The Atlantic’s Hoax Story is Already Falling Completely Apart

In case you were wondering why The Atlantic ran with the anti-Trump hoax story today, well, here you go:


Incidentally, look at the other names on that list:

Meg Whitman – former GOP candidate for Governor in California;

George Soros – the most evil human being on the planet;

Jeffrey Katzenberg – former chairman at Disney;

James Murdoch – son of Ruppert Murdoch, honcho at Fox News.

What fun company Joe Biden’s elder-abusing handlers are keeping these days.

Meanwhile, The Atlantic’s obviously fake story is falling completely apart:

One of the main allegations in The Atlantic’s story is that President Trump cancelled a 2018 visit to the Normandy graveyard in which hundreds of heroic U.S. soldiers are buried because he considered them to be “losers.” The weather on that day was terrible, and the White House stated that, because the President would have had to travel from Paris to Normandy in a helicopter, the pilots had deemed the trip unsafe.

Noted Trump hater, the inveterate warmonger John Bolton, was there that day and told NYTimes fake reporters Peter Bakers and Maggie Haberman that the White House version of events was correct.


The great Twitter user TechnoFog went even further, citing documents obtained through Freedom of Information Act requests that prove that the trip was cancelled due to the bad weather:


Nevertheless, the corrupt news media has persisted. – The cretins at The Hill decided it was newsworthy today to repeat a Daily Beast story from yesterday that tells us that the widow of … wait for it … Mr. Freakin’ Rogers does not approve of President Trump.

No word if The Hill is now seeking comment from the widows of Captain Kangaroo, Mr. Green Jeans, Howdy Doody and Bozo the Clown, but it seems likely.

You just could never make this stuff up, folks.

But back to The Atlantic and its melting-down hoax story. Folks, this is pure, utter and complete panic and desperation on the part of your fake news media. By mid-morning, Democrat suck-up fake reporters like Haberman and CNN’s resident eunuch Brian Stelter were practically begging the “sources” for The Atlantic’s fake story to reveal themselves. Haberman even essentially outed John Kelly as one of the “sources” while doing so.

Who might the other “sources” be? Isn’t it obvious, given the subject matter? How about James Mattis, like Kelly a war hawk who hated Trump’s non-interventionist foreign policy and who has already signed onto a letter opposing his re-election. Or how about H.R. McMaster, who filled the National Security Council staff inside the White House with Obama holdovers, and who also hated Trump’s refusal to start new wars around the globe.

That is of course assuming The Atlantic has any real “sources” for its story at all, and didn’t just make it all up out of whole cloth. Author Jeffrey Goldberg told CNN this morning that his “sources” didn’t want to have their names used because they’re all a-skeered of having to deal with “angry tweets and all the rest…”:

Thus, whomever these “sources” really happen to be not only lack the slightest shred of personal integrity, they’re rank cowards as well.

If any or all of the generals named above are indeed involved, that is not a good look at all, is it?

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Hmm, 500K given to the Biden campaign by these…

How is that McLame-Feingold 2002 campaign finance reform THAT BUSH JR signed into law, and the SC upheld working out? So much for getting “corrupting money influence out of American Politics”.

According to every campaign solicitation I get, it says a maximum $2,800.00 per person per election can be given.

I know you can give more to a political party which is “soft money”. But that is the point, the “law” (just like Obamacare) was designed to fail, be unenforceable AND ensure money is funneled into the corrupt political parties.

I know of only one person who was actually charged, or found guilty of violation of the campaign finance reform law: Danish D’Souza who actually went to jail for it. Who was the prosecutor? Was it Karma Roundheels? Isn’t it funny how that worked? 99% of first offenders get a slap on the wrist and maybe a fine, and the campaigns supposedly have to give the “donation” to some “charity” (the Clinton Foundation maybe?). Sure, yeah, right.

This is why I never paid much attention to all the glowing reports about how the DNC is “broke” and the RNC is way ahead. The RNC gets most of its donations by little people in less than $100.00 increments AND can count on those people actually voting for their candidates. The DNC will always be bailed out by the leftist gazillionaires both here and abroad. Money and free “in kind” Media contributions will never fail to stuff their coffers.

So Job’s widow is buying the Atlantic Magazine? Which will, if it hasn’t already, become her version of Bezos’s blog, the WAPO.

How is GS not been arrested? I suppose he has dual citizenship makes him eligible to “donate” to US elections, but it also makes him CHARGEABLE under US law; doesn’t it?

Meg Whitman, former president and CEO of eBay, another nonproducing fluff company. She lost bigly to Moonbeam” Brown in 2010, endorsed both GOP LOSERS to ‘the One’, gave to Walking Eagle in 2016, called Trump BOTH Hitler and Mussolini, AND spoke at the 2020 Dem convention in support of joe btfsplk. I wonder if is she related to the former hack Gov of NJ and Bush Jr’s. first EPA Director? Another position for which she was eminently unqualified. We have way too many people with entirely too much money who are too stupid to breathe.

