Queen Nancy Personifies the Democrat Party’s Contempt for Ordinary Americans

So, why do we care where Queen Nancy gets her hair done? – The answer to that is simple, isn’t it? It’s because she has been one of the loudest Democrat voices over the last six months lecturing the little people of America to stay locked up in their homes and only venture out when wearing a mask. She’s been one of the most ardent fans of the lockdowns mandated by despicable Democrat governors like her step-nephew Gavin Newsom, putting millions of little people out of work and shuttering hundreds of thousands of businesses.

Even worse than her act of intentionally violating nephew Gavin’s lockdown/mask orders on Sunday by intimidating a single mother salon owner to open her shuttered business just for her decripit, stringy mane was Queen Nancy’s response to getting caught. She couldn’t lower herself to do the simple thing: To admit her wrongdoing and ask to be forgiven. Instead, she haughtily claimed at a press conference to having been “set up” and demanded that the salon owner she had intimidated apologize to her.

Nancy Pelosi says her visit to a hair salon was a 'setup' - Los Angeles Times

This would seem a small matter were it not so perfectly emblematic of the dismissive stance taken towards ordinary Americans not just by Queen Nancy and her despicable fellow Democrats, but many Republicans who fester in the DC Swamp as well.

It is a sad fact of America’s current state of being that, aside from President Donald Trump, several members of his cabinet and senior advisory staff and a handful of members of congress, almost the entirety of the District of Columbia has become hostile territory. About 95% of the national news media is supportive of that contempt for the American people. Even worse, the Democrat Party funds two different domestic terrorist groups – Antifa and BLM – whose operatives travel the country burning and looting vast swaths of Democrat-controlled cities at will, knowing the Democrat mayors will not allow the police to properly deal with them.

Here’s a prime example of these terrorists acting with impunity in Washington, DC just a few hours before this was written:

The police can’t act because the Mayor won’t allow it. The Mayor isn’t home, so she couldn’t care less about the disturbance and threat these thugs are creating for her neighbors. You think you’re safe in your home because your town has ordinances that designate this to be criminal behavior? Better check to see which political party your mayor is affiliated with, because you might be surprised to discover exactly how unsafe you really are.

The Democrat Party also has an online army, the social media outrage mob that attacks, doxxes and cancels anyone the Democrats point their gnarly fingers towards. The single mother salon owner, Erica Kious, made an appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show last night. She told Carlson that Nephew Gavin’s lockdown order has caused her to lose 60% of her clients and most of her stylists and that her business is dead.

Even worse, she told Carlson that she will have to leave San Francisco after being attacked by the Democrat outrage mob on social media with the most vile and disgusting kinds of death threats imaginable.

It’s a disgrace. This is behavior that no civilized society should allow, but that’s the whole point: The Democrat Party is working hard to ensure that America loses its status as a civilized society.

See, it would be impossible to “transform” a free nation of 330 million people who exist as a cohesive unit, a people who share common values, a common outlook and common goals. It is far, far easier to foment a Marxist-style revolution within a population that is completely divided among itself, shares no common values or goals and is already assaulting one another online and actively attacking one another in the streets.

Every goal the Democrat Party has pursued over the past half-century has been designed to divide the American population along class, race and religious lines. They’ve used education policy for this, they’ve used tax policy for this, they’ve used civil rights policy for this, they’ve used housing policies and healthcare policies, immigration polices and foreign policy for this. Hell, they’ve even used energy and environmental policy to advance their divisive goals.

Democrats like Nancy Pelosi now believe that they are on the cusp of consolidating that half century of hard work in this year’s election. Her contempt for and hostility towards Erica Kious is just the manifestation of the way she feels towards all of us.

In their path stands a single obstacle: Donald J. Trump. He’s it. He is all the rest of America has.

You give this woman a majority in the House and Joe Biden/Kamala Harris in the White House, you will not enjoy the result.

That is all.

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Sir Cumference

Kamel-ah Harris is a sleep-around ho who slept her way up the political ladder.
Tulsi Gabbard exposed Kamala for what she really is:
Watch pedophile Joe grope little girl’s breast.
Joe Biden Lies
Biden Quid Pro Quo
Biden gaffs
Time to fight back against these antifa/BLM (Burn-Loot-Murder) thugs like this little girl did.
Little white girl beats crap out of BLM fat butt.


