Wednesday News Roundup: It’s the Democrat Party’s Kristallnacht in Kenosha and Portland

Poor Juan Williams is all sad and stuff. – Leftist media Mandarin Juan Williams, who daily renders Fox News’s “The Five” pretty much unwatchable, went into an angry tirade yesterday over the remarks made by a Cuban American at the GOP convention Monday night. In doing so, as his his habit, Williams had to construct a huge strawman.

That Cuban American, Maximo Alvarez, had the temerity to speak truthfully about what the communist Democrat Party is presenting to American voters this year:

“I’m speaking to you today because I have seen people like this before,” Alvarez said. “I’ve seen movements like this before. I’ve seen ideas like this before, and I am here to tell you, we cannot let them take over our country. I heard the promises of Fidel Castro. And I can never forget all those who grew up around me, who look like me, who suffer and starved and died because they believed those empty promises. They swallow their communist poison pill.”

Williams responded to this 100% true statement thusly:

“Hearing a speaker at a major party convention compare Joe Biden to a communist dictator, I thought that was pretty disgusting,” Williams said. “I just thought that was so wild. And again, we know Joe Biden. He’s been around. He is a pro American, moderate politician. So why would anybody think ‘oh, that’s cute,’ or unless it’s just name-calling?”

See, the problem for Williams here is that Joe Biden has been around, and we do know Joe Biden. We know Joe Biden as a habitual plagiarist and serial liar, a craven political animal who has for half a century been willing to do and say anything is party tells him to do or say. We know Joe Biden as a guy who used the office of vice president to loot the Ukraine and China in order to enrich himself and his family. We know Joe Biden today as a guy who is a virtual puppet, a human mannequin who is kept isolated in his basement by his handlers most of the time, only to be brought out and paraded around for the TV cameras whenever the situation calls for it.

We also know Joe Biden today as a willing puppet, the demented face of a political party that believes its time has come to destroy the American Republic and create the socialist/Marxist utopia for which it has been striving for more than a century.

Maximo Alvarez is a great American who has seen this all before, and knows first-hand how it ravages a society. All he did was speak the truth on national TV, something that fellow travelers like Juan Williams just cannot stand.

Speaking of Marxist fellow travelers, how about that Donna Brazile? – The decision by Fox News to hire the discredited Donna Brazile as a “contributor” remains a real mystery. She never has anything compelling or interesting to say, and her appearances have become increasingly confrontational and irrational.

Yesterday, in an appearance on Fox and Friends, she went completely off the rails. Watch:

Serious question: What purpose does this serve? Does stuff like this really help Fox’s viewership? Does it increase ratings in some way? Who is Fox’s management attempting to appeal to with this kind of nonsense?

The one useful thing Brazile does in this particular clip is to perfectly personify today’s Democrat: Unhinged, irrational, rude, violent, confrontational and completely unable to make a valid point or defend an idea.

Who knows? Maybe that’s what Fox management pays her to do. Whatever the reason, it’s incredibly tiresome.

The New York Times punks… the New York Times? – This is hilarious. In an effort to take a shot at Donald Trump, Jr., the “fact checkers” at the New York Times took him to task for his blaming China for releasing the China Virus upon the rest of the world. The trouble with this attack is that it conflicts with a similar claim made by … wait for it… the New York Times “fact checkers”!

I kid you not. From a report by Brietbart:

So-called “fact-checkers” at the New York Times alleged Donald Trump Jr. misled the public by saying during the first day of the Republican National Convention Monday that the coronavirus struck the United States “courtesy of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)” and his father took swift action to stop travel from China.

The Times claimed that “a wealth of evidence” suggests the coronavirus arrived in the U.S. through Europe and various other routes, not just China, echoing its Democrat allies and Chinese propaganda fueled by the Beijing-influenced World Health Organization (W.H.O.), a United Nations entity.

However, the newspaper’s fact check itself acknowledged that health officials first detected the highly contagious and deadly coronavirus in China. The virus spread to Europe and the rest of the world from China.

