Tuesday News Roundup: The Democrat Party is the Party of Racism and Chaos, and Trump Keeps Winning Anyway

Tired of all this WINNING yet? – Both the NASDAQ and S&P 500 indexes rose to new all-time record highs as the Dow rocketed up over 28,000 on Monday. The markets were responding to more positive economic news as well as the ongoing good news about new COVID-19 therapies made possible by the Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed effort. The Democrats and their corrupt news media toadies hate that effort because they want Americans to be suffering heading into the November elections.

But the markets don’t care what the media and Democrats hate, and they are set for another higher opening again today in the wake of the first night of the GOP national convention, amid growing optimism about the President’s chances at re-election:

Incidentially, the Dow has now regained about 94% of the losses it suffered earlier in the year at the outset of the nation’s insane response to the viral gift from China. Obviously, both the NASDAQ and S&P 500 have recovered well over 100% of those losses.

Despite all of the intentional chaos the communist Democrats are fomenting and funding in the big cities they run, this really is a great time to be alive.

Democrats are horrible racists. – For proof, all you need to do is go to the steaming cesspool of leftist hate that is Twitter – if you can stand it – and read what the Democrats there have to say about the speeches delivered last night at the RNC by Black speakers like Herschel Walker, Vernon Jones and Senator Tim Scott. Most of them are so filled with racial slurs and profanities that I won’t reprint them here.

Here’s an example of one that is fairly clean:

Again, this is not an exceptionally repugnant tweet – it’s one of the less offensive ones. If you are Black and you stray from the plantation the Democrats have sought to keep you on for the last 150 years, often at gunpoint or threat of lynching, this is the treatment you will receive from them.

The Democrat Party has since its inception as the pro-slavery party of the South been the home of real racism in America. Anyone who believes that has somehow changed just has not been paying attention.

Mr. Jones fully understands that reality. Here is part of what he had to say last night:

The political math for the Democrat Party demands that Black people not be “free people with free minds.” If the Democrat Party were to suddenly start losing anything more than 10% of the Black vote, the party would never be able to hold legitimate political power again.

That is why the abject racists who run the Democrat Party and their corrupt toadies in the news media feel the need to spend so much of their time projecting, accusing everyone else of being racists. It is why these same racists feel the need to viciously demonize any Black American who strays from the Party’s racist dogma and tries to leave the liberal plantation.

This is simple math, but it’s also how these leftist freaks really think and feel about Black Americans. That’s the truth.

Oh, hey, here is who really is running the Joe Biden campaign. – As I’ve pointed out in the past, Joe Biden’s brain is just an empty vessel that is waiting to be filled by the ideas of others.

One of those “others” who is filling Joe Biden’s fading brain during this campaign is his chief strategy advisor, Anita Dunn, who turns out to be a huge fan of … wait for it … Mao Tse Tung.

You don’t have to believe me – just believe her own words:


Here is how you couch the riots in Wisconsin if your business model depends on them continuing:

Gayle King is Joseph Goebbels with a wig.

Meanwhile, in Portland…and Seattle…and Denver…and Wisconsin… – The communist Democrat Party-sponsored riots continued to spread in Democrat-run cities across the country. Here is a sampling of reports from real journalist Andy Ngo:

87 straight nights in Portland, and still the Democrat-sponsored riots have no end in sight. There is nothing “peaceful” about any of this. These are not “protests” at all. They have nothing to do with George Floyd or Jacob Blake or anything remotely related to “social justice.”

These are efforts by the communist Democrats to create chaos in the cities they run and control. Period. They are designed to frighten the public into believing that it’s all Trump’s fault, and that the only way to end the chaos is to elect Democrats in November. The Democrats really do believe that looting and burning and destroying people’s lives is just one more tool in their political tool box.

These people will not stop until they are stopped. The only way to stop them is to reject their evil tactics at the ballot box in November.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest eve

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Matthew M

I think the citizenry is holding its nose until election time at all this rioting. We could push to oust these mayors and democrat politicians inciting the riots but with elections right around the corner it could be seen as a waste of time. However, if these types of politicians win re election somehow, expect the streets to get bloody in a hurry, the citizenry simply will not tolerate 4 years of riots.

Let this be a general warning to every democrat politician, if you do not empower the police to clean up the streets with all the training they have to do it as peacefully as possible and with the least amount of bloodshed possible, the streets will get cleaned up by us, and we wont be doing it peacefully, our power is at the end of a barrel of a gun. This will get many more innocents killed, because the citizenry does not have the training to differentiate protester from rioter, on the “iffy judgement calls” chances won’t be taken. This warning extends out to the democrat voter, if you vote in people whom continue to allow this disorder and violence to continue, you could be the very ones caught in the crossfire, trying to make peace.

