Sunday News Roundup: Democrat Rioters Celebrate Murder in Portland

It’s always a great day when Democrats are outraged. – Which of course means that pretty much every day is a great day, since Democrats are pretty much always outraged about something or other.

Today, they are outraged about the move by DNI John Ratcliffe to quit providing verbal briefings on alleged Russian election interference to the deep state skunks and snakes who populate the House and Senate Intelligence Committees. Instead, Ratcliffe and his staff in the Intelligence Community will provide the exact same information via written briefings.

The reason for this move is obvious: The members of these committees – mainly the Democrats but also Republicans in the Senate – cannot be trusted not to leak the classified information contained in these briefings to their press agents in the corrupt news media. And when members like Adam Schiff do leak, they invariably mis-characterize what Ratcliffe’s staff actually had to say.

It is because of these serial leaks and lies – the leaks are federal felonies, by the way – that DNI Ratcliffe has decided to make this change, as he patiently explained to Maria Bartiromo on Fox’s “Sunday Morning Futures” program Sunday morning:

‘We’ve had a pandemic of information being leaked out of the intelligence community,’ Ratcliffe said.

“Within minutes of one of those briefings ending, a number of members of Congress went to a number of different outlets and leaked classified information for political purposes,” Ratcliffe told host Maria Bartiromo. “To create a narrative that simply isn’t true, that somehow Russia is a greater national security threat than China.”

“I don’t mean to minimize Russia. They are a serious national security threat, but day in, day out, the threats that we face from China are significantly greater,” Ratcliffe said. “Anyone who says otherwise is just politicizing intelligence for their own narrative.”


So, if you’re a Democrat who is outraged about this perfectly justified and reasonable move by DNI Ratcliffe, well, you should direct your rage at Adam Schiff, because he and his staff are the main culprits in this instance.

Kenosha is a war zone. – The White House announced Sunday morning that President Trump would be visiting Kenosha, Wisconsin on Tuesday. Despite the assurances by Nazi-style propagandists like Jake Tapper and Rachel Maddow and Fredo Cuomo and Brian Stelter that the riots there were “peaceful demonstrations,” what the President will find in Kenosha on Tuesday is a scene reminiscent of bombed-out cities in World War II.

We know this thanks only to a British journalist, Josh Glancy. Here are some photos he took late last week:

Democrat-sponsored rioters are now murdering people in Portland. – Saturday night, a supporter of President Trump was shot and killed by Democrat-sponsored BLM/Antifa rioters:

The killer has apparently already been identified by social media users:

Not surprisingly, BLM/Antifa terrorists celebrated the news of the killing:

The media – including Fox – are attempting to pretend that this killing had nothing to do with the riots, because the media – including Fox – are all Nazi-style propaganda operations.

And of course, depraved Democrats like Adam Schiff, who have been fanning the flames of these riots for the last 90+ days are projecting, accusing the President of fanning the flames:

Because pathological lying about literally everything is in fact the Democrat Party’s standard operating procedure.

Everyone understand: This is only going to continue to escalate unless and until the current law enforcement equation changes. The Democrat Party is sponsoring an active, violent and deadly insurrection on American soil in Portland, Oregon.

We have a law for this kind of out-of-control situation: It is called the Insurrection Act, and it authorizes the president to send the National Guard and, if needed, the military into the area to quell the situation regardless of the demented desires of the local officials.

That law exists for this very situation, and it really is time for President Trump to stop trying to get communist Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler to behave rationally and behave rationally for him.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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phineas gage

What a despicable person:

No, I’m sure Trump doesn’t wonder about it, Ted, since it is entirely driven by an insane party of Lefitsts that still cannot believe they lost in 2016 and are obsessed with regaining power, violence be damned.


Is this guy Schiff’s brother? I think he should be forced to pee in a bottle to be tested for drugs.

He makes that guy saying the F-Bomb 10 times in an 84 second speech in DC sound absolutely statesmanlike.

Hey Ted, if you are so great, how come YOUR side is calling for you to resign?

Last I heard NIKE is headquartered in Portland; haven’t heard any reports of their property being trashed. If that were to happen maybe China would directly intervene and throw your ass out in a heartbeat.

