Alex Berenson Destroys the COVID-19 Panic-Mongering Washington Post in 5 Easy Tweets

Former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson continues to slay the corrupt, panic-mongering news media on a daily basis. On Sunday, he latched onto an absurd, hypocritical story in the Washington Post which pretends to lament the fact that an enormous number of ventilators mass-produced by U.S. companies during the media-induced panic of March through May ended up going unused and now are sitting in a federal stockpile.

Watch as Berenson completely dismantles the Post and its despicable alarmism over ventilators during the past six months in 5 easy tweets. It is glorious:

The ethics-devoid news media in this country has been mainly responsible for creating the panicked atmosphere and insane response to this viral gift from China. Media outlets like the WaPo, the NYTimes, CNN and MSNBC thrive on panic and crisis and do everything they can to create new crises out of whole cloth based on the thinnest of reeds. Their entire business models in fact rely on a constant level of unrest and panic among the population.

They are a clear and present danger to our nation’s survival. No wonder an honest journalist like Berenson can no longer work for the New York Times, given you have to be willing to sell your soul to do so.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.


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Sloth the Happy Mutant

Das Radio stated last week that 63% of counties in the U.S. have fewer than 5 Kung-Flu fatalities.
The numbers are concentrated in certain regions and cities.
Jo Jo Biden had a Freudian slip when he said that the cure would be worse than the disease.
The economy is slowly recovering and the hospitals realize that mommygov won’t be able to come through with a too big to fail bailout.
The people who were too terrified to attend to hospital matters are just collateral damage to the CPUSA true believer Jonestown Kool-Aid comrades.
A few eggs that had to be broken on the way to the glorious people’s collective utopia.


Did you know that countries where HQC is used for malaria, they have had covid deaths that can be counted on one hand. Countries where millions live. Or countries like Sweden who didn’t do anything special, no lock downs, no mask requirements etc… didn’t have the ‘modeled’ death rates, not even close,. In fact its far less than the average ‘flu’. strange


My neighbors across the street are elderly. Both of them in their 70’s. She has COPD from smoking for 50 years. She has quit smoking for the last 4 years. He has COPD as well from smoking for the same amount of time, but he had a bout of esophageal cancer and his esophagus was removed and replaced with stretching his stomach and a partial tube. He went through a rough time with it this year as his surgery was during the lock down so when recovering for 2 weeks in the hospital he was allowed no visitors.

Anyway, the reason for the back ground is that they both came down with Covid a few weeks ago. They were taken by ambulance to the hospital a day apart. Neither of them had to go on ventilators, they were placed on oxygen. She came back home a week ago, and he came back last night. They are both on oxygen now until they recover. So here are 2 people in their seventies, they contract covid, and they both had some pretty bad underlying issues. BUt they made it back from the hospital. This cannot be as deadly as the media wants us to believe.


Your right… It isn’t anywhere near as bad ass the media and demoncrap are amplifying it to. Its all about fear and control… nothing less.

Its also been known for a long time now that if you treat patients with covid, like you would a high altitude sickness, they will recover quickly. Meaning O2 therapy. Ventilators were actually causing more deaths and harm. There are multiple methods that are 100% or near 100% effective against the virus, not just Hydroxicloroquine. But then you’re not supposed to know that and wait patiently for the ‘vaccine’… right!?!?

dennis winebrinner

testing shows that at any given time, 5% or more of the general population has the covid-19 virus.
it takes about 2 weeks, from testing positive, to recover from and become immune to coivid.
so it follows that in a month, around 10% of americans will become immune.
it also follows that in about 7 months, heard immunity will be reached, and covid will slowly fade away.
since we have been in various stages of lock down for 6 months now, it appears to me that the “pandemic” is nearing it’s end stage and will soon end.


As you have written many times, there simply has to be a way found that will rein in the ability of the press and media to COLLUDE and conspire to tell and promote lies nonstop to the nation’s detriment.

There will have to be a legitimate infringement on an unfettered press that is controlled by about six organization that are serving the nation’s enemies.

Adams said the constitution, from which the press gets their abused freedom, is only viable if the vast majority (like 98%) of the people are honest faithful decent people. I would estimate about 8% (30 million people) are hellbent on tearing the country apart and are being led in large by an irresponsible and unfettered anti American media.

This propaganda are has to be stopped as it is “A Clear and Present Danger” to a free America.

phineas gage

I went to several liberal chain bookstores over the weekend. All three did not have any Berenson books on the shelf.

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