We Owe a Debt of Gratitude to Sundance at TheConservativeTreehouse

Everyone should go to TheConservativeTreehouse.com and read this piece put up by Sundance last night, detailing his briefing of lead investigator for John Durham, William Aldenberg.

No one outside of the Department of Justice knew Aldenberg’s identity as Durham’s lead investigator until Sundance revealed his name a few days ago. That had been kept secret, as has the entirety of Durham’s investigation and findings thus far.

Now, we know, thanks to Sundance’s determination and perseverance.

I don’t know who Sundance is, and frankly do not care. All I need to know about him is that he has worked tirelessly over the past four years to expose the Obama-era plot by corrupt officials within the intelligence community, the FBI and the DOJ to fix the 2016 election for Hillary Clinton, and then to expose the active coup d’etat engaged in by Obama holdovers and the Mueller Special Counsel team from 2017 through early 2019, when William Barr became Attorney General and shut that effort down for good.

Sundance’s information is always grounded in public information, always cited back to its source and thus has always been completely at odds with the seditious “Russia Collusion” that has been pushed by the Democrats and their corrupt toadies in the national news media.

Not being content to merely expose the details of this still-active coup d’etat effort to his readers, Sundance determined to convey it all to key officials within the federal government in order to ensure that a) they have the full story, and b) they know that we know the truth.

Over the past several weeks, Sundance has, no doubt at great personal jeopardy, managed to meet with and brief a series of key officials within congress, the executive branch, and finally, the lead investigator for Durham himself. With his briefings complete, the officials who received them now have no real cover, no plausible way to claim they just didn’t know.

And even better, as Sundance points out, they all know that we know the truth.

So, take the time to read this terrific summary by Sundance today, and when you’re done, leave a comment thanking this great American for having the courage and persistence to lay it all out to the right people.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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I’m not clear on what the “citations” Sundance listed are to prove, beyond proof Wolfe should have been charged for leaking. How they could apply as evidence for any possible charges from Aldenberg’s present investigation is above my pay grade and was not clear to me as a reader.


I usually only Donate $20.00 to my favorite Blog Sites like Sundance’s
The Conservative Treehouse …. but since Sundance released his Bombshell information about the entire Coup against President Trump…. I Donated $100.00 3 days ago
to help him Save America !


Hey All – Mark Wauck – a former FBI Agent/Lawyer turned blogger – is one of my daily stops along with Mr Blackmon; he has some pretty keen insight into this whole Clinesmith affair; he thinks CTH is too down on Barr/Durham as whitewashing the whole thing.

He disagrees & lays it out: https://meaninginhistory.blogspot.com/2020/08/the-clinesmith-plea-deal-in-light-of.html


Thank you Boarwild,
I was wondering about Dugan attaching the addendum. Didn’t realize the DOJ thought they lacked the evidence about the leak, to think they couldn’t win at trial. But Comey said the same thing about the Hildabeast, that no reasonable prosecutor would bring charges…


“cited back to its source”. That means everything to a lot of us. Cite an anonymous source? I stop reading.

Rick O'Shay

Cruz and Cornyn here. hmmm….

phineas gage

Better than Perdue and Loeffler here in Georgia. Even though I have doubts about him, I’ll probably vote for Collins.

I don’t understand why so many red states have such terrible Senators. Maybe it is time to repeal the 17th amendent (as if that could ever happen…).


Whatever (and I understand the) reservations you have about Collins, I think Loeffler being appointed by Kemp was one of his few mistakes. Here in TN we finally got a decent conservative (Marsha Blackburn) to replace the ‘retiring’ (he was going to lose his primary) two term senator Dorker. This year Lament Alexander is finally retiring and President Trump’s choice (Hagerty) prevailed over a fine grassroots challenger Dr. Manny Sethi by a 12% margin. I have my doubts about Hagerty being genuine since so many of Trump’s picks are so weak to be kind. But we will see.