The newspaper also omitted a significant detail from its fact check — the first case to reach the United States involved an individual who flew from Wuhan, China, considered the birthplace of the virus, to Seattle, Washington, on January 15.


You just cannot make this stuff up, folks.

Meanwhile, Kristallnacht has come to Kenosha and Portland… – The Democrat-sponsored riots continued to rage on with no end in sight, and there is no end is in sight because that’s what the Democrat Party wants.

And now people are getting shot.

Here are some of the highlights brought to you by real journalist Andy Ngo:

And on and on it goes. For those who remain confused about what it is that the Democrat Party is bringing to us with these increasingly violent insurrections in our major cities, go read up on the Nazis’ Kristallnacht.  That happened on November 9 and 10, 1938.

This is what the early days of a civil war look like. If we give power to the political party that is paying for the rioting taking place in our major cities this summer, then we truly will deserve all the pain and suffering that will follow.

Let’s don’t do that, ok?

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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phineas gage

How long before the media blames Trump for the hurricane? I’d expect them to try to re-run the Katrina operation, but they are not dealing with George W. Bush this time around.


No worries there Phineas,

Trump has already dealt with Harvey in his first year and the PR hurricane and did just fine. And we’re dealing with Texas and western Louisiana, not NO, but the flooding will be bad if the weather forecasts are correct. If the flooding is bad in NO, let’s see how well prepared the “Chocolate” city under Ray Nagin until 2010, and the other two DEMOCRATIC mayors since then.

I mean NO got oodles of our money under Bush II right?, It had eight years of ‘the One’ to get things together, and fifteen years of continued DEMOCRATIC ‘leadership’, so it should be the most hurricane proof place in the world, right? Because we all know DEMOCRAT mayors are experts in leadership and know how to run thing’s efficiency and get things done.

One thing we know, unlike McLame with the financial crisis on ’08 and Mutt with super(rain)storm Sandy in areas where he wasn’t going to get one EV in ’12, Trump is not going to be cowed into suspending his campaign, nor should he. He will, however be happy to see the KARMA ROUNDHEELS/biden campaign remain suspended.


If nothing else, they’ll run that play as a distraction from all the blue city chaos but as you said, Trump isn’t Bush. He’ll boomarang it right back them. It will be glorious to watch and listen to.

phineas gage

This is why I was talking about the toxicology report a couple of weeks ago:

The guy OD’d, he didn’t asphyxiate. The ME felt the political pressure and modified his original findings to a more uncertain conclusion.

It doesn’t change the inappropriateness of the officer’s actions, but it does change the legal jeopardy involved.

phineas gage

Funny that Dave should bring up Kristallnacht. I had seen a headline on either Whatfinger or Breitbart about a demoncrat talking head/politco/celeb about how the US was n’t that far off from Nazi Germany. The only thihng she got wrong was the party affiliation..

I had drawn the parallel of the brownshirts and antifa in my mind. How they were behaving and who they were targeting. I am not surprised and suspect the left will only ramp up the crap unntil we hit critical mass. (We are most likely at the precipice already considering recent events. Pray and be prepared.)


Silas, the main difference is Kristallnacht was government sanctioned (and ordered) violence against a certain segment of Germany’s population, whereas this is a couple of groups of aggrieved, but “mostly peacefully” protesting citizens….

Oh wait, I’m wrong, these brownshirts wannabes are most certainly state and local (along with some on the federal level) government sanctioned terrorists targeting a specific group of US citizens…

As Emily Latella would say: Never mind.



phineas gage
phineas gage
Fog Busterr


Black Lives Matter =

Burn Loot Mayhem

Bolshevism Leninism Marxism

Beat Lambaste Maim

Blame Lacerate Mangle

phineas gage

Big Loser Media


Don’t let your opinions get in the way of actual facts……

Despite repeated Trump administration assertions that the Antifa movement has hijacked the ongoing protests around the country sparked by the police killing of George Floyd, a new federal intelligence bulletin points to white supremacists and other would-be domestic terrorists as the main problem lurking behind potentially lethal violence.

