The Biden Campaign’s Antifa Balancing Act

Man, the internal Democrat polls related to Antifa/BLM and the violent riots they’re executing in Democrat-run cities must be horrible. That must be the case, because on Monday, China Joe McNastyFinger actually came out and at least indirectly condemned Antifa for the first time.

He still couldn’t bring himself to actually use the word “Antifa” – a word he has not personally uttered throughout his entire campaign – but he did say he does “condemn” the domestic terrorist group when asked a question that directly named it.

From a story at The Daily Caller:

Biden discussed the far-left movement perpetuating violence through riots across the United States in an interview with WGAL News 8’s Barbara Barr, saying that he has not stayed silent on the issue.

“I’ve condemned it across the board,” he said. “The president still hasn’t condemned the far-right folks coming out and protesting and using violence.” [Note: That statement is a blatant lie. President Trump has condemned far-right violence on a thousand occasions, every time he’s been asked about it.]

“Do you condemn Antifa,” Barr asked him.

“Yes I do,” he responded. “Violence no matter who it is.”


So, why can’t Gropey Joe DementiaNoggin utter Antifa’s name, you ask? Because Antifa members are his voters. It really is that simple. He is never going to outright say “I condemn the domestic terrorist group, Antifa” because he wants their votes. And besides, like the KKK before it, Antifa is a creation of the Democrat Party. As such, condemning Antifa is no different than condemning the leadership at the Democrat National Committee or the Democrat fundraising machine in Hollywood. It just is not done.

But think of how far Biden has come just in the last three weeks. He’s gone from holding a four-day convention during which not a single, solitary speaker was allowed to even mention the riots, much less call out Antifa by name; to offering a vague, non-specific statement of concern about “unrest” about two weeks ago; to then rolling out another vague, non-specific statement rejecting “violent protests” a few days later; to now offering a specific, if indirect, condemnation of Antifa.

Going back to my First Key to Understanding Democrats, we know that everything Democrats do, every word they say in public is based on polling and focus groups. Everything. No exceptions, except when they go off-script. And nobody goes off-script like Joe Biden.

Biden’s slow ramping-up of riot-related rhetoric shows that his elder-abusing campaign handlers are increasingly worried about the negative impacts of all the rioting on their campaign. But the fact that he still cannot outright say the word “Antifa” tells us that his handlers still want the votes of the looters, burners and murderers on Election Day.

That’s what all of this careful calibration of talking points is all about. The problem they face at this point is that they have now taken their Unfrozen Caveman placeholder candidate all the way up to the very precipice. The only next step available to them from a talking points standpoint now is to have him make the leap and actually say the name of their pet terrorist group. That moment will only come if they have no other choice; it will only happen if they make the calculation that an outright condemnation of Antifa would help their addled candidate win some swing states he would otherwise lose.

The reason for this is completely transparent: The Democrat plan is to keep using Antifa/BLM to ramp up the rioting in advance of Election Day in the hopes of frightening white suburban mothers into voting for Biden in a stupid effort to buy a fool’s notion of “peace.” And when the Election Day results show a Trump landslide, the plan is to use Antifa to create mass havoc all across the country so that the news media has an excuse to focus all of its attention on the riots while the Democrats work to steal the election behind the scenes.

This is a real balancing act the Democrats are trying to pull off where Antifa is concerned. It’s also one more reason why we should not expect to ever see Creepy Joe McWifeMolester standing on the same stage with President Trump in a live debate, unless his handlers can figure out a way to hide a tiny microphone in his ear.

Because Biden would certainly go off-script many times during such a format, and as we have seen so many times, whenever he does that, glorious chaos ensues.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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“But the fact that he still cannot outright say the word “Antifa” tells us that his handlers still want the votes…”

Well, his empty suit former boss couldn’t or wouldn’t call Radical Islamist Terrorism – Radical Islamic Terrorism. What did ‘the One’ call their acts of terrorism? Oh yeah, “Man caused Disasters”. When you think about it, the Obama/biden team had perfect symmetry: an empty suit leading an empty head that is only getting more and more empty. Biden’s “time” (like Dole in 1996) was on the coattails of ‘the One’s’ terms, not four years latter against a successful incumbent. But the Dark Shadow of Walking Eagle permeated the Dem Party. Her loss left them with nothing but a bunch of radical or demented bitter WHITE geezers or a bunch of unappealing young punks who couldn’t draw flies on a national level.

Hussein HopeAndChange would have rather hugged and kissed Walking Eagle than be the least bit critical of anything regarding Islam (“some people did some things”). His motives were purely ideological; joe btfsplk’s (handler’s) motives are strictly political.

