Pelosi Admits the Obvious: Biden is too Addled to Debate Trump

And there it is. – In one of her frenetic, shaky press appearances this morning, San Fran Nan Pelosi told reporters what everyone already knows is the Biden Campaign’s strategy: “I don’t think there should be any debates.”

The corrupt, civil-war-fomenting Speaker naturally couched her contention in all the standard talking points we have heard from other Democrats in recent weeks:

“I do not think that the President of the United States has comported himself in a way that anybody sh… an’ uh’…s…has any association with truth, evidence, data and facts.”  Yada yada yada, blah-blah-blah.


They’re so transparent at this point that it is really painful to listen to them anymore.

Look, there aren’t going to be any real debates, folks, just take that for granted. And by ‘real debates,’ I mean a debate in which both men stand together on the same stage for 2 or 3 hours and field questions from corrupt media moderators. That’s as ‘real’ as presidential debates have ever been in this country, after all.

Joe Biden’s elder-abusing handlers know their guy is not mentally capable of engaging in even that kind of stilted and slanted forum. Hell, they refuse to risk letting the guy out of his basement for more than a few moments two or three times a week.

Biden is at this point so diminished that his people and his corrupt media toadies declared it a major victory that he was able to get through reading a 22-minute speech last week without drooling or telling more stories about his swimming pool exploits with Corn Pop. There is not a single chance in all of hell that they are going to allow him to participate in a traditional debate with the President.

Thus, we see San Fran Nan in her insipidly stupid and dishonest way starting up the drumbeat for a coordinated messaging campaign with her media pals to try to brainwash the public that it somehow does not need or deserve any such events this year.

If that drumbeat of propaganda fails to brainwash enough Americans, then we will see the Biden camp start using COVID-19 as an excuse to stage the “debates” in a way that does not have both men on the same stage, doing it all remotely in a way that will allow Biden to wear an earpiece and have access to a telelprompter kept hidden from the cameras. After all, we do know he is at least capable of reading and behaving as a human parrot for at least 22 minutes at a time.

Trust me on this – that is what is coming. Biden will never – can never – stand up to a real debate with Donald Trump, and literally everybody knows it at this point.

That is all.

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The simple fact that there’s an Amendment that provides for the removal of a mentally unfit President implies that all Presidential Candidates MUST be of sound mind to even run for the position. Sleepy Joe must either voluntarily take a cognitive test proving his mental competence, or simply step aside.

Jay Whitcraft

I think President Trump has won either way. If Biden debates, the election is over after the first debate and the Democratic Party will collapse. If Biden doesn’t debate, everyone will know for sure that what is being said (and shown on tv) about Biden’s mental decline is most likely true. I also think that Biden will insist on going ahead with the debates. Jay


Once elected, the vice president has only two duties/jobs:

1) Check up on the health of the President every morning, and
2) Attend the funerals of foreign leaders/dignitaries

This is according to Ace McLame in a conversation with Imus when asked if he would be willing to accept a VP offer from GWB in 2000 after losing the primaries.

In reality, the main job of a VP candidate is to:

1) Make the presidential candidate look, good, and well “Presidential”, and
2) Don’t, under any circumstances, overshadow the presidential candidate

Karma Roundheels has an impossible task in this campaign. It is not possible to make her “Weekend at Bernie’s” running mate look good and not overshadow him. Although, she could probably make anyone else look good compared to her.

Thinking about the actual requirement, it is hard to imagine anyone being able to make biden “look good”.

This is what is so strange about the Dems this year, the whole premise of their campaign is to get Roundheels elected – as president.

Going back the the original requirements of a VP. In that regard, biden was the perfect foil for ‘the One’. There was no way he was gong to outshine the ‘polished’ image of BHO, and he was always going to be seen as the steadying hand, sort of like Cheney was to Bush. Those two offered no pizazz to either ticket, just perceived stability.

By Ace’s definition of the VP requirements, biden did the job for ‘the One’ very well. Karma, no way.


