Discussion Post – 9.9.2020

Quote of the Day:

“To take all policing off is something that I think a latte liberal may go for as they sit around the Hamptons discussing this as some academic problem. But people living on the ground need proper policing.” –  Al Sharpton


Lots to talk about today. Get after it.

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Just got off a Disqus forum at Breitbart. Had to slap some folks down who were disparaging Oregonians in general. I do really think that some of our so called fellow conservatives are ignorant assholes. Search nomanisanisland on disqus if you’re curious. I am going to start lighting up a whole lot more of these jerks now. Tired of so called conservatives throwing everybody under the bus just because we are living somewhere other than their so called conservative paradise.

It’s coming to them too if Trump doesn’t win. And worse than that if he does. Dumbasses.

Jimmy MacAfee

JoeTheyLetMeGrab’emBytheBreasts is going to be exposed – more than he exposed himself to Secret Servicewomen – and eventually the Senate records he hides in Delaware will be exposed, too.

Tom Fitton is suing for Secret Service for records about the groping incident (and their response is: “we destroyed those records.”) They haven’t destroyed the agents. And non-disclosure agreements don’t cover criminal assault, which Gropey Joe allegedly committed.

Joe is like a dog who ends up on your leg every time you pat him on the head, thinking that this is somehow being encouraged by the one who innocently patted him. Ever see a dog like that?

Punxsutawney Joe Grabby Groper

Can only enter through Whatfinger. It is safe to assume that the CCP is involved – glass houses and thin skins.

Anyone else having trouble signing in?


My sign in is ok but the page response is off the charts slow. So either there is a HUGE page request for the site, nearing DOS attack and GoDaddy can’t keep up. Or, GoDaddy, who isn’t to friendly to conservatives is throttling the site. OR… Mr Blackmon can put up a coffee button for us to contribute to and he can get an ‘upgrade’… What says you sir??

Jimmy Taiwan

Had to re-sign in to post. Hi, Chairman She! Kidnapped any other foreign nationals you want to hold as hostage for whatever ambitions you have?

Canada wants its people back, schmuck.

Ah, great! have to re-sign in again! Eff you, Panda Boy.


More good fake news. Today is the first time during the planDEMic era that the total number of active cases has declined in 4 consecutive days. This reflects the fact that the daily recoveries have outpaced the daily positive cases, even with 90% false positive tests.

Daily deaths were up a smidge however, there was a bump in motorcycle fatalities overnight.

Social distancing is not social at all.
Mask hysteria must end now.


Rick O'Shay

I have a complaint about this new discussion forum.

I used to be able to read the Daily Update(s) before I finished my first cup of coffee. Now it’s running into a second or even third cup.

This is pushing back the start of the days honey-do list and my wife is not happy.


Luckily it is raining here this morning, and both of my honeydoos for today are outside!

One comment on the level 4 lab in Wuhan, I recall comrade Fauci-head gave them millions of our tax dollars to boot. Treasonous basturd (sp :)).


yep… and what was the millions for you might ask… To do ‘research’ that was not legal in the US. Funny how that works and yet he still has a job and nobody is interested in any sort of investigation.

China has also stated its building more level 4’s and the world best not upset them. That threat needs to have an answer…

Jimmy Taiwan

I’m certain that the progenitors of MKULTRA were deeply involved with the labs, because experimenting on innocent people was part of the deal. Gottlieb destroyed the records.

When we inherited Nazi scientists, we also inherited Nazi practices.


I’ll second that… But I tell my sweetpea that its foolish to rush into anything and if something is done well, it takes time. I never procrastinate. I just consider possible outcomes and plan more thoroughly.


Heres an opportunity for Oregon to break the cycle of destruction wrought by demoncraps…

Orgonians need to take back their once great and beautiful State.



Only if the effing Republican party puts out a large financial support effort. They need to buy a lot of air time and flood the mail to get enough blue folks to vote outside their comfort zone. That’s the problem with the establishment GOP, they’re too damn gutless and worried about losing rather than fighting for it. With the coming tsunami for Trump, a lot of dem seats could flip if they’d just fight for it. Sadly, the establishment is content to have a seat at the table rather than own the table.

Jimmy MacAfee

IF this is true – IF – it doesn’t let China off the hook; only implicates others and shows that this is all a scam-demic (as if we didn’t know already.) Please note that China has already threatened to release other viruses if it doesn’t get what it wants.


