Discussion Post for Monday, September 9

Everyone: GoDaddy, my web hosting company, is having a major issue right now that they have been unable to resolve over the last week. That is the reason why you have seen so many corrupted pieces from me over the past several days, and it’s the reason why I took Sunday off. I just had to get away from the struggle.

GoDaddy’s issue is one that is impacting many websites, not just this one. So, nobody’s trying to shut me down and nobody has hacked my site.

One of the big glitches this issue has caused recently is that some of my posts go up without the Comments sections being open. So, until GoDaddy gets this issue resolved, I’ll be putting up a post like this one each morning to accommodate my regular commenters.

If it gains enough traction, we might even make it a permanent feature.

Lots to talk about today. Comment away!









That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Strozk goes for a two fer


Russia, Russia, Russia and the Presidents taxes. Poor little thing, wonder how that lawsuit to get back pay and his job back is working out?


He needs to contract a severe case of lead poisoning ASAP.


I keep telling you my friend, it’s high velocity lead poisoning. We really want to make sure the poor little thing doesn’t suffer any more than he already has. Oh wait! My bad. I forgot who we’re talking about here. Carry on!

Jimmy MacAfee

Strzok may spend eternity as a Walmartian, since he seems to have a thing for them (or against them.) In this version of eternity, he’ll be sentenced to wear pink tights and a top that gives him back-boobs, with a thong visible under the tights and a logo on the top that says:


He’ll snarf down grapes directly from the fresh fruit section, never bothering to pay for them, and will display a cameltoe that looks like Camel-ah Harris’ snout. He’ll also have a man-bun with bleached hair that is streaked rainbow, and he’ll have makeup that looks like he’s a “volunteer” in a library exposing himself to children.

RIP, Peter Strzok! This is what eternity might look like for you! Better repent while there’s time!


Thanks Bro! It’ll take me a week to get rid of the image in my head. lol


In other news, Michael Cohen, in schlepping his latest page turner, claims Trump did everything that Cohen did. Dumbass hack attorney couldn’t even write an NDA with real teeth in it. Goes to show, even a smart man like Trump can get taken by a scumball like Cohen once in a while.

phineas gage

Every bottom-feeder is putting out a book in the last frantic months before the election.

The arc is from CNN to the cut-out bins in approximately two weeks.



Jimmy MacAfee

History had better be consulted:

Communists took over Germany, prior to Hitler; when they were defeated, the German people had no remorse for those who they believed were central to the plot, and the seeds for the Holocaust began. Hitler effectively made German Jews the villains.

With anti-Semitism on the rise, particularly on the Left, the scenarios are a little different – but not as much as you’d think: people are openly blaming Jews again for everything under the sun, and a lot of prominent names (Weinstein, Epstein and others high up in politics and media and tech) have favored Leftwing causes. Even the ADL says nothing when Leftist riot and burn, but manufactures boogey-men on the Right. These are bad tidings – a serious omen.

For those who say they would have stood up to the Nazis: you may get the chance. But as for growing anti-Semitism: it is a sickness that must have a cure. I have seen Confidential Informants (or PIs) trying to radicalize others with their anti-Semitic tropes. My advice to certain Neocons and the Deep State: beware of what you are creating. We don’t need your shit.

As I have seen: there are Confidential Informants who certain government organizations put pressure on and recruit – and they are promoting anti-Semitism in most ugly forms.


In the demoncrat world, if you are one millimicron to the right of center you are far right.

phineas gage

That’s because in that world’s skewed calibration, George McGovern is a centrist.

Jimmy MacAfee

I speak directly to Jeffrey Goldberg, who should be better educated: by putting out lies about President Trump, he is the mouthpiece for those on the Left who would dismantle America.

As such, he is functionally the worst anti-Semite in politics today. Worse, even, than George Soros.

Jimmy MacAfee

So we have the most pro-Israel President in American history, the first with the courage to acknowledge Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and he is smeared by someone who should know better than to spread lies and calumny. What he has said about President Trump is a blood libel – nothing less.