How demented does Joe have to be for NanPo to interfere with the debates!? You really really must lack faith to break the debate tradition. But the Dems will believe her! LOL! You can’t make it up…

phineas gage

I disagree:

I think DB is correct and that there is no way the Dems are going to allow Slow Joe to get on a debate stage with Trump, no matter what. It means things have gotten bad–really bad–with Joe.

They’ll take their chances with the post-election chaos.


What are the options???

1.) They can hide the biden and let chamelioncamel do the public circuit. Keep lunch bucket out of any debate and run on the covid excuses.

2.) Let sniffer joe on the debate stage under medication and hope he can keep his brain long enough to almost sorta maybe make some semblance of sense.

Either one is a disaster but IMO, they’ll stay with the hide’n bit. Not as risky as lunch bucket wanting to challenge the dog-faced pony soldiers to all come to the stage for a pushup contest and apple sauce.

phineas gage

The reason why #1 is the better option is they have much more control.

Rolling the loose cannon that is Biden onto the stage means everything could come to an end at any second.

Jimmy MacAfee

They can’t even depend upon Depends and Kaopectate for a stand-up debate; the bowels are the next thing cutting loose.. (as it is said: “never trust a fart after 50”):

And as President Baxter Harris (Leslie Nielsen) says in Scary Movie 3 or 4: “There’s that duck again!”


So tired of this bogus canard about how no GOP president ever acts “Presidential”. And now Malignancy Klink talks about how the bad orange man beat up the little (I am woman hear me roar) girl at the debates in 2016? Really? Did biden suddenly grow a cervix? Isn’t he supposed to be this competent, vibrant “He Man” who can stand up to bullies like “Cornpop”?

It can’t be both ways; strong and competent enough to take on bad orange man one day after being able to apparently give a 22 minute telepromptered AND PRERECORDED speech, and then not be able to debate the president three times in order to show the country that he is qualified for the toughest and most powerful job in the world.

Man, the Dems just can’t get past 2016. However the (any) president acts while president is by definition “Presidential” regardless if one likes it or not. I have never seen President Trump do one thing to shame or hurt America in any of his formal (or informal) press conferences, nor in any of his dealings with any foreign leaders or dignitaries, unlike Obama who literally bent over to try to kiss the ass of many of our adversaries when he went on his frequent US apology tours.

Hey Klink, it ain’t “Presidential” when our ‘leader’ actually grovels at the feet of some of the worst tyrants in the world while telling the whole world how much America sucks, and always has sucked, and how he wants to “Fundamentally Change America”. How can one profess to love something he wants to “Fundamentally Change” it?

As Dave has often described, all the left does is use projection to cover what they themselves actually do. At this point they have no saleable argument, and no appealing platform, so they resort to projection in an attempt to tear down their opponent. Kind of like the old legal tactic: when the case is going against your client, argue the law; when the law is against you argue the case in an attempt to confuse the jury (voters). The problem the Dems have with their old Alinsky Playbook is fewer and fewer Americans are confused anymore and most are tired at being played for fools AND maligned, insulted, and ridiculed.

I won’t get into how JFK and (at least) BJ Clinton turned the Whitehouse into a cathouse, or a frat-house, but I remember seeing pictures of ‘the One’ giving a subtle middle finger to Speaker Boehner during a conference; the hot mic comment about having more “flexibility” in dealing with RUSSIA after the his reelection. And can we ever forget GO-JO(e) Brain biden telling ‘the one’ (during the signing ceremony of Obamacare) “This is really a big fu**ing deal” How was that (comment) “Presidential”?

phineas gage

They’ve got more than two months to go and their nominee has already declined to non-functional status.

The Democrat-media contortions will be fourth-dimensional, but futile. All the focus is now on the post-election theft strategy.

Pelosi is not doing too well herself, although she has lost none of her malignancy.


So the CGI contingency plan might be a reality!?!?

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