Just saw a quick clip of AG Barr on FBN talking to Wolfman Blitzer about the the domestic terrorists and how the DOJ is tracking their movements and spending habits, and then when Wolfy asked him if it was illegal he said it’s illegal to cross state lines and riot. Wolfy was taken aback to put it mildly. I suspect that the AG has been a lot busier than we think. i still hold out hope.

As I keep telling my dear wife: God has got this.

phineas gage

“I suspect that the AG has been a lot busier than we think”

Agree–Barr is going to roll up their network and funding, and a considerable number are going to be facing federal charges.

It’s easy to sit back and snipe at Barr. It’s a lot harder to actually get things done.


So us snipers shouldn’t be critical of Barr performance to date?? So Ratcliff, Nunes, Grenell and all the other conservatives that have been doing the heavily lifting so far are over productive??

Personally I don’t see a problem with asking why Barr has been so obtuse when there was PLENTY of targets he could easily gone after and yet waved his hand and allowed REAL perps to walk and Trump supporters to twist in the wind. It could also very well be a whole gaslighting exercise by Barr to mitigate swamp draining.

Just as there are people tired of listening to people snarking about Barr’s apparent lack of results or even action. There are people tired of others defending Barr and saying be patient, he’s working when there is little evidence anything significant is being done.

Time will tell… I very much want to be wrong about Barr… but my guts says different.


Read somewhere that antifa is being coordinated from overseas. If true it will get real interesting.

phineas gage

This article is good, but doesn’t really explore the overseas connection:


phineas gage

I’ve never had any doubt that the majority of Antifa-BLM funding is coming from overseas, laundered through several different intermediaries.

If they can uncover that trail, some of the names might be very interesting.


I believe we are going to see a tsunami, not a wave or landslide. President Trump took way the black and hispanic vote by providing the impetus to drive the economy to levels not seen here to fore. The general populace has seen their wages go up, their taxes go down and the job market explode. Indeed, he has been the peoples’ President since day one.

The scamdemic was pushed by the secm and the demoncrats to stop all of it. It was their only hope. When the country started opening back up and the economy started back up the secm pushed the notion that there would be no v shaped economy, not even a u shaped economy.

They failed.

All of their mechanitions are failing. The chaos, the looting, the destruction. All only in demoncrat run states and cities. It’s spreading only where demoncrats run things. The media has tried to both hide that fact and hype it to infinity at the same time. Problem is, most folks have learned to seek their information through the internet. And while goggle, faceplant and twatter have done their best, the truth is coming through regardless.

A large majority of citizens are awakening to the fact that the demoncrats have only one thing in mind and that it is not in the best interests of the citizen. It has taken the President the majority of his first term to wake them up and he has forced the demoncrats ( and a few rinos as well) to take off their masks. He has forced the secm to expose themselves. He has proven he is a President who can’t be bought.

And they see their doom approaching with no chance of changing the course of their ship at hand.

As my mother in law used to say: That train has left the station.


Fully agree with you fellas and its a sentiment I see across many conservative sites. There is a very great awakening happening within the citizenry that the demoncrap are in a state of desperation and will/are planning, scheming, to disrupt in any way the upcoming election. The goal obviously is chaos to disguise their theft attempts.

It IS imperative that every conservative, EVERY, conservative voter on voting day cast their vote. Vote conservative on every ballot, period. Do not give one demoncrap a single vote. The only way to diminish the demoncraps is to vote them into obscurity first. Purge them from office.

This is probably going to be your most important vote ever… use it wisely but use it…


The way we avoid MaligNancy Klink from becoming president is to vote out every democrat in congress we can. The new congress gets sworn in very early in the new year, at least two weeks before the inauguration day.

Therefore, if we do our jobs and get a Republican Speaker before Jan 20, it is all moot.

