The Atlantic Hoax is Dead – Bring on the Next Hoax!

So, The Atlantic’s “Trump hates the military” hoax died on the vine after about a 24-hour run. It died for the simple reason that Trump’s public actions consistently in favor of the interests of the U.S. military and its personnel and retirees rendered the anonymously-sourced hit piece transparently unbelievable to anyone with functioning synapses in their cranial cavity, which of course excludes China Joe Biden.

The obvious hope of the Biden/Harris campaign and its corrupt media toadies was that this particular hoax would lead thousands of Trump supporters to finally abandon him out of disgust. Yeah, that’s not going to happen.

No passenger on the Trump Train is leaping off over this story or for any other reason. The only disgust expressed by any real Trump supporter towards anyone involved in the obvious hoax is toward Atlantic editor Jeffrey Goldberg, the Atlantic’s corrupt owner who is also the poisonous Black Widow of Steve Jobs, and all the other Democrat media toadies like Jake Tapper and Jennifer Griffin who did everything they could to amplify it.

If anything, this hoax backfired on the desperate Democrats and their Unfrozen Caveman nominee every bit as badly as all of their previous hoaxes have done. You would think that they would eventually get a clue that this is really not a good strategy.

And yet, it is inevitable that the hoaxes will continue to come, right through Election Day and for the coming four years of Trump’s second term in office. And none of them will work.

Think about it: Among your circle of friends, co-workers and acquaintances, do you know a single Trump supporter who has said he/she is going to vote for Creepy Uncle McWifeMolester on November 3? Of course you don’t because those people do not exist.

The corrupt media continues to trot out this parade of “former Bush officials” and “former McCain campaign workers” and “former Romney people” who claim to be all like ‘Republicans’ and stuff and who just hate Trump and have signed a letter condemning him along with 400 of their fellow sippers of cheap zinfandel, but so what?

If you look into the backgrounds of every one of those people you will find that they are all creatures of either the DC Swamp or the political swamps in the various state capitols around the country. Their livelihoods, their professional value literally hangs on the proposition of Trump losing in November. These are the very people who Trump has already proven beyond all doubt have zero value to real Americans. None of these ‘Republicans’ voted for Trump in 2016 and not a one of them will vote for him this year.

Shocking, right?

The Atlantic hoax has failed. Miserably. Gloriously. A truly epic fail.

Lacking any other alternative, the Democrats and their media toadies will simply mount the next hoax. We don’t know what form it will take or exactly when it will come, but we do know this: It will also be an epic fail, and it will be glorious.

That is all.

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Sgt Stryker

“the anonymously-sourced hit piece”
What proof exists that the “hit piece” was sourced at all?
Some commie made it up; Goldblum put his/her/it name on it.
Just made-up BS


….the left could not have found a better method of highlighting President Trump’s dedication to the US military personnel and fallen soldiers. They could not have found a better method of revealing to the voters their own propensity for fake news. They turned the spotlight on themselves.

Katrina Kilian

I tear off the cover the magazine and throw it into the Recycle……This magazine is a RAG….TRASH IT….Look in your doctors’ offices, etc. I have been doing this for EONS!

Whiskey1 Bravo

Breaking News: The Atlantic editor and writer, Jeffrey Goldberg was caught red handed by the late night janitorial cleaning crew at the Atlantic’s office. Engaging in homosexual’s acts with a 90 years old homeless man in the alley next to the Atlantic’s docking bays. When the cleaning crew were throwing away that night’s cleaning trash bags, according to 5 anonymous sources who were in the area at the time.


I have a half dozen anonymous sources that say biden did not only cupper her breast, he did a Tara Reade to her also, stuck his tongue down her throat, and patted squeezed her butt.

Before releasing this information, I had to weigh the issue carefully and decided the public’s need to know far outweighed the journalistic requirements of properly sourcing the ‘news’ that I see fit for the public to see, hear and consume. I regret to inform everyone that my sources are pu$$ys and are afraid of getting a backlash from twitter.

Stay tuned for our next anonymously sourced article about how the bad orange man is a secret agent of the GESTAPO, the STASI, and the KGB, and how he once pulled the wings off flies when he was 10 years old, and removed the labels from the mattresses at the White House.


Atlantic editor Jeffrey Goldberg

PS: That secret service agent and his wife are now permanent residents of a Tahiti like resort spending their time in Margaritaville sipping umbrella drinks every day with a multi-million dollar Swiss bank account paid for with taxpayer funding via the CIA black ops budget, my sources say. He and the misses also have an ironclad NDA and a new identity.

Jimmy MacAfee

They had hoped for the Global Warming Hoax to unify the world into a Totalitarian state; that failed, too. Every one of these Leftist Hoaxes, from even before the Duke Lacrosse Hoax, has failed. Even the death of George Floyd was used to perpetuate a partial-hoax.

One hoax that worked – and the one they try to recreate in different forms: the libel against Senator Joseph McCarthy. That hoax worked, and so they labor on, scheme after scheme after scheme. Now we’ve seen the Russian Hoax, the Ukraine Hoax…the Goldberg/Atlantic Hoax. Remember Rathergate?