Note the WIT chart at the bottom of the page.

This COULD be a scam – just like the reports from the Atlantic. Consider and keep in mind, but don’t swallow the bait. If it’s true, it’s gonna be Biblical!


Its been documented, albeit accidentally, in 2017 a science program from Italy were filming for a program at China’s only and spank’n new bio-level 4 lab. The program, Leonardo, host asked what the researcher was working on. She replied a corona virus and they were trying to attach a bat protein to it. interesting…

So IF true that the tests were developed in 2018, its very likely that China was/IS preparing for a biologic war. IMO, the covid thing was an accidental release and pushed the ccp into premature bio-warfare. China has been planning this for a long time, since the days they were invited into the world trade org, that the dems for that.

China has not been tested militarily in a very long time. They know that one day it will come to a physical engagement on a massive scale, which is why they are engaging in the smaller skirmishes. India actually kicked China’s hiney recently and China refused to number their dead or even acknowledge those that died, angering greatly the military. Oh… and the troops that have been the most troublesome for China in India… not indian troops but Tibetans who signed up with India.

With the Three Gorges dam that is continuing to show deformations and flooding that was recently pegged at over 70K cubic meters per minute inflow, its still possible it could fail. The dam operators have opened all ten gates, fist time since construction and initial testing, which in many areas downstream has flooded townships and cities to three floors deep. That whole area is Chinas breadbasket as well, there will be a sever food shortage, which is why China started ‘fulfilling’ its purchase agreements with the US.

The CCP is in panic mode as is ShePings and the increased threats by China are to distract and bluster their way past some issues. The Belt & Road debt traps is starting to back fire. Countries are pushing back saying because of the covid they can’t pay and want deferments. China can’t physically sail into port and claim these assets and the countries know this.

Bottom line is China is hugely over extended on so many fronts that they are pushing further in total desperation. So far the Hong Kong push was a test to see what the ‘western’ world will do, so far very little, except in the financial spank. India… well India spanked them and will trounce China in mountain warfare. Taiwan… China can try but it has never moved troops across a water barrier and Taiwan isn’t about to let them walk in, like Hong Kong.

Theres a lot going on over there that is significant and has a huge impact on western shores. It could very well be the country to start a WW3. The CCP certainly would not hesitate if they think they could pull off a win. Even if it cost them the majority of their citizens. Communists are insane. Little wordy… my bad

Its a war… know your enemy.

Jimmy MacAfee

China may drown in Tibet’s rivers.

Jimmy MacAfee

Excellent commentary!

I’d add:

India’s battle-hardened shock troops (Special Ops) had a lot of experience in Kashmir, and snapped the necks of the Chinese soldiers “like chickens.” China barely acknowledged the humiliation.

China sent a man out to extract promises of cooperation, and he was roundly humiliated worldwide.

Even some Pakistanis, upset of China’s treatment of the Chinese Muslims, are not interested in being a port for China. China also wants to dig a canal in Thailand, in order to avoid the Strait of Malacca. The Thai people are not interested it’s been reported.

Chinese threats in the South China sea have the potential to ricochet back upon their own vessels, particularly since a lot of China’s neighbors, wary of what China had done to Tibet and is trying to do in other countries (including Nepal.) They threaten and bully other nation’s fishing vessels, and they may find that their own are suddenly uninvited and under assault.

The Philippines are having serious thoughts about China, and have expressed interest in US bases again? Hmmm.

China is like a drunken boxer threatening all his opponents after having started strong, but finding that he’s got no training partners, no coaches, no corner and no friends: he’s alienated everyone. A sad drunk with a bad temper. Can still cause some damage, but will inevitably meet a bus.

phineas gage

Truth can be stranger than fiction:



Just goes to show, most in the black community are supportive of the police. They understand the need for maintaining order in their communities and who is really on their side. Something the media and the blm/antifa crowd are anxious to change, but won’t. I have hope.


They should have deputized the big dude on the spot. Best video of the day, over 3M views. Bet these guys are new Trump supporters.

Jimmy MacAfee

You go, guys! This is what should happen more often. (And I think it will.)

Historically, according to local sources, during segregation the older kids in the black schools helped keep the younger kids in line. The schools produced some pretty solid characters. Not an excuse for segregation, but an example of self-managed social control.

I’d guess the big guy keeping the guy immobile was a detached Serviceman, a former HS or College athlete, or otherwise had military training.

