloud services… I just don’t trust the ‘cloud’. At least server based you can track and monitor activity much better.

Any rate… like the others I too will keep you in my prayers and when that coffee button comes up I’ll gladly buy you a cup or two…

Richard Hertz

Godspeed David, hopefully everything is A O K. You are my go to every day, first and last! Don’t know you, but love you brother!

Jimmy MacAfee

Doesn’t cause passing out, but can cause vertigo: crystals in the inner ear. A good PT can remedy that. Often overlooked. C-1 rotation can also have that effect; a good Chiro can remedy that. Sternocleidomastoid trigger points can also be an issue, particularly if you’ve been doing sit-ups and crunches.


Call me a baby but my go to when the heat is up and I am working a lot is pedialyte. As we get older, I think we are close in age, we often don’t realize when we are dehydrating. Take care Dave.

phineas gage

That is very true. Our thirst cues become much more unreliable with age. Elderly people often don’t drink when they should, and conversely often drink when they don’t need to.

Not to mention the overall ECF compartment volume is falling with age, and elderly people are often afflicted with morbidities that impact body fluid composition.

it is the very young and the very old who are most vulnerable to body fluid shifts. My students never believe me when I tell them the number-one killer worldwide is diarrhea.

phineas gage

As an example, it took me a while to realize I had pernicious anemia earlier this year. I knew I had the recurrent atrophic gastritis, but I didn’t make the connections to the other symptoms right away.

Finally did the blood smear on myself and there were all the megaloblasts.

phineas gage

Make sure it is just dehydration. There are many other possible causes for hypovolemia/hypotension. Could possibly be anemia as well, or circulatory.

Jimmy MacAfee

Or blood sugar.

By the way, Metformin may help prevent COVID infection, based on a nutrient it helps maintain serum glutathione, and magnesium in the liver. Several articles point to this:




All three, cross referenced, tend to point toward a COVID-19 benefit from Metformin. Sent to Whitehouse and others.

phineas gage

Yes, I missed the obvious one in hypoglycemia.


No worries Dave. Glad you are ok, speaking from personal experience regarding dehydration I can relate. I now drink at least 4 to 5 12 ounce bottles of water a day. Religously.

phineas gage

Be careful with that as well, because hypotonic hydration can be just as lethal as dehydration.

You can always have too much of a good thing.


Back around 1998 or so we lived in the Sacrodemented Ca area. A local radio station was having a contest for the newest Nintendo console where whoever drank the most water won. A woman died because of it. And they got sued into oblivion.

I drink it through out the course of a day and as my thirst dictates. I was type 2 diabetic, but I have lost a lot of weight and my last two A1C were well inside the safe
zone. I gave up beer 🙁 and limit my alcohol intake as well as my carbs just the same.
Lots of protein. Vegetables are kind of a hit and miss with me as some cause gas, and even taking a gas inhibitor/reducer doesn’t always help. Not a great thing when
you have an ostemy bag. 😛


It’s interesting you bring up the example of the radio station contest–that is the precise anecdote that I use in class to illustrate the dangers of overhydration.

People usually die from cerebral edema as the excess water floods the brain tissue. I think that is what happened to the woman who consumed several gallons of water in just a few minutes.

I didn’t know the prize was a Nintendo console.

Jimmy MacAfee

And stay away from sports drinks! Good way to develop type 2 diabetes, as has happened to our troops in arid regions from info I have recently heard..

Hyponatremia is a problem for ultramarathoners and Ironman Triathletes, too. One of the things that make the kidneys attenuated – and therefore don’t excrete properly – is NSAIDS (like Ibubprofen etc.) Many victims of hyponatremia have used excessive doses of NSAIDS, (and with the duration of some of these events, it’s easy to understand why!)

phineas gage

So true–except for exceptional circumstances, water is all that you need.

Plus you will save a lot of money.


Hope you’re okay Mr Blackmon. Stay safe & keeping you in my prayers!!! ;<)

Jimmy MacAfee

BTW, President Trump has a list of added potential nominees for SCOTUS. Note that this includes Ted Cruz – (who would be a superb nominee!) Think the Pres. knows something we don’t know?

“One flew east, one flew west, one flew over the cuckoos nest.” Intentionally cryptic, because the court may have vacancies for organic reasons and…other. Just a hunch. Watch the SCOTUS over the next few days and weeks.

The pace has quickened in most areas, which is why I’m back on the battlefield. It’s not just the election: big things are afoot. Put your gear on.

phineasg age

In my opinion the politician names are primarily for show. Assuming Trump is reelected, his next nominee will likely be replacing RBG, and so it is likely to be a female jurist with high-level bench experience.

I think Amy Coney Barrett is the strong favorite, but Alison Jones Rushing (on the list today) from the Fourth Circuit is also a possibility.

Jimmy MacAfee

Perhaps. But it also increases the workload of those who intend to investigate (and smear) the potential nominees, stretching them thin.

phineas gage

Yes, I’m sure that was one political reason for this. The other is that SCOTUS is always a strong base motivator.

Jimmy MacAfee

God Bless you, Dave, I hope you are well – that is really scary! Take care of yourself.

I don’t blame GoDaddy, but I suspect that a lot of hosts are under attack by the Chicoms, Not just them. And also by the corrupt Deep State – but I repeat myself.

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