Monday News Roundup: Texas Turns for Trump, LA Turns to 3rd World, Portland Rioters Turn to Rap

CORONAPANIC UPDATE, PART 24,352. – This is how insane our country is about the China Virus. At a major league baseball game on Sunday between the Washington Nationals and the Atlanta Braves, the general manager for the Nationals was ejected from the game by a freaking umpire for not wearing a mask while in the stadium.

The GM, Mike Rizzo, was viewing the game from one of the stadiums dozens of luxury boxes. He was all alone, hundreds of feet from any other person in the facility.


Dear Californians: Welcome to the 3rd world existence you voted for. – Speaking of insanity, here is a tweet that Los Angeles communist Democrat Mayor Eric Garcetti sent to his subjects:

Temperatures soared in Los Angeles to over 100 degrees on Sunday, and in today’s world, that means that Angelinos have to turn off their refrigerators and air conditioning in order to prevent massive failure of their power grid. That’s because Democrats like Garcetti have over the past 20 years enacted policies that prevent power utilities from building adequate baseload capacity fired by fossil fuels or nuclear plants.

This is the result. Angelinos voted for this nonsense by electing Democrats, so I have no sympathy whatsoever for them, and neither should you.

Here’s a clue: Joe Biden never had a lead in Texas. – Interesting headline on this tweet from The Hill:

The story is about a new Dallas Morning News/University of Texas poll that shows a 7-point swing in Trump’s favor in the Lone Star State over the past two months. The same poll, with a massive over-sampling of Democrat voters, arrived at the specious proposition that Biden held a 5-point lead in early July. But that has now “evaporated,” and Trump leads by 2.

Guess what: Trump will win Texas easily in November, by as many as ten points. And the truth is that Biden has never led there. Not for a moment. But the DMN got the story it wanted to push in July, so they’re all happy.

Because, Texas. – This happened in the heart of liberal country in Texas on Saturday:

Well over a thousand boats packed Lake Travis just north of Austin for a Trump boat rally right in the heart of Texas liberal country. Meanwhile, down at the coast, more than 1,200 boats filled Matagorda Bay for a similar rally:

This is just one reason why Joe Biden most likely won’t even come to Texas for anything other than a fundraiser in Dallas or Houston. He’d be wasting his time.

We simply must get this woman elected. – Maybe we can even eventually get her on the Democrat Party’s presidential ticket – she’s perfect.

The lunatic Antifa candidate who is planning to run against Portland’s communist Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler from his left flank actually agreed to appear on Fox News Saturday night with host Jesse Waters. What ensued is one of the most gloriously insane TV interviews of all time.


Nothing but scripted talking points. One after another after another. Never answer a direct question, just bridge over to one of your 5 or 6 key messages, no matter how irrelevant or insane or un-American they happen to be. This woman is absolutely the perfect example of what the Democrat Party is today: Mindlessly leftist, utterly dishonest, stupidly hostile to ordinary people and 100% anti-American.

How is she not already a part of the Democrats’ national leadership team?

Trump wins Pennsylvania! – Here’s what that lunatic’s heroes were doing in Pittsburgh on Sunday:

That scene aired on local news reports all over the state. When you combine this kind of nonsense with the promises by Biden and Kamala Harris to ban fracking and destroy Pennsylvania’s oil and gas industry, you have a brewing situation in which the President might well win Pennsylvania by a larger margin than he wins in Texas.

Keep it up, terrorists!

Another tour de force from the great Victor Davis Hanson. – Victor Davis Hanson is the finest conservative thought leader writing today. He published a fantastic piece at American Greatness on Sunday that everyone should read.

In the piece, Hanson eviscerates the Democrats and their corrupt toadies in the news media for their serial efforts to smear President Trump with a constant stream of made-up scandals, and for their constant attempts to undermine confidence in the American system of elections, two themes we talk about quite often here. In the process, he lays waste to The Atlantic’s false hit piece on the President that was obviously coordinated directly with the Biden/Harris campaign.