Jimmy MacAfee

Hosea 4, applied to gentile nations of the world:



Scripture is full of warnings with examples of nations and peoples who foolishly ignore Gods warnings and try His patience. And, those that heed Gods warnings and forgo judgment. What will America do???

Jer 6:10 – 30

phineas gage

There are many contenders these days, but Whitmer is the run-away winner of Worst Person in the World (as formerly bestowed by the unlamented Keith Olbermann):


From the beady roach eyes to the lip curl to the insufferable obtuseness and self-privilege, she’s got it all.

Jimmy MacAfee

If the walls are breached, they will serve to keep the people locked inside. Think: revolution.

None of the Communist sympathizers has any regard nor respect for Whitmer and her band of fools, and the public would shrug and have another beer.

Jimmy MacAfee

Weinstein et al are supposedly settling with his victims, whose lawyers seem uninterested in helping victims of real sexual exploitation and human trafficking. Once they all get their money, the issue will all go away – in Hollyweird.

No one wants to fall on their swords for 3rd world women and children – least of all the United Nations, whose “peacekeepers” include rapists and slavers.

Funny how the NBA doesn’t oppose slavery, including of Africans by Islamists. Oh, well, as long as they’ve got theirs, all is well in the world! The manse awaits!

phineas gage



If it’s in the bag, WaPo, why all the hysteria?

phineas gage

That’s a shame. In their frenzied wokeness, the House of Mouse has already killed the Star Wars golden goose franchise (which I would have thought impossible), and are well on their way to committing full corporate suicide.

I guess they are counting on that huge Chinese market to pull them through.

phineas gage

These people are intolerable:


In Trump’s second term, a major initiative should be to close up Turtle Bay and evict every one of these sleazy grifters, followed by a complete fumigation of the premises.

Jimmy MacAfee

It’s almost as bad as watching deranged monkeys at the zoo, who have lost their minds and play with their parts incessantly. Every one of their schemes is part of their fantasy, which they find erotic and stimulating.

The WHO and UN are leaders of this worldwide Circle Jerk.

Jimmy MacAfee

The UN that puts out this kind of febrile propaganda are engaging in mental masturbation.

phineas gage

I liked the paper excerpts from Dr. Strangelove as well.

It really is the onslaught of Orcs at Minas Tirith.

phineas gage

Mr. Tybring-Gjedde is about to become a very lonely man (to quote the line from ‘Three Days of the Condor’):


Jimmy MacAfee

You might be surprised at the international support (behind the scenes) for President Trump.

He could have invaded Venezuela, Syria, North Korea, Canada (just kidding) and other places, but refused. People around the world are becoming aware that President Trump is not a simpleton, a buffoon, a lout. No, there is a growing appreciation for his mental acuity and his ability to plan.

You don’t build major projects in Manhattan without the ability to plan, both short term and long.

phineas gage

I don’t discount that and I believe that if he wins a second term, we will much of the hidden support emerging.

I don’t expect much to appear on the Nobel Peace Prize committee, however.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’d sue for libel if I ever got the prize, mostly because I’m choosy about the company I keep.


World Grand Master at 4D Chess, imho.

Jimmy MacAfee

The “October Surprise” is likely coming from China, to undermine our President’s reluctance to engage in pointless war. Except that this isn’t Kuwait, or Falklands: this is Poland of the 21st century. Their October Surprise will come because Americans are increasingly aware of the historical parallels. So take this, China: we won’t be surprised.

De-escalation can begin with only one nation. (But I wouldn’t count on it.)

China needs an external enemy, because the (mostly) innocent Chinese are led by incompetent, corrupt and soulless officials. Winnie the Panda has his hands full of party officials who regularly disobey his orders, line their own pockets – and he has a military that doesn’t take his orders; his military leaders are insane, angry and petulant. Chairman She is in a pickle.

Only one nation can de-escalate this, perhaps only one man, and he must do it by himself. I am not suggesting that he’s Hitler, but his country is mirroring the trajectory of Nazi Germany.

The CCP has underestimated the West’s knowledge (and memory) of history. They think we are all bumpkins, and their toadies in BLM and ANTIFA, and their association with the MKULTRA types does not give them a differential diagnosis.

But we know and understand, China. Perhaps you should stop bullying and start listening. In the meantime, what needs to be done is to remove China as a “developing nation.” Unless you mean by “developing” the intention to dominate the world by violence and corruption.

