Convention Post-Mortem: Trump Gets the Bump that Biden Lost

For those who are into polls, several have come out over the weekend. All show President Donald Trump receiving a significant “bump” from his convention, in contrast to the slightly negative non-bump Joe Biden received from his.

The corrupt news media is covering two polls, both of which of continue to grossly over-sample Democrats. The first, from YouGov, shows Biden holding a six-point lead today after having a 10-point lead prior to the conventions. The second, from Morning Consult, shows exactly the same shift, from a 10-point Biden lead down to a 6-point lead.

A third poll is out this morning, and it shows President Trump moving into the lead nationally and in the “swing” states.  This is a poll that had an extremely accurate track record of predicting the correct results in 2016. It is a poll that takes the time to survey likely voters rather than taking the lazy way out with registered voters. And, perhaps most importantly, it is the only poll that correctly predicted both the outcome of the UK’s Brexit vote in July 2016 and the Donald Trump victory in November of that year.

The corrupt news media is not covering this poll, because it doesn’t fit their “standards,” i.e., their narrative.

This poll is from the Democracy Institute, a firm based in Washington, DC and in London. Nationally, the poll shows President Trump holding a seemingly narrow lead of 48-45. But in the battleground states of Michigan, Florida, Iowa, Minnesota and Pennsylvania, where the election will be determined, the President holds a substantial lead of 49-42.

Remember, Biden is likely to run up huge popular vote margins in lost states like New York and California, big population states where the Democrat party dominates. Those states are gone, and there is no reason for the President to spend anytime campaigning in them. The battleground states are called battlegrounds for a reason.

But the internal findings of this polls are even more interesting than its top line. Because the internals show Trump running much stronger than expected among minority voters and that the Democrat Party has badly miscalculated with its “Black Lives are the Only Lives That Matter” brainwashing campaign.

Here are some of those internals:

Better on standing up to China – Trump: 67% Biden 31%

The candidate you trust to do the best job handling the economy – Trump: 59% Biden 41%

Those who are “very supportive” of their preferred candidate – Trump 82% Biden 40%

The Democracy Institute structured its sample for this poll at 37% Democrat, 35% Republican and 28% independents. That breakdown mirrors the actual turnout pattern nationally for the 2016 presidential election. Meanwhile, the national media-approved polls regularly survey 10-12% more Democrats than Republicans. One recent Fox News poll surveyed 51% Democrats in its sample.

If you remember, CNN released a poll two weeks ago showing both that President Trump had a 10% lead among independents, but Biden held a 50-46 lead nationally. Folks, that outcome is statistically impossible without a massive over-sampling of Democrat voters.

The DI poll may or may not be right, but it is unarguably pretty much exactly the result you would expect to see from an accurately-structured sample of likely voters.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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I still say ALL FIFTY STATES FOR TRUMP IN NOVEMBER! Yes, even NY and CA!!! You saw it here first (though I’ve been saying it for a few months).

Just like I also predicted the dhimms would try to avoid debating Trump by saying it legitimizes him!!!! Did I call that or what???? And of course their blindest of useful idiot followers immediately annunciate (look it up) themselves, making it easy for us to know who the real fools are as opposed to those who are actual thinkers.

Any intelligent person who CHOOSES this dhimm evil voluntarily is the true threat to this great nation’s future. It’s convenient to know who they are. The dumb ones… well, around them you just have to be on your guard, but you don’t have to waste your time engaging in any argument with them.

Etc. etc. etc.


“ doesn’t fit their standards “… well ive done my due diligence on their ( MSN’s ) behalf and striven to locate their “ standards “… I was unable however to locate them at all and am in doubt to there existence .


Let us all hope for a crushing, overwhelming defeat of the Democommie Party!


Agree Brian,

New York may well be in play, but still a longshot. With some strategic campaigning, President Trump could force the Dems to defend that heretofore stronghold. NY and NYC has in the recent past elected a Republican governor and a couple of Republican mayors (Mini-Mike did run and win as a Republican once) in very similar circumstances. It is unfortunate that neither Fredo and da Bozo, nor either of the NY senators are on the ballot this year, but Trump is and I look to see him doing much better than in 2016 and swing a couple of congressional seats in 2020 – especially if he campaigns in the swing districts.

The sweetest victory after a large Trump win and winning back the House comfortably would be if Trump could pick off a couple of deep blue states – Namely Joe Btfsplk’s Delaware and knock off Senator Coons (isn’t that name racist?). MN, NH, VA, and the other half of ME among others could be ripe for the picking – especially if he campaigns hard for the ’embattled’ Senator Susan Collins. IMO Collins is a unique case. If Trump were to carry all of Maine, and sweep her to victory, she would be indebted to him and be less of an unreliable RINO (remember she did actually give a great speech on the senate floor in support of Kavanaugh) and more of a real conservative Republican rather than a squish.

It is sort of funny and ironic how this election is potentially playing out. IMO only an “outsider” radical Sanders type had a shot at beating Trump. Just like in 2016, the head honchos at the Democratic party weren’t going to let that happen because they felt it could lead to massive down ballot losses, so they scuttled Bernie twice.

When all their favored ‘standard bearers’ flamed out they were forced to go with ‘steady’ old ‘lunch-bucket’ Joe Btfsplk (whose sale date had long ago expired) to save the day and mitigate an electoral wipeout. In actuality, it appears with the events of the last several months, and Btfsplk’s obvious mental decline, the perfect storm may actually happen and the wipeout could be a reality.

One can only hope.

phineas gage

I don’t think Bernie could have come close to beating Trump. It would have split the Democrat party, which is what the DNC was trying to avoid.

Ironically, it effectively happened anyways with Bernie’s brigades taking over control of the party. What will fuel Trump’s landslide is all the former Dems coming over to vote for him, like Reagan Democrats in 1984, or Nixon silent majority voters in 1972.


I’m going to disagree on NY being a ‘don’t bother to visit’ state by Trump. I think the opposite would be beneficial in light of both the guv/mayor being total disasters. Trumps home territory too. IMO, if Trump campaigned there it would send a strong message that the home boy hasn’t given up on NY and will work to right the mess created by demoncraps.

Commiefornia… different animal all together.

I’ve been harping that there is going to be a big surprise at the polls with the balck/hispanic voters moving to the conservative side, as have others here. These people are getting to see very clearly the derision the demoncraps really have for them and their racist hatred when someone of ‘color’ rejects the agenda.

I think its to late now for the demoncraps to change the messaging, although they certainly are going to try. Their poll driven actions are starting to show that the rioting isn’t working in their favour, not sure why, and they’ll start coming out by saying rioting isn’t nice. They’ll never publicly condemn the riots and rioters, just give the false message they have been against them all along.

Its a propaganda war…

phineas gage

Agree–I was just thinking about that this morning. Given what has happened in NYC, I could see a huge secret Trump vote there, combined with a strong pro-Trump vote from upstate New York (given what Cuomo has done to the rest of the state)..

I still think it is quite unlikely that Trump can win there, but it is his home state, and I think it is worth investing some effort there. In any event, the internal polls of the Trump campaign will determine what they do.

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