Saturday News Roundup: Grenell and Kayleigh Torch the Media, and Democrat Riots Expand Again

Tired of all this WINNING yet? – This happened yesterday:

The Fraternal Order of Police is the largest police officer association in the country. It has had a long history of endorsing Democratic presidential candidates, but that began to change in 2012, when it chose not to endorse either the anti-police Barack Hussein Obama or the milquetoast fake Republican Mitt Romney.

The association’s members made the jump to Trump in 2016 and now, faced with a choice between the President and the anti-police Joe Biden, this year’s decision was quite easy.

This also happened at Rasmussen on Friday:

So, once again President Trump matches his highest voter approval level in the Rasmussen daily survey, and blasts up to a 45% approval rating among Black voters. If that Black voter approval translates into even 1/3rd of that level in actual votes for Trump in November, it will produce a massive landslide victory for the President.

The President also received a polling boost on Friday when the Trafalgar Group – along with Rasmussen, the most accurate pollster in 2016 – released a poll showing him with a 3% lead over Creepy Uncle Quid Pro Farty China Joe Biden in the state of Florida. Trafalgar has now in recent weeks released polls showing Trump with leads in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Florida, four crucial states that both candidates must win in November.

The fantastic August jobs report didn’t get much attention on Friday, thanks to the convenient timing of The Atlantic’s hoax piece. That, of course, is one of the reasons why that piece was dropped on Friday, in fact. This is how the media coordinates with the Democrats.

But I’ll focus on it here, because it’s actual news that is in fact important. To see just how truly great this jobs report, with its 1.4 million new jobs created and 8.4 rate of unemployment (down from 10.2% in July) truly is, look this table of projections created in April by the Congressional Budget Office:

In April the Congressional Budget Office said the unemployment rate for August would be…wait for it…16 percent! Again, we’re at 8.4%, roughly half that level. That 7.6% difference represents 8 to 10 million jobs.

Also note that, barely four months ago, CBO further predicted that the rate of unemployment would not drop below even 10% throughout NEXT YEAR. This is WINNING on a grand, unprecedented scale, and if our news media was not such a raging dumpster fire of bias and ignorance, it would be the biggest story of the week.

Speaking of our raging dumpster fire news media… – Watch as Ric Grenell, the single best personnel decision President Trump has made while in office, chews out the despicable White House press corps for their frankly idiotic questioning:

Truly epic.

But wait, there’s more!

but wait there's more Memes & GIFs - Imgflip

Kayleigh McEnany got in a tongue-lashing of the sleazy White House fake reporters of her own earlier in the day. It is an epic beatdown no one should miss:

The tongue-lashings from McEnany and Grenell obviously had an impact, as the questioning by the press corps during President Trump’s briefing later in the day was surprisingly subdued. But they were still a whole lot more hostile than the pathetically fawning softballs Creepy Uncle Joe received when he took a few carefully-placed questions in Scranton earlier in the day.

The President hilariously noted this disparity:

Yes, they were meant for a child because the corrupt reporters following Biden around know he is utterly incapable of offering a coherent answer to anything resembling a real question. For the record, here is a list of the softballs that were lobbed at Quid Pro Joe:


As Mr. Grenell correctly stated, America has a real crisis in journalism. Bias has always existed in our media, but this descent into pure capitulation to and rank activism on behalf of a single party is unprecedented in its scope and scale.

Meanwhile, in Portland, New York and Rochester… – The Democrat-sponsored rioters of Antifa/BLM were out in force in all three cities last night. Here are some of the lowlights as reported by the great, real journalist, Andy Ngo:

Ted Wheeler has a new opponent in Portland, and guess what? She’s even more of a communist lunatic than he is:

So, understand what she is saying here: If you have white skin and you want to own property and feel safe in your home, you, not the domestic terrorist of BLM/Antifa, are the problem.

You seriously cannot make this stuff up.

This happened in New York City in and around Times Square:

In Rochester, we had this:

And then, as always, there was Portland:

Again, this will only continue to grow until these people are forcibly confronted and stopped. If you think that you and your family are safe because you don’t live in these cities%

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the Bruce

Give Joe a break. Joe Biden is a victim of a late stage Syphilis infection. Between the Syphilis Spirochetes boring through his brain and the mercury poisoning from the drugs ingested to combat the infection, he is suffering serious cognitive decline. This information is from CNN “reliable sources” who are trying to keep it away from the public. It is worthy of further investigation.


Something all patriots need to see and consider… If ever there were a time… today is that day.

Hope all is well Mr Blackmon… There are those that will stand with you should you need it, just have to let us know what or how. We’ll be there. If you just needed the day off that too is understandable and again, all the best, stay safe.

Jimmy MacAfee

Looks like DB is under attack – again.


