Kenosha Riots: Evers Sees Wisconsin Slipping Away, Agrees to Accept Federal Help

The communist Democrat Party must have just gotten some bad, bad, bad polling data about the riots it has been fomenting and funding in Kenosha, Wisconsin the last few days. That became obvious around mid-day on Wednesday as President Donald Trump sent out the following pair of Tweets:

So, obviously, the Dems are getting some really bad polling data.

CNN’s despicable Don Lemon actually gave the game away last night during his handoff to the brother of mass-murdering New York Governor Andrew Cuomo:


See, because the Democrat Party and its corrupt media toadies all speak with one voice, they also share all their polling data with one another. Because that’s what they do.

In another Kenosha-related development, a 17 year-old idiot named Kyle Rittenhouse was arrested by local law enforcement this morning on evidence that he was the shooter who shot 3 people during last night’s riots, killing two of them. Naturally, communist Democrat Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes leapt at the chance to label the kid as a part of some nebulous “white militia”:

Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes, who is Black, said in an interview with the news program “Democracy Now!” that the shootings were not surprising and that white militias have been ignored for too long.

“How many times across this country do you see armed gunmen, protesting, walking into state Capitols, and everybody just thinks it’s OK?” Barnes said. “People treat that like it’s some kind of normal activity that people are walking around with assault rifles.”


So, this kid will give the Democrats and their corrupt media toadies a chance to shift the focus away from their paid Antifa/BLM rioters.

Thanks a lot, kid.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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When I was in the Middle East I saw a demonstration of what was dubbed a “pain ray”. I think (but do not
Know) it was microwave based. Maybe acceptable for military use but not civilian? Volenteers subjected to
It said it was bike every nerve ending in their body being subjected to a welding torch


I thought the same thing as DB last night but now that I’ve seen the videos and read the accounts I’m completely on team Kyle. This young man was viciously attacked and clearly defending himself.

Ben Colder

This kid will damned well be the scapegoat for the dem/communists even tho as far as i’m concerned they should give him a medal but that aint gonna happen.Truth be known the two dead bastards were probably paid rioters brought in by blm.Dont want to get shot stay away simple as that.The communist news are going to have a Sh– fit over this they may lay off Mrs Trumps speech for a day or so even.What in the hell do they think all this riots going on and no one is going to fight back its started there will be more fools shot before this is over .


Love the labeling of the “communist” democrat party. They earned it, they can wear it, and the more often this title is used, the better. Branding on the a$$ of the “peaceful demonstrators” would be better but this will do in the meantime.

The Chicago Way

That’s a nice city/town you have there comrade, it would be a shame if anything happened to it.
Now you vote Jo Jo/Warrior Wymyn comradette kommissarina Kamala or your area will burn to the ground.
Forward! Yes we can!

David Scot Houlette

There are several more hi def vids on the kid. If it was me I’d of done the same thing


Now that several baseball and basketball games have been cancelled tonight, that will give their several thousand viewers the opportunity to watch the Republican Convention, and maybe learn something; maybe get a different perspective.

That would be reality in a perfect world, so it probably won’t happen.


Two other points:

The NBA may as well pack it in. The Milwaukee Bucks just boycotted their playoff game until the cop who shot that criminal in Kenosha is “brought to justice”. How exactly do the idiots who (most of whom went to some sort of college) want to see “justice” served? Mob rule/conviction followed by a lynching at sundown, all on the same day? Even the most feeble minded player must know, or have been told by his agent or coach or someone (actually many have actually had personal experience with the criminal justice system) that there is such a thing as due process, and a presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Apparently not; these sports (and celebrity) superstars are just that ignorant.

Here is a though: If we are going to follow that standard and shut down all activity until perceived justice is served, how about all us deplorable and irredeemable white male taxpayers boycott paying our taxes until “justice is served” to Walking Eagle, ‘the One’ and his entire coup cabal?

The really stupid thing is the NBA players doing this stupid stuff are only hurting themselves.

NEWS FLASH to all you spoiled jerks! WE DON’T NEED BASKETBALL and we certainly don’t need you guys for entertainment; Your Chinese sponsored CV-19 masters taught us that by creating the national shutdown. As far as many of us are concerned, you can stay shutdown forever.

And one other thing, which sports players and entertainers don’t seem to understand, boycotts only work if they hurt the target you are boycotting. Just who are you targeting?

Update as I’m writing this from ESPN just prior to the Yankee Brave game:

Reds and Brewers (the home team) in baseball and Mariners at Padres and two other NBA teams have postponed their games too. ESPN is couching the postponements as players doing something for their community (Kenosha?). Really? I’ll bet 90% don’t know where Kenosha is (and probably couldn’t spell it either), and couldn’t find it on a 2D map of Wisconsin. It is a small city of 100,000 about thirty miles south of Milwaukee.

