Queen Pelosi Visits Shuttered Hair Salon for a “Blowout”

Queen Nancy the Beast needed her hair done. Unfortunately, she found herself at home in San Francisco, safely ensconced behind the massive security wall surrounding her palatial estate. The problem was that San Francisco is in California, a state where Dictator Gavin Newsom is keeping the salons closed for no real reason other than politics. Plus, Newsom has decreed that one must – MUST, I say – not venture out into public without wearing a mask, which Queen Nancy doesn’t like to do. Unless, of course, there is a virtue-signaling reason to put one on for the TV cameras, because Queen Nancy does love her virtue signals.

What to do, oh, what to do?

But fear not, for Queen Nancy is privileged. Why, she’s even special – just ask her. So special that Dictator Newsom is her nephew, if only by marriage, but that’s special enough to intimidate most Californians. Even California business owners who own a salon that is officially closed.

And so it was that on Sunday afternoon, when Queen Nancy really, really, really needed a “blowout”, whatever that might be, she contacted a hair stylist to demand that she meet her at the shuttered salon where she used to work – you know, when she was allowed to work by Dictator Newsom – and restore her gnarly, decrepit hair to its former glory, or to as much glory as it can muster these days, which isn’t much.

The poor stylist knew she had little choice, given all the damage Queen Nancy and her step-nephew could to to her life if she refused. So she got permission from the shocked salon owner and met Queen Nancy at the salon, where this ensued:

And thus it was that Queen Nancy had her personal need fulfilled while her step-nephew, Dictator Newsom, ensured that the little people of California remained suffering with bad hair.

This concludes your Despicable Democrat Fairy Tale for today.

That is all.

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phineas gage

Predictably, the media went with ‘Republicans pounce’


I sure would hate to be the person that has to touch that old bag’s hair or any other part of her….however I would like to shove my foot up her…..well, you know

Jimmy MacAfee

I dunno – just looking at her could be deadly. I think I’d pray for protection from her demons, the ones surrounding her.

Jimmy MacAfee

The owner if the salon should fire (or remove, since they’re renting space) the stylist who washed and blew Nasty Pelosi.


Democrats have refined hypocrisy into a fine art.

Worst Case Scenario

She’ll be the preezy of the steezy when election is questioned due to all the fraud and the ballots are found in the back of a truck outside a CPUSA NBA arena polling station.
China prefers comradette kommissarina Pelosi so she can apply the stench ridden San Francisco utopia nationwide.
Forward! Yes we can…burn it all down.

phineas gage

To me this is not actually a big deal, but I think it will resonate with many women who have not been afforded such luxuries during this Democrat-engineered shutdowns.

Jimmy MacAfee

To paraphrase Piglosi:

Every month we have a shutdown “500 million Americans lose their jobs.”
(She said this about the stimulus under Obimbo.)

A blowout, by the way, really couldn’t do the trick for her: she’s need Katrina to make her look better than a mutated amphibian escaped from the N.O. zoo during that hurricane.

Jimmy MacAfee

And I still say that Princess Pelosi will come to an end in the near future, a drunken fall down the stairs, a neck snapped like a twig. May she repent of her sin before it’s too late, and soon it will be too late.


AMEN Jimmy!


But for the grace of God we all deserve death. Nasty Pelosi still has a chance at salvation. Reminds me somewhat of Nebuchadnezzar Daniel 4:33 – 35

Even the insane can be saved…

Jimmy MacAfee

Meanwhile, the despicable Dicktater of LA lost in court to John MacArthur’s church in court, and the church opened back up with restrictions.

Since then, the city has evicted the church – ordered them not to use a public parking lot they’ve used for over 40 years. This is retaliation, pure and simple.

I’m not in the same theological bent as MacArthur – I believe that the Gifts of the Holy Spirit still abound, as needed and directed – but nothing! nothing! – will stop me from defending his right of Freedom of Worship as the Constitution guarantees. And even if there were no right, obedience to authorities in G0Dly things is called for, but where the authorities mandate ungodly things is mandated, resistance is not unBiblical.

I pray that the LORD Jesus will miraculously put the heathens in LA back on their heels and give strength and support to Grace Church – they really have a great ministry.

In Jesus’ Holy Name I pray this,

PS: Roger Stone got Saved


“I pray that the LORD Jesus will miraculously put the heathens in LA back on their heels and give strength…”

Everywhere Jimmy, not just LA

phineas gage

Let them eat ice cream.

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