If he is, it just goes to show how well his site and this forum are doing. Haters gonna hate. They can’t open their minds to different perspectives or empathize. Sad.


It’s also possible Dave’s taking a day He has earned one for sure.

Jimmy MacAfee


Biden’s Secret Service victims (wives and girlfriends) will soon appear, confirming Judicial Watch’s explorations.

Jimmy MacAfee

Where of where has Camel-ah Harris gone?

Did she get groped by Crazy Joe?


Her handler’s have decided to go all bunker like Joe. Limited exposure. They picked the worst possible candidate to run with him. Nobody likes her. Nobody.


And I forgot to mention that Tulsi Gabbrad destroyed her public persona during the debates.Nobody has forgotten that. Her campaign basically died that night and she’s been a marked politico ever since.


Wow! Thanks to OZero for all the hate he had for his own country. He’s a despicable human being and the WORST president we ever had bar none. You can bet that if we don’t do something the Mullahs in Iran will use this on us one of these days.


And there it is: Obama’s real legacy.

They’ve been just waiting to tell the world they had one. Now they are just itching to use it.


Damn if I don’t just love to see these idiots squeal like pigs when they are brought down to the ground….does my heart good to see them get treated like they have treated the good folks in our country….keep it up! With all the support i see President Trump getting there is no way (except by cheating ) that slow Joe and that Kamel face idiot win. Thousands line the street when President Trump shows up and a handful (with their masks and social distancing) wander around at a Biden event. No contest no matter what these fake democrap polls say!

phineas gage

“Why the Left has such a burning psychological need to constantly fantasize about destruction is no secret: in effect, they are a monomaniacal suicide cult with the added fillip of wanting to take the rest of the world down with them. They exist fearfully in a crabbed, constricted self-prison, in which anything — a breath, a fart, a sneeze, the flick of a light switch — can unleash cataclysmic events.”

That’s a pretty damn good description. I would have included narcissistic psychopathic sociopaths as well.


Given the severity of the stock market gains, jobs coming back with unemployment dropping quickly, obviously, money markets roaring and metal markets flat-lining, ALL speaks towards one thing…. Demoncrap panic. This will be a fall, early winter, campaign of as much obfuscation and distraction as can be mustered by the media and demoncraps.

Watch as the media will take three or four word phrases from within a sentence and amplify it into a ‘supposed’ policy Trump is advocating for, when in fact Trump states the opposite in its entirety. Nothing new, but expect it to reach shrill level LUDICROUS in order to drown out the recovering economy for which hopenchange can’t say he built.

I believe that as the shrill increases the obvious lies become even harder to hide. Personally I think the screeching banshees will ultimately open the eyes of a lot of ‘moderate’ demoncrap voters. Zombies, no. I see a Nov where the ‘moderates, will swing GOP or not vote at all. imo


They’ll vote for their jobs and law and order. It is always about security in the end. Do I vote for somebody is going to see to it I keep my job and family/home/business safe or do I vote for somebody threatening to destroy all of that?

The monsters the left have released upon the public and their dropping of all pretenses of caring about the common citizen are resonating, but not in the way the had hoped.

phineas gage

‘Higher education’:

More like basal indoctrination.

The ‘visiting assistant professor’, Matt Gildner, just completed his leftist doctorate at UT-Austin. I guess they are allowing him to let his freak flag fly.

Jay Whitcraft

The comments above made me think about a Rick Grenell run in 2024. I think it would be a great idea! The MSM couldn’t touch him because he is gay. As far as draining the swamp goes, he would be Trump on steroids. Couple all that with his obvious knowledge of World affaires I think he would be a tough candidate to beat. Jay

phineas gage

‘The MSM couldn’t touch him because he is gay.’

Don’t kid yourself about that–he would be targeted even more ferociously because of that fact. Consider what they do to black conservatives.

However, Grenell will give far better than he gets.

Have A Clown Wig And A Smile

Hussein Hopenchange and the police acted stupidly swill beer summit was the start of the anti-police rhetoric.
You did build that Light Worker Messiah and what else would you expect from a Marxist community organizer trained in CPUSA HQ known as Chicago.
Kayleigh McEnany? So hot! Trump knows how to pick a winner.
Das Radio played audio of the hairdresser of esteemed party member czarina Pelosi and she is a smart fighter like K.E.
This will be good debate fodder those fam still stuck on the democrats are the party of the working man/woman delusion.

phineas gage

What has happened to Kamala Harris? Wasn’t she supposed to be the front for Biden, so he could stay hidden away? She has vanished.


Yeah, Karma Roundheels makes Walking Eagle look positively appealing; a scary thought.

Jimmy MacAfee

Unappealing, as in finding a booger in your burger: gross.


Finding 1/2 a booger in your burger.

phineas gage

They couldn’t have made a poorer choice.

This is possibly the worst presidential ticket in history.