If we somehow fail to Schiff-can Klink and her Gestapo buddies – Hochstetler (Schiff) and Go-Nads Burkhalter (Nadler) will still win their seats – all will be lost. The current Democratic house committee chairman will be rendered impotent by their minority status. This is what must happen, and by a large margin so as to not give the house RINOs any bargaining power, because if we maintain a “status quo” election we will have two or more years of this Bull-Schiff and the president will be rendered impotent and probably impeached again for something like tearing the labels off his mattress.

phineas gage

And I don’t believe Pelosi thinks she is on the verge of attaining absolute power, I think she is desperate, like the rest of the Left, because they know the numbers.

She is a truly evil old fossil, a dinosaur, gazing up at the approaching meteor.


Just my gut instinct, but this may be the Dems Pickett’s Charge, their last-gasp Ardennes Offensive before the collapse. If they lose Big League, the moderates in the party will realize the far left is dooming their party to erstwhile defeat & move to split off & begin a new moderate party.

Time will tell but how long ca this sh** go on? Out here in CA they’re trying to legalize pedophilia as I write this. How sick, twisted, & depraved can they get?

I place my faith in Jesus Christ & pray for this nation & President DJT.


“I place my faith in Jesus Christ & pray for this nation & President DJT.”

Best advice ever….

Jimmy MacAfee

I agree that she’s desperate – and that she knows she’s gonna lose the Speakership.

Which is why she’s trying to rig herself into the Presidency. A desperate gambit by a mentally ill, greedy, power-lusting old witch.

phineas gage

Precisely–I agree that we have to take the threat of election theft very seriously and fight it aggressively on every front, but the bottom line is that it is borne of pure desperation.

Pelosi and the Dems are backed up on their two-yard line and trying to complete a 70-yard Hail Mary pass.

phineas gage

Trump may be all that stands in their way symbolically, but he represents a majority of the American people, real Americans. The Left has been trying for decades to destroy that, and although they have caused much damage, they have failed. They will fail again.

Jimmy MacAfee

As one political analyst remarked, the Russian Revolution had the support of the Russian Navy, and other key elements. Our military is not Communist in any way – (even though the CIA has been turned by Brennan and is currently being un-turned.)

My suspicion is that President Trump will win in a landslide, but that the warnings of it being overturned by mail-in fraud are mostly psyops, to make sure we turn out in such numbers for Trump that there would not be enough people to cast fake ballots. And we had better heed those warnings, and turn out in numbers never seen before for President Trump, or the fraudsters will actually throw the election. And then the SWHTF.

The other part of this is the possibility that the vote-fakers are being goaded into committing fraud, and will be arrested en masse, possibly destroying what is left of the Demon party. The fact that rioters are being allowed to riot, and allowed to continue to commit crimes – and then are arrested by the feds after committing multiple crimes – shows that there is a DOJ plan to put most of them in prison for a VERY LONG TIME. ANTIFA and BLM are being set up, as are their supporters. (Couldn’t happen to a finer group of traitors!)

The DOJ, corrupt as it has been under previous administrations, is known to be meticulous in its methods.

Jimmy MacAfee

Princess Piglosi (I won’t call her Queen) first called for people to come to Chinatown, even after it became apparent that something was wrong, and after President Trump was preparing to close travel from China. Then, Piglosi became a born-again Pandemicist.

She’s always wrong, all the time. And she wants to be President.

Wonder why she made sure Crazy Joe got the nomination? Because she knew he’d lose, and she could use the Plandemic to cause a massive disturbance in the election. If she refuses to certify the election, she becomes the de facto President.

If you don’t think that’s her goal, and has been all along, you haven’t been paying attention. Donna Brazile’s tweet on January 18, 2019 made that clear as day!


If this were to happen, she’d be violently and bloodily removed from office by tens of millions of angry Americans of both parties.

Jimmy MacAfee

So she picked the weakest possible candidate, supported by the weakest, most vile VP candidate in order to lose. She wanted to lose. But not by the margins now being predicted.

She thought it would be close – close enough to throw everything into turmoil, and for her to assume the Presidency.

Don’t underestimate the evil of this woman; don’t underestimate her malignant narcissism and lust for power. The best way to get rid of her is for us to gain a majority in Congress, to elect President Trump in a lopsided landslide, and for her to be removed as Speaker.

Vote as if everything you know and love is on the line. Because it is.

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