This is not a call to vote for republicans over democrats, this is a call for peace on our streets, and right now, the ONLY avenue to peace is to vote in republicans. Until these rioters face total rejection by the citizenry at large, they will continue to riot. If you do not vote for peace, peace will be taken forcefully. I am just one of millions whom feel this way, prepared to take our streets back and showing enough restraint to let the voting process pan out, however, if it does not, I and millions of others will put these riots down, and it will NOT be pretty. We are fed up, we are prepared to act, heed the warning!

Rick O'Shay

Based on current events I don’t think the Dems are even trying to win the election at this point. How can they be? What does it matter if you lose by 40 electoral votes or 400? As others have pointed out, all that matters now is setting up circumstances that culminate in a stolen election.

The only thing that lets me sleep at night is knowing, hopefully, that with all President Trump has battled through for 4 (or actually 5) years, and how he’s beaten them at every turn like a readheaded stepchild, he’s not going to let them succeed with such an audacious and seditious plan with so much at stake.

phineas gage

Everyone compares Babylon Bee to The Onion, but I think it has much more of the spirit of the early National Lampoon.


Or Mad magazine

phineas gage

Ah, very good–perhaps that is an even better comparison. Particularly the Mad in the early days of William Gaines not long after EC comics.


Too funny. Thanks Silas,

I was just thinking about the lefts use of the idea of the “far right”, in which they try to lump conservatives in with skin-head Nazi racists. But the way I see it, the skin-head Nazi racists exist on the continuum right between Antifa and BLM. The Nazi has no place for equality or equal justice, and in no way deserves a place on the right with us, far or near.


Here’s my question: after WWII Germany outlawed the Nazi Party; why – after the Civil War – didn’t we outlaw the Democrat party?


Lincoln wanted to heal the nation. His biggest blunder.


The writer pines at the end of the article “Hopefully this will not happen again”


Happen again?? Count on it and the criminals WILL escalate it as much as they can each and every night… Anyone want to take that bet??

Love the excuse given too… they’re ‘frustrated’… They should be going back to their mommies with the argument for having castrating them early in life. They’re frustrated because sane people are not buying into their insanity and want them stopped… raaaacist white supremacy fly-over Trump supporters are evil for wanting them to stop burning and looting… Fly-overs need re-education… They like China’s model.

phineas gage

Truly awful:


America is going to vote for this? Really?


Awful indeed, but still not as bad as in the early days of looting in Minneapolis when the woman in a wheelchair was beat and then sprayed with a fire extinguisher:


Or this one, elderly couple beat in front of their store:



This, along with footage from all the other crap going on, should be used in a 2 minute long campaign ad. They are nothing more tahn criminals using another criminals behaviour as an excuse to loot and burn. Shoot on sight comes to mind.

phineas gage

In terms of the engineered riots and chaos, the Dem plan was to essentially blackmail the American people, the message being this will only stop if you vote for us.

It has backfired on them badly. The way most Americans interpret this–sensibly–is that voting for the party behind the chaos and destruction promises more of the same.

Ben Colder

How anyone in his or her right mind can support the dem/communists is beyond my pay grade.The only way is that they are communists themselves and it looks like there are a lot of them.I really do wonder what will come of all this I just can’t help but think there is a lot of out side support and by that I mean China and or Russia would fit right in with their plans for the world.I guess the Man upstairs knows what he is doing and he does have the ultimate plan.Just wonder if the communists are in it?

Jay Whitcraft

Over Trumps first term (and even before it started) the Dems have tried thing after thing to stop him, all of which has backfired in their faces. The riots, however, are a whole new level. Every voter can see the damage done and they can also easily see that there is no effort to stop it. I believe that that there will be a unprecedented backlash in November. Get ready for a total shock in the down ballot races. Jay

Tyrone o'Sorus

I hope you’re right, but I fear the Dems have figured out where they went wrong in 2016 and will “find” the votes they need to win all the important races.

The Long March Through the Institutions

The CPUSA has to weaken America for their CCP comrades. It has to be so weak and dumbed down that the masses don’t even mind if they send troops over to keep the peace.
Decades of Marxist indoctrination at worthless colleges and universities are now bearing the poisonous fruit of Bolshevik Revolution part 2.


So markets are up… Gold and silver are down with platinum and palladium both really flat lining for the most part. Its looking real good. When gold dips to below 1400/oz then it’ll be time to buy again… wait for it.