Actually given whom they picked for their presidencial candidate chameleon was their best choice.

Jimmy MacAfee

A few posts ago, I claimed that black support of the President was closer to 50% (if not higher.) Now we see the truth peeking out from behind the smoke screen.

I agree with President Trump that FAUX News needs to hire other pollsters. As even dimwit AOC would put it, these people doing polls for FAUX “have the IQ of a sea sponge.”

Grenell is a bare-knuckles fighter. I’d like to see him in the middle of the press corps in an actual bare-knuckles contest – just him against all of them. It’d be funnier than Celebrity Death Match!

Rick O'Shay

What the President should do is start every press briefing with a 5 minute video of questions they asked O’bummer. Compare and contrast.

Or perhaps a scripted remedial presentation of questions that an actual real press corp would and should ask, for example;

“Unemployment was expected to be 16% but is actually 8.4%, that is great news for our country, how did that happen?


“It’s reported today that black support for the president has risen to 45%. That is a historically high number, what is President Trump doing to cause this?

And then go ahead and answer those questions instead.

phineas gage

Such ideas are cathartic fantasy, but they would have no lasting effect.

The only way to deal with the media, just like a venomous cobra, is to kill it–dead. Anything else is useless.

What Trump does to them every day, and what the media are doing to themselves in response to it, is a slow-motion execution. They are committing suicide on a daily basis now and don’t even realize it. Trump’s genius is that he has largely got them to do it to themselves.

By the time Trump’s second term is over, the media as you have known it will no longer exist.


An excellent suggestion.


Random thoughts:

Rasmussen has Trump at 52%. Great! What I’m not getting is if the president has kept over 90% of his Republican support base and has doubled or tripled Black support and improved in Hispanic support, how is he still only in the 48-52% approval range? Shouldn’t it be more like a consistent 55% plus range? Schiff-bag Clinton was consistently in the sixties for much of his dumpster-fire presidency – something isn’t adding up here? The non poll participating shy Trump supporters of whom we all hope and pray actually exist in huge numbers had better step up and vote for the president and defeat every Democrat on the ballot. 63 million voted for Trump in 2016 had better turn into 80+ million this year. They better come out of the closet – so to speak – this year or the country is lost.


We all should realize these bogus hit pieces are going to keep coming out. I believe their real intent is not to damage the president, but to cover up good economic and foreign policy news, or hide joe btfsplk, and most importantly, take the attention away from MaligNancy Klink’s faux pas, real CV-19 data, the ongoing riots and the Dem governor’s shutdowns and their (Fredo) actual threats to the president.


The supposedly non-partisan CBO was spawned in the seventies ostensibly to assist lawmakers and presidents in the budget process. It has never been right in forecasting the impact of tax cuts or tax increases because it uses a static rather than a dynamic model to estimate revenue. It is as accurate as Fluki’s CDC and both agencies need to be defunded and scrapped as they are, on purpose, wrong virtually all the time. They are just another subtle taxpayer funded propaganda tool to be used by the Dems and the MSM (D) to attack Republican Presidents and their policies.


So glad the President has people who are shaming the media’s press corps (corps as in dead bodies) into oblivion. Had ‘the One’ achieved half of Trump’s foreign successes he would already be on Mount Rushmore as the greatest president ever. Oh, wait, he didn’t come close, in fact he was a disaster, and still revered as the greatest…


Regarding the Portland riots, wasn’t the OSP federalized? What impact is that having? I would never have lived in Portland, but if I did, I would have been long gone. If you are a decent law abiding person still living in Portland, and don’t want to live in Mogadishu, get out now! Better to write off your property losses and save your most important asset, your life, and start over.

I’m not all that concerned about fleeing residents bringing their liberal voting habits to red states. I think it will be a wash as many of the people who are now fleeing the blue cities/states are the conservative voters with means and wherewithal to get out.

Portland is a lost cause if your choices are the current commie mayor and that antifa supporting bimbo (AOC’s sister).


There is no way I would remain a patron or a waitress at that restaurant in Rochester, NY. How is anyone staying there for the two minutes of that video clip? I would walk out if that happened. I would offer to protect the waitress and other staff, and escort her/them out and mail the money for the meal to the owner; but I would get the hell out of there ASAP.

phineas gage

Overall Rasmussen breakdown:

The tidal wave approaches.


“So, understand what she is saying here: If you have white skin and you want to own property and feel safe in your home, you, not the domestic terrorist of BLM/Antifa, are the problem.”

She stated that those white skinned KKKers, white nationalsts are causing all this destruction and rioting. That those rioting festivalers wouldn’t even be out there if it wasn’t for these evil whities… They wouldn’t be festivaling, they’d be at home growing tomatoes or micro-brewing.

Communists… they are adept at lying and propaganda. Simply unmatched.

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