A True Public Service: Black Lives Matter Calls for Hollywood Strike

All of a sudden, Black Lives Matter is doing all sorts of public services. – Think about it: The NBA is literally destroying itself in support of the openly-Marxist BLM terrorist group. Major League Baseball is going down that same road. The spoiled college football players at both the University of Texas and Oklahoma University walked out on their practices on Thursday. And who can doubt for a second that the NFL will trod down this road to hari-kari when its season convenes in a couple of weeks?

This is awesome, folks. As I’ve written previously, what all of this virtue-signaling, anti-American nonsense is mainly accomplishing is convincing ordinary Americans who have invested weeks of their lives each year in watching sporting events that there are other things to do in their lives. It turns out that formerly rabid sports fans like me can get along just fine without any of these games to entertain us.

On Friday, the co-founding Marxist of BLM proposed to do an even bigger public service for our country. Apparently too dimwitted to be aware that most of Hollywood has already essentially been on strike for six months now, since the advent of our country’s insane response to the viral gift from China, BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors demanded that all of Hollywood go on strike over the apparently justified police shooting of Jacob Blake.

From a piece at DailyWire:

Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of Black Lives Matter, has called upon all of Hollywood to strike in response to the Jacob Blake shooting.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Cullors said that Hollywood could be a tremendous help to the Black Lives Matter movement if all of the unions, which have been severely hurt by the pandemic, would halt work to push for change.

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 13: Patrisse Cullors attends the Frieze Project Artist Patrisse Cullors x Summit x Cultured Magazine Dinner at The West Hollywood EDITION on February 13, 2020 in West Hollywood, California.

“I think it’s time for talent, writers, executives, the guild and SAG to show up for Black lives as well,” Cullors said. “Join this strike. Now is the time and our movement is really looking to unions to step in in a particular way and say ‘We’re going to hold back on allowing for the exploitation and the degradation of Black communities to continue under our watch.’ I think Hollywood can really show up in this moment.”

Cullors said that the strike will focus on getting President Trump out of office and forcing the Democratic Party to deliver on their promises to the black community.

“People are tired of having to say the same thing over and over again, and not seeing the change that we deserve from either party, frankly,” she said. “I think the work that we’re up against right now is to ensure that we can get Trump out of office, but also ensure that we can get the Democratic Party to truly create policies that will make sure that Black people are protected from vigilantes and from police torture.”


As a reminder, Jacob Blake is a career criminal with a record as long as your arm. The police were called on him by fellow Black people. He resisted arrest and was lunging for a knife he keeps under the front seat of his car when he was shot.

It is over this apparently justified police shooting that the lovely Ms. Cullors demands that all of Hollywood go on strike.

What a fantastic idea! Think about it: A strike by Hollywood would mean that thousands of pedophiles, rapists and sex abusers would be out of work! It would mean a hiatus on the production awful sitcoms and tedious, cut and past police dramas. It would mean a pause on all of the post-apocalyptic junk science put out by Netflix. It would mean another big hit on the bottom line of the evil Disney Corporation, not to mention AT&T and Viacom.

And it would also provide an opportunity for millions of TV-and-movie-addicted Americans to suddenly realize that life goes on without all of that stuff.

It is a simple, unarguable fact that anything that is bad for Hollywood is absolutely great for America. So, go for it, Patrisse! Where can I sign up to help?

That is all.

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I feel like I am 5 years old again and its Christmas and Santa is bringing me lots of great gifts and Tidings of Good Will and Joy. No NBA, awesome. No, NFL, Amen. No MLB, well I love baseball but not the crap that is call baseball today.

F all the turds that think they are something other than a showman.

Jimmy MacAfee

College football, too. Bye, guys.

the Bruce

What an excellent idea. I have not seen very much worth viewing for years.Goodbye Hollywood!

John K

Looks like I’m watching Blazing Saddles again. No big deal it’s a great movie. Might make it a double feature with Airplane. Go ahead and die Hollywood there’s plenty of other options out there for me.

Dick Hertz

The athletes and actors will never realize that they are employed for our amusement and entertainment. Nothing else! We may listen to some of their viewpoints but we do not give a damn about political beliefs and social justice. I don’t think the Court Jester, which they are, would fair well with the King if he were to spew garbage to him. The King can take his head, we can take their money. Along with the money of the owners, sponsors, etc….

Robosaurus Rex

Please don’t forget the NHL. Throw them onto the pile of burning garbage sports. They had the opportunity to show some real class, but failed. Never addressed the violence and the black community BLM destroyed either. What do you expect from a bunch of privileged people let alone Canadians? If they all left for China, the US would be a better place. These teams’ face plants will forever change how US parents raise their children.



“What do you expect from a bunch of privileged people let alone Canadians?”

What exactly do you mean by ‘let alone Canadians’??? Canukistan is very similar to the US geopolitically. All the communists are coastal and most of the prairies is the same as flyover country in the US. Plenty of us canuks support and pray for our good neighbours to the South.

We have the same problems and are further down the road. BIGGEST difference is here…. very few will lift a finger to stop this nonsense. Our ‘conservative’ leaders **cough** are feckless wet dishrags, OUR system is broken. Our supreme court stated as much that our ‘Charter of Rights’ was nothing more than a paper with some writing on it, as they decide the rules, not the Charter.

Its a war… you have allies…

phineas gage

Yes, very disappointed in them. For a while they were the lone exception.

They can all burn.

Gazza gaz

Tell this lowlife slimebitch to do one and crawl back under its pond rock and stay there.