Though the document issued by the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and National Counterterrorism Center also includes a warning to law enforcement about anarchist extremists, it makes only a limited mention of the left-leaning, loosely affiliated Antifa movement, and appears to undercut recent criticisms of the movement by President Trump and top administration officials.

“Based upon current information, we assess the greatest threat of lethal violence continues to emanate from lone offenders with racially or ethnically motivated violent extremist ideologies and [domestic violent extremists] with personalized ideologies,”

phineas gage

Oh, please, this is just the new media spin now that they have bad polling data on the riots.

phineas gage

And they now have the perfect template nut in Rittenhouse.

This will be their new hysterical focus for the next week, to mitigate the bad polling data about the riots. It won’t work.


If I were running a “mostly peaceful protest” movement and my movement was infiltrated by Nazi skinheads and white supremist extremists, I think I would find a way to expose them and report them to the authorities and the “press”.

I wouldn’t want some troublemakers ruining my “mostly peaceful social justice massage and protest” and do my best to not allow them to tarnish my organization; wouldn’t you?.

If there are any Nazis and white supremist extremists infiltrating Antifa/blm, they are most certainly welcomed.

Furthermore, some of these cells have set up their own autonomous zones; shouldn’t they be policing their own bailiwick? After all, they don’t want any police presence, right?


I don’t know anything about Kenosha or its leadership, but I was encouraged by news that they are sending in the NG. Then I saw it was only 150 soldiers to protect the city hall/courthouse. I guess for tonight its going to be 250. ?? They need a few thousand to protect property and squash the rioting. Seriously, what is is about the weak responses from these cities? Rhetorical question. Here in Detroit, which historically has seen some of the worst rioting in the past, has had relatively little trouble compared to these hot spots. DPD does not mess around. Crime is still high (the norm), but you haven’t seen much rioting here.


This should not surprise anybody. The left always protect their own first (see mayor Bettlejuice and her one block radius of police around her house) as they are “important” to the proper functioning of “government” versus the taxpayer who writes their damn paycheck.

The governor of Wisconson is atctually cheering on the violence and destruction. If the good people of Wisconson don’t march on his house and surround it and demand he do his damn job then burn his house down. Let him experience the full brunt of what he is advocating.

They have kicked a sleeping giant and soon to see what that brings.


Wisconsinites only have themselves to blame. They had a very good and very successful governor Walker who got that state fiscally turned around, beat the militant teachers’ union and Dem Legislature, and kept it from going broke like Illinois. And to show their gratitude, they narrowly elected a Dem in 2018. So TS, they deserve what they get.

However, the Dem Gov Evers, seems to understand that he can’t let his state be trashed like the Govs of WA, OR, and NY – might not look so good to an electorate who has a recent memory of competent leadership, so maybe WI is savable and President can keep it Red.

jack johnson

This is what happens when police and politicians capitulate to mob. If the police are not going to protect your property then the citizens must….by any means necessary. It`s your right as an American.

People need to realize when things are normal you can expect some level of protection….when the crap hits the fan you are on your own. Nobody comes when you dial 911.


Absolutely correct….

Whats laughable tho is the festival goers are chanting ‘defund the police”… “kill the police”

Then when one of their criminals komrades gets shot they start screaming… “Call the police”…


So the shooting has started…. In the Kenosha video’s the ones actually getting hit by gunfire was the antifa criminals. The guy with the arm wound was armed and those with him also. Apparently got shot attacking a person armed with a rifle, little at this time is known who he is. Could have been a patriot protecting property, don’t know.

The other guy shot in the head, likely shot by one of his komrades wild firing. Odd that those around him were shouting for someone to call the cops… Typical communists. I have zero sympathies for any of these zombies communists, zero. Lets see if the communist leaders pay for their zombies medical care… I’m betting that ain’t gonna happen.

Even tho there were a lot of armed antifa zombies, when the guy defending himself started shooting. The antifa zombies all fled and left the guy alone. When you defend yourself, you shoot until the threat is no longer a threat, exactly what this guy did.