As much as we complain about the fecklessness of RINOs, none of them are as phony as any of the prominent Democrats. The sad thing is at least 40% of the country is going to vote for these corruptocrats even after they are telegraphing their message. This worries me greatly because the left isn’t even trying to disguise their message with their usual crap so they must really feel the fix is in or they would not have had such an inept slate of candidates – clearly they wanted a non-thinking mound of clay to be the ultimate figurehead that they deemed to be somewhat electable.

Only about 60 million people voted for Trump in 2016; less voted for Mutt in 2012 and Mutt got about 3 million less than Ace in 2008. Now that Trump is a successful known quantity with great passion, there is no reason why he shouldn’t get close to 80 or more million (out of about 270 million adults) votes this time and btfsplk get less, much less, than his former boss got in 2012.

We need many more real votes this time to cancel out the massive fraud votes the Dems are going to ‘find’. This is the time for all good people to come to the aid of only the second effective pro-American president in 60 years.

Minutemen Ride Again

Gropey Joe and the fierce warrior wymyns the Kamal are BLM/Antifa CPUSA fifth column.
Don’t be fooled by the “centrist” Mensheviks enemedia agitprop but then again I’m sure no one here is fooled
Burning it all down by any means necessary is a feature and not a bug to the CPUSA or democrats.

phineas gage

Essentially the Dems have created a monster that they cannot control. They need to hold it at bay until it can be unleashed after the election. I don’t think they can do it. It is going to destroy them before that.

Jimmy MacAfee

You mean Serial Molester Joe, or ANTIFA/BLM? I could make a case for all-of-the-above!

phineas gage

The only way the Dems will accept debates is if it is a remote virtual format where the two candidates are in separate locations, allowing Biden to be controlled.

Trump would be a fool to accept that–and Trump is no fool. He will instead effectively use this as political ammunition.

phineas gage

Very sad and revealing that a local Pennsylvania reporter has to be the one to ask Biden that question.

Not a single member of the national media press pool would dream of it.

phineas gage

I don’t think the Biden campaign is expecting the votes of Antifa members on election day, since they are a relatively small band of professional mercernary goons and they also are the type of people that never vote.

I think they are concerned about all of the Antifa supporters who are potential voters. Particularly minorities and wnite suburban women. And this is precisely the demographic that is swinging against them–hard.

Jimmy MacAfee

The Serial Groper couldn’t find words with a dictionary!

I wonder if he remembers the names of all of his victims? He surely remembers the smell of their hair, the feel of their breasts, the horrified looks on their young faces. But because the sense of smell is one of the first senses to go – (try the peanut butter test, Creepy Joe!) – I doubt he even remembers the smells of his victims. Another joy lost forever for the pervert.

I doubt Serial Molester Joe can even pronounce ANTIFA (Aunty Fay?) Say it! Gropey Joe! Say the name! Coward.

phineas gage

The chemical senses do deteriorate rapidly with age, but oddly the previously-formed olfactory-based memories are among the strongest and longest-enduring.

Jimmy MacAfee

With normal aging, yes.

Look at the test for Alzheimer’s – peanut butter is a good way to test.

“The scientists found that patients in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease had a dramatic difference in detecting odor between the left and right nostril – the left nostril was impaired and did not detect the smell until it was an average of 10 cm closer to the nose than the right nostril had made the detection in patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

This was not the case in patients with other kinds of dementia; instead, these patients had either no differences in odor detection between nostrils or the right nostril was worse at detecting odor than the left one.”,Alzheimer%27s%20disease%2C%20University%20of%20Florida%20Health%20researchers%20found.

phineas gage

Yes, I’m not talking about olfaction itself, which does deteriorate (especially in smokers). The replication rate of the stem cells in the olfactory epithelium steadily diminishes. It’s why elderly people put on excessive amounts of cologne or perfume–to them it seems fine.

The olfactory-based memories, formed first in the hippocampus and then later exported to neocortical areas, are very long-lasting.


I must be really healthy, cause I can still smell a commy pinko demoncrat from a mile away, even if they are on the TV, radio, or internet. Peeee-uuuu!

Jimmy MacAfee

It’s an easy test, at least suggestive of A.D.

Likely he has already been diagnosed, but the results will be hidden as long as possible.

Frontal lobe dementia would likely have resulted in personality changes – not always, but sometimes. As we see, Molester Joe hasn’t changed a whit. He’s still a bully, too. And a cowardly lying POS plagiarizer.

My guess is A.D. He can’t even tell when he’s farted.
No wonder Harris is staying away from him. Whew!

phineas gage

Yes, of course, particularly the latter stage of Alzheimer’s.

I don’t think we know if Biden’s cognitive dementia is that form.

Jimmy MacAfee

Except in Alzheimer’s. That’s because the hippocampus is a target for Alzheimer’s.

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