Two Years Late: Wray’s FBI Allows Senate Judiciary Committee to Interview Joe Pientka

Then-Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Chuck Grassley first sought the FBI’s release to interview agent Joe Pientka way back in 2018, but worthless Director Christopher Wray had stonewalled that request for more than two years. This week, likely thanks to the intervention of Attorney General William Barr, the stone wall finally came down:

Pientka, of course, was one of two FBI agents – the other was Peter Strzok – who conducted the agency’s entrapment interview of General Mike Flynn on the orders of then-Director James Comey. Comey in turn was working on direct orders from Barack Hussein Obama His Own Self, and his vice president, Joe Biden.

What current Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham will do with Pientka’s testimony remains to be seen, of course. Graham’s motives are always suspect, especially so since he did literally nothing in this arena for 18 solid months prior to starting his hearing process in May of this year.

Graham’s action also pissed off staff for Senator Grassley, who wasn’t invited to the interview, and whose staffers were surprised by Herridge’s report and angry they were not included. From a report at the Washington Examiner:

“We weren’t aware that it was happening, and we learned about it after the fact,” the GOP aide said. “We weren’t in the room, we don’t know how long it lasted, and we don’t know what topics were covered. At the end of the day, we just want to make sure that the issues that we need clarity on were discussed in that interview. It would’ve been a lot easier if we were in the room.”

The aide added: “We know more about Pientka now than in 2018, and we probably have even more questions now about his role, given the broader understanding of what he was up to.”


Really bad form, Lindsey.

But then, when you’re trying to give the appearance of conducting a real investigation without really doing so, bad form is one of the most useful tools in your toolbox.

Graham is most likely trying to run out the clock until election day in hopes that Creepy Uncle Quid Pro China Joe Biden will win and make all of this inconvenient stuff go away. We have to remember that the fingerprints of Graham’s hero in life, John McCain, are all over Spygate and Obamagate, an inconvenient truth that Graham would rather not be the one to reveal.

So, he is slow-playing this plodding “investigation” in order to placate the voters back home, since he is up for re-election this year. But no one should expect the Senate Judiciary effort to bear any real fruit until Grassley re-assumes the chairmanship next January.

But hey, at least Graham can claim credit for finally, at long last, getting Joe Pientka on the record. It’s the very least he could do.

That is all.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Where is the original 302, Lindsey? Did you ask Joe that question?

Christopher Wray. meanwhile, suffers from brown-thumb disease – (and no, that’s not a gardening term.) Sitting on your thumbs may be a pursuit you share with Adam Schiff, Chris, but it’s not fitting for an FBI Director.

Where is the original 302?


PS, If Trump can get to 55+ GOP senators (a net gain of two), this year, it will largely render the RINOs like the Muttster, Rubio and Graham irrelevant. Might even force some to retire early.


RINOs retiring early is what gave the demoncrats the House. We need to primary them out with good, conservative candidates to replace them.


I meant for the RINOs to retire AFTER the election when they won their race and quit in frustration when the bad orange man is reelected and they have no pull in a larger GOP majority in the senate. Then their state GOP governor can appoint a conservative. I’m thinking people like Romney, Sasse, and even Graham and a couple of others.

In the house, when MaligNancy Klink loses 50 to a 100 seats which could happen in a Trump landslide, it would not surprise me to see a handful of the surviving “moderate” Dems also flip to (R) or retire.

Looking ahead to a 2024 GOP presidential win with continued GOP House control, I see the possibility of a lot of Dem veterans (Crowley, Nadler types) also retiring, especially if their are real investigations and or Justice Democrat primary challengers. When those purges happen the Dems could be down to a hundred meaningless rabidly radical members. The same dynamic holds for the senate where there are 23 Dem and 10 R seats up.


“My hope would be that Trump’s coattails bring a number of new GOP senators with him.”

I hope so too Phineas, and I too despise Ace’s butt-boy, but South Carolinians had their chance to dump Graham in the primary and failed, now they/we unfortunately are stuck with him.

Hoping Trump can win SC AND defeat Graham – thereby giving a Red state another blue (see Doug Jones in AL) senator and yet flip some Dem senate seats (12D and 23R seats are up this year) elsewhere is really threading the political needle.

While I would love to see every RINO beaten, it HAS to HAPPEN in the PRIMARIES and not the general. We simply cannot allow Dems to get a foothold in any state they should never win.

If any Red state turns blue on a statewide level anywhere, we and Trump cannot win. Sad to say, it is Graham (and other RINOs) or bust.

It is far better to root for Trump to win SC by 20+%, Graham by 5%, AND have Trump pull in some GOP senate challengers and defeat Jones in AL, Peters in MI, Shaheen in NH, Udall (retiring?) in NM, and Warner in VA, and maybe pick off a booker in NJ, or a Merkley in OR both states that are governed by very unpopular governors who are not on the ballot this year.

phineas gage

Lindsey could be in some trouble in SC. I certainly hope that Trump doesn’t try to bail him out.

Jimmy MacAfee

You mean so a Dem Senate majority can remove President Trump from office?

phineas gage

Your point is a good one. My hope would be that Trump’s coattails bring a number of new GOP senators with him.

I know I am wrong, but I simply despise Lindsey at this point (and I actually thought for a moment he was turning in the right direction in the wake of the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings).


“I know I am wrong, but I simply despise Lindsey at this point”

I think its a sentiment shared by many. The Kavanaugh thing was strictly all show and always was, he’s a McStain accolade. what else would anyone expect from All-hat pansy graham.

phineas gage
Jimmy MacAfee

Now for the “lost” 302.

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