So it appears journalists need to either carry self protection or hire someone, like a SF or SEAL, to protect them. Last night in Kenosha a piss-ant pulls a gun on a reporter… These dumb @sses are seriously wanting to be shot or they think because of Portland response that they are immune to being held to account. Either way its going to not end well for them…


phineas gage

China might be caving in the trade talks because they think a Trump victory is likely, and they want to take the best deal they can get now.

If so, watch the market explode.


I don’t think its because a Trump victory is steering them. I think it has more to do with the massive flooding thats still going on there. Its pretty much destroyed their bread basket so starvation is a possibility in the near future for them. Especially so when winter is just now around the corner.

There is an internal struggle going on right now as well. Xi is being blamed, rightly so, of causing the ‘heavens’ to not smile on the regime. Posters that were highlighted in Hong Kong about this are moving mainland. Xi’s debt trap is working against them, in addition to the India skirmish, Hong Kong, Taiwan and blustering in the S China sea are all adding pressure within the CCP.

They may be looking for a trade deal to take some pressure off the CCP, as its always about what makes them look good or bad… propaganda is king. So a trade deal is to alleviate a potential domestic uprising, they still fear the people and provide them with a propaganda spin that they are feeding the people. Even tho the CCP created the problem to begin with. The demoncrap have learned well from their chinese masters is seems

Vogon Constructor Fleet

as he tried to get in his car… after fighting with 2 officers, being tazed, carrying a knife, ignoring halt commands, with an active (july 7th) sexual assault warrant.


So he was acting like a regular demoncrap…. Wheres the problem /s


I sleep well at night knowing the DOJ is “monitoring” these “mostly peaceful protests”.

Anita Dunn – wow! Mao and Mother Thresa

To paraphrase Walking Eagle or Strzok-Stroke-Smirk: Trump should win 100 million to zero.

The amazing thing is these people are not even trying to disguise their real agenda. Amazing they have any cache’ with anyone but their extremist fellow travelers.

November 3, 2020: The day we either win or lose the country and life as we know it.

phineas gage

California Dems:

‘How can we get out of this multibillion dollar hole we created?’

‘ I know–let’s tax the world’




Thats a coffee spray snort moment if ever… LOL… You have to be completely insane or straight up stooooopid to thing you can send a tax bill to wealthy people, define wealthy, and they’re going to pay it!?!?!? Good luck with that stoooopidheads….

phineas gage

Reality has a way of intruding upon utopia:


phineas gage

Someone who knows the truth, although he may not like it:


phineas gage

Getting closer:


That’s just what suburban soccer moms want to see.

phineas gage

A tsunami out at sea is barely a ripple, but that changes as it approaches shore.

To use a different physical metaphor, a landslide of historic proportions is approaching.


The zombies will never vote anything different but… The ‘moderate’ demoncrap voter watching all this take place with zero control by demoncrap has to be wondering if any of their ‘leaders’ will step in to protect them or will this all be the new ‘norm’ I suspect there will be a big shift within demoncrap ranks away from demoncrap representation.


April Epperson teachers children at a state run school? Figures. What’s the point of arresting these idiots when the DA just lets them right back out with no bail to terrorize the city? Wheeler and his gang of Democommies should be dealt with now! Severely and with extreme malice. Are there any volunteers?

phineas gage

Some evidence of that:


The radical Democrats are not going to win the broad middle with their agenda.

This is why they are trying to make the election illegitimate ahead of time to seize power by other means.


“Biden holds a firm advantage over Trump among women, with 54% of female voters backing him compared to 38% for Trump, and voters under the age of 45, who back Biden 58% to Trump’s 32%. Though the president has the advantage among white voters, 52% to 41%, Biden has a much larger lead among non-white voters, 76% to 18%.”

Everything in this is truly laughable. I’m absolutely 1000% sure that Sniffer joe has the women sidling up to him because he’s just ol joe. And, you know Trumps a ‘raaaaacist’ because he leads in white voters but ol sniffer joe is every black voters friend, even cornpop respects joe.

to funny… but not. These ‘polls’ just prove how stupid the nedia types think US citizens really are.

phineas gage

And for how many election cycles have the Dems trumpeted their lead among young voters? It never amounts to much, because those are the people least likely to vote.

Rock the Vote really didn’t.

phineas gage

I think women will break for Biden, but not enough to offset Trump’s huge advantage among men, including minority men.

phineas gage

Anita Dunn–a creature that probably still carries her Little Red Book around with her– is the reason why Slow Joe has been aimlessly quoting Mao over the last week or so.

Imagine idolizing a person who is probably responsible for the murder of more people than anyone else in history.

She’s also a good example of the type of people waiting in the wings should the Dems steal power. People that value the efficacy of reeducation camps.

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