Bret Baier and Jennifer Griffin do a Tag-Team Hatchet Job on President Trump

The Paul Ryanization of Fox News continued yesterday evening on the Fox Report.

Bret Baier and reporter Jennifer Griffin performed a heck of a hatchet job on President Trump last night. – On last night’s Fox Report, Baier and Griffin burnished their CNN/MSNBC cred by parroting the fake reporting of The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, and then having Griffin cite her own anonymous “sources” to support parts of Goldberg’s story.

Which raises the question, when you have anonymous “sources” confirming what anonymous “sources” have to say, what do you really have? Well, you have gossips confirming gossips, for one thing. Griffin’s “reporting” is akin to the old days when housewives would spread neighborhood gossip while hanging clothes outside on the clothesline to dry.

Then you also have cowards confirming cowards, and what good is that to anyone? You also very likely have the exact same cowards “confirming” to Griffin what they said to Goldberg, which is even more worthless.

Meanwhile, Baier and Griffin basically ignored the dozen or so actual, real people who actually witnessed the events Goldberg portrays in his hoax piece and who have the courage to let reporters use their names, all of whom have completely refuted every accusation Goldberg makes. That dozen or so people includes Trump-hater John Bolton, who told Baier that, if he had heard the President say the things Goldberg alleges while serving as National Security Advisor he would not only have made mention of it in his recent hit book, he’d have written entire chapters about it.

Later in the fake newscast, during the nightly panel discussion, the great Mollie Hemingway did point out the fact of those dozen or so on-the-record sources and lightly criticized Griffin for ignoring them in her reporting. Baier then sat back quietly while allowing the despicable #NeverTrump nitwit Stephen Hayes to launch into a minute-long diatribe at Hemingway, something he’d never allow were the tables reversed.

Before yesterday, both Baier and Griffin had been pretty reliable purveyors of actual news. You didn’t always like what they had to report because they were trying to give you the straight skinny and communicate both sides of a story. But you felt confident in their reporting because it was pretty much always properly sourced.

That all ended on Friday. Now we know that Baier and Griffin are in fact no different from the hacks at CNN and MSNBC, perfectly willing to spread rumors damaging to the President based on nothing but the gossip handed them by cowards who are afraid to be identified in public.

If it were limited to the hour-long Fox Report, Baier’s and Griffin’s dive into the depths of rank rumor-mongering wouldn’t be that big a deal. But since their shenanigans, Griffin’s “reporting” is now being used as a tool by every fake reporter in America to claim that Goldberg’s hit piece has now been confirmed to be true. In addition, you have every host on Fox since last night’s broadcast now being required to claim that “Our own Jennifer Griffin confirmed parts of The Atlantic’s story.”

But Jennifer Griffin didn’t confirm anything. She cited cowards who confirmed parts of what other cowards told Goldberg. Or maybe she was even quoting the very same cowards Goldberg quoted – there is no way to know.

What we do know beyond any doubt after last night is this: Baier and Griffin can no longer be trusted to convey actual news to their viewers, and those of us who have watched the Fox Report as our evening newscast for years now need to find something better to do at 5:00 CT on weekdays.

This is all so liberating.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Rick O'Shay

The “right wing conservative” sites should have an “anonymous source” day…..

Anonymous source says Joe Biden shaves with the same razor that Jill uses to trim her lady parts.

Anonymous source says Nancy Pelosi uses the human feces outside her door to fertilize her window ledge herb garden.

Nah, nevermind. The Babylon Bee has already plowed this fertile ground.


This wasn’t anonymous however, is still really good. RNC should anonymously switch big ears with hidin’ Bidin and put on TV.


First Trump was supposedly badmouthing the WW1 vets. Now he was supposedly badmouthing the Vietnam vets. If y’all have sources, name them. Until then, it’s nothing but a hoax being perpetuated for ratings and to mess with Trump. Prove that wrong. Name sources or convince them to stop being cowards and come forward.

Jimmy MacAfee

They succeeded in triggering President Trump. One of the first rules of the Left is to find something completely opposite of the truth, something that is irritating…and then promote the hell out of the idea.

They did this with Bushie, after he told the Senate Majority Leader Daschle: “whatever you do, don’t lie to me.” Bush TRIED to avoid lying, but they found his sensitive spot.

President Trump needed to put this lie down, because not answering it was dangerous. But it clearly got his goat. May the liars who put this out have their fingers broken and their heads busted by a “natural” occurrence.

Vogon Poetry

They’re just a couple of lyin’ dog-faced pony soldiers


Haven’t watched Brett in so long, forgot he had a program. Now this is another reason to not make an effort to watch him…ever.
Every once in a while he crops up on other programs, sota like Juan Williams and that other leftist hack Donna Brazille, and I am reminded why I don’t tune in to him.
The games have only just begun. The left will just intensify their attacks on President Donald J. Trump and, thereby, us. Be prepared. Its gonna be a bumpy ride.

phineas gage

The media has a history of these military visit propaganda pieces, if you recall Reagan’s visit to Bitburg, or Clinton’s completely phony solitary walk along the beach at Normandy (including using a conveniently placed pile of rocks to make a cross….).

I think they have some deluded idea that it will someone how persuade ignorant redneck military people to vote for a lunatic leftist. These are people who, almost without exception, have not the slightest idea who the people of our armed forces are nor what they do.


Instead of discussing anonymous sources, they and we should be shouting about the 90% false positive test results and the 94% false death rates! And be dispensing with this viromania lie. It was the impetus for the full mail in ballot fiasco in the first place dontchaknow.

