Al Sharpton Echoes Malcolm X, Condemns “Latte Liberals”

Don’t faint: Al Sharpton is actually right about something. – I’m not kidding. The old race-bating grifter actually uttered some true words on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Tuesday morning.

From a story at the New York Post:

The Rev. Al Sharpton on Tuesday slammed the nationwide call to defund the police as a “latte liberal” ideology.

Sharpton made the comments on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” during a discussion about policing and a recent spate of violence in the Big Apple.

“To take all policing off is something that I think a latte liberal may go for as they sit around the Hamptons discussing this as some academic problem,” Sharpton said.

“But people living on the ground need proper policing,” he said.


Sharpton’s comments echo the famous condemnation of “white liberals” that helped make Malcolm X famous in the 1960s. “That white person that you see calling himself a liberal is the most dangerous person in the Western Hemisphere. He’s the most deceitful, he’s like a fox, and a fox is always more dangerous in a forest than the wolf. You can see the wolf coming, you know what he is up to. But the fox will fool you. He comes at you with his mouth shaped in such a way that even though you see his teeth, you think he’s smiling and take him for a friend.”

Sharpton’s comments are manifestly true: To see that, all you have to do is look at the faces of the communist Democrat Mayors who are leading the charges to defund police in Democrat-controlled cities all over the country: The white Mayor of Minneapolis; the white Mayor of Seattle; the white Mayor of New York City; the white Mayor of Portland; the white Mayor of Austin. On and on it goes, with white mayors leading the charge to defund the police and implement doomed-to-fail “reforms” that were dreamed up by fellow white intellectuals ensconced safely away in the ivory towers at Ivy League univerities.

This is a predominantly white class of liberals who have spent the last century developing all manner of failed social policies designed to tell black people what is best for them. It is the class of liberals who have utterly destroyed the Black family in America and turned predominantly black communities in big, Democrat-run cities into the gang-dominated danger zones Sharpton talked about on Morning Joe:

“We’ve always heard about the tale of two cities. On the side of the city that I come from, which is blacker and poorer, we’ve seen more in terms of gun usage,” Sharpton said.

“So I would say, statistically we’re not much higher than where we were, but on the ground it is certainly feeling more violent, feeling more unsafe in unsafe communities.”


In Minneapolis, where this charge to defund the police got started in earnest earlier this summer, the white liberals pushing the destructive idea are now finding themselves on the defensive, and their effort is foundering. The reason why is very predictable: The city has seen a huge surge in violent crime since these idiots dramatically cut the police budget back in June, and the communities most impacted – the predominantly black neighborhoods in the city [what a shock] – are pushing back.

From a story in the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

The Minneapolis City Council’s resolve to end the city’s police department has lost momentum, the result of the failure to get the question before voters in November and council members’ diverging ideas on the role of sworn officers in the future.

In the three months since nine council members pledged to end the department following George Floyd’s killing, the city has experienced a surge in violent crime, another night of unrest and blowback from residents who felt they had been left out of the initial conversations about change.

Some council members have remained consistent in their statements about policing, while others have softened their rhetoric, saying now that they do envision officers as part of any revamping of public safety.

“I think when you take a statement and then move into policy work, it gets more complicated,” said City Council President Lisa Bender. In the coming weeks, she said, the council will work with city staffers to create a more robust plan for getting feedback from residents on what changes they want to see — and when.

“We have to make big changes in Minneapolis,” she said.

Others wonder if the council already squandered the moment, by taking such a drastic stance that it alienated some who would otherwise support substantial reform.


There is Lisa Bender, the radical white liberal intellectual who led the charge on the city council in June to slash the police budget. Rigidly stupid, arrogantly unapologetic, refusing to admit to the death and violence she has personally wrought on these black neighborhoods.

She is sadly typical, and exactly the class of white liberals who Malcolm X and Al Sharpton talked about.

Here’s the truth: Everywhere you see violence, pathologies, abuse and high rates of crime in any Black community in America today, you will discover policies promulgated, enacted and enforced by white liberals to be the underlying cause.

It’s not every day I find myself applauding this divisive, life-long grifter. But hey, when he’s right, he’s right.

That is all.

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phineas gage

The definitive expose of the latte liberals remains, to this day, Tom Wolfe’s essay ‘Radical Chic’.

Jimmy MacAfee

Al’s book is Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers, the flip side to Wolfe’s Radical Chic. In fact, it is his blueprint.

phineas gage

You can hear the disappointment dripping from the words of the Red Star Tribune.

What they don’t mention is that much of the pushback began to occur as white suburban areas such as parks began to be overridden by drugs and homeless vagrants.

White suburban Democrat women began to realize that the reality did note quite measure up to the theoretical. Their attitude changed abruptly in the harsh light of revelation.

phineas gage

Sharpton is nothing if not a crafty survivor. He had a reason to say what he did. I think that reason is that he smells a coming Democrat disaster in the wind and a possible realignment election in terms of blacks. He is positioning himself to get on the right side of it.

Jimmy MacAfee

Sharpton’s Money Train will derail if the Left continues to rise. Do you or does anyone think they’ll tolerate a greenmailing, self-absorbed, corrupt clown? He’d be led up to a top story and pushed.

Enjoy the flight, Al! Nice, until the landing.

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