Thursday News Roundup: Exploding Democrat Heads and Expanding Democrat Riots

Those loud noises you heard yesterday afternoon were Democrat heads exploding. – That happened after pollster John Zogby released his latest poll showing President Donald Trump’s public approval rating rising to an all-time high of 52%.

Even more disturbing for the depraved Democrats are the President’s approval ratings among minority voters: 36% among Blacks, 37% among Hispanics, 35% among Asians.

Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 7.26.08 AM.png

It’s important to note a couple of things:

– First, that this Zogby poll was conducted during last week’s Democrat National Convention, a time which we would have expected to see the President’s approval numbers flagging; and

– Second, that Zogby is an independent pollster whose work is not affiliated with any leftist university or media operation.

Zogby’s poll comes on the heels of the Rasmussen daily tracking poll that also showed the President’s approval rating actually rising during and immediately after the Democrat convention.


That time when the NBA and MLB boycotted their own games. – Yep, that just happened. Yesterday, several teams in both the NBA and Major League Baseball actually refused to play games in their mindless efforts to show their “solidarity” with the openly Marxist Black Lives Matter organization.

You expect this kind of mindlessness from the NBA, whose players’ entire bodies have long been covered in gang symbol tattoos. For MLB, though, it’s a real departure from the norm, and a sign that that sport’s leadership has pretty much lost control of the situation, just as the NBA and NFL lost it long ago.

It’s good that these players are becoming accustomed to playing in empty arenas and stadiums right now. Because they’re going to have to get used to it. The TV ratings for both sports this season have been, well, abysmal seems to be the right word for it. If their sports ever return to “normal”, there is every reason to expect in-person fan attendance to plummet as well.

Everyone should read this piece by John Nolte at Brietbart. – Nolte details how the Democrats who run Kenosha have allowed their BLM/Antifa rioters to devastate small businesses in that city, focusing on one gaming room business that was completely looted on the first night of  Democrat-sponsored riots in that city.

Nolte points out, as I have tried to do for weeks now, that these riots are steadily spreading like a plague across our country, and that no one should think they are somehow safe from them:

And this is what’s happening in Democrat-run cities all over the country. Small companies that are not being wiped out by the left-wing terrorists in Antifa and Black Lives Matter, by months and months of looting, arson, assault and mayhem, are being wiped out by stupid and unnecessary lockdowns that have been put in place only to damage President Trump’s reelection chances by way of damaging the economy.

Wisconsin’s Democrat Gov. Tony Evers encouraged the looting with obscene tweets about how he stands “with all those who have and continue to demand justice, equity, and accountability for Black lives in our country.”

And this is not going to stop in Kenosha. Any real or perceived misconduct by the police will be used to spread it everywhere.

You best prepare yourselves. If a place called Kenosha is not safe, nowhere is.


Here’s some good advice: Become one of the millions of Americans who have been stocking up on guns and ammo and becoming proficient in their use. One day soon, if the communist Democrats have their way, you could be really glad you did.

Here is what the Democrats in Wisconsin are sponsoring. – If you look on Nolte skeptically as a “right-wing” writer, then how about reading about this elderly man whose jaw was broken by BLM rioters Monday night while he tried to defend his business, which was ultimately looted and burned:

An elderly man’s jaw was broken in a sickening caught-on-camera attack as he tried to protect a store that was eventually torched during the Kenosha protests, according to reports

The man — only identified as Robert and in his 70s — ran toward a mattress store where he works and used a fire extinguisher to chase away arsonists who broke in Monday night during protests over the police shooting of Jacob Blake, his bosses told Fox6.

“They just threw a bottle at this guy,” a woman filming a now-viral video complained — seconds before a man dressed all in black ran up and knocked him down with a punch to the head.

“No! No! No!” the videographer repeatedly cried as the senior collapsed to the ground, leaving a woman crying hysterically.

He was shown with blood all over the right side of his face as a small group raced to give first aid. “Turn his head … he’s drowning on his blood!” someone warned.

“He was trying to defend his building and they beat the s–t out of him!” the videographer sobbed in the clip.


This is what the Democrat Party considers to be just another tool in its political tool box. If these people are not defeated in November, these images will be looked back upon as the opening shots in a second civil war. Don’t kid yourselves otherwise.

Joseph Goebbels would be so proud. – Here’s how the Nazi-style propaganda operation at CNN covered the Kenosha scene last night:

You just could never make this stuff up, folks. At CNN, the jokes literally tell themselves.

Meanwhile, even the New York Times is admitting the Kenosha riots are killing Biden/Harris chances of carrying Wisconsin:

The chaos never ends in Portland… – The Democrat-sponsored riots raged on for their 92nd straight night in Portland, Oregon. Predictably, they have now spread into nearby Gresham, Oregon.

Here are some highlights, courtesy of real journalist Andy Ngo:

Again, the intentional, Democrat-sponsored terrorist chaos remains limited to Democrat-run cities, for now. If you are in one of those cities and have the means to do so, you should get out of those cities.