We would be so much better off if somehow ALL the Democrats and at least half of the Republicans in congress and in the DC bureaucracy were replaced with a randomly selected group of regular people with no experience from any phonebook from any county(s) with less than 350,000 population. There is no way it could be worse.


I live in Stuart, Fl so its Hurricane Marco Rubio and Rick Scotty boy, but everyone should be screaming about this to their senators and reps. This is YUGE!

phineas gage

Rubio is a snake, but I think Scott is one of the good guys.

I think we are going to finally get an October surprise (really a September surprise) that works in our favor for once.


Will be calling my 2 republican senators too, during normal business hours for a little explaining. They removed the pillow from this story before it was truly dead. I think I am getting a severe case of MDS, Marxist Derangement Syndrome, but in this case it is justified. Deep breath…

phineas gage

The Senate, including all the GOPes, was fully in on the coup. Anything they tell you will be probably be a lie, depending on who your senators are.


I just sent a link to CTH story to Fox News, told them they should have reported on this yesterday. Asked for a response either way. Holding my breath.


I thank and appreciate all the efforts by people and organizations like Sundance, CTH, Project Veritas, Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, John Solomon, Sara Carter, Laura, Tucker, and even Hannity and of course Dave etc. They and others are all doing yeoman’s work.

I just had a thought about how Trump could force the left to praise him, assuming he wants some praise from them. It would be a risky move, but might be fun to watch, perhaps after the election. He could, in jest, have it leak out the he was considering puling a Comey and pre-emptively exonerate/pardon Walking Eagle, ‘the One’ and biden, especially if there is a remote chance they might be charged in Obamagate.

It is apparent that even if prosecutions are brought against those three, they aren’t going to get convicted, so why bother with the charade? Just make sure the other big fish get hooked, and the big three are implicated by a pardon.

It would be great to see their buds in the MSM (D) complex twist themselves into pretzels trying to not praise Trump for pardoning the now irrelevant ring leaders post election. Wouldn’t it? Their reputation would be just as tarnished as Nixon’s and the main criminals would still be subject to prosecution including the FISC judges who allowed themselves to be willingly duped by the Comey, Rosenstein Strzok-Stroke-Smirk, Brennan, Orr, Orr, Stele and Crapper etc. cabal.

Probably won’t happen, but it would be fun to watch if it did.

phineas gage

I would like to see Obama named as an unindicted co-conspirator.


The cacophony from the media would be beyond epic. Might be a couple even stroke out over it (Stelter for one imho) and end up in the hospital or at room temperature.


Remarkable is right, you or someone shared a link to CTH a couple weeks ago, and it became the second stop on my daily commute to the truth. He provided the timeline last Wed. or Thursday, and it coincided with the Senate Select Intelligence Committee volume 5 report. Such condescending liars saying that the Russians took advantage of rookie Trump officials when it was the SSCI itself that leaked the FISA through Senator Mark Warner and SSCI Security director James Wolfe! And that at the time it was the Special Council that took the evidence and squashed it. WE KNOW. It has all been a massive coverup, and we better sure see some huge exposure pronto.

phineas gage

Simply stunning that the SSCI was lockstep with the Dem cabal to carry out a presidential coup.

And really that means the Senate leadership as well. No way that Mitch didn’t know every bit of it.


Yes, I don’t recall any republican senators voicing any objections to the report or highlighting the fact that it was Warner and Wolfe being the only people in the chain of custody of the FISA when in the hands of the SSCI. And they had to know that the special council reduced Wolfe’s plea from leaking the FISA to making a false statement to the FBI, burying the leak source thing altogether. Like I said, the fan better be slinging some Schiff pretty soon.

They are all Marxist condescending liars. In case you missed this link to one of my favorite authors earlier, check it out.


But have a nice day


He is what all journalists are supposed to be, but very very few actually are.

phineas gage

What sundance has done as an anonymous blogger is remarkable. It is light-years beyond the over-hyped Woodward and Bernstein, who simply acted as parking garage stenographers for Mark Felt.

I don’t recall anything similar, where a private citizen has impacted a federal investigation to the extent that he is granted a meeting with the investigator.

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