Another Day, Another Riot – This Time in Kenosha, Wisconsin

Another day, another riot. – A new riot broke out in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Sunday after police shot a black man multiple times in the back as he was resisting arrest. Sound familiar? Video of the incident pretty clearly shows the man was unarmed, at least while he was outside his car, and the police officers on the scene appeared to warn him repeatedly as he opened the driver’s side door of his car and bent down to reach for something on the floor of the vehicle.

Naturally, craven Democrats like Texas’s Julian Castro weighed into the situation to try to grab some political advantage:

Tragically, the man was shot in front of his screaming children. The man, Jacob Blake, is currently in serious condition at a local hospital.

The airwaves today will no doubt be filled with scripted testimonies from friends and family about what a great, God-fearing man Mr. Blake is. As is frequently the case, the truth about Mr. Blake is another matter:

But hey, the Democrats and media managed to turn George Floyd into a saint who deserved 5 funerals over a span of 9 days, and most Americans bought it even though Floyd had a rap sheet as long as your arm and was a serial woman abuser. How hard can it be to give Mr. Blake the same treatment?

As is always the case, the best way for anyone – black, white, brown or anything else – to avoid being shot by the police is to avoid resisting arrest. Apparently, the police weren’t even attempting to arrest Blake – they were only trying to question him. Official statistics show that well over 90% of Black people who are shot by police were shot while resisting arrest and/or brandishing a firearm. Corrupt politicians like Mr. Castro and their despicable toadies in the news media only increase the frequency of these tragic incidents and put many more lives in danger by attempting to justify that behavior.

This ongoing campaign by the Democrats and media leads directly to this:

Truly, nothing says “social justice” like burning a used car dealership to the ground.

Was this shooting justified? We don’t know yet. Would it have happened had Mr. Blake simply cooperated with the police? We do know the answer to that question, don’t we?

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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I know I keep beating this drum, but if our government is tracking and storing all our digital data and transactions, which many liberterians and others rightly (IMO) believe is an violation of constitutional privacy rights, why are we still incapable of stopping ALL of this coordinated criminal activity? Why is identify theft and fraud so prevalent? Same goes for computer hackers here and abroad.

These crimes are not getting solved and prosecuted because powerful people do not want them solved and prosecuted. And who benefits from all this clandestine cyber crime? The DOJ, FBI and much of the IC because it keeps them in jobs; along with all the computer security software outfits who profit handsomely. Same with all the security companies selling video surveillance and home and business monitoring systems.

Who says crime doesn’t pay? It sure does on so many levels – especially when a (D) is associated with their names and organizations. And the fact that this situation isn’t solved when the GOP has the power to do something about it makes them equally as complicit, if not just as culpable.

There is just no way these riots are being allowed to happen without powerful AND TRACKABLE people driving them. And if the eruption happens and a couple of hundred of these thugs get a sudden case of lead poisoning regardless of whether the vaccinating is done by the citizens protecting themselves, the cops doing their job, or the military being deployed, it will be akin to trying to get rid of dandelions by cutting off the yellow flower, but leaving the rest of the plant to regenerate itself.

I felt and wrote in the past that a couple of dozen of these SJWs assuming room temperature would end much of this, but now I’m not so sure. Many of these anarchists are committed to their cause similar to the survivors of Mao’s long march and are living for nothing else but to destroy America. Obviously, many are in the snowflake useful idiots group and the real leaders are perfectly willing to use them for lead magnets, but the real devotees, the children of the sixties radicals are the real threat that must be eliminated. It will be messy when it happens, but it must be done to end this threat, this cancer that is infecting this country must be forever eradicated if we are to survive this battle of good vs evil.

phineas gage

Burning Minneapolis gave Minnesota to Trump.

Now as Wisconsin burns, it will be the same result.

phineas gage
phineas gage

Brandishing semi-automatic rifles does seem to be a very significant escalation.

Getting closer to the break point predicted by Silas.


According to some reports, they actually shot at the vehicle as they were leaving. They were hoping for a gun fight.


Does anyone find it curious that riots/protests can spring up within hours after an event or incident occurs?

Where was the counter protests for that innocent five year old who was murdered? Or how about all the police who are assassinated in the line of duty?

