The Cultural War Buchanan Warned About is Coming to a Head

This is the GOP’s culture war convention. – 28 years ago at the 1992 Republican National Convention, held in the Astrodome in Houston, Texas, Patrick J. Buchanan made a speech that the Democrats, their corrupt news media toadies and the country club Republicans hated. Because, as a part of that long speech, he had the courage to tell the truth, in a single paragraph, about what was really happening in America at that time:

“My friends, this election is about more than who gets what. It is about who we are. It is about what we believe, and what we stand for as Americans. There is a religious war going on in this country. It is a cultural war, as critical to the kind of nation we shall be as was the Cold War itself, for this war is for the soul of America. And in that struggle for the soul of America, Clinton & Clinton are on the other side, and George Bush is on our side. And so, to the Buchanan Brigades out there, we have to come home and stand beside George Bush.”

A cultural war. A battle for the soul of America. That is what America was engaged in at that point in time, 28 years ago, as those on the radical left carried out assaults on the institutions and traditions that made this the greatest country ever imagined by man. Buchanan was right, and the denizens of the DC Swamp, the creatures of the political muck and mire that serves as the policy conduit on our nation’s soul, hated him for it.

That war for America’s soul rages on today, more blatant and in-your-face than ever before, precisely because Donald Trump, a real culture warrior, won the presidency four years ago. He has spent the last four years fighting almost alone against the Swamp, which has raised an assault on him, his reputation, his family and anyone who continues to support him that has become increasingly strident in its tone and violent in its action.

We see the Left’s cultural war played out on social media every day. It flashes onto our TV screens in the form of businesses being looted and buildings being burned by professional rioters who are bused into Democrat-run cities like Portland and Kenosha, paid for by Soros/Democrat front groups. It comes into our homes in the form of videos of the Democrat Speaker of the House calling Trump supporters “enemies of the state.” It rages on CNN as Don Lemon proposes sending Trump voters to re-education camps, with the brother of the mass-murdering Governor of New York nodding his head in agreement.

We see the Left’s cultural war, this war for America’s soul, presented to us in the Democrat Party’s platform, a platform that calls for open borders, for returning our country to the subservience to China brought to us by two Bushes, a Clinton and an Obama. It’s a platform that calls for returning our country’s support in the Middle East to the Mullahs in Iran, for re-committing America to the fraudulent wealth distribution scheme called the Paris Climate Accords.

We see the Left’s cultural war presented to us in the form of a mannequin of a nominee, a man who doesn’t know where he is half the time, who parrots talking points fed to him by the leftist radicals who serve as his handlers. That mannequin of a man promises to shut the country’s economy down again if he is elected, to destroy the domestic oil and gas industry in order to render America subservient yet again to Russia and Saudi Arabia and Iraq  and Iran for its energy needs. That mannequin promises to squander America’s wealth on a “Green New Deal” that would destroy our airlines in favor of building a completely unfeasible network of rail lines whose real purpose would be to limit our mobility and keep us shut in our homes, frightened and dependent on whatever guaranteed income the leftist radicals deem appropriate for us.

We saw the Left’s cultural war played out at last week’s Democrat Convention, during which not a single speaker dared to condemn the mass rioting, violence and destruction taking place in Democrat-run cities across the country. Because this is what the Democrats have become: A Party that sponsors riots as a political tool.

In response to the Left’s cultural war, the GOP, led by President Trump, has thus far presented a convention filled with hope and real people telling their real, compelling, American stories. Last night, the First Lady spoke eloquently of her hopes for America and her personal struggle to immigrate to this country. The President himself issued a pardon live on national TV to a former felon who has turned around his life, and performed a naturalization ceremony for an immigrant who had followed the law to become a real American the right way. To top things off, Nicholas Sandmann, the teenager who was slandered and smeared mercilessly by the leftist, corrupt media, told his story of fighting back and winning against the media mob.

The first night of the convention featured a parade of African Americans like Herschel Walker, Democrat legislator Vernon Jones and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, reassuring Black voters that it is ok to break free of the Democrat plantation and vote for freedom and a chance at real growth and success. It featured former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, the first Indian-American woman to be elected governor of any state. It featured Natalie Harp, a cancer survivor who only lives today because the President fought so hard to implement “right-to-try” policies that allow those with advanced illnesses to try experimental drugs. And it featured Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the St. Louis couple who pointed guns at rioting thugs who had illegally broken into their gated neighborhood, and who later had their home raided on the orders of a corrupt, Soros-funded prosecutor.

These are the cultural war conventions we see playing across our TV screens in real time these past two weeks. The cultural war Buchanan warned us about rages more violently than ever, smeared directly in our faces every day by Democrat-sponsored rioters and increasingly bold Democrat politicians who seldom bother to hide their real objectives anymore.