He apparently has nothing to say about certain anti-Semitic Congressmen, and the party which has abandoned Israel. He is giving cover to anti-Semites – almost blanket immunity.

Trying to cozy up with the Left is a dangerous game – for Jews, Christians and the Classical Liberals of the Democratic party. None of us will emerge whole if the Left is encouraged, and if those who are pro-Israel are demonized as “far Right” (whatever the hell that is supposed to mean these days.)

Beware of those selling hatred.


Maxine has made it 69 days without committing prisoncide.


Heh! Even in times like these some still keep their sense of humor


phineas gage

If Trump loses, China wins. America loses.
If you were in the Armed Forces, everything you ever fought for will be gone.


We took an oath. If the time comes, we’ll be keeping it.

phineas gage

An open thread is actually a good idea, a forum for people to post whatever is on their mind.

As Rahm Emanuel tells us, every crisis is an opportunity.


You’re a busy man and things have been moving quickly these last few weeks I’m sure I speak for all our fellow travelers here when I say that we greatly appreciate your posts, this forum and your daily effort to keep it going. Glad you took a day off, we all need one now and then. 😉


Thanks for explaining the problem Dave.

Just another one of those one way glitches that seem to always goes against conservatives.

Earlier today I couldn’t post on Dave’s first post, it seems ok now.

A coincidence I suppose.

Jimmy MacAfee

Goldberg, the attack dog lying about President Trump in the Atlantic, is part of a Deep State conspiracy to enable ANTIFA/BLM – in order to create militant paramilitary opponents.

This happened in Waco, in Oklahoma City and other places, where deliberate radicalization occurred. The idea is to get those Americans who could eventually represent a threat to expose themselves, to be taken down en masse. Neither Waco nor Ruby Ridge nor any of the other schemes got the desired results.

So they allow BLM and ANTIFA to go from place to place, making themselves despicable enough that militias form. They want an enemy, and they’re making them. BLM and ANTIFA are Deep State operatives.

Trump’s federal officials, however, are resisting that effort by the Deep State. The civil was has already begun – within the Federal Government itself.


From Saturday:

Comment / Reply to Jay and Phineas concerning Rick Grenell in 2024, and why he won’t be touched by the MSM (D) because he is gay.

Phineas is right, he may well be given the Trump treatment and the Clarence Thomas and Herman Cain treatment because he is not the right kind of gay; the others are not the right kind of blacks, just like Biden said.

When Biden said that, he only spoke the truth as to how the Democratic Party thinks and operates.

However, the difference will be if they attack Grenell in the least for being gay, I don’t think the much more (as a percentage <5% versus 12%) politically loud and active gay community will quietly accept what will amount to MSM (D) gay bashing.

And I'm talking generalizations here. No prominent black leader (sane or radical) came to Thomas' defense when he was trashed BY BIDEN et al thirty years ago. I think it will be quite different if and when Grenell is attacked as an "Uncle Tom" of the gay community. And many will push back hard and often. I could go on about the differences in the respective communities, but I think I've made my point.

The bottom line, trashing Grenell as a conservative gay man like the MSM (D) does with conservative black men and women, will further show the hypocrisy of the left and further erode their creditability. I see them treading very cautiously on attacking a gay man who is somehow betraying his group's 'cause'. In fact, I see them doing just what they are doing right now: Ignoring the fact that he is gay. Think about it, I remember hearing only once that Rick is gay when he first came on the scene and began to be Trump's troubleshooter. Nary a word in any MSM (D) article since then that he is gay (certainly not like we were constantly reminded how 'the One' is/was HISTORIC – the first black president, or how Walking Eagle was HISTORIC – the first woman on a major party's presidential ticket). No, the MSM (D) will hide Rick's sexual orientation and attempt to portray him as a 'regular' straight mean, rotten, uncaring, white conservative creep.

Rick in 2024? I could go with that judging by what I see so far. Our bench is deep.


Noem/Grennell, Grennell/Noem. I’d vote either ticket. The leftist heads exploding will be epic to watch.

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