Amazing how quickly professional signs and crowds showed up at the airports to denounce Trump’s immigration ban of six (6) Moslem majority (designated terrorist supporting) countries How quickly anti Kavanaugh signs (they have signs already made up for probably a dozen other judges who Trump might appoint to the Supreme Court) were on display at his “high tech lynching” largely led by CA Senator Karma Roundheels.

These protests, peaceful or otherwise, don’t just happen overnight, it takes a lot of planning to organize hundreds of people to show up at a given place, at a given time, for a given purpose. It just doesn’t spontaneously happen, and PERMITS are not issued that quickly either.

Hussein Hope&Change, with much monetary support from our favorite globalist(s), has a huge number of terrorist cells just waiting to be launched upon command. It can be, and probably is, prearranged where a command doesn’t even have to be given. In other words, if a certain triggering event occurs, the call for action goes out from the local cell(s) and like the colonial minutemen sprung into action quickly against the British troops, today’s ‘resistance’ movement is activated. This shows malice aforethought as in premeditation.

Kenosha, WI is a small city or a big town of only about 100,000 people; how the hell does all this mayhem occur this quickly? I could maybe see it happening in places like Chicago, or Baltimore or even St. Louis, but Kenosha? Really? I suspect most of the rioters are from nearby Chicago and/or Milwaukee. The Milwaukee cell probably was primed for something since the Dem ‘convention’ didn’t give them an opportunity to vent their spleen a la’ the Dem convention of 1968.

Last I heard, ‘the One’ has a private army of up to 30,000 (that is close to two army divisions, and may well have just as much small arms firepower) “community organizers (agitators)” all in place and all loyal to the cause. Well, they are at least loyal to GS’ money.

Anyway, in my opinion, this type of organized crime is the perfect reason why RICO statues were enacted. Supposedly our government collects every bit of data on every person who generates a digital trail. I have no doubt that is true, and if it is true, how come none of this schiff is stopped Mr. Barr? How come the monetary and other logistical support isn’t intercepted, and blocked? Drug money is seized, and other assets such as boats are confiscated. How come this isn’t being done? Where are the rioters sleeping? Where and what are they eating? Are they showering?, changing clothes?, paying bills?, or doing any of a myriad of other things most normal people do as a matter of routine? This can’t all be mommy and daddy’s money supporting their actions for this long and obviously these protestors have no jobs or legitimate source of income.

I’m semi-retired, and am fairly well off where I have a lot of free time and can take a week or more and go travel or whatever. But I cannot go away for months on end without some massive and active support. And if somehow, these anarchists are being cycled in and out, all the more reason to find out who is supporting this and prosecution them.

I’m glad the DOJ is “monitoring” the (antifa/blm) situation, just like there seems to be a whole lot of “monitoring” going on with most everything else going on with our premier investigative and law enforcement organs. Some very positive things are going on with the DOJ, but the way I see it. America is a neglected house that needed painting very badly, but it is now on fire and the DOJ is still buying the paint, but has neglected paying the water bill and has no effective means to extinguish the fire.


Very good Gregg. Cells. You win the interwebs today. I pointed this out in a post a few days ago.

It’s a marxist revolution they’re pushing. And the easiest way to prevent the revolution from being
squashed is by avoiding having all the conspirators assembled in one place at a given time. So they use cells. Small in number, one person, two at most maintaining contact with another cell and so on. This way only person from each cell knows only one person from another cell.

Add modern technology and mass transit (think airlines) to it and you can moblise a large number of comrades quickly. Pre-purchased supplies, pre-staged, finishes the job. Those that can legally purchase firearems carry, and most likely some are illegal as well.

The demoncrats have been playing with fire, thinking that this will all go away when/if they take back the government. They’ve unleashed a bunch of idealistic, brainwashed sociopaths and psychopaths. And they want their utopia, even if it means setting the country on fire and starting a civil war.

phineas gage

The leaders of this aren’t naively thinking of utopia–that is for the useful idiots.

They want absolute power, and they want it now. Just like any Leninist.


