WINNING ALERT: Dow 29,000, NASDAQ 12,000, S&P All-Time High, Pelosi Angry

Just thought a little good news was in order here. Today, in response to continuing positive economic news and growing optimism about President Donald Trump’s re-election chances, the stock market rocketed skywards into new record territory.

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'MARKET ACTION DOW JONES INDUSTRIALS (.DJIA) 29,004.51 358.85 (+1.25%) S&P 500 (.SPX) 3,570.42 43.77 (+1.24%) NASDAQ COMPOSITE (.NCOMP) 12,021.49 81.82 (+0.69% FOXI MARKETS BRUSH OFF DISAPPOINTING ADP NUMBERS DOW BUSINESS AS MARKETS OPENED AT ALL-TIME HIGHS 29,005.24 1:05P MT CLAMAN COUNTDOWN NAS 12,021.46 81.79 +0.69% 359.58'

The NASDAQ shot over 12,000 for the first time to reach a new all-time high. The S&P 500 closed at 3,581, also a new record close.

Meanwhile the Dow Jones Industrial average rose by 455 points to close above 29,000 for the first time this year, finishing the day at 29,101. The Dow has now regained 98% of its losses early this year, and is within 400 points of its all-time record close.

The Trump economy just will not be held back.

Recognize that this massive growth has been achieved with despicable Democrat governors in states like New York, California, New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania and else where keeping their economies shut down for no reason other than cynical attempts to influence the outcome of the November elections. Sadly, they have been joined by a handful of Republican governors in states like Alabama, Arizona and Ohio in those efforts.

But no matter, the Trump economy just shrugs them off like flies on a horse’s rump, and keeps on moving ahead.

Meanwhile, in other wonderful news, Queen Nancy Pelosi put out a statement today claiming she was “set up” by the hair salon owner – who is a single mother, no less – she actually intimidated into opening on Sunday. Taking no responsibility for not knowing the current state of COVID restrictions mandated by her own step-nephew, Dictator Gavin Newsom, she said the salon owed her an apology for causing her office to be inundated with complaints:

Here’s the deal, folks: Queen Nancy is lying through her dentures about all of this. She is, without question, the very worst person in this country.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.


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She said she just came out of ‘the bowl’. Did she just slither out of the toilet bowl?

Jimmy MacAfee

There was an X-Files where a teacher was a python – demon:

With her hair wet, Piglosi DOES resemble Phyllis Paddock, the character in the story. And there have been a lot of stories of pythons coming out of toilets.

You may be on to something!

Snidely Whiplash

Breaking News-Nancy Pelosi’s hairdresser is a Russian hackerz! She is 7337 (Leet or Elite) and her name is Natasha Fatale!
She tricked San Fran Nan into getting her hair done with the diabolical KGB (disbanded in 1991) mind control ray.


Very brave of that salon owner to “set her up”. I wish her well.

If a small business owner can “set her up” who else can “set up” the Bimbo Speaker?

The fact that MaligNancy Klink didn’t know her own district’s or state’s rules or laws just shows how out of touch she is. And joe btfsplk calls on Trump to negotiate with the speaker; pretty hard to do in DC when she is getting her hair done in SF joe.

What is with all these truly ugly (both inside and out) women needing to get their hair done in the middle of this NATIONAL PANDEMIC/EMERGENCY?

I also remember BJ Clinton shutting down LAX for a couple of hours when he was in AF1 when it was parked on the tarmac when he was in CA so that his sorry a$$ could a $100.00 haircut. When the president is in AF1 and it is parked at an airport all air traffic is halted.

These are all very vain people and Trump getting two scoops of ice cream at a dinner is “news”.


And asked politely as I recall.


Governor Fredo Cuomo and Mayor DaBozo have really lost it.

Fredo has gone all Madonna and Kathy Griffin with his press conference in response to you NYP linked story.


Mr. Blackmon, regarding Speaker Pelosi, you shouldn’t be so complimentary.

Jimmy MacAfee
Jimmy MacAfee

Pelosi says “set up?” Like her non-flight to Brussels, where she thought she’d be getting sworn in as POTUS, after her agent blew up the Whitehouse (Jan, 2019 attempt.) It was all her – and Schiff, who turned AF1 into a SCIF.

Now the evil wretch wants the election to be in dispute, so that Trump’s election “cannot be certified,” which would mean she’d be POTUS. She is desperate to be POTUS, more than anything in the world. Mad, drunken mad, with power.

Her state and LA county are evicting John MacArthur’s church because they won against the un-Constitutional order to stay closed:

I hope Grace Church’s lawyers get a huge settlement for retaliation, and I hope Piglosi’s stylist and shop owner sue the undergarments off of the old witch, as Silas indicated.

In a way, all of this is good news, because Americans are fighting back – and winning!

Jay Whitcraft

Let’s hope a nice Tucker interview of the salon owner. Jay


I posted elsewhere too that there is plenty of good news in the realm of the economy. Gold and silver are down. Which is good news for the economy and not so good if you are holding gold or silver at this time. The price drop in gold/silver means capital is moving out of metals and back into the stock/money markets, confidence in Trump is what it boils down to.

IMO, its good to sell some of your metal holdings and sit on the profits as gold/silver drops even more. As confidence builds more, gold/silver will drop more. When it bottoms… use your gold profit and buy more gold. Just takes patience. Trump year 6 – 7 will be a time to watch. Who follows will likely determine the future of the markets and whether the bubble bursts. again, imo

Ken MIller

Na I think I will hang unto my brass and lead, if you don’t mind.


Nice thing about physical gold is that it will never go to zero, and will never go below the inflated value of the dollar. Enron stock went to zero in a heartbeat and poor folks lost everything. One ounce of gold would by a cow in 1900 and will buy a cow today. I would hold on to it. Just say’in

Dave, nice work to drive up 400% for August!!!!


Absolutely correct. Its the best way to retain wealth. People think their money is safe in a bank… worst ever. Thats why I stated you sell and take out your profits and when gold drops you buy more gold. Real gold, not certificates. But… you also may need some brass and lead to protect your metals… Those you keep…


I have to wear a mask when I walk into the salon and can’t take it off until I walk outside, regardless of what I’m having done. And yes, Nancy, that includes a shampoo!


And thanks for the good news Dave!


Nanzi Pewlousy may have just met her Waterloo. I foresee a big defamation lawsuit in her future over her claims she was set up. And if all the hairdressers in the state of California don’t make her the poster girl for their businesses being shuttered it’s on them. This is their big return the favor of being screwed by her nephew.

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