Standing between ordinary Americans and the barbarians at America’s gate is one man: Donald Trump. No one could have seen this coming when he announced his candidacy 5 years ago, but he has truly become that rarest of rare human commodities: The Indispensable Man.

Make no mistake about it: The vote you cast this year for president is a vote that will decide the war for America’s soul. We can either remain a free nation made up of free people, or we can fall.

It’s the clearest choice we have ever faced.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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phineas gage

The media will try to make the most of Rittenhouse, since he fits their template, but their white supremacist line won’t wash, not after three months of unrelenting riots. That’s going to release the crazy hounds at some point.


Buchanan had to have smoked a suitcase full of weed before he walked on stage and delivered a speech that mentioned the Culture War and then claimed that George Bush was ‘on our side’.

Every single solitary member of the Bush Family are heavily marinaded in the very same virulent, pathologically intense, Cultural Marxist hatred for White Americans and for White Western Civilization – as much so as are today’s most radically anti-White Cultural Marxism spouting leftists.

Remember how many times the Bush RINO Globalists tried to ram through bills that would grant amnesty to the 20-30 plus million illegal aliens who the Cultural Marxists of both parties have imported into America? This would have handed to the diabolically evil, White race hating Democrats a permanent, peacefully unbreakable, one party dictatorship and no conservative Republican would ever again be able to win the White House – and eventually, not even any state governorships and any Senate or House races on the National level.

The Bushes sat in the Oval Office for a total of 12 years; Poppy for 4, and Jorge Wmd for 8, and Poppy served as Reagan’s VP for 8. years. During that entire time in power, not once did any of these globalist, open borders loving, amnesty craving, war mongering members of the Bush family ever take any steps to secure our Southern border and to stop illegal immigration and to push legislation that would permanently halt the Cultural Marxist driven White race replacement agenda which will give the diabolically evil, now openly Communist-Marxist democrats a permanent one party totalitarian dictatorship,

The Bushes were just as evil and destructive to the native culture of traditional America as were the Clintons, or Obama or any other hard core, Western Civilization hating leftist radical.


Very true what you say Tucker (see my comment/reply to Phineas above).

If memory serves, Buchannan challenged Bush Sr. with a spirited campaign that year, like Chappaquiddick Ted Kennedy challenged Carter in 1980. And like in 2016 and 2020 when the commie Sanders gave Walking Eagle and GO-JO(e) Brain biden respectively, a run for their money until he was shut-down (bought off), the primary opponents generally bury the hatchet and come together and put out an air of solidarity to advance the party’s standard-bearer, and have a seat at the table to shape the party’s platform.

So I understand Buchannan’s pro-Bush speech – he had no choice, unless he wanted to pull a Kasich and be a pariah in the GOP. If GHWB had been smart that year and wanted to really win, he would have dumped Quayle – who brought nothing to the ticket – and picked Buchannan as his VP. I don’t really think HW cared if he won or lost.

One important note, most of the time when there is a tough primary challenge (2008 excepted), especially against an incumbent, that party loses the presidency due to too much “diversity” within the party. There were many other factors in play when ‘the One’ won.


I watched CSPAN last night after Melania’s speech and it gave me some hope. Several Democrats called in and said they liked the positive messaging that Trump and the R’s are putting out, and they indicated they would vote for Trump. That’s encouraging.

phineas gage

45% of the nation is locked in for Biden, 45% for Trump.

The hinge of fate will swing on a relative handful of voters.


“45% of the nation is locked in for Biden, 45% for Trump.”

As always is, unfortunately, the case, unless there is a strong third party candidate which shows even more division within our country.

phineas gage
phineas gage

I think what we need to recognize is that the election is only the first step in what is likely be a long struggle. I am confident that Trump will prevail, but just as confident that the Dems will not concede—and that is where the real fight begins.


I believe you are right phineas. If they don’t concede it could be a constitutional crisis.

On flip side of that, if they “win”, what will us free Americans do about it? Will we be the ones in the streets? It used to be that the losing side would suck it up for 4 years and then try a better strategy and candidate. These marxists will dismantle the whole country in that time. That may force our hand.


There are many others across the conservative sites that would agree with that. Very few think this will simply disappear after the election. IMO… it will continue. The demonic driven ‘political elitists and the funders don’t have a problem with cannon fodder zombies being taken out… plenty more zombies available to them.

It is a war… fight for freedoms sake or prepare to be cowed into submission bu communist overlords. It is that serious…

phineas gage

It appears that the shooting has begun:


Well done young man!

phineas gage

Great post.