And if the Leninists get their way, those useful idiots will be the first to die. Thay don’t know this because the socialist school teachers didn’t teach them the real history of all such revolutions. Sad.

phineas gage

I have always thought the best teaching lesson is a visit to Cambodia. Nearly a quarter of the population murdered.

And the murderous thugs just faded back into the population when it was over. No better example of the ordinary nature of monstrous evil.

phineas gage

And burner phones.


Please, someone explain to me why burner phones are even legal? Why are they allowed to be made and sold? As far as I know Virginia is, or was, the only state to make radar detectors illegal, and all a radar detector does is receive a signal. Virtually every road leading into VA has the “radar detectors illegal” signs at the boarder. Why can’t burn phones be similarly made illegal?


Hard to say what that officer saw or knew that led him to fire. It does look bad. As mentioned above, the common thread here is resisting arrest. Shootings don’t happen when people comply. And this guy already had a warrant out for arrest.

More armed protesters….and things have escalated out west – they were in the suburbs again now shining lights into people’s homes yelling at them to come outside. The next step for blm/antifa is property damage and arson in these neighborhoods. Normal people aren’t going to put up with that crap. It will be a miracle is there isn’t a bloodbath before the election.

jack johnson

It was a good shoot….a known felon refuses to follow orders, then attempts to remove something out of his vehicle….the cops had no choice. You can clearly see him bending down as if you get something…..he didn`t jump in and try to take off.

This idea that a criminal can`t be shot in the back is absurd.

There are only two areas that stink in Wisco….the southeast and Madison. The rest is pristine.


Well after all he was just reaching for his Bible that he keeps under his seat //sarc off


Everyone of those neighbours should have stepped out onto their front porch armed. Those in the surrounding neighbourhoods should also have gathered in front of the festival goers and walked them out of the suburb back to the city.

Unless people in these neighbourhoods organize and push back these criminals will be back. And, they will escalate their violence, its what communists do. These criminals CANNOT be negotiated or reasoned with, you will never placate them. They will only respond to an unyielding force to expel them.

Its a war… stand up against them or be ruled by them… your choice.


I agree that would have been the right play, however you have to take into account you have to have a pretty cohesive sub and neighbors to pull that off. Sadly, that doesn’t exist in many places anymore, and there are a lot of neighbors who don’t speak to each other very much. Maybe this will be the catalyst to get that organization started.


Only going to get worse folks. The goal is to embolden the communists all thru the country to riot and cause as much chaos as possible so that it looks like Trump has lost complete control. EVERY demoncrap controlled state and city will be subject to this before Nov.

Gosh… I wonder what Barr is doing???

phineas gage

Barr is probably seeking to identify and charge many with felonies, as he has done already.

They have been carrying on with this urban rioting for months now, and what has it gained them?


HHmm… So how many have been arrested and charged since the few minnows that were arrested for statue violations?? So the ones being arrested at the festivals and turned out onto the streets immediately can’t be identified?? And… most of those arrests are of individuals that are from out of state, which I understand is a felony. yes/no??

What has the rioting gained?? Starting to move to other cities, albeit slowly but it is spreading and putting more lives at risk. Left unchecked do you think the festivalers are just going to get tired and go home?? Should they just be ignored like some petulant little child throwing a tantrum??

Sorry I just don’t hold to the optimistic thought that Barr is a true law and order guy. He’s a Sessions 2.0, nothing more. But each to their own.

Vogon Poetry

taser didn’t stop him.


Do you hitch hike??? 🙂

Coincidence Theory

Isn’t it odd how this always happens after the CPUSA or democrats have a bad week?
Kabuki theater and false garbage news are all “legal” as part of the NDAA signed by the One or Chicago Jesus Messiah.

Jimmy MacAfee

That’s a pattern that was set up – especially in the Obeelzebub administration: as soon as black folk began to sense that they were being betrayed, they’d pull up a Trayvon or Michael Brown and try to manipulate black folks. Didn’t work as much as they hoped, and now it isn’t working at all.

Desperocrats are stupid panderers, and even liberals are walking away.

phineas gage

Milwaukee now has a choice–continue with the economic growth, or take the Detroit expressway.

Rick O'Shay

Those frequent flyer miles must really be adding up for those “protesters”.

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