I wonder how many KARMA ROUNDHEELS/btfsplk signs were found in that “food” ‘Riot Kitchen’ truck that traveling from your area (Portland and Seattle one-in-the-same) that was captured in Wisconsin?

If, after victory in November, Barr doesn’t start bring cases against these blue mayors and governors for malfeasance…

phineas gage

What this means is, after their cognitive assessment Biden’s controllers decided there was no way they could let him do this:

There is no way that Trump’s visit will be anything other than a smashing triumph, and they know that perfectly well.

They are hoping for the media like Politico to miraculously spin it to their advantage, but the ship has already sailed.

Vietnam Vet

These tragic events continue to happen in most Democrat controlled states and cities. Looking from a longer view I find it hard to feel sorry for those who have lost businesses in these cities – many of them voted for the mayors and council-people who allow this violence to go on and on and on… If people don’t like these elected officials they need to move to a state where they can feel safe and build a life, you know, a Republican state with Republican mayors.

I grew up during the 60’s and have seen this before. Same old playbook. Been there, done that.

phineas gage

That could be verrrry interesting, as Arte Johnson use to say on Laugh-In.

One more shut to the riddled hull of the Democrat good ship Lollipop.


Were I the family of the man gunned down on cold blood in Portland, there would be a lawsuit filed in Federal court on Monday morning naming as defendants the murderer, the city police, the mayor and the governor. I would sue them into the ground. Their failure to maintain civil order is now, imho, an actionable suit. His civil rights might have been violated as well.


Excellent point Silas! Let’s hope the lawsuit is in the works right now!

phineas gage

Better than waiting for the DA, who will do nothing. Hopefully financial support is being arranged, because litigation is expensive.

But i agree, hit the bastards where it hurts.

phineas gage

A truly desperate spin performance by the Dems on the Sunday talk shows.

Despite the best flacking attempts by hacks like Chuck Todd, you can’t sell that to the American people who have watched these riots for months and Democrats doing nothing besides cheering them on.

phineas gage

Talk is cheap:

But if that’s how he feels, I’m sure it will be reciprocated. No great loss.


Wow, at least ten (10) F-Bombs in an 84 second clip.

Assuming he is based in DC, he could be the next DC congressional Delegate after the 83 year old Eleanor Holmes Norton (born June 13, 1937) decides to hang it up.


A nice declaration of insurrection. It will be his death sentence if he truly acts out.

phineas gage

The land of a thousand lakes, a million boats, and even more votes:

Plan Accordingly

Civil War 2.0 and the Fundamental Transformation into third world cesspool are features and not bugs to the traitorous fifth column known as the CPUSA.
Election undermining and burning cities to the ground is so that the UN blue helmets can be called in for even more looting.


After the President is re-elected, one of the first orders of business should be complete shutdwon of the secm. They have fomented insurrection and sedition. They truly are now enemies of the state. Their rights under the First Amendment are null and void as far as I am concerned.

phineas gage

I’m guessing ‘secm’ is a media reference?

While that would be nice, I don’t think Trump is going to abridge the First Amendment.

Traditional media have dug their grave the past four years, let them lie in it.

Where I do agree that action should be taken is with social media. In that case prosecution should occur under RiCO statutes to break them up, and perhaps Amazon as well, just like U.S. Steel, Standard Oil and Ma Bell.


yes Socialist Echo Chamber Media

Define the enemy

msm – socialist echo chamber media
dnc – socialist democrat party
public schools – socialist juvenile public indoctrination center
universities and colleges – socialist brainwashing centers
seiu – socialist employee union
federal bureaucrats – socialist government employees
democrat politicians – tyrannical socialists
left wing law clerks – socialist lackeys
antifa – socialist democrat party terrorists
blm – marxist democrat party terrorists
fbi – corrupt bureau of investigations
irs – corrupt revenue confiscators’
cdc – inept and corrupt quacks
nih – more inept and corrupt quacks

phineas gage

From my perspective I would add ‘scientists’, although I do realize most are in academia or federal agencies.