Here’s an excerpt from this epic piece:

We should expect lots of these “bombshells” and “walls are closing in” pseudo derailments. Except Trump has been the most widely investigated, probed, attacked, and smeared president in history. And so the scandal-field has pretty well been picked over, as those fired like Omarosa Manigault Newman, Anthony Scaramucci, John Bolton, and others have long ago more or less lectured us that Trump is nuts, crazy, dangerous, stupid, ignorant, and so forth.

In terms of bombshells, what does the Left do after the 2016 suit to decertify voting machines, the FISA court abuse, the effort to sabotage electors’ votes, the first impeachment drive, the Logan Act gambits, the Emoluments Clause joke, the 25th Amendment ruse, the Russian collusion hoax, the 22-month-asleep-at-the-wheel Mueller and his “all-stars,” Ukraine! Ukraine!, the second impeachment drive, and the 2020 trifecta of Trump as Typhoid Mary, Bull Connor, and Herbert Hoover?

The point is, in Jussie Smollett fashion, the demand for scandals is outrunning the supply and time grows short.


Go read the full piece. You will be glad you did.

Meanwhile, in Portland, Oregon… – The Democrat-sponsored riots have been ongoing in Portland for so long now that the terrorists are running out of schtick. Watch as one enterprising rioter decides to rap his hate for the cops:

You could never make this stuff up, folks. Never in a million years.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.


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Fawn Liebowitz Memorial Kiln

Will Nancy Pelosi’s ice cream be safe in the glorious people’s republic of California? (rhetorical)
If it melts down is there a cold setting on a hair dryer to chill it? (*chuckle snort*)
The Clown Sense is tingling as the CPUSA knows gropey Joe and fierce warrior wymns the Kamal is a no go.
If you thought the romper room sippy cup spilling crayon dumping coloring book ripping temper tantrum of the last four years was bad…you ain’t seen nothing yet.
Das Radio reported that the CDC has abrogated new powers regarding eviction of non-rent payers as part of the Psyopdemic.


Regarding the Third World Kalifornia subject, I think an opportunity exists here. A high quantity of billboards pointing out that everything Kalifornians are “enjoying” right now from rolling blackouts to riots and looting are courtesy of the Democrat Party and if they want to see real change they should vote Republican in the general election.

Billboard rentals are probably dirt cheap right now I would imagine. After all ain’t nobody going to movies, dining out, taking cruises, getting their hair styled or just about anything else under the western sun that would normally be on a billboard advertisement right now anyway.


Flag wavers versus flag burners.
No brainer.

phineas gage

I will never forget this moment:


Regarding Monday’s saving the flag from being burned on the field; sadly too many Americans would boo him today for doing that.

phineas gage

Few people realize what a risk Monday took to do that. The flag had been thoroughly dowsed with lighter fluid and they had just about put the second match to it. It would have gone up like a torch, and Monday with it.


One my biggest take aways from serving in the USAF was from traveling to other parts of the world and seeing how it was then (77-81) and developing a deep appreciation for what we have here in the USA. That flag became a lot more than just a symbol to me.

phineas gage

Nobody ever stated it better:


Jagger and all the rest of the mooscians can all go piss up a rope. As long as they’re under contract to ASCAP and BMI they can’t do diddly, as long as the Trump Campaign keeps paying for their licenses and the mooscians don’t break contract. And I am willing to bet the breaking of said contract would cos them more than the nickels and dimes they get each time their songs are played.

phineas gage

At this point I think it is to keep tweaking the leftists who were sure Clinton would win, as well as the musicians as well.

I agree that the 2020 theme should be updated. I’m not a fan of the Lee Greenwood song, which is weak musically (not thematically), but there are many other good choices.


Yes! Merle Haggard’s “The Fightin’ Side of Me” and his other anti anti-establishment hit: “Okie from Muskogee” was another super song for the times. Funny how history repeats itself.

I wish Trump would use Haggard’s “Rainbow Stew”. One of the lines from it is: “When the president goes through the White House doors and does what he says he’ll do, we’ll all be drinking that free bubble-up and eating that Rainbow Stew” The song came out during Reagan’s presidency. Very positive message.

And the outer priceless and timeless pro-America song he should use is Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA”.

Why he uses the Rolling Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”, which I understand he is being told not to use anymore by Mick Jagger is beyond me.