De-escalation or the worst conflagration in World History. And we will not surrender.


I agree China is on a trajectory that ends in conflict, but next month? Trying to annex Taiwan will certainly mean we get involved. Militarily, they are not ready to take us on in the pacific. They also have an issue where they do not have enough natural resources to feed themselves. For years they have been eyeing their neighbors like Vietnam as allies/assets for farming exports. We’ve been sending them food – it was part of the trade deal. A confrontation now ends in an embarrassing loss. The CCP won’t risk that so soon.

Jimmy MacAfee

Let’s hope the soybean purchase is the beginning of a walk-back of their violent intentions.

phineas gage

If China does something overt and aggressive, that likely hands the election to Trump. And I can’t imagine they want that.

Jimmy MacAfee

They already have, in Hong Kong. This is just a first step in a long march to war.

Trump is probably the first real anti-war President, who is willing to fight, and who enables us to fight, but who understands the costs to Middle America.

The Chinese want him to appear to be a failure, a blowhard. The PLA is led by morons with helicopter hats.


It’s weird: China is roughly in a similar position as Japan was in the 1930’s, anxious to set up their own version of the “Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere”.

Look it up. Parallels are eerie.

Jimmy MacAfee

That’s a comparison I’d heard made before, and it involved cutting off of Japan’s access to natural resources. Where the parallel breaks down is that China has a lot of rare earth minerals, and is exploiting those of others.

Energy may be the crucial element of comparison in this case. (And food, if the levee breaks -reminding me of the Led Zep song.)

phineas gage

Agreed, but they have been relatively cautious and subtle thus far in Hong Kong. The iron fist is going to fall soon, but I would be surprised if they would do something to help Trump politically.

Jimmy MacAfee

They have already helped President Trump, inadvertently, and are trying desperately to find a way to defeat him.

What good is an election if we are engaged in WWIII?

The CCP and PLA are an imminent danger, because the (paper) tiger is backed into a corner of its own making.

phineas gage

As if I needed any further proof that we are living in a surreal Bizarro world, now I find myself in agreement with Al Sharpton.

Jimmy MacAfee

Sharpton cannot control the Left; he would be strung up by Communists, because he’s an agent-provocateur, an actor with self-lining pockets, a clown. He knows this, and depends upon a healthy host from whom to extract resources.

Jimmy MacAfee

There’s a lot of bed-hopping these days.

Jimmy MacAfee

Ask the Tibetans if they still are allowed to have their own culture! No, China exports culture the same way it imports culture: the state decides. They have temporarily allowed the NBA to come to China, even though they are deep-seated racists. They have no respect for Africans, nor African Americans.

China is about to pull another Poland, and Taiwan must be recognized as Taiwan – not a form of China, nor a part. Remember that Germany once claimed parts of Poland, too. And that appeasers whimpered on the sidelines until the invasion began.

We need a military attache in Taiwan, if we don’t have one already, and we need to house a few secured long range bombers there (intermittently) as well as a submarine (intermittently.) Not just on Guam: in or on Taiwan.


Jimmy – “Remember that Germany once claimed parts of Poland, too” – that’s because parts of Poland were Germany until the Treaty of the Versailles unceremoniously took them away: Prussia, Silesia, & Pomerania were cut off & given to Poland which had gone out of existence in 1795. Resurrected in 1918, it’s existence was a thorn in the German side especially with Danzig cut off by the “Polish corridor”.

The Treaty of the Versailles was an unmitigated disaster & helped prep the ground for another war.

Jimmy MacAfee

True, to an extent. But the whole invasion of Poland thing?

And now the Chinese are performing “elite capture,” kidnapping Canadian citizens and trying to hold them hostage.

How do you say: “Fascist China” any better than this?

Jimmy MacAfee

I have a certain degree of reticence about expressing any comparison between anyone and Nazi Germany, but…

Who invades neighbors over territorial disputes?
Who has concentration camps for religious minorities?
Who conducts medical experiments on political prisoners and opponents?
Who makes threats against other nations for merely disagreeing with it?
Who is conducting a new arms race?

It was a strange thing to see Merkel of Germany so full of cooperation and admiration of the CCP. Not just strange, chilling. Perhaps terrifying. Her deepest instincts, perhaps? An alliance between a Nouveau Nazi regime and the Deutschland (uber alles?) Or is is now China Uber Alles?

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