“… would rather watch an episode of The Rifleman…” For me it’s “Hogan’s Heroes” and “Barney Miller”…”

Anyways, don’t forget to be a good PC environmentalist if you’re going to Schiff-can your TV(s). In TN to get rid of electronics, it cost $1.00 to get rid of five pounds of “electronic waste”.

phineas gage

Rockford Files.

Jimmy MacAfee

Bicycle sales and home gym equipment purchases are through the roof; swimming pool builders can’t keep up. People are reading, hiking, camping and exploring a world they hadn’t seen in a long, long time.

One obese black Youtuber/blogger asked a few years ago when people were no longer watching the NFL:

“Whacho gonna do? Read a BOOK?”

An alien idea to him, obviously – (he has the imagination and IQ of a rock) – and Hollyweird had better watch out, too: a lot of people would rather watch an episode of The Rifleman than to be insulted by DeNiros and his ilk. Not sure I even want to see the last Bond – if the actors in that movie and people associated with it decide that they are our “betters,” I’ll dump my 4-set in the trash and forget the 5th was even made.


Who cares about Hollywood? They also reap what they’ve sown.


Pfft. Empty stadiums can be used for the homeless as far as I’m concerned. Reap what you sow.


I like others used to be football and baseball fan. Don’t miss it at all and like others find greater pleasure spending time with kids, grandkids and friends. Build cigar box guitars and occasionally get out to do some fishing.

Turned off the TV decades ago and just reading what the line ups are on netflix, hBO is nauseating garbage thats supposed to be ‘entertaining’. We don’t watch them, nor subscribe to any ‘services’ with them, simply we just don’t watch ANY of their garbage. You know the adage, GIGO. Life is a whole lot better not wasted sitting watching TV and getting stressed 24/7 by Goebbel media.

Its a war… stop funding the enemy


If these idiots would just go ahead and nail themselves to their woke crosses, it would save the rest of us a whole lot of trouble. America doesn’t want or need them anymore, and we can find other productive things to do. MAGA2020


And the Titans’ QB Ryan Tannehill piped up and led the team’s workout walkout, apparently with the coach’s ok. What chutzpa these jerks have.

You know Ryan, you were pretty much a bust as a NFL QB prior to the benching of our other overrated QB and put together a good dozen or so games in a system that worked for you and your abilities.

You and your feckless coach and all the other losers who the NFL at large employs can KMA!

I rooted for your success when you were able to lead the Titans to an improbable playoff run and two playoff victories. But you are not Tom Brady, or Payton (notice they so far have kept quiet), you don’t have their cache’. My advice to you and all of your overpaid and overrated mental midget teammates would have been to shut up and play.

Right now, more than anything, I want to see all the lemmings who follow the LeBron James’ of the world be out of jobs and not under contract next year with the result that owners go bankrupt and the stadiums and arenas remain empty forever.

One thing the stadiums and arenas could be used for is for “peaceful protest” areas rather than the streets. And since the cities own them anyway, they could also be used for emergency equipment storage – especially the enclosed arenas. The open stadiums would be perfect for the riots, I mean demonstrations, I mean rallies; they already have restrooms and seats and areas for stages and plenty of parking.

Short of using them for those purposes, they should be razed – the sooner the better – and never rebuilt with any government money.

Jimmy MacAfee

They could turn the stadiums into gigantic swimming holes, like quarries or farm ponds or reservoirs. But they’d probably leak.

Or maybe they could use them as waste treatment holding ponds. Same smell.

the Bruce

Give the stadiums to the athletes that want to protest. Let them figure it out that their fans are now blm and antifa marxists that have no money to pay their ridiculous salaries and only want to take their money.

Jimmy MacAfee

Football game is on? Yawn. I have to do some foot-care – sit in the tub trimming the nails. Diabetic, you know? Football is far less important than cutting toenails.

Basketball? Stopped watching at all after Jordan retired.

Baseball? Second strike, they were out.

Plus a big-headed former WS pitcher tried pushing me around in the shower at a workout club, making jokes about “white people having such small” junk they had to resort to…other means. Racist pig. Bully. (Too bad you didn’t push a little more, or I’d have taken out what was left of your lame-ass knees, you diggin’ me?)

And after the second strike, he said: “Baseball always be first in the hearts and minds of America; it’s America’s pastime.” Yeah, it was past its time, even back then. Idiot. Sure hope you stopped worshipping yourself and started worshipping G-D before you left.

Yeah, this is personal for me.


I stopped watching the NFL a few years ago (and never missed it at all) when the kneeling started. Been a life long baseball fan, but after seeing these idiots put a ‘Black Lives Matter’ shirt over home plate and walk off the field I am now done with them! No more going to games and will never buy their Chinese made hats and other trash they sell. Basketball I never watched at all and after what that idiot Lebron James has been spouting I won’t ever start. Sports are dead to me now. Period

phineas gage

It also means that many ordinary Americans that do all the other mundane jobs associated with film production would be out of work. However, since Hollywood has been kaput for over six months, most of them have probably found other jobs by now.

I agree with you–the Left is in the process of killing many of their cultural power levers; movies, celebrities, sports, media, blue cities. By the time they reach full wokeness, there won’t be much left.

When your enemy is in the process of killing himself, don’t interfere.


The wailing, weeping and gnashing of teeth will be glorious. I think Trump is going to win states that heretofore were safely blue. Enough to where some of the upper crust dem elites may stroke out or have a real mental breakdown (not that some haven’t already) and it will be the deathnell of the demoncrat party.

They jumped the shark with the anitfa/blm thing and as time to stop it slips away like sand in their hands. The genie will not be tricked to going back in the bottle. The destruction of all their power bases will be relished with glee.

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