Its a war… be prepared the communists are escalating the plan. If you don’t have a firearm, you’d best get one. If you can get some fire arms instruction and learn how to safely handle and use that fire arm. Ask at your local gun shop which fire arm is best suited to your intended purpose.

Considerations. Bullets go thru walls. So unless you are confident with shots on target a good gun IS an AR15. Easy to use by men and women alike with enough rounds to stop multiple attackers coming thu your door. Not confident, then a good semi auto shotgun with slug and buckshot alternated in the tube will not only stop the guy breaking thru your door but will definitely put the run on the guys looking to follow the first criminal.

In either case getting a fire arm to defend your family and home means you have to have the mind set to pull the trigger when the time comes. These are NOT peaceful festival protesters. They are paid violent criminals that seek you harm and have no problem in your destruction.

It IS a war… and its here…

phineas gage

Whoops–looks like some bad polling data came in re: Wisconsin:

I guess, just like the people in Minnesota, they don’t like their cities being burned down. Go figure.

Vlad the Skewerer

If push came to shove Donna B could have me whacked with a phone call, and I’m keeping her down.

Peter H Ferris

My sister lives in Marin County across from SF, I spoke to her yesterday and she ha NO IDEA THAT THERE WERE RIOTS in Portland for the past 70+ days.. When all you listen to is cnn then you have a very small view of what is going on…They have also accepted the daily brownouts as normal…sheeple



Thanks for sharing, and I mean no disrespect, but I hope your sister never moves out of CA and never brings her political ignorance and probable voting habits to my TN or any other red or purple state. She needs to stay right where she is.


The ‘new’ normal the demoncraps want for you. Breadlines and food shortages will be next. When people accept this as the new normal, they are the problem…. zombies.

In EVERY country communism/marxism has taken over has followed the same path. But then thats why the media will not report on countries conditions like N Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Zimbabwe, China etc etc ALL modern day examples.

Once wealthy countries like Venezuela turned into a poverty, dilapidated violent crime ridden cesspool. Where people ate their pets, raided the zoo to eat the animals there, are robbed by violent gangs and police, where electrical power occasionally is a luxury, where oil reserves are vast yet gasoline is rare.

Or Zimbabwe the once bread basket of Africa. Turned into a poverty, violent crime ridden dust bowl. Where their money is worthless. My parents lived there for a number of years, for my birthday they sent me several million zim’s.

Those that have escaped countries like Venezuela to the US are freaking out. The fled the oppression only to have it follow them. They’re freaking out because there is no other place left to go to. They all have the same message… This is how it all started in Venezuela, same message, same ‘protests’ , the removing of history, removing statues, they all said it’d never happen there… and it did.

Never in America…. time will tell

Its a war… The communists are taking it seriously.

phineas gage

I think Trump has forced their hand prematurely. I don’t think they planned on going for the big grab for another decade or so. Ramp up what Obama did with a couple of terms of Hillary.

But they cannot control themselves with Trump. This may be their undoing.

phineas gage

Re: Fox–virtually all upper-level corporate media management is Democrat or Never-Trump (which is pretty much the same thing). That now includes Fox.

Don’t bother waiting for a turnaround with Fox because it is not going to happen. They support their liberal indulgences (Chris Wallace and others) with the revenue garnered from the high ratings for their evening shows. If you watch the latter, you are supporting the former.


Yeah, I agree about the Prime-Time Line-Up carrying the Juan Williams, Donna Brazilie , and Chris Wallace’s appearances.

Hopefully when their respective contracts expire, they can go to OANN and really get them on the map and force wider access on cable and other networks. I can’t find OANN on my Comcast system.

phineas gage

‘This is what the early days of a civil war look like.’

Ace observes that we could have taken the path of peaceful separation or bloody conflict, and we have chosen the latter. I think it had to be this way, inevitably. The Left will never relinquish without being completely destroyed.

phineas gage

‘relinquish power’


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