As the post Sunday that was taken down indicated, the Alternate Media has helped decimate these hoaxes. Eyes open always.


I noticed NBC (the wife was watching …lol) was still pushing the ‘Trump hates the Military’ hoax this morning. Also saw the traitor Peter Sztrok pushing his new book that no one except his family will buy….pathetic!


Breitbart had a headline on him last night about him claiming the reason the FISA crap happened because all the agents were being overworked. Tried to find it on their site, but their search function sucks.


I saw that article….you know if Barr doesn’t indict this worm I am gonna be really disgusted with the DOJ and all of this phony 2 tied justice system. He’d better hurry too and start bringing these crooks to face their crimes as this will all go away if Plugs Biden is elected….it maybe swept under the rug anyway according to that brave champion with the crazy haircut Trey Gowdy who is big talk and ZERO action


He must think he’s safe to come out and start yapping right now. And you’re right, the little weasel needs to be seriously hammered.

Jimmy MacAfee

“McWifemolester” Biden. For those who don’t know, Judicial Watch filed a FOIA request from the Secret Service for records pertaining to a party where Biden allegedly groped the breast of a Secret Service agent’s wife (or girlfriend?) The other agents had to keep the agent from pummeling Sick Joe, and the party for the agents (at Biden’s residence) ended then.

The Secret Service backhandedly acknowledged the incident by claiming that records of the incident had been destroyed.

What’s going to happen eventually is that someone – perhaps someone whose privates have been groped by SickoJoe – will come forward and make this crystal clear to everybody: Joe Biden is not fit to hold public office of any kind, and Joe Biden is a bully who always stands behind the authority he’s been granted to steal, grope and bully. Joe Biden is NOT a nice person, and never has been.

McWifemolester, indeed! Thanks, Dave!

Jimmy MacAfee

This is a good summary:

“Their original FOIA request was made back on May 12, 2020, and sought “all records related to a reported incident in 2009 in which a United States Secret Service Agent reportedly was involved in an altercation with, or attempted to strike, then Vice President Joe Biden” during a photo opportunity.

According to Judicial Watch, the lawsuit was filed after the Secret Service “failed to respond to a July 14, 2020 administrative appeal challenging its claim that all files related to the 2009 altercation ‘ha[d] been destroyed’ due to ‘retention standards.’”

According to the report, an unidentified Secret Service agent was suspended for a week after the incident for shoving the vice president “after he cupped his girlfriend’s breast while the couple was taking a photo with him.”’

“The situation got so heated … that others had to step in to prevent the agent from hitting the then-Vice President,” according to the report.

The Secret Service did not deny the incident occurred.”

“[T]here are no responsive records or documents pertaining to your request in our files” because “the above mentioned file(s) has been destroyed” due to “retention standards,” the Secret Service claimed in response to Judicial Watch’s request. “No additional information is available,” they added. Judicial Watch is looking to verify their claim that all records about the incident were destroyed and determine the veracity of the agent’s claim.”


Unfortunately, the agent has probably been bought off and an NDA signed. Or he doesn’t want to stick his neck out. The swamp takes care of it’s own and he, of all people, surely knows this better than most.

Jimmy MacAfee

But wives and girlfriends? Other witnesses?

Something’s gonna leak. Maybe an October Surprise!


Indeed. We can only hope.


There is also the law of diminishing returns (see also: boy; cried wolf).

‘fellow sippers of cheap zinfandel’ –very nice

Also, I know that I should know what this means–‘poisonous Black Widow of Steve Jobs’–but I don’t.

phineas gage

Thanks–I really should have known that.


The demoncraps are inspired and insane, nobody ever said they were smart.

These people think that by sawing the wings off the airplane, mid flight, that they’ll get more speed. Then wonder what went wrong as the flaming mushroom cloud expands. Then in a flash *** AHA *** moment they realize they just sawed off the wrong side and do it all over again.

Its not going to end…


Everything the socialist/Democrat’s try to destroy the President backfires on them, most normal people would admit that and change course, but these people have either become more stupid or desperate and are now conditioned to self destruct.


Stupid is as stupid does or as in the immortal words of Ron White – You just can’t fix stupid.

Jimmy MacAfee

The Atlantic article just solidified Trump support; unifying his base and increasing sympathy among those who are now just beginning to see why President Trump is right about his claims vis a vis the Deep State cabal.

Goldberg unintentionally red-pilled another million or so voters.

Katrina Kilian

If I see an Atantic magazine I pick it up, tear the cover off…and throw it in to the RECYCLE! Look in doctors’ offices, etc…Been doing this for eons!

Show me

Actually bringing war dead into their hoax is a disgusting exploitation of fallen service men, Army, Marines, Navy among the WWI dead.
I couldn’t think of a more disgusting hoax.
This is worse even than the Russia collusion hoax and the Ukrainian phone call hoax.
The fallen Marine hoax is repugnant and finally turned the page for me on The Atlantic, which I have read from time to time.

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