The only way these overpaid jerks could do something for their ‘community’ would be to donate their game check(s) to the real victims of the antifa/blm rioters and violence. Now that would be a statement, but that thought would never occur to these ignoramuses who truly have Schiff for brains.


Just saw an early KARMA ROUNDHEELS/biden ad. It says: Covid-19 is on the rise across the country, Trump is doing nothing, biden will mandate masks nationally, he will listen to the “experts”/scientists and make sure more ventilators, and PPE is made and available. Can’t remember exactly whether or not he would shut down the country again if advised, but he is on record saying he would.

When was that commercial made? Like in April? Joe, you’ve got to catch up with the times, c’mon man! Talking about being OBE! These people are really lazy. Maybe they think the ad will be effective since most of their base thinks CV-19 is all Trump’s fault (MaligNancy Klink has called it “The Trump Virus”) and that 9% (30 million) of the country has already died of CV-19 and 30% (100 million) have caught CV-19 and will die, according to a recent liberal poll. However, at this point there won’t be anyone alive for vote for him and for him to govern if he were to steal the election and somehow ‘win’.


“and that 9% (30 million) of the country has already died of CV-19 and 30% (100 million) have caught CV-19 and will die,”

Shouldn’t nasty nancy be happy about this??? because don’t dead people all vote demoncrap??

Daniel Raidt

Too late Wisconsin will go RED in 2020

Robosaurus Rex

You can call the kid an idiot, but as you, DB, have been ranting for 80 plus days about “it’s all got to stop” suddenly you don’t like the only process that got the results we’ve been demanding. I think a lot more people are watching the videos and deciding for themselves whose to blame which is why the polling data is going bad for them and of course, the correlation with “Democratic run cities and states” is inescapable. The brainwashing is not having the expected effects anymore. Frankly, I hate the Portland daily updates on your site because the situation never changes and they’ve obviously burned all the stores they can possibly burn outside police precincts, federal buildings, and an endless supply of tires and mattresses. I do not advocate for violence, but it finally forced the hand of one of America’s most incompetent leaders to do the right thing. The big question is: what do people have to do to grab the attention of their state and local leaders and what do people have to do to remove leaders who don’t do their job? How do you do this without violence? Where have all the recall petitions suddenly vanished to? And why is there a leadership vaccuum in the anti-riot protest space to put pressure on these leaders? Reason: you have to live on the run while speaking the truth. Couches be comfy these days.


About damn time. I don’t want to seem like the angry uncle or whatever you want to call me, but every time I have seen some asshat hurl a brick in the air towards police I was thinking if they setup snipers and once somebody hurled an object and took him out, throwing shit would stop.


Well the issue here is self defense vs murder. The cops sniping rock throwers is “a bit” harder to justify than a kid running away from people trying to “get that MFer!” with weapons before he shoots. So there you have it, and Bob’s your Uncle.


“The cops sniping rock throwers is “a bit” harder to justify”. Really? I didn’t know it was on the same level as giving the finger. A rock or a brick can kill instantly.


I didn’t say rock. I said brick. A brick is a pretty deadly weapon when hurled at ones head. A well placed sniper would stop that shit in a heartbeat.


Looks to me like the kid was defending himself and property from rioters. Seems to me there needs to be more shooting back. If these Antifa scumbags thought they might have a chance at getting shot during their little rampages there wouldn’t be so many showing up. If you are throwing fire bombs or IED’s at someone they have a right to defend themselves. If you’e stupid or cocky enough to chase and try to assault some who is obviously armed then you deserve what you get.


What a clown show. So…in a change from normal Leftist tactics, the mayor is requesting help from National Guard and Feds. That’s good, at least, since he DID stick to the absurd policy of doing everything he could, verbally, to exacerbate the situation before he had any of the facts.

And even though most of the Antifa terrorists are white, whenever one shoot someone the degenerates in the Ministry of Truth (Democrat propagandists in the “MSM”) label him “right wing” or “white supremacist”! LOL! Do the Democrats even believe this pablum anymore? Laughable.


“So, this kid will give the Democrats and their corrupt media toadies a chance to shift the focus away from their paid Antifa/BLM rioters.

Thanks a lot, kid.”

I wouldn’t be to hard on this kid. No details are known at this time. He may well have been there to help prevent the festival goers from burning down more businesses. These festival goers are mainly from out of state with lots of in town opportunist criminals taking advantage of it to get some free stuff. Its how they work. Notice that the festival goers also had plenty of firearms too. So one side is allowed to arm but not the other??