Here’s a 2000 interview of him where he talks about racism and being accused of being a racist.

I remember when those two albums came out. He really had the bluenoses in conniption fits.


One of his generations best singer/song writers. David Allan Coe comes to mind as well.

phineas gage

As I recall, Joe West got a lot of flack from the woke brigades for some politically incorrect comments earlier this year. It appears he is trying to ingratiate himself.

phineas gage

I posted a link to the NPR interview with the author of the pro-looting book the other day.

This is a superb take down by Matt Taibbi:

I’m no fan of the late Abbie Hoffman, but there is something to be said for walking it like you talk it.


Yeah, they started walking that one back real fast. Hypocrites.

phineas gage

Michael Barone:

‘(A)t least in 1918, the Karens didn’t have the vote.’

phineas gage

Steven Kruiser:

“The nightly scenes from Portland are probably the most effective Trump-Pence 2020 ads possible. Let these paste-eaters keep destroying this God-forsaken commie hellhole and themselves along the way.”


I have some thoughts about what I’d do if I still lived in the area

phineas gage

Yes, I meant to ask you about that. What is the city of Portland doing, letting the mob set up vast encampments right next to the highway? And pretending they know nothing about it?


Not sure if the city is involved or not. The videographer mentions the city and the fence as some kind of art project, but whether that’s true or not I can’t speak to it. I just keep thinking “targets of opportunity” and “payback” when I see the video.

Disclaimer: Silas is in no way advocating that something terrible should happen to all those “domiciles” made of tarps. He’s just saying it would be terrible. Absolutely terrible.

phineas gage

VDH is great. Roger Kimball isn’t bad either:


More like “Oh my God! When will that woman shut up? She doinked the election and still hasn’t gotten over it! I shoulda married that bimbo at the trailer park. At least she knew how to make a man happy. Ahh, Bobby Joe. Wonder if her phone number still works?”

phineas gage

Very nice narrative–I’m just imagining that in the Rush parody voice.

Among his many skills, Rush’s ability at mimicry is very underrated. He is one of the best, and in fact did those bits extensively in his early radio days.


Yes Phineas, Rush and Paul Shanklin’s parodies were excellent, I miss them. He needs to bring them back.

BTW, one of the reply tweets shows a still of Bill and Hill with a word balloon with Bill saying “I thought Trump was going to Lock Her Up”

Priceless! That is about the only campaign pledge Trump has failed to keep -YET!

phineas gage

Peaceful protests:

Oops–all Trump’s fault!

The Left is nothing if not stone-cold ignorant. The idea that mobs screaming and harassing elderly people in restaurants is actually going to draw people toward your cause is, well, not just ignorant, but truly insane.

phineas gage

What’s with the oversized glasses on the lunatic leftist? Is that supposed to be intimidating?

It is simply amazing how little individual variation there is among leftists–they not only think and talk the same, they literally look the same as well.

How does one make their way through life so embittered, hateful, and consumed with rage? What a sad, pathetic journey.


My theory is that they think it makes look smart. The old professor look.


makes them *sigh*

phineas gage

The NYT actually deigned to acknowledge the boat parades the other day–because four of them sunk in rough waters.

phineas gage

How many elections have the Dems run with the ‘we’re just about to flip Texas’ story?

Probably as many as they have also pushed the ‘youth vote tsunami’ story.

phineas gage

The likelihood that Garcetti followed his own dictate? Zero.

You might think that the people would learn from their actions, but the past several decades shows that is clearly not true.

Only piles of dead bodies, the bloody denouement of any socialist regime, resets the clock. Which then just starts ticking in the same direction again.

Jimmy MacAfee

Hansen is always one of my favorite reads (or watches on Youtube) – the man is brilliant. I only have one disagreement with him, and that’s about conquered civilizations backwashing into the lands which conquered them. That’s what I see and he doesn’t agree.

As for Dems: stupid always doubles down on stupid. Rational people don’t always start out as rational people; it’s a social/intellectual skill and mindset that must be taught, and each generation has to learn it for themselves. It is not inherited – best example is Faux News, because the foolish children who inherited it are finding ways to destroy it.

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