Those of you who live outside of Democrat-run cities should be making preparations to deal with the hysteria that will come after Donald Trump wins re-election. Remember: The Democrat Party’s first reaction to Trump’s victory in 2016 was to create Antifa and fund it. One can only imagine what these despicable people will do when faced with four more years.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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So someone really CAN make this stuff up! The study was from Red China, really?

Excuse me for a minute, gotta go drop off a Pelosi at the pool.

Jimmy MacAfee

When we flush, as we are upriver from Richmond, we call it “paying our respects to the governor.”

Jimmy MacAfee

The strategy they’re now using:

They send out “conservative” posts supposedly from Baltimore papers that are anti-black, and they send out anti-Semitic nasties to try to record you agreeing with them. Beware! I have seen them! No shit..

The people sending them are institutionalists from both the RNC and DNC – Never Trumpers and Dems, desperate to get “their” black voters back on the plantation by dividing us.

My estimate of black support for the President is 50% (or higher)

Don’t let them divide us. Don’t let them catch you in a trap.

phineas gage

If you are anywhere close with that number, it’s going to be a wipe-out.


Even 30% would be a wipeout…

phineas gage

Traditional media is dying, but they’re going out with class:

phineas gage

At this point, it’s almost plausible:

There’s a similar meme with the Hindenburg.

Kulak the Deplorable Untermenschen

I know that the CPUSA comrades are the Übermensch light worker beings but 1968 has already been done and the people just don’t want a repeat.

phineas gage
phineas gage

Their numbers are legion my friend. They have no God in them and walk in the dark. As I have said previously, they are demonic.


Maybe Candace Owens will speak to tonight. I really hope she does.

phineas gage

She’s not on the schedule.


I still have a decent pile of “supplies” purchased in preparation for that Y2K thing. Always gives me a warm feeling knowing it’s there. You can protect things with it, buy things with it, and there is no expiration date on it.


Heh heh heh!

Well off to Portland, Have family business that can’t be done remotely. Fortunately it’s out on the east side away from all the festivities.


Stay safe my friend…


Situational awareness and head on a swivel 😀


Here in my little town on th coast we have discovered one our “neighbors” is rabid blm. We have no police. If these cucks try anything, the sheriff is at least 20 minutes away unless he’s here town for the day. Just sayin’.

phineas gage

Why didn’t Candace Owens get a speaking slot at the RNC?


I wondered that myself…


“Here’s some good advice: Become one of the millions of Americans who have been stocking up on guns and ammo” “It won’t stop until its stopped”

You can’t have it both ways. You can’t be encouraging people to arm up and defend themselves then sarcastically attack the defender when they do defend themselves. As evidence comes in its looking more like the kid in Kenosha was completely justified in shooting and something all patriots should stand up and get behind this kid in support.

This isn’t going to get better, its going to get worse as desperate demoncrap panic sets in more. These evil dirtballs have completely lost their minds, they are insane and driven to levels of hate unseen before. They’ve been given over to their delusions, completely. read 2 Thessalonians 2:10-13

I agree with jonesy. If you have a limited supply of ammo you will need to conserve it. Its late in the game for preparing but prepare the best you can. Get to know your neighbours, have a plan of action should these criminals show up in your neighbourhood. Good opportunity to get to actually meet and talk with your neighbours.

Its a war… your neighbour is the guy next to you in the trench.

phineas gage

Not much meat on this bone for the corrupt news media:

But I’m sure they’ll make the old college try

phineas gage
phineas gage

There will be many martyrs for them to weep over if they continue to act out their Marxist revolutionary dream. Many more.


Pro sports can take a permanent vacation. I hope they all go broke. I think very few people will miss them. It’s the cancelled high school and collegiate sports that are doing damage – kids that are developing aren’t able to work on their skills.

As for prepping for the current and inevitable violence in the country, good luck finding certain guns or ammunition. Demand has far outstripped supply, and while gun prices haven’t increased that much, ammo prices have skyrocketed. If you can find some, even in bulk be prepared to pay double or triple. 12ga was $0.40-$0.80 per round for 2-3/4 buck before all this happened, now its as high as $2 per round. The ship has sailed for anyone looking to “stock up” unless you have extensive means. It will be June or July next year before the markets stabilize, and that’s if Trump wins, and the riots have stopped. I’ve reduced my training regimen to conserve my supplies until then.

phineas gage

Good article by Nolte. But as with all actions, there are consequences:

I imagine a large number of libs, like this one in Madison, are having their own ‘getting woke’ experience.

phineas gage

Great picture–reminds me of the that old Cronenberg film ‘Scanners’

Major sports will never return to normal. They are in the process of committing ritualistic woke seppuku. While at first it was hard to adjust, I’m now enjoying the spectacle. Burn, baby, burn.

Craig Chilcutt


phineas gage

And now NFL teams are cancelling practice to ‘focus on social justice’, while their commissioner kisses Kaepernick’s behind (of course, this craven bootlicker only does what the owners tell him to do).

Go for it. Get on board the woke express with the other two.

Gonna be a whole lot of ath-a-letes with a third-grade reading level eking out an existence in the CFL, Turkish league, or Cape Cod Independent league. They’ll be accompanied by ESPN executives looking for scraps.


Either that or the world’s tallest or largest garbage men – with apologies to hard working garbage men.

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