Its completely what the communists have been pushing for, make no mistake. They’d have gotten that narrative one way or the other, even if it meant a false flag attack, which BTW, we don’t know if this is indeed whats happened or not. Blaming patriots because they gave a narrative to the communists doesn’t help either. In fact, if this was a legal self defense event then all patriots should stand behind and support the kid.

At this point tho it can also work in Trumps favor. Its Trumps opportunity to control the narrative regardless of the propaganda spin the communista is GOING to spin. Trump is saying enough, law and order are coming and it WILL end. THAT my friends will give a big boost to his voter base, not diminish it. Dems allow and support it… Trump bringing da judge…

When the Kenosha festivalers are put down quickly it will be a HUGE contrast to the Portland/Seattle festivals going on their and the continued support from their dear leaders. Yes the lefts heads will pop… DICTATOR… blah blah blah… its going to work against them regardless of how much they shriek… they’re gonna shriek anyway.

Its a war


Two words: Water Cannons


Agreed. You could argue the kid didn’t need to be there, but it could have been any of the other armed guys there protecting businesses. This is a natural progression of these events. It was bound to happen. People are fed up seeing the looting and destruction. Kenosha residents have been watching this sh!t play out on TV in every major city in America for the past 3 months, then it comes to their town? I guess enough of them decided to do something about it.

Watch the video titled “every angle of shooting” :

The kid dodged a molotov cocktail, a skateboard attack and a guy with a handgun (and showed restraint). From what I see he’s retreating the entire time. Looks like self defense to me.


Although I agree with the fact that the 17yo shooting up a few baddies isn’t good optics and really don’t condone the action, I have to admit I wasn’t sorry to see a couple of these asshats pay the ultimate price…and the third who won’t be doing biceps curls for a while.

phineas gage

I know he is barely above automaton status, but it is simply amazing how Dems like Lemon assume the solution to everything is a speech. ‘He’s got to give a speech’ Why? What is that going to do?

I suppose in their glass-bubble Twitter world words are the be-all and end-all.

It’s also why Trump infuriates them, because he actually takes real steps to provide actual solutions to problems.


The programming of the automatons was done by The One his self. He was always giving a worthless, lie filled, propaganda laden speech for evey crisis on his watch.

phineas gage

I wonder if Evers was coerced to acquiesce by Trump with financial incentives, or whether he was persuaded by high-level Dems who see the polling data on the wall.


Regarding Gov Evers, he seems to understand that he can’t let his state be trashed like the Govs of MN, IL, WA, OR, and NY – might not look so good to an electorate who has a recent memory of the competent leadership of Scott Walker. The other states I mentioned have had ensconced Dem ‘leadership’ for so long their citizens have become numb (or dumbed down to accept ) to their rank corruption and, at best, incompetence. Maybe WI is savable after all and and President can keep it Red.


While being bought off is a hallmark of demoncrats and some rinos, I suspect that the party leaders have seen the writing on the wall and are very concerned. But it is all for nought. The chances of them saving Wisconson foe themselves is gone. The chances of them saving any blue city that has antifa/blm rioting, looting and burning down property is gone.

The cry for help from the guv of WI is a sign that they are hoping they will be seen as the ones doing the job of stopping it. But it’s the President sending in the law and order. And he will make sure everybody knows it.


The kid was obviously defending himself. The mob chased him down TWICE and attacked him.


The American citizenry of Patriots and defenders of the Constitution await the call too arms…..That simple.

jack johnson

The best part is one of the rioters that was shot and killed can be seen earlier in a video confronting armed individuals guarding a business shouting…..”shoot me [email protected]##a shoot me [email protected]##a”.

Apparently he felt he was bulletproof….play stupid games win stupid prizes.

phineas gage

Doesn’t matter, he fits the template. The media will push this for the next week as distraction, but it’s not going to work. People are angry about the riots, and they know who to blame.


I do not think the kid shot the guy in the and why.The raghead is chasing him down throws what looks like maybe a molotov cocktail(?)a couple of seconds later at 44s between the 2nd and 3rd light you see a guy behind raghead raise a handgun!and point in his direction.This might explain why the raghead did not look like JFK ballistics will tell the story.Remember the guy shot in the arm was at point blank also.


At this point Phineas, and Dave, Who cares who the media blames or says about anything. Lake Donna B said on her FOX & Friends meltdown, it’s all a broken record – of course referring to something else. It has little to no effect on the vast majority of Americans, particularly Trump’s base.

Almost everyone here says these riots won’t be stopped until they are stopped, and “as long as the federal intervention doesn’t kill anyone”, lest they create a martyr, a citizen doing the job of protecting their life or property would be tragic, but ok. Well that happened now and it will continue to escalate until the police are allowed to do their job.

It is hard to imaging the press/media being any more effective in saying Trump Sucks, no matter what happens or what they report, or how often and how loudly they report it.

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