The Murdock punk? As Phineas said, I would also like to see more of that donor list. Would love to see how many more “Republicans” are giving money to America’s infirmed corrupt slimy disgusting candidate?

Now Mutt’s wife is coordinating with big Mike against Trump, and one, or some of Jeb’s staffers are doing the same anti-Trump schiff Florida. All these RepubloRATs are now totally exposed and really need to be made to pay the price when Trump wins.

After Trump wins the election I look to see Barr et al ramp up a massive scale of prosecutions and convictions, or be replaced very soon by a Rick Grenell or a Mark Levin type that will actually get results before we all die of global warming or CV-19.

America succeeds or fails on this election; simple as that.

Elizabeth Voorheis

Hey Greg… Awesome conent in you comment.. much appreciated this information.. you take feels SPOT ON… Liz

Should have read YOUR comment. And YOUR info… Thanks


Thank you, Elizabeth. Your reply is much appreciated.

Jimmy MacAfee

Couldn’t fly, and unnamed security risks along the automobile route, with the Secret Service wisely insisting upon not attending. That’s what I heard. Weather? Yes. Increased risks because of the weather? Likely.

President Trump has always shown great respect for Servicemen – but not only them, working class folks like myself and many of you. As for men and women in Afghanistan and other places: the insane Rules of Engagement set by Obumbler and his generals caused countless American deaths and destruction – including the SEAL Team members who were shot out of the sky because of those same rules. That is the ultimate expression of hatred – and it was done intentionally, Obimbo didn’t give a shit about troops, and they knew it.

From the press and Never Trumpers and Demonrats in general, toward those of us who work for a living? Disdain, dismissal, disgust: they have demonstrated their hatred of us – as they give all of our jobs away, both at home and overseas.

And the press hates us worst of all. The feeling is mutual.

Jimmy MacAfee

We don’t like the “elites” any more than they like us.

Andrew Carnegie

First, it’s hearsay. ” I heard someone say . . .” That’s not proof of anything. It’s inadmissible as evidence. Second, it’s from 2018. So it is old hearsay. ” I heard someone say in 2018 that he heard you say . . .” Third, anybody could make anything up. Hypothetical: ” I heard someone say you owe me a million bucks. So pay me, now! I heard someone say it!” Fourth, the source remains anonymous; we don’t even know if such a source really exists. Fifth, even if there is a named source, consider the source. President Trump has many enemies and what is to stop them from telling falsehoods? (Just asking). Sixth, notice the timing. The allegation is from 2018 and now, a mere two months before Election Day, this is suddenly being reported. How convenient to wait until now. The timing is very, very suspicious.


No need to be suspicious, it’s a flagrant attempt at gas lighting a two year old incident .
even the moronic deep state socialist echo chamber media knows it. It’s going to be like this for the next two months, so strap in, get your popcorn ready and dust off the stinkometer. Because it’s going to get real schiffy between now and November 3rd.

Dental Floss Tycoon

Those Normandy soldiers are facepalming hard in Valhalla. The troops who fought in Korea and Viet Nam are saying whiskey tango foxtrot as we are almost full communist.
Just like all the other ACME INC. plots by the CPUSA the attempt to drive a wedge between Trump and the military will fail.
The Marcia Brady Russia, Russia, Russia is stale even in the faculty lounge of Marxist U. after a few rounds of bong loads.
Let the CPUSA flail and fail and at just the right time…let the clown horns go off!


To say I was surprised when the mustachioed eyebrow stood up for the President would be an understatement. After thumbing his nose at the President, i was not expecting him to come out and do something like that.

phineas gage

He’s probably trying to avoid prosecution for revealing classified info in his book.

He’s not doing it out of any good will.


Most likely you are correct. With swamp critters there is always an ulterior motive.

phineas gage

That donor list is revealing. It certainly explains Fox News. And Meg Whitman? Trump is remaking the GOP and casting these phonies and grifters by the wayside.

I’d like to see more of that list at lower monetary levels. I’m sure Cap’n Bill Kristol would appear, as would much of the National Review editorial page.

phineas gage

Also, don’t forget as you read that list, the Democrats are the party of the little guy.

phineas gage

*snickering* Yes, that’s going to be campaign gold. The destruction of the files bit is hilarious. Wonder who made that call and when. The agent could come forward and verify if he wanted to.
Who knows? Judicial Watch will chew on this bone as long as they can if for no other reason than to make Biden’ campaign to keep denying it.

phineas gage

Goldberg’s claim is a joke. If the ‘sources’ came forward, they would be feted throughout D.C. society as heroes, not threatened.

There are no actual sources, just a lot of griping and b*tching that Goldberg woven into a fantasy.

And Sharyl Atkisson says there is much more on the way:

Each one will be more ridiculous than the last. They are losing and they are flailing.


Their hatred for all things Trump is becoming quite tiresome….just think how great this country would now be if even half the corrupt media were on President Trump’s side. I pray that each and everyone of these slime balls get whats coming to them over the next few years.

Jimmy MacAfee

McMasters was one of the chief sources, as was Kelly.

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