Scientists these days are probably 90% socialist political ideologues, I am sorry to say.

The media gives them the imprimatur of objective rationality and demands that we all bow to these secular wizards, when they are nothing of the sort.

That’s how you end up with Dr. Fauci shutting down the national economy over a virus that primarily targets an easily quarantined and protected population of individuals.


“From my perspective I would add ‘scientists’, although I do realize most are in academia or federal agencies.”

“Scientists these days are probably 90% socialist political ideologues, I am sorry to say.”

Well Phineas,

The federal government is certainly getting the “scientific data” they are paying for from all their federal “grants” (bribes).

phineas gage

So outright murder in Portland is celebrated, while justifiable self-defense from a bloodthirsty mob in Kenosha results in charges that could put an innocent boy in prison for the rest of his life?


It’s the demoncrat way. There is no other way for them now. They have truly given on to their darkest lust for power and that means the ends justify the means. All sane, freedom loving people need to be proactive in voting them out and keeping them out.

phineas gage

Leaving all the snark aside, I really do believe Adam Schiff is mentally ill.


As are the vast majority of his constituents – he represents Hollywood and Beverly Hills


Certifiably insane. Einsteim was right. He keeps doing the same thing over and over and never gets a different result. He still pushes the Russia crap.

phineas gage

I know I’m not that bright, but can’t classified information from a written briefly be leaked just as easily?


I think that a written briefing can be redacted and released to the public and therefore will set the record straight. At least that’s my theory.

Carlos Dangler

Also, if the leak is word-for-word, then it’s obvious where it came from. It then is only a matter of turning screws to find the leaker and setting a trial date.

phineas gage

Thanks, Silas–that makes sense.

phineas gage

‘briefing’ –well, that pretty much makes my point…

phineas gage

Excellent article by Jason Whitlock, one of the good guys, on what is happening to professional sports:


Great read. All here should forward the link to all their friends

Rick O'Shay

I agree with Silas. Let the investigation take it’s course, then drop the hammer if necessary.


As much as it breaks my heart to see a person shot dead by the scum, the President should stay away from the insurrection act until after he is re-elected. The demoncrats and press are already projecing that he is fanning the flames of chaos and violence.

The best thing folks in Portland can do is stay out of the downtown area, especially after dark.
This execution shows the mob has crossed the line and is willing to kill somebody just because of their ideology. Their blood is on Ted Wheelers hands. He’s no longer a mayor. I refuse to call him that.

Robosaurus Rex

I anticipate this going on til near October until some type of national guard/military action takes place. The murder will either be handled at the federal level or the AG of Oregon will act on this. The reason to eek this out as long as possible is two fold: the blame falls solely on the state and local leadership which lands squarely at the feet of Democrats making Trump the only choice for the sane voter and 2) the nat guard or military action will be deployed at or near election time for another two reasons 1) to prevent antifa intimidating voters at the polls and creating voter suppression 2) if doing this through the insurrection act, this could be a nation wide deployment at every polling spot in America helping to ensure ballot boxes end up at the right destinations and not in the back of moving trucks. Antifa was not designated a domestic terrorist group for nothing and antifa has already signalled they’re election day intentions. These guys are the gift that keeps on giving.


I too think it wiser to stay away from the insurrection act right now. The demoncrap are doing everything they can to push Trump into the narrative of ‘dictator’.

The family of this man needs to sue the mayor every which way to next year, sue the governorm and the ruling demoncrap party for supporting and encouraging this murder. There has to be a law firm willing to take up this fight, not in Oregon likely but flyover for sure.

Hopefully some justice will be meted out and this scum who did this will see prison with zero parole ever.

phineas gage

Correct–the first rule of warfare and politics: ‘if your enemy is in the process of destroying himself, don’t interfere’

A tidal wave is starting to crash down on the Dems. Trump only has to watch and maintain his positive law-and-order message.


Is ANYONE ever going to be held accountable? EVER?

phineas gage

Yes, a whole lot of accountability is about two months away.


well it must be like CNN said about the Kenosha protest…it was ‘ fiery but peaceful’. CNN= a den of liars

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