Buchanan presaged Trump in many ways (although unfortunately his campaign was tinged with more than a bit of anti-Semitism), and of course Goldwater presaged them both.

They have been proven correct in their predictions. The only way in which Buchanan was wrong in his speech that you quote is that the Bushes and their ilk clearly are not on our side. Donald Trump has unmasked them.

It is elites vs; non-elites more than GOP vs. Dem. The American people have never deigned to bend the knee to a monarch, whether hereditary or self-anointed. That is how our nation was founded. We will soon find out if there is enough American spirit left to save this nation.


“…the Bushes and their ilk clearly are not on our side. Donald Trump has unmasked them.”

Which is why I voted for Perot in 1992, but not in 1996. I, like probably the other 20 or so million Perot voters, hoped and prayed for Perot to have been today’s Trump. Sadly he was just a Bush family hating egotistical glory-hound loudmouth who defaulted the election to the Arkansas Mafia just like TR ensured Woodrow Wilson’ win in 1912. Both of those elections were disasters which we are still paying for to this day.

The emergence of Perot’s populist message should have been a wake (woke) up call to the Republican Establishment that their base of “Reagan Democrats” and Conservatives wanted Reagan type presidents and NOT the “kinder gentler” “no new taxes” pledge breaking establishment hacks or big spending war mongering “compassionate conservatives” types like Bush the first, Dole, Bush the second, Ace, or the Muttster. Yet, until Trump, with few exceptions, who were purposely defeated by the GOP machine in the primaries, we get our versions of biden (Ace, Jeb, and Mutt are the most prevalent examples). At least our old war-horse hacks could usually walk and talk at the same time and knew where they were most of the time

This leaves the conservative voter little choice. We were forced to eat the sugar-coated “Republican” establishment Schiff, or the Schiff coated Democratic Schiff. We weren’t even given the choice of broccoli (which, by the way, I like as opposed to spinach, brussels sprouts, eggplant or squash) or dog Schiff. No wonder only about half the country votes when there is literally no good choice when the Deep State/MSM (D) decides who is going to run on both parties.

This is the beauty and uniqueness of Donald John Trump and his presidency. He has given every real patriot, every conservative, a reason to vote FOR him as opposed to always having to vote for the lessor of the two evils. In my lifetime, except for Ronald Wilson Reagan, I and most conservatives always had to vote for the Nixons, Fords, Bushes, McLames, and Mutts of the world.

The GOP (which I don’t believe really cares whither or not it actually wins the presidency or congress as long as their people get to keep a place at the graft table) ‘leaders’, if they actually do want to win, seem to think the conservatives will willingly hold our noses and vote for there lameo standard-bearer, because we have no other choice. They hold their base in the same contempt the Dems hold their heretofor lemming base. The difference is, the GOP base will either stay home or seek out a Perot or a Trump. It is stunning how their “experts” or gurus like Rove never seem to grasp this simple fact which leads me to believe they are all in cahoots (COLLUSION) with the uniparty establishment thought process that is what Washington DC and, sadly the US two party political ‘system’ is and has been since at least 1968.

It has been theorized by their “experts” like Rove that a firebrand conservative can’t win ever since the 1964 conservative Goldwater landslide loss, so the pro-America “Conservative” message must always be moderated or diluted to appeal to the mushy middle or the precious independents. They totally ignore Nixon’s “law and order” image/campaign landslide in1972, Reagan’s two landslides in 1980 (with senate coattails) and in 1984, and even Bush’s (Reagan’s third term) in 1988. Conservativism, when properly articulated wins every time it is tried.

Any objective political science student or learned voter can plainly see and understand this reality, this history; the GOP establishment clearly wants to ignore this elephant in the room by design which is why I don’t believe they really want to win with any passion. If they win by accident, fine, they’ll take it, but if they lose, that is ok too. It is always easier to be a back-bencher follower/opponent rather than be responsible for leading. This is why the disrupter Trump, and to a lessor extent Reagan, were either barely tolerated or, on many occasions in Trump’s case, openly rebuked, by the old warhorse, GOP politicians (current or retired) and the Never-Trumper establishment types – most of whom were losers in their races, or failed to ever win anything for the conservative cause.

As hideous as all the Democrats are, they have limited power and are a known entity, it is the RINOs who are the real danger to America and freedom.


“If they win by accident, fine, they’ll take it, but if they lose, that is ok too. It is always easier to be a back-bencher”

That right there my friend is what the feckless GOP is all about. And that is why they also tolerate rino’s. The citizenry needs to begin a campaign of weeding out feckless conservatives and rino’s by electing REAL conservatives, holding theur feet to the fire and accountability. Otherwise its just another day in the swamp…

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