Just say’in,

Edo Tokyo

So disappointing, another media organization drinking the Kool Aid, The sheer ridiculousness of partially confirming a report based on anonymous sources, with anonymous sources. It’s insulting because they obviously think the general public is that stupid.

R. L. Hails Sr. P.E. (Ret.)

I watched the show. This report does not cover it well. Moliie’s main point is that the media focuses on this nonsense, which ten people on the record, and who were present refutes and ignores real policy problems. Steve Haynes raises the issue of anonymous sources who refuse to be identified and how much credence can we give them. Half of D.C. hates Trump. Baiers points out the powder puff questions to Biden which in his many years never happened.

I value the conflict; it sharpens my judgment.

phineas gage

Bonchie appears to agree with Dave:

Using anonymous sources is not journalism, nor is ignoring on-the-record sources who refute the story.

phineas gage

‘This is all so liberating.’

It truly is. These are transformative times. As difficult as they may be, there is great value in everything being bathed in the harsh light of truth. No more masks.

Trump has already completely remade the GOP as the centrist everyman’s party, and is in the process of remaking the nation. He’s halfway there.


Stopped watching Baier a year ago for the same reason.

Mary Potter

Stopped watching Baier after his performance on the debates. Can some one tell me how the media got so biased? Who really controls them?

phineas gage

Fox vaulted the shark some time ago. The death of Roger Ailes was the turning point. Everyone in D.C., and that includes networks execs, wants Trump gone so they can return to the lucrative grift.

All mass media is corrupted through and through. Their final desperate push has begun as we are within two months of election day, and it is all hands on deck.

Anyone decrying the Brett Baiers and Jennifer Griffins while watching the evening token conservatives is supporting the former.


Shame on Bret Baier and Jennifer Griffin. They never reported what the actual witnesses who were there said. Fox is becoming another CNN. I’m not watching anymore!


Around a year ago, Rush did a rare live on air interview with Baier, Baier was humping some fluff book on the greatness of Roosevelt’s WWII leadership and he had at least two factually incorrect statements during the interview – Baier lost all creditability with me at that point. Might as well be Shemp Smith’s brother.

I rarely watch any cable ‘news’ as by the time the evening rolls around I’m pretty politically burned out and would rather watch “Hogan’s Heroes” than the big three prime-time anchors; I’ll catch any noteworthy clips online.

I had to look up Griffin to see who she is. Looking at most of her pictures, do any of these women have a decent hair stylist? I mean gee-wiz how beastly can one get? She is 50-51 and looks older than Andrea Mitchell. And she is a graduate of Harvard University which tells you all you need to know.

Furthermore, all these bogus over the top Fox presidential polls with joe btfsplk leading in double digits? Even the DNCNN poll giving btfsplk only a four point lead (forcing him out of his bunker to actually campaign) is more creditable – pretty bad when you lose the creditability war to DNCNN.

Just like most hack politicians, Fox is trying to have it both ways – Be the strong, relatively “conservative” “fair and balanced” voice of reason and yet still try to be in the Acela corridor leftist club. It won’t work; ask MeAgain Kelly (who also dyked up her hair) how well her career went when the faux conservative went rogue and first tried to Schiff on Trump in a 2016 debate, and then did her best not to be like Madcow with her election coverage on that glorious Nov night in 2016, and then went to DNCNBC where she proved to be a total disaster.


Anyone with half a brain knows that Trump would have never disparaged our fallen heroes. He has honored the military at every opportunity, and addressed problems at the VA. He has greatly strengthened our war fighting capability while reducing involvement in hostilities abroad. The only time he said something derogatory toward a vet was his snarky comment (which I thought was brilliant and funny) towards rino John McCain in the primaries “He couldn’t have been that great; he got captured!” Upon reflection, I still chuckle and as a vet am not offended. He is the best president this country has ever had. We need to pray often for his wisdom and safety.

By the way, just read that he is going after this devilish diversity anti white brainwashing training. You go girl!

Jimmy MacAfee

It’s alarming that Brett Baier is now spreading poo that he’s consumed – because it means he has become a bottom-feeder along with the rest of them. One might want to take a look at his financials, as well as the financials of the owners of Faux News. Is he being paid, or is he being John Robertsed?

Who is paying them off? Bigger than Sorass, who is CIA – likely Dark Ops (Mockingbird.) A real investigation into the turning of the media should be considered – because this is anything but “freedom of the press.”

Who is paying for this? My guess is China, though the IC, who are expert in money laundering ops..

Jimmy MacAfee

The fake news is like this:

You have a small artificial pond filled with goldfish; instead of food, you feed them dried poo-pellets (see the analogy starting?)

The goldfish eat what you throw them, then poop what they’d digested, and other goldfish eat that poop.

And that is what the fake news, from Russiagate to the current set of lies, does with increasing regularity. It’s one big poop-fest, where they are fed poop and they continue to consume and pass along what they’ve eaten.

Nothing more than fish-poo, recycled.


Recycled fish poo…

AOC understands recycled fish poo is part of the ‘Green New Deal’ and approves of this message.

Jimmy MacAfee

Hard to tell whether AOC is a larger consumer of fish poo or progenitor – (for AOC: “progenitor” means you make it)


Logic dictates you cannot produce the one without first consuming the other. So I’d say AOC has been a consumer of poo for awhile.

And we all known that pro-genitation/tor is sooooo sexist. There are 8489 other genders you know…


Trump is into progenitation elimination and sanitation proliferation!

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